yes means no

Yes. Yes, he did that again.

My babies have reconciled. They’re getting in touch. They’re making me g i d d y.

It’s last year, all over again for me. *them feltson feels* Watch as I go back to Feltson VMs on YouTube.

Watch as I die in peace…


Me too, seeing Pearl do these absolutely unnecessary moves just to look cool infront of her baby always makes my day.

I remember a while ago i theorized how gems can use their gemstones as some kind of a private virtual storage to store things, i guess that ended up being true, yay!

I mean yes because we humans totally stay away when we see police tape.

Yes, Pearl.


I think even calling her “the one and only great fucking lord of nerdiness and perfectionism” wouldn’t be enough to describe that.

Pearl you have surpassed all my standards.

Tikki and Plagg KNOW

So, there are a lot of people that saying that Tikki and Plagg felt each other presence since day one, just like Wayzz (the turtle Miraculous) felt the presence of the moth Miraculous, Nooroo in The Origins p.1.

Soooo, Tikki and Plagg know that Marianette and Adrien go to the same class that Chat Noir and Ladybug, and like they are more inteligent in this things, they have REALLY BIG suspicions about Adrien being Chat and Marianette being Ladybug (I mean, Adrien is the only blond guy in the class and Marianette has the same hairstyle). Thats why the try to make the close, so they can find each other identities, because they can’t tell anyone, but they can find out by themselves (with a little help from Tikki and Plagg, yes).

I mean, here… 

And here… 

And I truly believe that Plagg and Tikki have spoken in secret.

Reasons I’m a shitty blogger:
  • I’ve been totally neglecting this blog and not even pretending to be a good person to follow
  • I haven’t posted a full fic on here since idek when but it’s been a long time
  • I’m neglecting literally everything else to finish the series rewrite even though it won’t resume posting until April 4th
  • Yes that does mean I’ve not even started IKYW-7, not do I know where I’m going with it
  • I have 58 unread IMs on here - FIFTY EIGHT
    • I honestly don’t know why or how this happened but even people/mutuals I consider really great friends have stayed unanswered for weeks and now I feel like I waited too long so idk if they’re ever getting answered I’m sorry I’m the worst
  • I have no plans for Daddy!Sam at the minute and that hurts my heart
  • If you wanna unfollow me bc I’m such a shitty blogger I won’t even be a little bit offended I’m the actual real life worst kids

The only good thing about it is that I’ve got Dead Man’s Blood and most of Salvation written, so once Salvation and Devil’s Trap are finished I can start posting and working on IKYW again

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I don't understand how people can be angry. If the 'bad news' means next year we can't really complain. Arctic Monkeys have given us so much of their lives. Alex's creative output has been pretty amazing. We got an album involving Alex a year ago and we're getting Alexandra's that he was involved in next month. They don't owe us another album. Alex could probably put on his slippers and just sip margaritas if he wanted to and we couldn't judge him. They have lives, let them live them :).

I literally had this exact conversation two days ago, even before all this. Because I really don’t like how some people are just like give us the album now. I mean yes we all miss them and it’s disappointing that it’s not happening right away but they have been working so hard for the past decade and they gave us five incredible albums. They deserve to take a break. Wich they weren’t even doing. Matt and Alex weren’t even on a break. And EYCTE was literally last year. And Alex was working on it with Miles long before that so how do you expect him to just ‘give us AM6 right now’. Also as you said, he was working with Alexandra too. It’s not like he was on a well deserved vacation. We really need to be patient and enjoy their other projects and just let them be.

Judging from the stunned look on his face now, I had made a good beginning. I sashayed a bit, making the huge overskirt swing like a bell.
“Not bad, is it?” I asked. “Very visible, at any rate.”
He found his voice at last.
“Visible?” he croaked. “Visible? God, I can see every inch of ye, down to the third rib!”
I peered downward.
“No, you can’t. That isn’t me under the lace, it’s a fining of white charmeuse.”
“Aye well, it looks like you!” He came closer, bending to inspect the bodice of the dress. He peered into my cleavage.
“Christ, I can see down to your navel! Surely ye dinna mean to go out in public like that!”
I bristled a bit at this. I had been feeling a trifle nervous myself over the general revealingness of the dress, the fashionable sketches the seamstress had shown me notwithstanding. But Jamie’s reaction was making me feel defensive, and thus rebellious.

“You told me to be visible,” I reminded him. “And this is absolutely nothing, compared to the latest Court fashions. Believe me, I shall be modesty personified, in comparison with Madame de Pérignon and the Duchesse de Rouen.” I put my hands on my hips and surveyed him coldly. “Or do you want me to appear at Court in my green velvet?”
Jamie averted his eyes from my décolletage and tightened his lips.
“Mphm,” he said, looking as Scotch as possible.”

- Dragonfly in Amber 

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No the political/societal consequences are them actually showing that Superman would be incredibly controversial to realistic people. In past films he is blindly universally praised by everyone but villains. Them showing that the constant paranoia & slandering of him would wear on him a decent amount & he wouldn't be able to just brush it off. Them showing how politics & media would be effected & react.

I mean, yes, I understand that there are political and social matters explored in there, even if they aren’t ‘real’ ones in the way you said - the closest it comes to as an allegory is if God showed up on Earth, which isn’t exactly a pressing modern concern.

Look, I’ve talked about my feelings before for both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, and Suicide Squad to boot - in short, lots of great stuff but a thoroughly botched thematic core, an interesting thematic core with a shockingly sloppy, incoherent and often outright bizarre movie wrapped around it, and a regular bad movie, respectively. And I want to like these movies. Not just as in “I wish they were doing Superman and Justice League movies, just completely different ones” (though I wanna see that too), I want to see the movies these movies are trying to be. This version of Superman is built on some really interesting ideas, and Cavill and especially Adams are great. Ben Affleck does well as Batman, invites the possibility of Robin, and actually wears a decent Batman suit for the first time in live-action since the 1960s. Gadot seems like a good Wonder Woman. Flash and Aquaman look fun. I like me some “what if superheroes were real?” thought experiments when done right. There is fertile soil to grow good movies in here. Hell, my ideal never-in-a-million-years dream sequel for this version of Superman would be nothing but exploring the social and political questions invited by his existence. I like these characters, I like people telling heady thoughtful stories with them. I am a target audience member.

These are not those heady thoughtful movies - or even the straight-out action flicks I’d be more than happy to see too, and certainly not the more traditional takes I’d love to watch realized. I know those movies can be done, with characters I like; The Dark Knight, Logan, even the most off-brand MCU flick so far in Winter Soldier all get me going more than just about any other superhero movies out there. But even separated from the context of the source material, Man of Steel still fails to come to a satisfying conclusion, on a level that drags down the rest of the movie with it - not surprising given the ending was apparently rewritten at the last minute against Christopher Nolan’s suggestions. Suicide Squad was regular old bargain-basement half-assed unambiguously bad filmmaking. And Batman V Superman? I’m up for some weird superhero shit that makes more sense upon further analysis, Grant Morrison’s my favorite writer, but that guy tells engaging, coherent stories where the after-the-fact analysis is typically an added bonus, not a desperate scrambling attempt to try and understand what the fuck was just shot into your retinas. As if the comprehension that wow guys, the painting is upside down now, how ominously symbolic, makes it anything other than a dry, dull, poorly put together, comically self-important slog that ends all its supposed intellectual sound and fury with the lead getting shanked by a zombie alien bone monster as Lex Luthor titters over an egg timer, and Batman saving the day because Superman refers to his own mother by name for some reason.

I still expect I might enjoy Justice League. It looks like it could be a silly fun movie. And y’know, if it does indicate the future for the DCEU, I admit I’d on a certain level miss the bold artistic confidence the previous movies had. But they were never the confidence of “okay, I know what I’m doing, I’ve got everything lined up nicely, I’ve got my shit together, let’s do this”. It’s the confidence of “okay, guys, guys, guys guys guys guys guys. Now that I’ve done this eighth line of coke, I’m suddenly like 90% certain that I can jump off the roof of this building and live”.

Two sources confirmed Saturday that [USA Hockey] has even reached out to post-collegiate players who are playing now only in rec-league competition. One such player, who last played in college three years ago, said Saturday in a phone interview, “It’s crazy. Just crazy.”

“They said USA Hockey is having a final meeting Monday, and if the national team is still boycotting, we need you to report Wednesday,” the player added. “What I kept going back to is, ‘How do I say no, but how do I say yes?’ I mean, I just play in a beer league. I just play for fun now. I don’t train like I did in college. It’s insane.

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I mean yes! He can go on a pap walk the day louis' mother's passing has been announced, can use his unfair arrest to make himself look good, and now he can pigback on louis' and liam's backs on the day that happens to be the day of louis' mama's bday and the biggest night of his solo career so far! All while planting stories trashing louis! And thats okay and not morally disgusting at all!!! HA HA!


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That pic is very??? Not so sound insensitive but when it was released it was about Jay and she has her eyes closed and the rest of them all look very uncomfortable the granddad is the only one smiling like it's just not a good photo you what I mean?

Yes! I think it’s a very weird pic 

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Yes sir- I mean Dad- I mean Morality. Oh I'm sorry, its-its a habit that it-that I picked up? I'm sorry si- Morality... I will get over it. Promise! Just-just knowing that you care is helping. Thank you si-Morality.

Hey, its ok! I just want to you kiddos to feel comfortable here. If saying sir does that thatn sir away! :)


“After what happened with Mike?” Simon scoffs and I shake my head.

“I was seventeen. We were young and it was a one time thing. I’m not trying to date your best friend, he’s the one who was making a move at me.” I explain as he tries to walk away from me.

“I told him he’d have to ask you so he did and you said no, but I wanted you to know that my first response was, not because I got scared. I just don’t wanna fuck up again.” I admit and he turns around.

“I don’t wanna ruin your life or mums or dads. I don’t wanna be the problem child. They sent me to live with you because Johnny and Nick said no. You barely even said yes. I mean I’m just a big hassle for everyone so maybe when Harry seemed to not care I got excited. He didn’t see me as a burden like everyone else does.”

“I mean Johnny and Nick said no.” I clench my hand into a fist as I try not to cry even more, but it gets very hard to stay sober.

“And they’re my big brothers. They’d walk us home from school everyday and watch me while mum and dad were at work. And they didn’t want to deal with me. You were the last hope Si and you almost gave up. I don’t want everyone to give up on me.” I break down as I get all of these feelings off my chest.

“Im not giving up on you okay? I’m not going anywhere. You’re not leaving anytime soon, but I think anything between you and Harry has to wait.”

“I wanna go lie down.” I wipe my eyes with my sleeves as I walk from the kitchen to his room. I pull the covers over my body and I keep a pillow close to my face.

“Steph should I call the doctor?” He asks.

“No I’m just upset. I’m not gonna do anything. I just wanna sleep.”

“Okay go to bed it’s late.”

“You ready to go? Mum and dad are waiting for us.” Simon asks and I shrug while pulling my hood over my head and turning to face the wall .

“Silent treatment?” He asks and I try not to answer but I look over and shake my head.

“What’s wrong Steph? It’s almost Christmas, smile.” He looks at me with a cheery face and I shrug.

“I don’t wanna see them Simon. I wanna stay home. They don’t want me to be there. I wanna stay home. Vik can watch and make sure I take my medication. I just don’t wanna see them. I can’t do it.”

“It’s family Steph.”

“No I can’t do it. I’m scared and I can’t look them in the eyes and let them see the marks on my arms. I can’t do it Simon. I don’t wanna mess up and it’s too soon.” I admit and he paces back and forth.

“Vik is going home and so are the others. The only person I know is staying is Freezy.” He sighs and I nod.

“Can you ask if he’ll let me stay with him?”

“He’s gonna say yes so yes but don’t give him a hard time or I’ll have him drive you to me.” He threatens and I open up my arms signaling for him to come close. He sits down next to me and pulls me into a hug.

“I’m gonna go head out can I trust you to wait until Cal gets here and actually do what you have to do?” He asks and I nod.

“Love you.” He grabs his bag and leaves me sitting under the covers all comfy. I scroll through my phone in silence for a while until I hear the door open.

“Okay so Freezy sent me here because he knows I’ve been wanting to talk to you.” I look over and I see Harry with his arms up while a smile plastered over his face.

“So are you gonna get out of the bed?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No come on let’s not do this. I don’t wanna have to call Simon.” He walks closer and I hold out my phone to him.

“This was my first boyfriend Mike. This is the reason Simon doesn’t want you and I do see each other.” I watch as his eye scan over the picture of me and Mike at a Leeds football match.

“He died of alcohol poisoning. This party got too insane and I fell asleep on the couch and he was on the floor when I woke up and he wasn’t waking up. After he died I stayed in my room most of the time and barely spoke a word. Then I went to Uni and I snapped and apparently it was because of the bipolar but his death didn’t help that.”

“I’m sorry.” He apologizes and I shake my head while telling him that it wasn’t his fault.

“I’m gonna just grab my bag and shoes.” I explain as I stand up out of the bed.

“Does Simon know?” I ask and he shakes his head.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go with you. He’s gonna get mad if he knows I’m staying with you.” I

“I’ll call him right now and tell him if it makes you feel better.” He puts it on speaker and I feel my stomach churn.

“Hey so I’m at your place right now. Freezy told me to pick up Steph cause she’s staying with us. Steph wants me to check if you’re okay with her staying at my place now that you know I’m gonna be there.”

“Yeah I trust you not to make a move on her considering I told you not to, but if you do, I’ll probably find out because she can’t keep secrets for shit.”

“Steph you get your stuff im gonna go chat with Simon.” He walks onto the balcony and keep quiet so I can hear what’s being said.

“Why Simon?”

“Harry she’s my baby sister. You jump off roofs for fun.”

“So what? I have a little sister too, but I’m not gonna stop her from dating a guy because he’s stupid.”

“Yeah well I’m protective of her.”

“If someone else asked to go out with her who wasn’t me would you say yes? If another guy, who she met at a bar, asked would you say yes?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then why can’t I take her on a date?”

“You’re a pain in the ass. If I say yes will you give up? Fine date her but I’ll never speak to you again if you mess up.”

“Just realize that she needs someone who is there for her. Someone to realize that she may not get out of bed sometimes but it’s just a part of her life at the moment. She’s not gonna be able to always show up to parties or be your date to events. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t get her hopes up.”

But he did. He already has my hopes up without even knowing.


Minsan nagiging dahilan din ng pag-aaway ang ILOVEYOU-ILOVEYOUTOO sa isang relasyon. So bakit? Kasi may mga tao na once na sinabihan ka ng iloveyou automatic na maghihintay sila ng iloveyoutoo mong sagot, idk pero kasi for me hindi naman kailangan na palaging sasagot yung partner mo sa iloveyou mo kasi ang love wala namang hinihinging kapalit, i mean yes you love each other but the most important in the relationship is yung kung paano mo maipaparamdam sa partner mo kung gaano mo sya kamahal, hindi mo kailangang mag expect ng iloveyoutoo nya. May mga kakilala ako na nag-iloveyou sila sa partner nila eh dinedma nung isa, magagalit na yung isa kasi ang iisipin nyan is hindi na sya mahal ng partner nya, wag tayong mag overthink. Mag iloveyou ka lang tapos pag nagresponse, edi okay pero pag hindi, okay pa din kasi ang iloveyou hindi naman tanong yan para sagutin ng iloveyoutoo.

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Do you think it's likely that Bebe's collaboration song with Louis ( I hope it's true) could be the first single when she releases her new album end April?

Yes. I mean idk if its him but im praying every night before bed that it is

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mun's ships for Gerik?

ooc; It’d be quicker to list who I don’t ‘ship’ him with (but are also not NOTPs).

  • Tethys, Marisa: give me m-f friendships that don’t have to do with romantic/sexual attraction. Working/family relationship ship, yes.
  • Smol potatoes.
  • Lorg potatoes that look like smol potatoes.

The remainder of the population fall somewhere between “haven’t given it any thought”, “implausible without creative acrobatics”, or “yes”. That being said, ‘yes’ doesn’t really mean a ‘relationship’. He’s not good at that. Ish.

FERP: (flexes) Gerik’s a mess of feels. my feels re: Gaius, Izana, Ares. dfhkad