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Few years younger Lexa & Aden messing around during practice.

Bonus: Indra & Titus


Who are you calling twelve year old?

Les Amis Teacher AU where Enjolras is a poli-science teacher and Grantaire is that substitute teacher who always shows up to teach literally every subject, from arts to sports, and everyone just loves him.  One time someone thought he was the caretaker (because lbr, he does look like one) and spend three hours fixing the sinks in the bathroom after some 8th graders thought it was a nice idea to clog them with toilette paper. And he pretends like  nothing he does is ‘a big deal anyway’ and it’s infuriating and he always shows up when Enjolras last expects it so he can’t even… mentally prepare.

Like he can go and look for a history book for his class on the development of democracy and there’s Grantaire teaching 8th graders about the French Revolution and even the 8th graders are quiet and listen and Enjolras just… stares for a minute and then because…. Why is he so good at everything?! (And always talking so much with his hands which are beautiful hands and NOT THE POINT) And he returns to his class in a daze until one girl raises her hand like, ‘Monsieur Enjolras, didn’t you want to go get a book?’

you know what I'm bored
  • 1: What's your favorite color?
  • 2: What's your favorite food?
  • 3: Do you have any pets?
  • 4: When's your birthday?
  • 5: How old are you?
  • 6: What color hair do you have?
  • 7: What color eyes do you have?
  • 8: How tall are you?
  • 9: What's your sexual orientation?
  • 10: Gender?
  • 11: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
  • 12: What's your dream job?
  • 13: Are you still in school?
  • 14: Do you have any siblings?
  • 15: Are you the oldest child or the youngest?
  • 16: Who's your favorite actor?
  • 17: Who's your favorite singer/band?
  • 18: Who's your best friend?
  • 19: Who's your crush?
  • 20: Do you know anyone on Tumblr in person?
  • 21: List your fandoms.
  • 22: What's your OTP?
  • 23: NOTP?
  • 24: BROTP?
  • 25: Have you ever met a celebrity before?
  • 26: When was your first concert?
  • 27: What is your favorite movie?
  • 28: What is your favorite television show?
  • 29: Poe Dameron or Finn?
  • 30: Random Fact About Yourself
  • 31: Would you kiss the last person you texted?
  • 32: What's your favorite place you've ever been to?
  • 33: Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?
  • 34: What's your favorite animal?
  • 35: Who's the last person you hugged?
  • 36: What age would you date at the age you are now?
  • 37: Tell us an embarrassing story
  • 38: Do you have any regrets?
  • 39: Do you want to be famous?
  • 40: What's your zodiac sign?
  • 41: What was your last dream about?
  • 42: What are your talents?
  • 43: List all the reasons why you're unique and special.
  • 44: What is your favorite book?
  • 45: Who's your favorite author?
  • 46: Do you like nonfiction or fiction?
  • 47: Describe your ideal partner.
  • 48: Have you ever been to the hospital?
  • 49: How many pillows do you sleep with?
  • 50: How many blankets do you sleep with?
  • 51: Do you have your own room?
  • 52: Do you tend to keep your room clean or messy?
  • 53: Do you like cleaning?
  • 54: What are your chores?
  • 55: How many bedrooms does your house have?
  • 56: How many rooms (in total) does your house have?
  • 57: What is your favorite room to be in?
  • 58: Described your dream house.
  • 59: How many languages can you speak?
  • 60: What is/was your favorite class in school?
  • 61: Who is the best teacher you've ever had?
  • 62: What country do you want to visit?
  • 63: What school related activities are/were you in (band/sports/book club, etc.)?
  • 64: Do you like running?
  • 65: What was your favorite thing about gym class?
  • 66: Did you ever like any of your coaches?
  • 67: Do you work out?
  • 68: Do you sing in the shower?
  • 69: What's your least favorite animal?
  • 70: What's your least favorite color?
  • 71: What's your least favorite food?
  • 72: Do you like school?
  • 73: Who were/are your best friends in school?
  • 74: What was your favorite thing about summer?
  • 75: What was your favorite thing about winter?
  • 76: What was your favorite thing about spring?
  • 77: What was your favorite thing about fall?
  • 78: What is your least favorite season of the year?
  • 79: What is your favorite season of the year?
  • 80: Do you like ice cream?
  • 81: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  • 82: What kind of shoes do you like the most (boots, sneakers, etc.)?
  • 83: Are you related to anyone famous?
  • 84: Are any of your friends relate to anyone famous?
  • 85: Which celebrity do you REALLY want to meet before you die?
  • 86: Have you ever written fanfiction?
  • 87: Have you ever drawn fanart?
  • 88: What is your favorite fanfiction?
  • 89: What is/was your dream collage?
  • 90: How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
  • 91: What's your homescreen (on your phone or computer)?
  • 92: Do you ship anyone in real life?
  • 93: Have you ever stolen something before?
  • 94: What are your parents like?
  • 95: What is your favorite outfit?
  • 96: Which friend has the nicest parents?
  • 97: What's your favorite song?
  • 98: What song do you hate?
  • 99: What is your bedroom like?
  • 100: Post a selfe!

it’s that time of year again ): ): ): whether you are starting middle, highschool, or college, I feel like these things can be helpful in taking it easy and having a good year!!!

Brain Workouts

for people like me, who haven’t taken a general education course in over a year, these can help get those brain waves flowin’!!!

7 Little Words - Gives you short definitions and you have to guess the word.

Can You Escape? - exactly what it sounds like, you have to get out of the room!

Brain Yoga - develops different skills to engage brain activity.

Luminosity - develops different skills to engage brain activity.

Studying / Course Supplements

How To Get Motivated To Study

How To Take Notes

Free College Courses (xxx)


Learn a language!

Need help with English?

Feed people while you build your vocabulary!

Don’t want to read that book?

Need help with Math? (yes)

School Tools

Know the fucking Weather

Block distracting websites!

Final Grade Calculator

Calculators of all sorts!

Answers to the book!


Be rewarded with KITTENS for writing!!!

Essay Writer!

Bibliography Writers (xx)

Tip of my Tongue 

Spelling & Grammar Check

Graphic Organizers

Cheap –or- Free Textbooks

Text Nova



Textbook Revolution

Online Math Textbooks


Free E-books

Get Free Books




Background Noise

○ Music: homewurk (shameless self-promotion) | Chill | Coffee Shop Blues | Concentration | Falling in Love With Autumn | ALL THE STUDY PLAYLISTS EVER

○ Sounds: coffee shop sounds | calming background noise | white noise | 9 hours of rain sounds hell yeah | Rainy Mood | ASMR (SO RELAXING) | Masterpost of sounds | Soundrown | Nature Sounds

Easy Recipes & Snacks

Cheap & Easy Snacks 2 Eat While U Study


the famous MUG BROWNIE

Easy Vegan College Recipes

Study Snacks You Should Reach For

BREEEAAAK TIIIMEEE!!!(for your sanity)

Again, I find it very important to stress not to stress (lol). Studying for too long can actually decrease your retention of information, so, use the “50/10 Rule”! Study or do homework for 50 minutes (or however long), but allow yourself a break to grabs snack, stretch, or do something fun. It will actual help you learn the material quicker and better!!!

When to go to bed/get up.

How to Fall Asleep Fast

How to Get Up in the Morning

YOGA (xxx) ((will help you relax, promise))

Coping w/ Stress (xxx)

Cute Animal Live Feeds

Ocean Stream

Listen to all the music from your blog!

Cute Games

Create Sand Art

Read spooky stories & articles! (xxxx) possibly triggering so beware!!!


PrimewirexxDisney/PixarLGBTQA*, AnimeMore Anime!Horror MoviesStudio GhibliDocumentaries

More Education Masterposts (xxxximg cred


PHOX - Slow Motion


A little Story

Today I was approached by a Math Teacher and he asked me what I was doing. I was reading an Astrology Book. He laughed and then begged me to explain what all of that meant.

Guess what, he was a Sag Sun, Aqua Moon (OF COURSE, I thought)
took me 2 hours but now he believes in Astrology. Hell yes.
No Math teacher gonna question me. Nah.