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Yuuri didn’t actually mess up at the Sochi GPF theory

Okay so I was rewatching episode one when I noticed something from the news articles about the Free Skate failure:

The word “today” really did stick out at me here. As you know, both programmes would not be on the same day, so with the way this article is phrased, it sounds like he at least did okay during his Short. And then this comes directly afterwards:

I’m not sure about the original Japanese, but the use of “fell” here suggests a dramatic turn around. To fall, you must be at some height. And for them to make an article on it? No, Yuuri must have not been already in last place. We know Viktor must have been in first place, but Yuuri? I think he was fourth MINIMUM based on this. He even says in some internal monologue:

His ‘big day’? Why would it be a big day if he’d already done disastrously a day or two before in his Short? Surely, a ‘ big day’ would symbolise him possibly winning a medal?

If he was in last place already, he wouldn’t HAVE that kind of pressure. But all of these lines highly suggests to me that he at least had a shot at doing well during the GPF, maybe he was even close enough that he could have had a chance for a silver medal.

We find out during episode five that during the GPF, Yuuri can’t have scored above 94.36, as they announce it to be his personal best. Still, there’s no reason he couldn’t have scored around 90 ish, which when looking at the other scores that year, probably would have put him in a good position

I did the maths as yes, if you plug his Short score at around 90 it gives a realistic Free score considering he pretty much messed up all of the technical points.

Yuuri Katsuki was most likely in line for bronze or silver after his Short

What does this mean?

This little interaction of Viktor not recognising him as a skater is so much worse, as is Yuuri’s FS failure overall

tl;dr Yuuri actually did very well in his short last time

Edit: I’m kind of bored of getting the same response now so I’m just adding that I don’t really think Viktor actually didn’t know Yuuri as a skater. What I think is that Yuuri probably took the interaction to mean that, and he thought Viktor didn’t recognise him maybe. 

How to stay Positive 🐝

1. Be yourself. Live authentically. To quote Dr. Suess, “There is no one alive that is you’er than you.” Don’t try to be someone you’re not to impress people. You will always be happiest when you are being your true self.

2. Contribute to the world in any way that you can. Maybe for you that’s picking up garbage on your way home from work, or giving money to a homeless person on the street, but you will become a more positive person if you are giving back.

3. Be grateful. Acknowledge how fortunate you are and be thankful that you have simple things like heating, food, and shelter. If you are grateful you will always be able to think more positively.

4. Be optimistic. So maybe you missed your 10:30 showing of Beauty And The Beast, are there later showings? Can you plan a rain check? Wouldn’t coffee be nice instead?

5. Surround yourself with positive people. Odds are, if you spend your time with negative people you’ll become more negative. When we are around positive people we become more positive ourselves.

6. Don’t be discouraged. You will never fail until you stop trying!

7. Be a realist. Everyone has their bad days, everyone. Lest,  I remind you that Walt Disney, J.K. Rowling, and Steven Spielberg, were all rejected before they ever succeeded.

8. Be like Elsa and let it go. Okay so Elsa may not have been the most positive person at first, but by the end of the movie she learned to make a positive out of what was once a negative situation! Don’t hold on to anger, fear, or hurt. Keep moving forward and forgive others and yourself.

9. Help someone else. It’s so easy to make someone’s entire day. Compliment someone’s new clothes or hair cut, hold doors open for people, smile at strangers and share inspirational quotes with friends. You will feel so much happier and positive if you make someone else feel that way.

10. Kick fear to the curb. Stop letting “what if’s” control your life. Be brave and trying something new, or do something that might scare you. Doing something is always better than doing nothing; you might just surprise yourself!

11. Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate everything around you: sights, smells, music. When we don’t take time to breathe we become stressed.

12. Put down those chips. Junk food might make you feel good for a moment but it will only make you feel unhappy down the road. Swap a milkshake for a smoothie, Soda for a glass of water or a cup of green tea, ice cream for a fruit bowl and so on. We can actually eat a lot more raw foods than processed foods without gaining weight or feeling bloated.

13. Get out there. Make plans! Stop scrolling through instagram and snap stories feeling bad about yourself because it’s a Friday night and you’re at home. It’s always nice to stay in every now and then but it’s also enjoyable to get out into the world and socialize.

14. Get your beauty sleep. 7 hours minimum to function and 8 ideally. It’s impossible to be positive when you’re cranky from not getting enough z’s.

15. Exercise. Find the exercise for you. Maybe it’s swimming, hiking, cycling, yoga, dance, or basketball. Working out will make you feel powerful, happy, and accomplished.

16. Don’t compare yourself to others. Other people’s beauty does not take away from your own. Yes, Sarah from math class has a really nice smile…but have you seen yours? Wow.

17. Accept yourself.  Change what you can change and love what you can’t.

18. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take yourself out of the situation. Is this really a big deal? Will it affect you tomorrow? What about next week? Next month?

19. Be empathetic. Your friend just cancelled your plans for the evening because he is feeling too anxious. What can you say to show him that you’re accepting of his situation? Can you offer up an alternative plan? People want to spend time with people who are kind and accepting of them.

20. Accept that life isn’t linear. There are always going to be ups and downs and that is absolutely normal! You just have to ride the wave  instead of letting yourself drown.

Would you consider professional flirting a power? Idk

Zen’s the guy you’d go to if you need some help in hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade combat. Replication is his main thing, and it comes in handy when tackling the bigger, badder villains. The clones however, only possess his base proficiency at combat and flirting and none of his other powers. He also has a sporadic Psionic Intuition, which allows the team to see glimpses of the future (psychic dreams anyone?). Albeit fleeting, Zen tends to be extra sensitive to the bigger-scale, future-altering, history-making events. He might not be able to see how well you’d do in a test, but he’d definitely see Godzilla rising out of the water a couple days or weeks before it happens, so don’t worry. :D

Adoptive Muscle Memory is less of a power and more of a skill he developed. Quick perception and hella body-eye coordination allows him to study your moves and learn them with time. Short battles are of no use to him, but if the duel is extended or you come back for a rematch, then watch out bc he’s probably got all ur moves figured out. 

Yes, I did the math and estimated that his sword would be about 0.84m long in proportion to his height, which I think was about 5″9. I’m extra that way.

The signs in Maths Class
  • "Yes Sir!": Capricorn, Leo, Virgo
  • Quietly doing the work in their own time, headphones in, ignoring outside world: Taurus, Scorpio, Libra
  • Literally doing anything but maths; reading a book, eating, pushing people off chairs: Cancer, Aries, Pisces
  • Didn't turn up: Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius

okay say you have a topology x, question so you know how you can take any number of intersections of open sets and have them be an element of the topology x, as long as the number of intersections terminates … what if it was a hyperreal number, infinitely large, its still technically a number, but it’s infinitely large, can you still take that many intersections and have it be an element of the topology x?

you’ve met one another, right?

words: 4337.

or the one where everything is still the same: even and isak still do happen. but it’s observed under sana’s watchful inspection. on even.

(or the one where ten times, sana sees even, as even and isak happen.)

canon compliant, but, with a little bit more. this wasn’t meant to turn into a full blown fic but, oh well, no can do.

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The Tutor // Jughead Jones x Reader

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The Tutor

Jealous!Jughead x Reader


A/N: Okay! I really love this one. I am actually proud of it and I just ugh, I just don’t know know! you guys really motivate me and also seeing that you guys write yourself and I get to see what is behind those amazing brains of yours! (yes I do stalk you guys sometimes) I love you! Request are open please request. I need more motivation. ps! almost to 1,000 followers!

Summary: You and Jughead have been together for along time but when you start to tutor Archie he shows his Jealous side to you.

Warning: mentions of smut

Oh, Jughead Jones. He was too protective of you and yet, you will still unconditionally love him. He knows how to please you, knows your spot so he can tease you. You hate it but love it because it makes those nights even more special.

You have been studying underneath your English teacher. He tutored you in almost every subject in English but not because you needed it. He did because he saw something in you more than the other students. You became so well knowledgeable that you even opened up your own tutor sessions with specific people, mostly girls because every other guy in this school didn’t want to look like they needed help. Until, Archie came around.

“Hey there, (Y/N/N). Wanna help out a friend?” Archie said as you slowly turned your head while still looking at your math homework.

“Yes, what it is?” You said while moving your eyes to Archie and seeing him in his full form. He was sweating, probably because he knew you left the library at 4:00 and it was well, 4:00.

“Yeah, ummm. I need your help… like tutoring?” He said while red crawled up his neck and to his face. He scratched the back of his neck and looked around to see if anyone heard.

“I’m guessing that you don’t want anyone to know?” You mentioned with a smirk on your face.

“Yeah, yeah. Just keep it on the low alright.” He grabbed a chair and turned it around to sit on it. “Maybe we could study at your house or mine. You live right next to my house and I thought it might be- be you know quieter.”

You let out a chuckle and Archie had stood up to shush you quickly. “Alright, Archikins  but on my terms. I get to choose when we break and I’m not a very sympathetic tutor.” You said as you started packing up your things to leave. You start to walk out. “You have no idea what you signed up for” you yelled as you walked out with a hand in the air waving to him.

“So, you just said yes. Without even asking me?” Jughead said while looking out side at the neon lights that, the Pops sign reflected on the ground.

“What do you mean by ‘without even asking’. I am my own woman you know.” You said while grabbing and stuffing your face with French fries dipped in your chocolate milkshake. You and Jughead had been “official” for a couple months now and the group only recently calmed down the shipping comments and the questions. But these were the nights you cherished, the nights that it was just you him and no one else.

“Because (Y/N). Your my girlfriend and I don’t want you to get to close to someone else and then you-”. He cut himself off. He didn’t want to make anything worse then it was. Even though he wasn’t looking at you. He could feel the stare into the back of your skull. He heard a bell jingle and the seat feel empty. He knew that you hated when he acted like you were property.

//Jughead’s POV\

She always had a way with words and it was what made me fall in love with her. I was scared that maybe she’d make another fall for her the way I did. But I think messed it all up.

It was after school and you were in your room getting ready for Archie to come over. You fixed up your bed and laid out all the homework and study stuff. Your door creaked open and you saw the familiar face of Archie Andrews. You smirked as he came in.

“Are we really working on this all day” he said as he set he stuff down and began to walk over to you.

“Yes Ginger, we shall unite and figure out your pea sized brain and if it can fit the ethics of English!” You said and Archie looked hilarious. He started to play with all the makeup on your desk.

//A Couple Days Later\

You wrapped up your lessons and quickly went home from Archie’s. You were so tired and just wanted to sleep. You checked your calendar before you slept. You have lessons with Archie later tomorrow night. And then you were to spend time with your mom. But god you missed Jughead. His smell just him in general. You missed him so much.  

You awoke to the smell of breakfast your grabbed your phone and made some room for Jughead before you went downstairs. Your mother had made your breakfast to celebrate the day that my mom found out she was pregnant with you.  It was a tradition to do with your family.

After I got back from school, you and your mom went out to the movies and spent way to much at the mall. You got a cute skirt and many, many shirts.

You walked into your room and began taking off your shoes in the dark when the lights came on. “What the?” You said as your eyes adjusted to light you looked and saw a figure standing by the door. “Jughead?” You stammered out while looking at the raven haired boy. “What are you doing here?”

“I came because I missed my girlfriend. And I needed to talk to her.” He looked at you with his ocean blue eyes and you couldn’t help but melt.

You stepped closer to him and laid a gentle and passionate kiss on his lips. Not wanting to pull away. He surprisingly lifted you up by your thighs and moved to the window seal. “Jug- my mom” you breathed out in between kisses.

“I need to make sure that Archie knows who is mine” he moves down to your jawline and slowly to your neck leaving love bites all over.

You moaned at the pleasure making him go harder at the kisses. He sucked at your pleasure spot. He knew that made you go crazy and you moaned to loud and quickly covered your mouth, your eyes rolling in the back of your head. He defiantly left marks all over you body. And you kinda loved it. He started to remove your top and your bra it was almost off until

“Hello?” Archie came in and quickly covered his eyes.

You fell off the window seal on the floor while Jughead quickly covered you with his flannel. You stood up with the flannel covering your body. “Archie… I was just about to text you not to come” you said while your face bright red.

“Yeah I’m already gone.” He said while he ran out the front door.

“Well. That mood was ruined.” You chuckled.

“At least he knows your mine.” Jughead added in.

//The Next Day\

You were sitting at Pops with your amazing boyfriend and a scarf around your neck trying to hide the marks he made.

“You know. I think it’s hot when you show them off.” Jughead whispered into your ear. “God I mean people alway question me about the scratches on my neck.”

You bit your lip, and squeezed his leg as he started to remove the scarf along your neck, and kissed each mark, making you feel so loved. Then the moment was ruined when B and V came into the Diner.

“Woah, woah, woah lovebirds. Sorry about ruining your moment.” Veronica said as she slid into the booth in front of us. And she looked at your neck. You tried to hide it but they all awed at the dark marks all over your neck. Until you got a text. And couldn’t stop the red from taking over your face.

“What is it (Y/N/N)?”

If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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Siren’s song (Brett Talbot)

Brett x Reader

NSFW content + gif under the cut

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You took a deep breath, inhaling some fresh air before you took your first step onto the parking lot of your new school. Students were covering almost the whole area and you found it surprising that so many students went to an expensive prep school instead of the local high school.

Beacon Hills were known for their hoard of supernatural creatures and you thought that maybe attending to Devenford prep could make some distance and keep yourself out of trouble, since you were supernatural as well.

You step in to the office to get your schedule and to your discontent, the first lesson of the day were canceled. It wasn’t a big school and you decided to go to the field after buying a soda at the cafeteria, you often spent free period studying on the bleachers at your old school.

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Guess who started liking UmiMaki! 

It’s because of a friend showing me many artists that ship them lol Also, I didn’t want to color nor find my colored pencils so yeah it’s a coughdoodlecough

Guys okay so we know George is a bully hater and will do something if he thinks something’s wrong. what if those traits overpowered his negative feelings toward Melvin?

What if George saw Melvin getting bullied by some kids and felt his blood boil even though he knew he and Melvin weren’t on very good terms relationship wise? What if George untied his tie and taught those kids a lesson like he did for Harold those few years ago? And how would Melvin react if George saved him??

I bet Melvin would want praise and attention from more than just the teachers after that