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A new game creator for you guys to meet~

So the lovely punchysporkk introduced me to the super talented Rinmaru who made an awesome flash fantasy otomish trilogy Ascension 

you can play it here: (it’s free and you don’t have to download anything,. If you haven’t played it yet, you totally should!)

Recently she’s moved over to the Ren’py engine (what 7KPP is on) and I saw her on the lemmasoft forums and geeked out at her a little. And then she played 7kpp and liked  it and we had a little bit of a mutual fan fest. 

So I can tell you that on top of being super talented, she is super nice!

She has two big FREE otome VNs (including the sequel to her trilogy) coming out soon~ 

Since awesome people (you guys) should always meet more awesome people (Rinmaru) consider following her or checking out her games if you haven’t~

She’s impqueengames




oh hey i got a new trade offer

what. is this. what is this.

here’s the FIRST THING i put in the trade post:


like do traders just enjoy not reading descriptions. is that a FUN HOBBY for them. is it.

-Chapter Five: Backstory-

Teagan’s P.O.V.

    “Wait you’re seriously 108 years old?” Kira asks. We had all moved from the front entrance, now sitting on a few couches. Everybody is staring at me, wanting me to tell them everything, but I really didn’t know that I should.

    “Well I was born in 1906 so if you do the math, yes that makes me 108 years old.” I say starting to get a little annoyed. Vampires live forever, can’t these people wrap that around their heads yet.

    “So is it just you and your family here?” Derek asks.

    “Yeah. We used to be apart of a clan, but they were murdered by a group of hunters in the early sixties. We think they’re the same hunters that have followed us here.”

    “So what’s it like being a vampire? Do you get to do any cool things?” Liam is quick to ask.

    “Yeah and how do you become a vampire? I’m sure it’s not just through some stupid bite.” Stiles pipes in. I know there will only be more questions to follow with every one that I answer, so I may as well tell them the full story.

    “How about I just tell you guys my story, okay? It should answer almost all of your questions.” They all seem to agree on my proposal and I begin.

    “My family and I are originally from New York City. My dad, Thomas, was a rising cardiologist, which was a relatively new field at the time. He was good at what he did, and because of that we were pretty well off, and were in the upper-middle class of the time. Everyone knew the Jones family, Thomas, Blaire, my mother, and their three kids, Tabitha, me and Gage. Now in 1923, I was seventeen, and dating Roy Douglas. He was twenty one then and had just inherited his family’s business, and was very well off so of course my parents were all for this relationship going well. But I wasn’t in it for the money, Roy had this way about him that was so mysterious and alluring, he made me feel like I had the world in my hands, and I could bend it to my liking. He also had a secret, one that he trusted me with. He was a vampire, his story about inheriting a business was one he concocted and used compulsion to have people believe it. It’s one our tricks, all it takes is just a little bit of eye contact and their brain is ours for the molding. He could have used it on me, to make sure that his secret was safe, but I wanted to be like him and since he knew that, he trusted me. He had a clan, one that he had traveled around with for over forty years, and they all questioned why Roy liked this ‘chew toy’, as they liked to call me, in particular so much. He always claimed he could feel like he was living an actual human life with me, and that he had fallen in love with me. They seemed to accept it, and promised not to kill me, which was nice. There were a few in the clan that were too reckless in my opinion, and because of them hunters outside of the city got suspicious and started looking for Roy. They had to leave, but Roy wouldn’t leave without me, and I wouldn’t leave without my family. I had no problem with turning, and I knew it would be easier to convince my family to come if I had already transitioned. So that night, with Roy’s blood in my system, I killed myself. Vampires blood will heal humans, or in the case of death bring you back to life and start the process of transitioning. To complete it, you have to feed on a human. I killed my first person that night, but control was something I never struggled with. Like I figured my family were easy to convince after I turned, only my mother protested, and looking back on it now, I wish we left her. Spending an eternity with her is hell on earth. But we all turned and then left with Roy and his clan. Roy had a witch traveling with him. I was never very trusting of witches, they never liked vampires, but we need them for things. She made us daylight stones, which is how we walk in the sun. You can hide them in anything really, and without them, one step in the sunlight and I’ll burst into flames. For the most part, we didn’t mess with her and we trusted that she wouldn’t rattle us out. But then in the summer of 1964, she was fed up with us. We were living in New Orleans at the times and while my family and I were out hunting, she lead a group of hunters to our clan’s house, and they killed everyone. When we came back, the first person we saw was Roy, staked at the entrance, most likely trying to protect everybody else. He was the love of my life, dead in front of me. Others were decapitated, or staked, some shot with wooden bullets, I even remember finding one them burned. It was horrible. Hunters destroyed my life. My family and I tracked down the witch, she hadn’t gotten very far, and she’s the last person I’ve killed. The clan had too many close calls, so now my parents have very strict rules. We only ever drink from blood bags my father gets from the hospital, we don’t use compulsion, or our strength and speed. We just blend in. Which we’ve been trying to do, but you guys found me, and the hunters found our house and left us vervain as a surprise so it appears we aren’t doing too good of a job. And yeah that’s basically it.” I say starting to shut down. Whenever I let myself think of what happened to Roy I just end up going to a horrible place. I know they will start asking things soon so I have to pull myself together.

    “Wait what’s vervain?” is the first question I’m asked.

    “Really? That’s the first question? Uh, it’s a plant, basically a vampires version of wolfsbane. If we touch any part of it the plant will burn our skin, and if we ingest it we are weakened.

    “So you’ve been stealing blood bags from the hospital?” Scott questions, a judgey look crossing his face.

    “Technically my father has. He plans to only take a few every week, we’ve been put on a diet.” I say. I can feel everyone starting to grow uneasy with this, the idea of stealing not something they seem to like.

    “Look would you rather we kill people?” I ask, trying to defend the action.

    “No but isn’t there an alternative to fresh human blood that doesn’t require using up our hospitals supply.” Liam asks

    “Killing bunnies, and squirrels and other forest creatures, which is what I was trying to do when I ran into you.” I say pointing to Derek. “But drinking animal blood comes with problems, we aren’t as strong when drinking that stuff and right now we can’t afford to be weak. Plus the hunters are expecting us to be in the forest, that’s how they found me the first time.”

    “What happens if you don’t drink blood for a long time?” Kira questions. Great, are they going to try and starve us now?

    “We slowly start to desiccate, getting weaker and weaker until our body completely shuts down. We’re still alive, but we won’t ‘wake up’ until we taste blood again.”

    “So you can only survive on blood?” Lydia questions.

    “Well yes, it’s our main food source, but as long as we have a healthy amount of blood in our system we function pretty normally. That’s why we can still eat normal food, and aren’t crazily attacking people all the time. Sure the urge is there, but we’ve learned control.” I tell them. I honestly don’t know what to think about this conversation. A part of me still thinks I shouldn’t be telling them anything, but it’s a little too late for that now.

    “So the daylight stones, what did you put yours in?” Stiles asks.

    “That is for my knowledge only. But like I said, it can be put in practically anything from jewelry, clothing, some people are crazy enough to just carry it around in their pocket. Knowing my luck though it would fall out and that would not end well at all.” There is no way I’m telling you were my stone is. I’ll trust you but not that much.

“So these hunters that are after you,” Braeden begins, “are potentially from a line of hunters that killed your boyfriend.”

    “That’s one way to summarize it.” I say, a little shocked by her bluntness. Wow just taking shots at the wound, okay then.

    “Do you have any idea where they could be hiding out? How many of them they could have brought with them?” she continues.

    “No I don’t. I’ve been too busy trying to hide from them to snoop for their hiding place. Why do you care?” I ask.

“Because we have a code around here.” Derek starts off, but stops to let Scott finish his thought.

“Some pretty intense things went down in this town recently. Supernatural creatures were being hunted down, and I made a promise that if there was ever a creature who needed help, my pack would help them. You’re a creature who needs help.” he says sitting next to me.

I stay silent for a minute, not knowing whether or not I should believe it. But what have I got to lose, these hunters obviously have no problem with trailing after us, so it’s time to stop running.

“How exactly would you help?”

“Well we know your fast, and I’m guessing strength isn’t too bad either, but Derek is good at training maybe you could train them a little?” Scott says redirecting his attention to Derek.

“Wait now I have to fight the people trying to kill me?” I question, not liking the sound of this at all, or having to spend time with Derek.

“Just incase. You said they found were you live, what if they plan to attack you?”

“I guess it’s necessary.” I mumble.

“Are any of your family members good at finding out information they’re not really supposed to know about?” comes Braeden’s voice again.

“My sister Tabby, definitely.”

“She could be helpful with finding them.” Braeden concludes.

“Yeah, see we can be helpful.” Scott tries to sell. I just roll my eyes.

“Yeah I know this, but my parents are now going to be so trusting. Gage might because he thinks you’re alright,” I say motioning to Liam, “But Tabby and my parents are not going to trust you guys so easily. You’re really going to have to win them over.”

“Well let’s do that, tomorrow. You should probably be getting home soon, so how does that sound?” Malia asks, there’s a tone in her voice that sounds glad that they’ve won me over at least.

    “That should be okay. Just prepare for four angry and confused vampires to potentially attack you out of fear.” I say heading to the door. Before they can say anything else I head out and leave for home.

Older twin

So yeah there was a request from anonymous about Wanda x Vision … I tried! alright? A big part of this is possibleavenger​ and by a lot I mean about 62% (Yes, I did the math)

So If you want you can still submit propts/ requests for fics and somehow they’ll happen :D

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The enormous living room was quiet, except for Wanda, murmuring to herself, still trying to get out of Tony’s mind. The whole team thing was taking a toll on her, and her powers were difficult to manage around a lot of people. His mind was not the best one to be in, and she was struggling with snapping out of it.
When it did happen, she felt really tired. Wanda rubbed her temples and relaxed on the couch. She closed her eyes and searched for Natasha’s mind – somehow it was always clean and calm, good to get in. In training sessions with her, the redhead allowed Wanda to get into her head if she ever needed to calm her mind, with an exception.  “Never make me see Red Room if I don’t ask to. Otherwise you are good to go.”
Wanda waited as her breathing evened out and opened her eyes when another person entered the living room. It was Vision, not sure why he looked deep in thought about something, and as soon he saw her, he smiled and went to sit next to her.
They sat there in silence for a moment, until Wanda turned to him.
“How are you feeling, you know, being a part of the team, and so on?” she asked him, patiently waiting for a reply. Vision blinked slowly.
“Well, I still do not understand some concepts of human beings and their habits. The team is good; they explain a lot of things for me. They all have horrible things that were done to them and yet they are still trying to fight what they think is bad. I do not understand the benefits of this way of thinking.” He admitted, while the woman thought about everything he said.
It was indeed true; the team had their bad times. Except for Rhodes, but having to deal with Tony counts as a horrible thing.
They started chatting, Vision asking questions and Wanda trying to give the best explanations she could. At some point, Clint and Natasha walked in, both holding cups of coffee in their hands. They said their goodmornings to Wanda and Vision, and got themselves comfortable far in the back of the room, in “the Nest”, that they built from pillows and blankets. It was a good stress relieving technique, and these two spent some time of their days-off in there.
“I wanted to express something, Wanda.” Vision said, looking a bit confused. The woman raised her eyebrows.
“I have this weird feeling,” Vision spoke. “and I don’t quite understand it. It is really hard for me, to grasp the concept of it.”
“What kind of feeling is it?” she asked. ‘Yeah, I am feeling something too’ she wanted to add. Even though, the Maximoff secretly hoped it would be the same that she was feeling towards him. Vision is still learning about the world and feelings that he experiences, so nobody actually knows what he is feeling. After the happiness incident, (which was hilarious, she might add) he learned a lot about feelings and emotions.
“It’s hard to explain… I feel like I don’t want to leave you alone, like I need to stay with you, for as long as I can… I want to care for you and hold you. Is that normal? What could it be?” he asked.
Wanda couldn’t believe her ears. She must explain this to him.
“Well, Vision, us, humans, call it ‘Love’.” She began. “This feeling should be mutual, but sometimes, it’s not. You can love your family, your friends, your lover, your soul mate, animals, basically, a lot of things.”
Vision nodded in understandment. “So I feel it towards you as a…. friend? Or lover? Do you feel the same way? “
“Well,” She murmured. ”I must say that if I said no, I would be lying, so yes.” Wanda said. He took her hand, carefully, but sure of what he was doing.
“Now I remember, Doctor Banner explained this to me too. You feel attracted to the person and they feel that too. You hold them, you smile at them and you kiss… them…”  And he looked at her lips as she leaned in and kissed him. She was shocked that this was going so fast. He tasted a bit metallic, but with something she could only identify as ‘life’ and fire. However, this didn’t last long as they were interrupted by her brother.
“Hey, Wanda, I thought we could go training today, since we missed a session yest… what the hell is happening here?” Pietro’s sudden voice startled her and she jumped away from the android.
Wanda’s face was red with anger in a matter of seconds. She swore she was going to rip his head off at some point of her life. Before she could say something, she heard Natasha speaking.
“If you are not aware, they were kissing. And you completely ruined the show for us.” And Clint was laughing in the background. Still, her brother was waiting for her to answer.
“Well what do YOU think?” The woman asked. They stared at each other, and she used her powers to silently explain situation when Vision thought it would be a great idea to reason with Pietro.
“Pietro, Wanda and I are… in love” he said slowly. Pietro’s jaw dropped and everyone could see how he was searching for words.
“WHAT?!” At that point Pietro lost it. He grabbed his sister by her hand and ran off.
After a brief moment they were in his apartments in the Avengers tower. Wanda rolled her eyes, and clenched her fists at her sides. This will wait, she’ll have to try to explain everything to him first, and if that fails, use her powers.
“You can’t date him, Wanda.” Pietro started rambling. “He’s an android! And I would have never thought that he feels the same way as you do, but look, I just care for y..” she interrupted him.
“Why not? It’s not like we’re doing something bad! In fact, before that, we were having quite the talk, explaining and learning stuff.” She tried the reasoning technique. It didn’t work.
“He’s weird, I don’t trust him” Pietro stated. Wanda noticed that he didn’t have any strong points in this argument, so she smiled.
“Have you looked at yourself? At me? We both are weird, so your argument is invalid.” She said triumphantly, as she felt how he backed out and that she won.
“W-well I still don’t trust him… SHUT UP! I’m your older brother!” She started laughing. ‘That is your argument?’ she thought.
“Listen, I know you care for me, but I’m old enough to make my own decisions. So whether you want it or not, I am going to do what is best for me, and it’s none of your business. Besides, you are only 12 minutes older, that doesn’t even count. ” Wanda finished the dispute. “Now take me back to Vision, please.”
Pietro mumbled something about her decisions under his nose, but he did as she asked. Vision was still there, giving the twins room to talk. Pietro got embarrassed really quickly, after the incident before, and he left saying he needed places to be. Yeah, right… More like people to prank.        
“Is everything alright with your brother, Wanda?” Vision asked, concern showing on his face.
She smiled at him.
“Now, yes.” The girl said, making herself comfortable by his side on the couch. “I just had a little talk about us with Pietro.”
“He seemed to understand what I was saying. We figured it out.” She smiled.
They sat there for a long time, until Bruce emerged from the lab, followed by Tony, who babbled about something they were creating. Sam, Bucky and Steve entered the living room a bit later, laughing about stories with little Steve that Bucky told them. The whole team gathered there, and after a couple of debates, a movie suggestion, they were watching TV, Wanda and Vision in each other’s arms, smiling. While seeing Wanda fall asleep, as her face becomes less tired and calmer, he thinks.

“This is love, indeed.”

To My High School Math Teacher

I would like to see you again.
Old now,
and (I dare to hope) bald,
with dentures, age spots,
spindly legs and nose hair.
I bet your hearing’s shot,
your reflexes slow,
fingers no longer sufficiently nimble
to cop a feel of fourteen-year-old flesh.
I would like to see you again.
Diminished, frail,
a hip-fracturing shove away.
Remember me? I would say,
and you, memory spotty, might not,
but that’s okay.
I remember you.



Math 2: 800
Biology M: 790
U.S. History: 750

So the future of my standardized tests career was riding on the June SAT 2s. As I was beyond happy with my SAT and ACT scores, I just needed to do well on my SAT 2s. I took Math 2, Biology M, and US History. Whether or not I would be taking any of them again in October depended on how I did on the June test… Not the best feeling because I really didn’t want to take them again. I somehow woke up by myself at 4:49 and go to see my scores at 5:00 and YAY!
I am so happy with these scores and I’m honestly extremely surprised I got what I got. I wasn’t all too worried about math since the test was easier then my practice tests, but the other 2 tests caused much anxiety. Bio, I was freaking out about because I’ll be going into bio and I needed it to be high but I thought I got a high 600/low 700, but never a 790. This will hopefully show colleges I can bio and pretty well because I love biology so much. U.S. History was by far the biggest shock. I love U.S. History and I can say I’m pretty darn good at it but SAT U.S. History is a different ballgame and I walked out of the test with 33 out of 90 questions marked up as “I think I got this wrong”. That would have put me in the high 500/low 600 range. Although I didn’t care too much about what I got on U.S., there was no way I wanted colleges to see a 500. But yo I got a 750 and that’s more than I could ask for!
YAY I’M DONE WITH STANDARDIZED TEST! (besides the 6 AP exams next year but colleges won’t see that so basically I’m done) Now I just have to wait for my report card and AP scores and I’m actually quite scared for AP scores because I feel like I got a 2 on English Lang and I really want at least a 3 on AP tests but we’ll see.

I remember once my sister was sleeping with me when she was 5 and she was scared and asked me to tell her a story. I had a math exam on the next day and I was tired so in the end I was telling her a story of how little red riding hood did calculus problems…. The best part is that my sister didn’t care and she won’t asking about what happens next. So in conclusion, I made my sister sleep and I did well on my math exam.

anonymous asked:

Do you really think Brittany would do something with math? Yes, she left MIT because she wanted to be with Santana but she also left because she didn't enjoy it and wanted to dance.

I do. Brittany clearly made use of her math brain in season six, talking about her “better than yours math brain” and even working on Euler Bricks in her free time. Having an interest in math, and being a “math monkey” as she was when she was at MIT are two different things. I think, if she was able explore her mathematical abilities, while she had a life outside of it, she’d be extremely happy. I do believe that she’d definitely dance, but that she’d do it more as a hobby.