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Ye Hua was going to destroy his soul to light up the soul lamp to bring a copy of Su Su back! Seriously, he was going to kill himself just so a fake Su Su (so not even reviving the real person but a clone) could potentially come into being. OMG that is…I have no words.

Does celestial realm have therapists? Because OMG. 

I also think it makes so much sense that Bai Qian chose to forget her time as a mortal while he chose to remember. In part, it’s because Bai Qian feels wronged and sinned against - she believes he never truly loved her, while Ye Hua feels like the one who must atone for wronging his love and he obviously knows they genuinely loved each other. But in part it’s because he’s never ever chosen an easy way out ever. He’s kind of emotionally unhealthy to the max. 

The entire ep 28 is was Ye Hua letting go, which was so gorgeous and sad…

i honestly cant imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours working your ass off to put up videos that you put a lot of emotional (and physical) effort into for the majority of the comments to be talking about a mark on your neck or a stray hair or some insignificant thing like that

Rhett (and sometimes Link) commented on this in recent interviews how annoying it is when you work hard on something but its all overlooked because there was a kink in your hair that wasnt there before and thats all people talk about

just goes to show how much of this industry is focused on looks and presentation so much so you share something you put literally everything you have into but people are too concerned about the tiny wrinkle in your shirt

“A Stray Chicken”