yes mamura make sure to make her be by your side forever pls!

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What other subtle hints are there that point to Mazume? PLS HALP I feel hopeless rooting for the cursed second lead. :'(

Ok anon, this is going to be a long post, be aware. From where should I begin?

  • Mamura and Suzume see together Suzume’s first real shooting star (not delusions), plus she learns Mamura’s name, Daiki, which means “the brightest” (chapter 22). 
  • Daichi ships them.
  • He ate the rice ball that was originally made for Shishio.
  • “I even showed Mamura my weak side” (actually he’s always making her leave her guards down). (chapter 38)
  • The moment she thought, her position in Mamura’s heart has changed and that she was just like the other girls for him.
  • “I think I’ll be the happiest person if you end up with Mamura-kun instead of other girls” Yuyuka ships them, YUYUKA who had feelings for Mamura. (chapter 41)
  • “All I wanted is a person who really understands me, accepts me for who I am, hits me when I’m wrong and sees me all the way” Yuyuka’s quote aka mangaka’s thoughts, which all along the manga actually mirrors Mamura’s actions and feelings for Suzume (apart from Togyuu’s towards Yuyuka). (chapter 42)
  • “It’s hard to believe that she was so sad yesterday” Suzume’s mother intuition and approval (another shipper there xD). (chapter 51)
  • “I’m sure Suzume will understand when she finds the right guy for her”. (chapter 54)
  • Kame ships them.
  • "Come to think of it, Mamura has always been there when I need him the most” she alone acknowledging Mamura. (chapter 54)
  • Mamura’s father ships them. (chapter 54)
  • The second love begins” and how she could not stop thinking of him after this.

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