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Aqua Aura is a gem who came from a place similar to the kindergarten. She was supposed to be an aquamarine gem but her area of growth was controlled to create a new type of gem. Her main purpose is to entertain, thus, she was trained to dance & sing for higher gems. When the rebellion on Earth started, she was trained to manipulate liquids in battle. Despite being trained to manipulate liquid for the war, she often used her voice to lure and control enemies. She earned a nickname “The Siren” because of that. She fought with the side of blue diamond during the war.

After the war, the remaining homeworld gems went back to homeworld and aqua aura was one of them. Homeworld had plans to return to Earth in the future, but they also know they need to be prepared the next time. They started an experiment to make gems as weapons and indestructible. Sadly, Aqua was a victim despite the fact she doesn’t want to be their guinea pig. Aqua is experiemtn 1367 out of 10,000 gems. She spent countless centuries being experimented on. Countless regenerations also happened to her since she couldn’t handle the experiments. Her arms were often the ones tied down and injured during the time she was experimented on and eventually she wasn’t able to regenerate her arms correctly anymore. Many gems would give up and commit suicide, but Aqua didn’t want to do that. Although there were times she wanted to break her own gem too, especially when the pain was too much.

The experiment on Aqua Aura was a huge success and she became one of Homeworld’s beloved weapon. She became the Mobile Gem Destabilizer, with the ability to force gems to retreat to their gems. As a “reward” for staying strong, Aqua was granted a high rank in the military and only functions when she’s needed.

harvey smith: we’re gonna explore more of emilys character in this game and make the morality more interesting and realistic and complex while providing a balanced but moderately challenging gameplay experience for newcomers and veteran players and yes there are indeed confirmed prominent LGBT characters in this game that will play not a minor role but a huge role in the story. we will try to answer everything youve been wondering since the first dishonored came out as best as we can in dishonored 2. we love our fanbase and hope you enjoy this game.