yes lin is a babe

This one's mine

A/N: Okay this is my first fanfic ever and I’m doing this on a mobile so sorry if the format is all messed up. Since this is my very first imagine I would love some feedback and I’m sorry it’s so short. I promise I will get better over time so please just bear with me. Thank you and enjoy.

Warnings: mention of drunkenness

I’m watching my husband from behind the cameras. And must I say he sounds pretty ridiculous. He’s filming an episode for Drunk History. And well… he is definitely drunk.

At the moment he is talking about Hamilton finally getting a command in the revolutionary war and he is making gun noises and everything. I look at him and smile. I just love his drunk side a little because it just so adorable. I love the way he just starts giggling at nothing.

I look away for just a moment and when I look back he is looking at me and smiling. He says,“Hey babe?” And I say,“Yes Lin?” “Can you order Dominos?” “Sure sweetheart.”

I leave to go place the order and all I could think was how much I love this man and how…

This one’s mine.