yes lilo

  • liam: Hey Lou do you have any kinks?
  • louis: What? No!
  • niall: You totally do.
  • louis: Shut up, Liam, no I don't.
  • liam: You seem the type that would be into nicknames.
  • liam: Yeah like getting called kitten or daddy.
  • louis: Daddy?
  • harry: Yes, Louis?

So, the other day, I dreamed that Disney was making a live action/animated movie featuring Stitch and Loki.

Yes, Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki.

It was called Stitch: the Pursuit of Eternal Glory.

❤ Valentine's day 2015 💙

Do you remember when Lilo spend the entire Valentine’s Day together? Yes? No? Let me refresh your memory. 

DAY: out and about 

EVENING: the show

NIGHT: at the club + at the hotel

They took a group photo.

And one of just the two of them.

Then they went back to the hotel, very drunk and very clingy.

NEXT DAY (Valentine’s Day aftermath): 

Liam, what who were you doing the day/night before?

Yes, a drawing 😉 


😍 😍 

You know what I’m so done with this. We can all agree that Moana kicked ass but can we quite acting like Frozen is the root of all evil? 

Y’all keep acting like Frozen is the worst movie Disney’s ever made but, as someone whose childhood contained releases such as Chicken Little, Home on the Range, and The Wild, I can tell you that it’s anything but. Frozen is great:

  • It gives us the most relatable portrayal of a sisterly relationship in a disney movie yes I also love Lilo and Nani but their age difference and care situation means Anna and Elsa are more relatable to most families
  • It has an incredible soundtrack with amazing broadway voice talent (again, my favourite soundtrack from when I was a child is probably Lilo and Stich. And it only has 2 original songs.)
  • Elsa is a great role model for kids, teaching them to accept themselves and confide in others when they’re having difficulties. She teaches kids that it’s okay not to be strong all the time and to open up to those who love you
  • Anna is also a fantastic heroine. She’s much less refined than previous princesses and gives a new meaning to ‘disney princess’. She’s fierce and determined and passionate, all things we should encourage in young girls
  • The story line is also compelling. I don’t care what you guys say when everyone first came out of seeing Frozen back in 2013 everyone was shitting themselves about the twist at the end 
  • While the character designs could have been improved on, there are still some moments of beautiful animation (Elsa building her castle in let it go in particular)

So yes, Frozen is severely lacking in diversity, and yes there are comedic characters that most people over the age of 7 could do without, but at the end of the day Frozen was a vast improvement on the movies immediately preceding it. Again, looking at the 2000s, there are many disney movies that wouldn’t even have passed the Bechdel test.

Frozen was a stepping stone; incredibly white washed but progressing disney in terms of representation of women and returning to its high standard of animation. Moana and Zootopia have built on Frozen by adding a much more diverse cast and tackling more complex issues, but Frozen is loved by children all over the world and I for one am glad that a movie with such strong female characters is available for young kids to watch and admire