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“You would not believe your eyes…” 

I saw my first fireflies for the year, and it made me want to try and paint something :’>

Balloon boys vs. Boy squad fight

I’m 99.9% sure that it was Isak who started the fight between the balloon boys and the boy squad. It just wouldn’t make sense (in my mind anyway) that it would be the balloon boys I don’t think it fits their character, at least from what we have seen so far; the boys who we have seen being openly affectionate towards each other because they love their friends and aren’t afraid to show it, the boys who went to a job interview with Mikael and sat waiting until he came out because they wanted to show their support for him, the boys who called Elias out when he didn’t phrase his words correctly and spoke in a sexist manner towards his sister (and he automatically caught himself, corrected himself and apologised to her because he loves her so much and the last thing he would want to do is disrespect and hurt his baby sister) and they immediately defended Sana because they’ve probably seen her grow up and she’s just as much important to them as Elias is. So I highly doubt that they would just randomly start fighting and punching 17 year olds if they hadn’t been attacked and provoked first by said 17 year old(s). Isak loves Even so I wouldn’t put it past him to go out of his way in order to try and defend him from the balloon boys if something was said (especially depending on if Isak knows their past with Even and what happened in Bakka).

So my theory is that the balloon boys had seen Even outside and went to talk to him, without necessarily having bad intentions, but just as a “hey how’s it going long time no see” kind of thing (and if we are assuming that they haven’t seen or talked to one another since Even left Bakka then there would be a natural curiosity and wanting to talk to him??? Maybe Mikael went over first and the rest of the balloon boys followed and Isak would have recognised Mikael) but maybe there was a bit of miscommunication and Isak, trying to defend even, attacked the boys resulting in himself getting hit. I can’t help but feel like he isn’t necessarily shocked or caught off guard at the fact he got punched , I see it as more of a “shit I fucked up and got myself punched nice going me”. And I extremely extremely doubt and reject the idea that it was over Even and Isak being gay, they may be religious but that doesn’t automatically make them homophobes who fight every gay person they see. That Pepsi max girl is islamophobic and basing her assumptions on prejudice and stereotypes.

Anyway idk that’s just my take on it. But if it does turn out it was Isak then I won’t be surprised, he can be defensive when he wants to/feels like he needs to be ie. when he pushed Mahdi because he was angry at even and what he said hit a nerve- it was a weak attempt at trying to defend himself by turning on one of his friends fast like that, so I wouldn’t put it past him to start a fight with someone in an attempt to defend his boyfriend.

goblinish  asked:

... I just sent you something like six flaily messages about Solas and my bitter little Lavellan who Tries Hard, and I don't think I was logged in? If they showed up as anon, sorry, that was me

Yes!! let me collect them here:

Can I share my Solas feelings with you? They are very different from yours, I think, but there are so many feelings and I thought you could relate! The funny thing for me is that I played the game four times, three of them with elves meaning to romance Solas, and it never worked. I wanted to romance Solas because it’s so heartfelt and a gut punch even before you learn how big, how mythic it is, but my characters kept disagreeing with him! Big, snappish disagreements, and decisions he couldn’t be okay with, and all of these characters ended up respecting each other as friends, but never developed romantic interest, and it was so strange! The weirdest thing was that the character who did eventually romance him was someone I wouldn’t have thought would be compatible with him, she was selfish and a little resentful and really, really angry, but when she was angry she’d make these decisions he agreed with! The big one I remember was exiling the wardens in a rage, but there were others - then when she’s calm down a little, start to regret acting from anger, and rethink her viewpoint (which then would disagree with him), she’d have that great approval buffer to weather disagreements? And man, they argued about Sera a lot? But she loved talking to him and respected the hell out of him, and the weird thing is that, she is the last character of mine that I would have thought wise at creation, but she’s the one it felt most genuine with, when he called her wise, because so much of her story was about trying to get past her anger, and because she respected and liked him so much she usually talked through everything with Solas, when she was angry as well as thoughtful, so he knew her best and could see how much she was prioritizing wisdom as something to reach for, even when she didn’t think she could achieve it. And she really really loved him with her angry little heart, and. I don’t know? It was such a different dynamic than the one I’d pictured, so I wasn’t prepared for how intense it was? I’m about to start trespasser and I’m kind of scared, I think she’s going to feel so awful and I don’t know how she’s going to react, I don’t know if she’ll understand that it was real? Ugh! I have so many feelings and I don’t know what to do with them, you know?

OHH I LOVE THIS, these different experiences are what is so great about these games, not only because of replay value but for depth and character development potential, so many stories you can build!!

The dynamic your character and him have sounds super interesting and so touching ;_; I feel they would have much in common, being frustrated and angry, misplaced resentment, impulsive decisions and judgement they come to regret, always striving for wisdom. trying to remain calm in the face of overwhelming odds, maybe he would see some of his younger self in her. He would respect her all the more for her struggle and conviction ;_;

I think that from a storytelling point of view their disagreement is instrumental in their character development but also feels realistic (considering that your character can’t see approval rates and a lot of his have to do with knowledge that is not available to them), gives the Inquisitor agency, adds tension and depth to their relationship and plot in general. They benefit from it! there is a feel of mutual respect and admiraton that you cultivate this way. I wish the game was longer so we could have more exchanges!! for now I will imagine them haha

I love that the game lets us meet Solas the person, and he can be rude and petty and obtuse, you can argue with him, joke around, share stories, learn and teach him things, he admires you and ends up falling for you, this ancient immortal powerful entity of legend!! but he is just a man that cares too much and tries too hard and makes mistakes, he is a complete mess, he manages to be both admirable and pitiable, relatable and infuriating and I love him for it with all my heart ;_;

Be stong for Trespasser!! the last encounter is my absolute favourite part of the game erughh you are making me want to replay!! about Lavellan being unsure whether it was real or not I think for me Cole played such a huge part in believing Solas in general, I trust Cole, he can’t betray his nature and he believes in Solas, that he means well and that his feelings are true, he wants you to be with him so I never doubted him! Cole actually helped me with my hurt in real life isn’t that amazing I love Cole, I’m rambling again

Thank you for sharing your experience with me <3