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fandoms: I wish my favorite show had otps in canon, stable relationships!  With LGBTQ representation! and all of the long, emotional conversations and fun domestic moments that the characters need/deserve!  and humor!  and action!  and emotion!  And NO HIATUS BECAUSE I NEED THIS STORY EVERY WEEK OF MY LIFE

me: the thing you want has a name and it is critical role


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

actual real life study tips

Okay, so I see a lot of “how to make cute note” etc. etc. tips on here and while aesthetically appealing notes totally help some people, there’s way more to being studious and productive than spending hours writing or rewriting your notes! Personally, I get by just as well on functional notes as those that I’ve doodled, dotted, and dashed into oblivion– in terms of decoration, it’s best that you do you. I used to be a pretty awful student, and note taking guides did jack squat to help me. So my 4.0 and messy notes are here to give the advice that they can–  here are some study tips absent of frills and squiggly lines– how shit gets done. 

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This is my dog. She usually sits behind me all day as I doodle, curled around my bum, occasionally putting her long chin on the arm rest or wedging her snout between my thigh and the chair. She is an old pup, so she snores heavily, sighs a lot, and sometimes hiccups. I love her a lot and she makes me happy, so here is my sharing happy thing of the day.

remember how as soon as aaron had no gel in his hair robert ruffled his hair every single time he kissed aaron because this is still really important


When Matt Ryan has to fight for his show even in character


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

“how long have you been listening to the hamilton cast album?”

Happy birthday Guang Hong!

Just friendly reminder that our sweet flower Guang Hong Ji, the cutest and purest of them all is turning 18 today and he’s probably spending this time with his family being excited about presents and eating a lot of sweets and replying to his friends and fans on Instagram but he just can’t wait for his daily chat with Leo and he doesn’t really know why until Leo smiles to him and says that now he’s an adult he totally could fly to the USA by himself and they could do some cool stuff together “like you can drink now and umm, kiss people and-d go to clubs of course, I know where they play the best music and…” he stops because Guang Hong is laughing and blushing a bit and goes “that kissing part was really specific, are you asking me on a date or sth?” and Leo just smirks and says “well, not really but if you are then I would say yes” and they just sit there smiling like two idiots for a while before Guang Hong whispers “I hope I will spend my next birthday with you” and Leo’s heart just stops beating for a second.

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What if Varlen hadn't escaped? Would Dorian had come to recuse him? (Your writing skills are amazing by the way)

That or, y’know… people from the Inquisition. Because he was kidnapped.


“When I take something from a man - his ship, his money, his life - I don’t hide behind a clerk. I don’t hide behind the law. I don’t hide behind anything. I look him in his eye and I give him every chance to deny me. That is legitimate.”

Patater - 38 - The Spy

—– Come request your own fic here —– Prompt List

38. Person 1 is hired to spy on Person 2.
“Yes, Snowy, he just sitting there,” Alexei replied indignantly, “I promise.  Sitting with beer, not drinking it, and doing nothing. – No, nothing, I’m swearing Snowy.  Why you not believe in me.  I can defend in game, can be spy to.  Not so different.”

Silence drifted down the line as Alexei continued to peer under his hat brim from his place across the bar.  Snowy had charged him with keeping eyes on Parson so long as he was in the same city as Jack.  Alexei wasn’t entirely sure why this was so important, since no one ever seemed to tell him anything anymore.

Just one time you get caught speaking a bit too loudly when drunk, and everyone thinks you’re a blabbermouth.  Albeit, it was about one of the former rookies proposing to his girlfriend with her in the room, but it wasn’t that bad.  She did say yes in the end.

So, when he was asked to spy and given no other information, Alexei assumed whatever the reason, it must be important.  Plus, Snowy would have bullied him into doing it either way.  Goalies must be pleased.

“Snowy…you still there?”

“No Tater Tot, I ran away to Russia without you while we were talking.”

“Not need to be so rude.  I’m doing you favor.”

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kuraryou at your service