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Have a vid of the talented Joel Minas skating for the fans after his Eros performance! Please, please check out his social media and show our support!
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WH boys trying to be sexy.

Elias Goldstein.

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Yukiya Reizen.

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Luca Orlem.

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Klaus Goldstein.

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Randy March

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Azusa Kuze.

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Joel Crawford.

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Vincent Knight.

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Cerim Leiado

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Guy Brighton.

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Glenn Qing

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Leslie Roseblade

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Sigurd Curtis.

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fangirl challenge: [3|7] video games

The Last of Us  

You know, as bad as those things are, at least they’re predictable. It’s the normal people that scare me.

No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for.

There’s still tons of sleeve clipping, shoe/pants gaps, underarm stretching (which i feel cannot absolutely be helped with my skillset) and all that but I’m hanging up the towel on this conversion for a while. Still lowkey in love tho.

Polycount | Outfit: 12,239 | Shoes: 560
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??: as nice as it is that you boys are bonding, how much longer until it’s done? it’s fucking cold, and we have to meet your brother for dinner in a bit, zeus.

zeus s.: not much longer, dad–

zeus: you go ahead, i got this.

zeus s.: are you sure?

zeus, typing away on his phone: ya, i’m gonna invite a few friends out for a bonfire anyway.

zeus s., chuckling: just make sure all the evidence is gone before they get here.

zeus: ya, sure thing.

zeus s.: and her information? close relations?

zeus: all of that is already tucked away nice ‘n safe in your papa’s car. nina caliente. geez, it’s not like i’m some kinda rookie. i used to be a cleaner too, y’know.

zeus s.: sometimes i forget how thorough you are; my apologies.

zeus: yeah yeah. just get gone before clyde’s foot falls off. he’s been over there tappin’ it for a while.

clyde: zeus.

zeus s.: i’m coming, dad.

Master of the coven

Joel felt different that morning waking up. He wasn’t groggy or tired, he was alert and refreshed. A strange sense of peace and calm resided within him. The feeling was obvious and not subtle; Joel felt different, powerful.

He had learned not to ignore feelings like this and immediately set about getting dressed so he could investigate the feelings inside of him in more detail. That’s when the phone rang.

‘Grandma’s dead. Come over to the house and get on your knees’. She never was subtle.

Joel’s grandmother had been ill for some time. The fact that she was dead, although sad, was not a shock. In fact, no, thought Joel, it’s not sad at all. His Grandma had had eyes for only one of her grandchildren, and that had been Joel’s bitch of an older sister Demi; the future leader of the coven and her successor.

Joel was born into the Garamont line of witches dating back as far as 1372. The family had always led witches across the world with a power that was passed down to the first born in each generation. When Joel’s mother had not inherited the gift, it was thought that the power might finally die out. That was until Demi was born, Joel’s older sister; a skilled witch, with multiple talents and instincts. It was clear to all that she would inherit the crown. And now she finally had.

Demi and Joel did not get on, but Joel knew better than to piss off the leader of their coven. Demi would have more power than ever before and access to the coven’s knowledge and archives at the large estate house for the use of the Mistress of the coven. Joel headed straight up the highway without delay. Nothing was more important than this.

No male ever inherited the crown, but Joel was not without a few talents himself. He had an instinctual gift for potion making that even rivalled Demi. Joel was now building up his own grimoire of recipes that would eventually be passed on to the family archives for future Mistresses of the coven when he died. One potion Joel could never create was a body modification potion. Joel was fascinated by the idea of transforming men into soft, fat-bellied gluttons. It was something he could not explain, but it had stayed with him for as long as he could remember. The idea turned him on more than anything else in the world. One day he would get there. Joel walked through the door to see Demi standing at the foot of the stairs. A crowd of coven witches surrounded her, dressed in black to mark the passage of the late Mistress.

‘You’re late’ snapped Demi. ‘Do you have no respect for our coven?’

‘Demi, I came as fast as I could. I was speeding the whole way’.

Now that Demi was leader, the oldest and most ancient grimoire would open before her as a sign that she was now the chosen one, destined to lead the coven to further greatness. Joel was just in time to see the great old book, carried by two very old witches, laid on top of a lectern in front of Demi. Demi’s eyes glistened as she was about to open the book and learn some of the greatest spells and potions of the coven with her new-found powers. She caressed the front cover of the book and then gently pulled at it to open up. The cover did not move.

Demi pulled and pulled, the frustration and shock in her pale face building into a sense of anger. The coven of witches looked around, shocked.

‘Maybe it’s the daughter after all!’ they cried. Joel’s mother went to the lectern and tried to open the book, but again it remained closed. The coven scratched their heads in disbelief. Had the fact that Joel’s mother not inherited the gift, taken the power from the family?

Joel slowly made his way up to the lectern without anyone even noticing him at first. As he got closer, people began to scoff and tut at him, thinking him foolish for trying himself. He touched the front of the book, feeling its power surge within him. He took the cover and, without a moment’s hesitation, he opened it.

Demi’s eyes were wide and furious. The rest of the coven fell to their knees. Never before had there been a Master of the coven. Joel looked over at Demi, staring at her until she too fell to her knees. This was going to be fun.

A couple of days later, after the shock had passed, Joel set about searching in the archives for a potion that would do as he wanted, finding many new ones to try out along the way. Hidden in the grimoire of the Mistress Mary in the sixteenth century was the potion that had eluded him his whole life; ‘Potion to Fatten another’. It had been developed during a time of intense famine. Joel’s heart burst with excitement and then pride as he looked at the ingredients and methods to make it; he had been close to developing a similar recipe himself. Maybe he was as talented as all those who came before him. Joel knew exactly the three men he was going to use it on first. He couldn’t wait to see it in action. However, Joel noted with frustration as he looked at the very last line of the entry: ‘a potion of body modification will initiate only with the consent of the recipient’. If Joel wanted to see one of these men fatten up in front of him, he had to get them to agree to it first. His mind whirred with possibilities and he went straight to the grimoire of the notorious Mistress Roxanne, who preceded Joel’s own Grandmother as the leader of the coven. In there, Joel found just the potion he needed to help with his little problem.

The next day, Joel invited Rob and Stuart along to the house. Joel had grown up in the town so that Demi could be close to their grandmother as they believed so completely that she would be the future Mistress. Rob and Stuart were the school jocks, without a single brain cell between them, they ruled the school with their fists. Joel had been quiet and studious, more concerned with developing his craft than getting along with the jocks, meaning he fell prey to their imposed hierarchy, one beating at a time. The boys had left school and started a building company. They were handsome and had a reputation of bedding bored housewives, not to mention ripping off customers for their substandard work. They’d make perfect little guinea pigs.

It was no surprise to Joel that the two boys looked as smug as ever when he opened the door to them. They showed no recognition of Joel whatsoever, which was fine by him.

‘Alright man, you wanted us to look at some damp you had?’ said Rob, his arm already resting on the frame of the front door like he owned the place.

‘Yes, come this way’ smiled Joel, leading them in to the back of the house.

‘This is a pretty sweet place you’ve got here man’ admired Stuart, looking around at the large entrance hall and nodding to Rob that they could probably invent a whole load of building jobs from the place.

Joel led them to the back room and pointed to the ceiling. There was no damp there, but the boys squinted their eyes and pretended to see something, moving forwards, ahead of Joel to have a look. Joel took a potion from his pocket and squirted it on his neck. The boys sniffed the air and looked around at Joel with renewed interest. It was working.

‘Would you boys like something to eat whilst you’re here?’ he asked, smiling.

‘Yeah, that’d be great’ mumbled Rob.

‘We’d love that’ stuttered Stuart.

Joel walked back to the kitchen feeling the eyes of the boys checking out his cute ass from behind. The boys were now under the spell created by the Mistress Roxanne; ‘A potion to make any man lust after you’.

Back in the kitchen, Joel piled his plate up with cookies he had made with the potion to fatten a man. They smelt delicious, hot from the oven that morning. The boys wandered in lazily after him.

‘I didn’t catch your name’ smiled Rob, putting on the charm.

‘It’s Joel’

‘What a great name. Wait, I think I remember you from school…’

‘Oh yeah?’ grinned Joel.

‘Who knew that you would turn out to be so damn…’ waffled Stuart, checking out Joel’s ass again and getting lost in the sight of it.

‘Have a cookie boys. I made them freshly just for you’ smiled Joel.

‘Yes please’ said Rob, not losing eye contact with Joel as he took one and bit into it, trying to be seductive. Stuart took one in a similar fashion, making it hard for Joel not to burst out laughing at the pair of them.

‘You must work out a lot, right’ said Stuart, still obsessed with Joel’s ass.

‘Of course he does’ spat Rob. ‘Look at his arms. He must work out all the time.’

‘Oh, come now boys. I’m not as fit as you guys. I mean, look at you both! Big rippling muscles on you!’

The boys stood up straighter, both of them trying to tell Joel how much they could bench press before removing their shirts to get his attention. Rob even kissed his own guns as he stood there before Joel. Both boys were incredibly fit and toned. Rob was a little more muscly, with bigger pecs, stronger looking arms and broader shoulders; whilst Stuart was taller, more toned, with a clearly defined six pack.

‘Oh wow, you boys look great!’ marvelled Joel. ‘But which of you has the cutest ass?’

Without a single word, the boys raced to undress further, kicking their shoes off and pulling down their pants, standing there in just their underwear, standing sideways so that Joel could see what he had requested. As expected, Rob had a larger, more muscly ass, whereas Stuart’s was slimmer and more toned. Both of them had raging hard-ons in their underwear. Joel went across to feel them both.

‘Ooo boys, these are lovely!’ he cooed. ‘I can hardly choose between you both.’ The boys started to move in on him, leeching on Joel and feeling him up with their hands. Stuart dived in to Joel’s ass that he had barely been able to take his eyes off.

‘But the truth is boys, I couldn’t be with either of you…’ said Joel, trying to sound disappointed. ‘What I need is a real man, with a good, manly appetite. A man who could finish off those cookies without any prompting from me.’

The boys rushed to the plate and downed the cookies as fast as they could, trying to impress Joel and eat more cookies than the other.

‘You’re both very impressive’ marvelled Joel, walking across to them both and placing a hand on each of their toned stomachs. ‘But I need a man who doesn’t care about having a six pack. I need a guy who would be happy growing a nice big belly on him.’ He motioned the shape of a big belly on Rob before turning to Stuart; ‘And a nice, thick, chunky ass on him too’ he whispered, cupping Stuart’s ass in his hands.

‘Oh babe, you could get me as fat as you wanted’ grunted Rob, pulling Joel in to his chest.

‘I’d grow the biggest ass and belly for you’ countered Stuart.

‘Follow me then boys…’ said Joel, leading them up the stairs to a large empty room where he hung two sets of ropes from the ceiling fixtures.

‘Let’s tie you both up, shall we? I do love it when a guy lets me take control of him…’

The boys put their hands together and allowed Joel to tie them up, their cocks practically bursting in their underwear with excitement. Joel pulled on the ropes from the other side, lifting their arms into the air. This was perfect. He undressed himself and pulled down the men’s underwear.They wouldn’t be needing those again, he thought to himself.

‘So you’d get fat for me huh?’ he asked one more time.

‘Oh yeah baby’ they shouted, lust in their eyes. ‘So, so damn fat’

‘Let’s see what the first ten lbs looks like shall we?’ smiled Joel.

He clicked his fingers and watched as the boys suddenly went pale, shifting their bodies uncomfortably. Stuart gave a little grunt as his abs started to soften up. Rob moaned lightly as his gut started to push out and grow rounder at the bottom. The changes were noticeable but not extreme. Joel went around to inspect their asses. Stuart’s ass had rounded out surprisingly nicely with only 10lbs on him.

‘Looking good boys’ smiled Joel. ‘But let’s see what the next 20lbs does to you…’ he grinned, clicking his fingers again.

The boys both moaned this time, breathing heavier, the strain clearly evident on their face as they both gurned like they were lifting heavy weights in the gym. Rob’s gut continued to grow as it pushed outwards into a beer gut, spreading out to the sides to form love handles. Stuart on the other hand softened up all over. His ass grew softer and wider, whilst his six pack disappeared under a slab of jiggly, soft fat. His nipples grew pointed and soft, with a small double chin forming on his face.

Joel patted Rob’s tank of a gut and moved behind to jiggle Stuart’s wide, chubby ass. ‘Hmm, I still can’t decide between you boys’ he said laughing. ‘Maybe the next 30lbs will help me…’ He clicked his fingers, enjoying every second of it.

The boys were sweating with the seeming effort of fattening up. Rob’s belly charged forwards into a round, ball gut shape. His pecs softened slightly and his ass became more spherical. Stuart on the other hand was growing flabby. His nipples turned into pointed cones that started to sag into man boobs. His gut spread in all directions, growing soft and jiggly, whilst his legs lost all definition and spread with a layer of fat that continued to soften up his now sizeable ass.

‘Phew, that is one fat ass on you there Stuart!’ marvelled Joel, cupping his hand over one cheek and bouncing it. He leaned in closer to his ear ‘I really like it’ he whispered, making Stuart grin back, his cock still ready to burst. He moved around to Rob; ‘And this belly you’ve got Rob, wow! What a man you are!’ he admired, rubbing it and giving it a manly pat. ‘But guess what Rob… I want it fatter’, he laughed, clicking his fingers for the next 40lbs, taking them both up to a round 100lbs of extra fat since they arrived.

The boys grunted and squealed as they fattened more than ever. Rob’s ass was finally pushing outwards and growing some width, whilst his belly stretched out further and further, creating a shelf for his soft pecs to sit on. Stuart, grew flabbier and flabbier. His gut started to sag ever so slightly and his moobs grew large and pillowy, reaching around under his soft, flabby arms. His legs were wide and dimpled, with an ass that looked softer than two overstuffed cushions.

‘You’re looking great boys!’ admired Joel, taking their cocks into each of his hands. The boys melted and relaxed whilst Joel stroked them up and down. He pulled away, making both of them stare at him, wondering why he had stopped. ‘Hell, let’s double it, another 100lbs should do it eh?’ laughed Joel, clicking his fingers for the final time.

The boys groaned louder than ever. Rob had to widen his stance as his legs thickened with fat and his ass blew up. His gut was heavy and full, round like a ball, probably measuring over 60 inches in circumference. Stuart on the other hand looked like he’d never seen the inside of a gym. He had a massive double chin and two huge moobs. Every bit of him was soft and puffy, ready to jiggle at the slightest touch. They both moaned in pleasure as Joel took their cocks into his hands, working them both faster and faster. As the last lb was added they both came, shooting their loads across the floor.

‘Well done fat boys’ said Joel from behind them, patting their fat asses.

Just then, the door bell rang. The next victim had arrived… and he would not be the last.