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Have a vid of the talented Joel Minas skating for the fans after his Eros performance! Please, please check out his social media and show our support!
Yotube: mrjoelminas
Twitter and Instagram: jsminas
FB: jsminasofficial


OH MY GOD I can’t even. Oh, Matthew. Your singing is like Matt Smith’s game at bowling.

Joel Miller for President 2016

Tired of the nonsense and endless blabber by the current presidential candidates? Look no further than Joel Miller.

Mr. Miller has a no-nonsense approach to dealing with all the country’s problems. Tough criminal gangs? He’ll just beat them senseless. The militia getting out of hand? Shoot now, ask questions never.

Mr. Miller will look out for the future of our Children as well, he’ll protect them like a possessed grizzly bear.

No Insults. No fake promises. Just results.

Joel Miller swears by it.

Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix is cracking me up
  • Joel: We have to kill him. It's our only way out.
  • Sheila: I know. So why did we come upstairs?
  • Joel: To get our weapons
  • Sheila: You mean the ones I thought we weren't going to use so I put them back in the kitchen and the garage?
  • Joel: Yes, those!
  • Sheila: Don't you get upset with me! You're the one that bought me that Japanese tidying up book.
  • Joel: I just wanted to get your shoes out of the hallway.

“the future of gaming will be subscription streaming like spotify and netflix”

me if that day ever comes: