yes joan


Later someone put the N in Dean back up but the A in Sam fell down.

This one is for Joan, of course. I love you and the sign was brilliant. 

(MinnCon X,X)

and i know the one gif looks different but i needed the whole thing so you could see Jensen’s little passing Jared something to hold move so Monica’s watermark is on that one. just fyi



In dark days, it’s important to remember that heroes — modern iconoclasts who speak out for dignity, who break glass ceilings with fists raised and who meet criticism with action and authority, wit and humor — still walk amongst us. If you’re in London this month, you can walk amongst them, too. 

Lauren Tamaki illustrated a series of Modern Icons for Riposte Magazine’s #7 issue, on display at Ace Hotel London’s window box gallery until February 13. Bjork, the Broad City girls, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Joan Didion, Laverne Cox, Malala, Michelle Obama, Rei Kawakubo, Serena Williams, Shami Chakrabarti, Tilda Swinton and Yayoi Kusama are all represented. Bow down. 

I love those OTPs where half or both of them are just constantly reciting wedding vows to each other and the writers like to pretend that they’re 100% platonic.


when ur side profile looks better than ur actual face.

“Hi, Patton. How are you.”

“Oh,I’m good Thomas! I’m kinda horny though.”

“…I’m sorry?”

“Oh nothing a little time with my loves can’t fix. Virgil is setting everything up right now!”


“And by the way, are you Roman and Logan done with brain storming cause we kinda need them for stuff”


“There they are! Lo! Roman! Virgil’s waiting for us!”

“Ah. Of course. We will be there immediately!”

“Please excuse us Thomas. We’re… gonna be tied up for the rest of the afternoon.”

“See you later, kiddo!”


“Your sides are fucking.”

“Yes Joan. Thank you. I hadn’t realized until you pointed it out.”

Bestest Friend Tag Analysis

- “You’re the Prince to my Anxiety” I guess we’re starting right up with the flirting ok

- Thomas’ loud opening scares Joan and they don’t wanna talk in the intro

- Joan has eyeliner on and I’m living

- Thomas looks at Joan so fondly I’m dying here

- Joan’s little “haH” sound when Thomas tells them to talk is so relatable

- Apparently Thomas likes enough of Joan’s posts for them to notice when he doesn’t like one

- JOAN SAYS THE FUCK WORD (but Thomas bleeps it because he’s a softe boy)

- The whole “our paths crossed before they met” is so soft and good and I love Thomas and Joan

- Joan recognized Thomas from somewhere before they saw him at The Producers

- The entire point system is absurd and I love it

- Everyone apparently loves Thomas shh me too

- Joan changes depending on who they’re around

- Joan wanted to fly and Thomas doesn’t like the idea of them crying

- Thomas please stop looking at Joan like they’re your whole world, it hurts my heart

- Apparently Thomas couldn’t snap when he was younger

- The complicated mess to find out Thomas’ favorite color


- “What am I thinking about right now?” “Mashed potatoes.” “No.” “Curly fries.” “No.” “Uhh… Talyn.” “Aww, now I am.” Talyn and Joan are a cute couple okay

- Does Joan regularly microwave tin foil or…?


- Why is Thomas’ element Iodine? Iodine, #53, commonly used as a disinfectant or to identify the presence of complex carbohydrates?


- Joan considers Thomas to be someone they should open up to and want to trust with a lot of stuff in their life. This is such a soft pure friendship I know I keep saying this but it just is

- Joan is Thomas’ base

- They fight a lot when writing together

- Joan is a Ravenclaw

- Thomas has three brothers. Does anyone know who the two little kids in his vines were? Were they cousins, sibling’s kids, or what

- Traffic Cone Cosplay

- “Yeah, I’ve spit gum into your mouth.”

- “For that I give you three pants-less scenes.” In these all they wear are crop tops.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- They like each others’ eyes

- There are now stars in Joan’s eyes

- Thomas likes Joan’s laugh too

- Thomas is very sensitive and Joan has a love/hate relationship with it

- Joan goes to Thomas when they’re upset 

- Joan studied Thomas for this test

- Both won the friendship test

- Joan enjoyed it thoroughly

- Thomas is thankful for Joan’s friendship. Joan wants to steal everything in Thomas’ house

- Thomas interrupted Joan to say ‘I love you’

- Thomas says ‘I love you’ a lot, especially to Joan. Don’t think about how maybe it’s because he doesn’t hear it enough.