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Let’s take a second to talk about this amazing shop I found called Rose Mortem. Someone makes these dresses. BY HAND. And yeah, they’re sorta pricey, but from what I’ve gathered, she makes them to fit your exact size. She asks you give her your bust, waist, and hip measurements as well as your total height! If you’re planning on attending an event soon and want to shine, THESE dresses are the thing! Go swing this designer some Love here at her shop:

so we’ve started watching OUAT. and I didn’t expect it to be this good???

We are still in the first season but this is my thought process so far

ep 1: oh, this is cute

ep 3: huh, this is pretty clever

ep 4: actually, rumpelstiltskin is a great choice of villain because he has very little baggage from previous adaptations of the story

ep 7: HOLY SH-

ep 8: woah rumpelstiltskin has a backstory and it’s… surprisingly engaging?

ep 12: OH NO HE’S HOT

we are only up to episode 16 so I am steering clear of spoilers but listen all I am saying is dON’T TELL ME they didn’t know what they were doing when they put Robert Carlyle in tight leather David Bowie trousers