yes its the same girl


messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this


Daniel Radcliffe surprises fans in a movie theater after a What If screening (thanks to danedehaann for sending me the link).


oh! do you remember the day we met? you knocked on my door… and you asked me if i had some cold medicine, ‘cause you were all snotty...

i love dogs with my entire heart and i have loved them all of my life but the whole internet pupper dog craze thing gets on my nerves sometimes

Gf:*likes my dadsona post*
Me: yes
Gf: *reblogs it*
Me: yesss
Gf: he reminds me of Jeremy
Me: !yes!
Gf: And I love his t-shirt
Me: !!!Ikr I love it so much
Gf: Wait, does he have a hair clip?
Me: !!!!!Yes, god bless, yes, he does, thank you!!!