yes its racist

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Okay so I respect your opinion and all but I dont see why it's necessary to try and boycott the show. Sure an AAIronFist wouldve been cool but maybe you should respect Marvel's decision to stay true to the comics and have Danny be white. I understand that there is a lack of asian heroes in the MCU but you should also understand that Iron Fist is not and will never be asian. It isnt because Marvel is racist. That's just who he is as a character in the show and in the comics. 1/2

I will admit that the story line does follow a “white savior” stereotype but I honestly dont mind. The show is fun to watch and I dont think there is any “cultural appropriation” present in the series. Yes, Danny is white but as the story says, he lived in K'un-Lun for 15 years and he was 10 when those monks found him. lm sure that it’s safe to say that there was no appropriation involved. Danny adapted to the culture but he didnt take credit for it as something he owns. 2/2

Also as a member of the MCU fandom, I’m pretty sure a large majority of us dont hate peoole of color.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god

okay first of all it’s a fucking slideshow on tumblr. we’re not going into every mcu fan’s house and ripping their tvs out of their walls. if you’re gonna watch iron fist, you’re gonna watch iron fist. we, however, believe there is significant reason not to do so. we presented them. you’re a fucking adult presumably, you’re free to make that choice yourself.

we’re asking for marvel to be better. we’re not connected. we’re not in the industry. we’re just fans who have opinions, throwing them out there. for fucks sake, interact with this media if you want to. but i DO mind about the mighty whitey trope and we think other people should too! if the racism doesn’t bother you, well……………..

it doesn’t bother you and that’s your choice

this shit doesn’t exist in a vacuum

we’re not professional reviewers, either. i did review a few aos episodes with a friend for his relatively small site and didn’t get paid for it. however, the professional critics have pointed out some shit wrong with it, including the racial aspects.

anyway, it sounds like you’re determined to suffer through this show lmao don’t let us stop you. if you’re cool with everything, that’s your prerogative.

mod z

someone deadass said its racist to draw latinx wemon with any kind of facial hair

like my dude
my guy
shut the fuck up.

If your drawing it on a racist caricature then yes, its racist.

but guess what? We have dark ass hair, and allot of it, allot of us have “”“"mustaches”“”“ i HATE my lip hair but guess what? its mine. my sister has it, my cousin has it, my tía has it, its a thing, and it’ll always be a thing.

I can’t fucking believe that there exists a drawing of Garnet as a pasty ass blonde white lady that says ~*You can draw whatever you want*~ on it like that is legitimately sickening that someone would do that to her.

Why does every anti-Sjw/Feminist/Anything on this site seem have that same shitty looking grey theme with the sidebar on the right where they got bios like “im not anti equality im ANTI-STUPID” or some shit usually ending it with “im probably gonna offend you sweety :)” like y’all know which theme im taking about right, its that stationary one thats literally the most bland theme there is, and most of them are still blogging about how “ The new Ghostbusters is ruining my childhood” like brah i hate to break it to you but ugh the original GB came out 32 years ago, your childhood is gone, have you perhaps considered that this movie is perhaps….for a different generation and not …created solely for you? This went in a weird tangent but the point is, get a new theme already for gods sake, i know originality isnt y’alls strong suit but god damn

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hi. i wanted to ask about something (its in connection with your post from earlier): do you consider headcanons such as "all amis are white" racist? im coming from a society that is fully white (im not american btw) and it happens to be pretty natural for people from my country to headcanon characters as white, mostly because poc are quite rare to be encountered and we arent used to them. im just curious what do you think about it (curious about cultural differences tbh)

“society that is fully white” where the fuck are you from