yes its horrible

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

“I had to console her for an hour.”


Collab between @maxgameztheswagking and I :D! They did the lines and I did the color. Please enjoy an embarrassed Elichi


!!!!!!!!!BIG FREAKING DEAL ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Im a little down, and think to myself, why not go to your fave store from your skinny days. Old Navy. I havent been able to shop there in YEARS. Years people!!

So i walk in, grab a few jeans and tops, fully expecting this to be a “well this will just motivate you to come back in a month after doing more work” kinda thing. UM..THAT SHIT FIT GUYS. Not only that, but some of the tops were actually too big. Pretty fuckin sure the people next to me heard me squeal.
See this a pic, yes its horrible, yes im still at the high end of the size chart, but DAMNIT. i can just waltz into a store like a normal person and pick something out.
Those plus size sections full of cobwebs, flowered moo-moos and horrible high waisted pants are slowly creeping away.
Hell yes, today is a damn good day!!
And yes, I..who hates shopping, and equally, spending money bought 2 pants and a top. BOOM.
Omg I cant even.


Death of a Bachelor era valentines

Hairstyle swap!
Which one wore it better?


if you fall, i will catch you
i’ll be waiting
time after time

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 13: a graphic using manga content

So I’ve been writing on a plot bunny that came to mind sometime back when I started Ooops… I seriously need to get that story finished  Anywho this would be a continuation of this drabble. @sarielgrace​ since you are basically my beta (sounding board for most of my crackpot plotbunnies)   Under the cut to keep from cluttering Ya’ll’s dashes.

SFW Tiny!Rodimus and my oc Jordan & Skitter the scraplet roomba.

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Happy Birthday Mark Lee  💕
Please do not repost

Cri I tried my best but it’s still a mess don’t zoom in ;w;