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Junhao Headcanons

requested by @sassyminghao ♡

oh boy here we go

☾ junhao invented the having a crush on your best friend cliche 

☾ minghao is always stealing junhui’s hoodies/t-shirts, always, all the time, none stop, junhui dies lil inside from softness

☾ anything minghao does junhui is just all “ 😍😍😍 “

☾ clingy junhui is a thing, jun is always touching minghao in one way or another, whether it be holding hands or their legs just brushing together

☾ jun is the ultimate grease bag, minghao could be throwing a rage fit and he’d be in the background smiling like “ awe you’re so cute “

☾ minghao acts really annoyed when junhui is being overly affectionate or flirty but he’s literally dying on the inside (save this tsundere)

☾ jun has definitely made minghao lay under him as he did push ups just so he he’d kiss him when he came down 👀

☾ everyone thinks junhui is the one who gets easily jealous but it’s really minghao

☾ they can and will shamelessly make out in front of their members

☾ neck . kisses . any . time . all . the . time

☾ someone control jun when it comes to leaving hickeys

☾ minghao isn’t extremely vocal with his affection so when he does say things like “ i love you “ or “ you look cute “ , jun’s eyes light up like christmas lights

☾ although, minghao is plenty vocal with mingyu, he’ll keep him up all hours of the night talking about junhui 

☾ jun would brag about how amazing his boyfriend is, can and will stand in the middle of the street screaming “ LOOK HOW CUTE MY BF IS “
minghao gets embarrassed and hits him

☾ gross flirting in mandrian

☾ junhui makes minghao’s tea for him in the morning cos he refuses to get out of bed

☾ i mean, it’s canon that minghao goes to junhui when he’s stressed so queue lots of comfort cuddles and jun whispering cute words of encouragement for him

☾ jun uses the nickname babe any chance he gets

☾ minghao has a non sexual praise kink that jun is more than willing to fulfill 

☾ junhui buys promise rings 

☾ junhui also forces minghao to sit on his lap, not that he’s complaining though

☾ they say i love you like 507 times a day (mostly done by jun)

☾ minghao is always secretly taking photos of jun (canon)

someone please teach junhui to not grab minghao’s ass all the time

bonus , junhao in a nutshell

minghao : ew i hate you

junhui : i love you too 😍

everyone else : what the fuck

Responding to queries with unhelpful NPC stock phrases is a Sprite Meme mostly perpetuated by Davesprite and Hal to be annoying, although Nanna sometimes participates because you can never be too old for a good prank. Jade usually acts above it all, but one time Karkat interrupts her while she’s working on something and without turning around she says, “You have to be at least level 12 to talk to me” and the room explodes. 

tfw when the same asshole comes to your piercing parlor all the fucking time. today he wants a conch piercing. well, you’ll GIVE him a fucking conch piercing.

alt title: when the piercer at your local piercing parlor seems to derive just a bit too much pleasure from sticking needles in your flesh, but you keep going back because he’s really fucking cute.

I started out aiming for a snarky little piece, so how did I miss so badly in so few words? (Possibly by starting writing at 5am…) Anyway:


Martellus had chosen a daring costume, no doubt of that, but frankly he looked like an ass. He strutted about in his toga—good lord, a toga, and in the middle of winter—playing the preening peacock to his sister’s bright butterfly. Not to disparage Seffie in any way, of course. She looked flawless. Safe behind his mask, Tarvek smiled at the very idea of her first reaction to her brother’s costume.

He supposed Tweedle had aimed for a regal look, what with that obnoxious headpiece and all, but he had missed. He looked like a sun god’s feckless younger brother. Seffie thought so too. Probably most of the guests missed the sidelong glances she slid his way, glances that betrayed only the leading edge of her monumental exasperation with her brother. Tarvek felt a deep fondness for Seffie. Of all his cousins, he thought her the most like himself, so of course he was also most wary of her.

Martellus paraded himself through the party, trying just a bit too hard to play the perfect king. Tarvek should have felt annoyed by his bravado, but he could not manage it. Instead, he saw a boy like himself, a child who had grown up under the constant threat of never quite growing tall enough in a family of giants. A young man of royal blood who had heard every day, at every turn and every potential misstep, that there was another heir. A better heir. You are not indispensable. You can be replaced at any moment.

Tarvek looked at his cousin, and he could not feel resentment. He could not muster envy or bitterness, nor even revulsion at Tweedle’s transparent need to make himself the center of attention. Tarvek looked at Martellus, and he felt nothing but pity.

The cheese sculpture really was a bit much, though.



“Fucking unbelievable.”

“You’ve said that more than five times today, Baz,” Simon answered him, “It’s not that bad.”

Baz simply huffed and kept writing the orders. This was unbelievable, they were making them work even under the warning of a storm coming their way. What kind of monster do that? Who do they think they are?, “I should sue them. I will sue them.”

“And how exactly will you do that?” asked Simon while he poured milk into a cup.

“Did you already forget why am I in this shitty job?”

“Oh, right” Simon smiled, “You want to become a lawyer” he thought that Baz was going to be a great lawyer one day. Give a lot of juries severe headaches. “Everything will be fine, okay? We’re in this together.”

Baz felt his stomach jump at the last phrase. He looked out the window and saw the tree’s branches moving in the wind, people running around with umbrellas under the light but non-stopping rain. The storm wasn’t the problem, he liked rain, liked to stay in his house reading a book or watching a movie while the rain poured outside. What he didn´t like was having to stay in a coffee shop until late in the night because his boss said so.

Yeah, he’s definitely going to sue.

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Sanrion Modern Coffee Shop AU:

“Come on, go ask her!” Jaime presses.“No” is Tyrion’s answer. “Why not?” “Because she is a young, beautiful woman who has no valid reason to give me her number if I ask for it!”

Jaime shakes his head “Now you’re just being pessimistic! She always comes here alone, no dashing man by her side!” “It doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one waiting at home” “Come on Tyrion, give it a shot! After all, you already know how she takes her coffee!”

You know about the thing where Dean brings Cas coffee and it’s such a normal gesture but it’s also not because one, Cas doesn’t technically need to eat or drink at all, and two, it’s Dean’s subconscious way of asking him to stay?

That’s a thing, right? Right.

Now imagine Dean and Cas sharing coffee.

Dean bringing Cas a cup, and then later, when he thinks Cas is not looking, he takes a sip too and Cas complains because “Hey, that’s my coffee”
And Dean grins and says, “Yeah, but I get to drink from it too”
And then they look at each other for a moment, and something unspoken passes between them and then Cas nods and Dean smiles and it’s like something just slots into place right then…

And if that’s not some romantic shit there, I don’t know what is

AU Thursday: Holistic Coffee Shop -- How Do You Corpse Bride?

All right, last week I mentioned while giving you the villains of the piece that I’d come up with a way for Corpse Bride to work in this verse. It’s ended up as a prequel of high school shenanigans, partially inspired by PlayerPiano’s reworking for “Prom Night” and my own High School AU verses (mainly Prom Scream Queen). Here’s their history as I’ve put it together so far:

Victor, Victoria, and Emily all went to the same high school – Victor shared history class with Victoria, and music class with Emily. In their senior year, Victor was pushed into dating Victoria thanks to his parents wanting an “in” with the influential (if not exactly that wealthy anymore) Everglots. The Everglots weren’t too keen on the idea, but couldn’t say that getting in good with a rich family was a bad thing, and so allowed the relationship. Victor and Victoria ended up liking each other and going on a few dates – nothing too official, but more or less considering themselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

Things changed in January, however, when Victor encountered Emily crying after school in the music room. She told him she’d been dumped by her boyfriend Barkis (a college freshman) after her father disapproved of them. Victor provided some sympathy and a shoulder to lean on, and the two ended up connecting.

Around the same time, their school started advertising the annual Winter Formal dance. Victor, figuring he really ought to ask Victoria but unsure how to go about it, ended up practicing one day out in the track field, talking to a tree growing by the side of the track. What he didn’t see was Emily lounging near that same tree – who thought the invitation was for her and immediately bounced up to accept.

Victor was shocked by the mistake – but couldn’t bring himself to retract the invitation or tell Emily what he truly meant because this was the happiest he’d seen her in days. He decided that he would genuinely like to take her, but that he really ought to clear it with Victoria first. So he snuck off during the next day’s lunch period to talk to Victoria. Unfortunately, him not explaining to Emily about his current dating situation bit him in the butt when Emily happened to follow him and caught him with Victoria. She blew up at him and accused him of being a two-timer – Victoria, similarly hurt, also gave him a piece of her mind. The two girls ended up storming off, leaving Victor adrift and struggling to figure out how to fix his mistake.

He decided flowers would be a good start and arrived early the next day with a couple of bouquets, hoping to catch both before classes began. He succeeded with Emily, finding her noodling around with the piano in the music room. At first, she didn’t want to talk to him, but finally softened when he joined her for a duet. They both apologized – Victor for not immediately explaining about Victoria, Emily for jumping to conclusions. She also pressed him to make up with Victoria and take her to the Winter Formal, not wanting Victor’s actual girlfriend to have a crummy time at the dance.

However, Victoria didn’t show up at school that day. Worried, Victor tried calling her after classes, only to hear an unfamiliar male voice telling him to shove off. He and an anxious Emily went to her house, to discover her parents pushed her into a date with none other than Emily’s ex! The two rushed to the date location (the park near the old church), where they found Victoria being threatened by an angry Barkis with a knife, attempting to rob her. (Emily, as this happens, suddenly got an inkling on where her mother’s missing jewelry might have gone.) Victor and Emily stepped in, managing to disarm him, but Barkis flees just as they’re calling the police. They confirmed Victoria was all right – the poor girl was shaken, but unharmed except for a few bruises, thankfully. Victor apologized for his poor behavior, which Victoria accepted easily – then, feeling bad about this leaving Emily in the cold date-wise again so close to the dance, suggests the three of them go “stag” and just enjoy each other’s company as friends. Victor and Emily were both up for the idea, and they happily attended the dance as an informal threesome. Things actually went on in that vein for a while, with Victor dating Victoria and Emily casually, until Emily had an important revelation kissing Victor one day –

She was actually a bit more attracted to Victoria.

Victoria ended up reciprocating her feelings, and while they still went as a friendly three to the Summer Formal/Prom (because why ruin tradition), Emily and Victoria quickly became the official pairing. Victor was happy for his friends, but couldn’t help feeling a little hurt deep inside over apparently just being a stepping stone for the true relationship. This fueled a vow of his to focus on his studies in college, and not romance. This vow lasted right up until he first entered Sunny Brews –

And saw Alice behind the counter.