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her name is leo and she’s a witch

Luke has his arms wrapped around as you both lay on the small full size bed. Rock music is turned down in the background, but Luke is still drumming a beat on your stomach. There’s a content smile on your face, continuing to read for your English class. Luke’s sketchbook is placed gently on the coffee table, and it’s turned to a page in which an unfinished portrait is staring at you. The room was small. The kitchen was twenty feet away from the couch, which is another thirty feet away from the small bedroom that is closed off by a sliding glass door. Luke couldn’t afford much of a place, but this tiny apartment beat the dorm rooms your college was offering.

He had a plan. A plan that he couldn’t shake from his mind. He can’t exactly remember when he had thought of it; however he knows it was late at night with your body wrapped around his as you tried to shelter yourself from the cold air. It was difficult to sleep next to Luke. His large frame took up most of the bed, though he knew how to make it work when you stayed over. “See, baby,” he had explained as he moved you on top of him. “You can use me as your own personal mattress.” And you really couldn’t complain if it meant you could fall asleep while listening to his heartbeat.

Luke had met you in the art hall on the first day of freshman year. You had truly captivated the young, tattooless boy. You were lost, thinking the hall was where you were meant to be, standing helplessly in front of the drawing class. The college was gigantic, much bigger than your high school, so Luke couldn’t blame you for getting lost. He smiled at you as he pointed to the schedule held securely in your hands. “What you’re looking for is in hallway B, in the Seedelson building.” Three years later, Luke is still captivated by you and your never ending way of getting lost.

His plan was to move in with you. He had saved up enough money to get a bigger place that even had enough room for your cat (whom Luke had a big love/hate relationship with). Junior year was coming to a close, Luke was getting set up with a nice job at a highly respect tattoo parlor, and the only the thing that was missing from his nearly perfect life was a new place just for you and him. He had dreams of proposing. He knew that you were it for him; however he knew that you wanted to wait until after college. So he figured that moving in together was the perfect first step.

Turning your body so he could talk to you properly, he mumbles a low, “princess,” as he tucks a stray hair behind your ear. “I have an important proposition for you.”

You laugh quietly, but nod for him to continue. “So you know how I’ve been saving up? Well, I’ve got some good money set aside. It’s enough to get us a place—together. I already picked a place out, too.”

“Tell me about it then.”

“Well it’s a about three blocks from school. It’s bigger than this place, it has two bedrooms, and a bay window for Pedwig. It’s got some good windows so there’s lots of light, which I know is important to you. There’s a nice place for an art studio and it’s actually down the street from the parlor. They said we could repaint it which is good so you and I can really make it ours. It’s a perfect starter to forever.”

Something about what Luke was telling you made your heart soar. There was no doubt that you were head over heels in love with him, and you would be lying if you hadn’t thought about the future after college. It was magnificent, your life with Luke. There were a handful of people who said college relationships struggle to last after graduation, but the other handful said their college love was their forever. And that’s how you saw Luke. He was the tattoo artist in the making. He was the one who drew you whenever you were feeling sad so he could remind you how much he loved you. Luke was the one who drove halfway across the country for you.

The future always seemed to be close with Luke. You lost count of the amount of times he would wake you up in the middle of the night with suggestions of baby names. “And maybe if we had a baby girl we could name her after my mum or something,” he had murmured one night into the darkness.

“Luke, we’re not even out of college yet and you’re thinking of baby names?”

“Well I know for me it’s you, princess. I’m not saying that right after college I want to start trying for kids or whatever, I’m just saying that…that whenever you’re ready for the beginning of our forever, I’ll be here.”

Forever seemed like a pretty great idea with Luke, and right here in the small room with his arms tightly wrapped around your frame, you knew that forever started a long time ago. The beginning of your forever with Luke began when you stood in the art hall, looking up at the boy whose smile never seemed to falter, and asked him if he by any chance knew where your building was.

Trailing your fingers mindlessly up Luke’s arm, you whispered back, “this new place sounds amazing my love.”

And nobody had to know that Luke had already bought the apartment, and was now looking into his next project: a ring to make that empty space on your finger disappear.

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mikayuu 55? :p

I’m still up for more prompts, it’s fun to try to write these, so feel free to send me more. Prompts listed here and here

Prompt:  “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”

Thanks for the prompt, and sorry this took so long! I got hit with inspiration today by this sketch from @kazissimo over on her twitter [posted here with her permission!!] so with that, here we go! 

Mika was startled out of the reading of the latest chapter of Food Wars by the sound of loud snore erupting from above him, causing him to jump and nearly lose his place. He was sitting on the floor of his bedroom, while Yuu-chan had opted to lie on the bed to cuddle with Junji.

He peeked over the bed to see Yuu on his back, knees up, arms draped over the small white cat, who was stretched out across his belly. He let out a soft sigh, resting his chin on the bed as he observed the two sleeping.

Was it so silly for him to want to be his own cat? Probably, yes, Mika. It is silly to want to be your cat just because…

Mika yawned and rested the side of his face on the cool comforter, and closed his eyes, the magazine dropping to the floor.  

It was the summer before they went off to college - both of them were facing the reality of attending university- thankfully together- and Mika had been thinking a lot more about what that would mean for him and his best friend. Moving away, separated from their family, striking it out as independent adults together.

Best Friend…

Another snore erupted from Yuu’s open mouth. Mika buried his head into the comforter to mask his laughter. When he peeked back up, Junji stared at him with her bright blue eyes. Mika reached out to scratch under her chin, and she stretched, causing Yuu to stir. Mika snapped his hand away and grabbed his magazine again, hoping Yuu didn’t see him and think he was being a creeper and watching him sleep.


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MC (Terase Kyoko): Then a slight introduction please.

Kamiya: Good evening everyone! I’m Kamiya Hiroshi!! Welcome to Harezora Party! I’ll do my best!

MC: Then let’s start.

Kamiya: Yes

MC: Personal question

MC: What is the thing that you are doing everyday without fail?

Kamiya: I would’ve answered drinking but unfortunately I don’t drink sake very much so, it would be  at least tooth brushing my teeth. I’m sorry.

MC: It is somewhat normal.

Kamiya: I’m sorry, I’m quite normal.

MC: Then, next question. What event that happened that made an impact recently?

Kamiya: That was, when I got home, I have a cat and when I got home it puked. I cleaned it and afterwards it also puked on my bed. I was surprised. It has impact.

MC: It certainly did.

MC: Then the next question. What do you think is your role in Kiramune?

Kamiya: I..I think I’m a balancer. I take balance to different things. Well, not only in Kiramune, in all situations also I am like that.

MC: To be honest, in what kind of situations do you feel like that?

Kamiya: well, when they are in high tension, I keep quiet. There are also times that I join them but when my switch is turned off, I just stand there and not think of anything. That’s when the time I took balance. *laughs*

MC: Then, to the next question. What is it that you always do that you think no one understands?

Kamiya: well, I use a  hair dryer. I always tie the cord. The ladies might know about this, a hair band, hair rubber? it’s very strong. I always buy that and tie it to the cord. I’m always doing that.

MC: Indeed no one understands it.

MC: Next question: What fetish are you?

Kamiya: I think everyone knows it, I have a voice fetish. yes.

MC: What kind of voice?

Kamiya: What kind of voice? well, my heart is pounding when hearing Terase-san’s voice sometime.

MC: Then imitate it a little.

Kamiya: eh? *tried to imitate but it cuts of because he is laughing* I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! *bows*

MC: It will be scary later.

MC: Then next question: What kind of student are you during Middle School?

Kamiya: I’m not thinking anything, I’m a gloomy person. I was an idiot student. I didn’t study at all.

MC: Then give us  an idiotic episode.

Kamiya: An idiotic episode? well, there was a time that I left all my textbooks in school. Study won’t you, everybody should, or you would become like me.

MC: Indeed it was idiotic.

MC: Then next question: What is your best memory in your Middle School days?

Kamiya: That was when I was in my 1st yr of middle school during the Cultural festival. Then during the festival we have to make something for it. Then in the gymnasium, in the wall, it is quite wide, there, we have to draw a Cinderella castle and we split the parts, and we each work for it individually. And when it is finished we will just stick them together. I was in-charge of the window and the roof and when it was finished, my drawing is different from the rest. The roof should be two but I drew only one. *laughs* and in the end it was cancelled.

MC: Indeed it was idiotic.

MC: Then next question: Something that you think you should not lose to anybody else?

Kamiya: That is troublesome. I don’t have thoughts like that. Well, I think it’s okay to lose.

MC: You have a good personality.

MC: Then next question: Describe your personality in one word.

Kamiya: umm..somehow strong, somehow negative, um..delicate! it would be delicate.

MC: I see.

MC: Then next question: To that delicate Kamiya-san, what is the first CD that you have bought?

Kamiya: um.. that was when I was in high school. It’s called “Time Bokan” I bought all of it. I loved it.

MC: Then would you please sing it.

Kamiya: eh? I’m going to sing it? *sings*

MC: That was a good one.

MC: Then next question: What action of a woman towards you that you think it can make you like her?

Kamiya: This…I think all guys are like this. Well, she sits near you and says “mou iada~” (jeez, no!) while slightly slaps your shoulder. *laughs* When a woman touched your body you will like her. That’s what it is. Everyone should remember it, all guys are like that.

MC: Then do it in front of the camera one more time.

Kamiya: Where? Here? *faces the camera and acted one more time* just like that.

MC: It was indeed cute.

MC: Then next question: Something said by the opposite sex that you were shocked.

Kamiya: "Kamiya-kun has no cooperation". Somebody said to me when I was in training school.

MC: No comment and I will proceed to the next question.

*Kamiya laughs*

MC: If you can talk to a cat, what would like to say to it?

Kamiya: You’re always throwing up, are you ok?

MC: You have a pet cat right?

Kamiya: yes.

MC: What is its name?

Kamiya: It’s Nyanko-sensei

MC: What would you think Nyanko-sensei’s reply is?

Kamiya: well, sometimes its bothersome, but I think he would reply “I’m fine” and “give me something that is not crispy”.

MC: Give it something that is not crispy.

Kamiya: yes.

MC: Then next question: Something you would say after a recording.

Kamiya: “Ah, I’ve had enough! the next one would be enough” I’m always thinking like that. I’m always doing it like it was the last. Like overcoming it.

MC: That is great.

MC: Then next question: Say something to the fans who bought “Harezora” (CD)

Kamiya: Thank you very much everyone!!

MC: That is all of the questions.


*sigh* ….Vodka, you are good friend of mine, da? Always there for me when I need you.


Oh! You too, kitty Vodka~! You will keep me company while doing paperwork today, yes~?

(Yes, I had him name his cat Vodka, cause its one of two things he considers his favorite things to have around. The other being sunflowers, but his cat doesn’t really look like one~ v u v

Now, I could have colored and shaded this entire thing, but…that would have taken forever. :Y So no.)