yes it's supposed to be messed up

In the past five days, I haven’t been able to get this tweet off my mind:

Perhaps I’m reading into things here, being overly optimistic. Misjudging a completely innocent comment by a man clearly without understanding of the implications of such a tweet… right? Wrong. The more I have thought about this, and the comments made by @cupidsbower in this post, the more I can’t help but think something is different this year.

I have said before that it feels like we are building up to something. expectations are of course raising and I will continue to drag myself back down from that premature high until I see it on the show with my very own eyes… but seriously… The Ellen Show? Of all the shows he could have picked, of all the very popular American chat shows, Jim Michaels chose the Ellen Show. This… doesn’t seem like an innocent choice by a man out of the loop. Jim Michaels is VERY much aware of the kind of things that we pick up on. I can’t help but think there is something in this.

Of course, Ellen talks to all kinds of celebrities about all kinds of projects. But just think about it for a second here. Ellen is known for pushing boundaries and also asking difficult questions. Also to quote cupidsbower in the previously linked post: 

Ellen herself is also the most famously out lesbian in the American entertainment industry. To invoke her name in this context, at this moment, when Destiel is an overt question, and Killing Your Gays is all over the entertainment newscape after The 100 fiasco… it is not a neutral statement.”

Stop for a moment and picture that interview. With Jensen, Jared and Misha on this particular show. Can you honestly imagine her NOT bringing up the shipping? The LGBT+ following or at the very least the fact that when you google the word ‘queerbaiting’ supernatural is top of the search results?

The problem is, for Jim Michaels to confidently tweet that he WANTS the boys on the Ellen Show kind of raises questions about his own views on these topics. I said above that I do not think he is out of the loop. He is an intelligent man after all. For him to confidently state that he would like them to be on THIS show, of all the shows, means he sees a great deal of positivity in the potential interview there.

Which then brings me to my main point… imagine if they were to go on the Ellen show once Destiel became canon? That would be a whole different ball game. Oh yes. That would be one hell of an interview. It would raise SO MUCH awesome publicity for Supernatural and you bet that Ellen would jump right on board. Because Destiel becoming canon would be a huge event for the LGBT+ community. A show coming into its 12th season goes ahead and brings its main character out of the closet explicitly in a way that cannot be denied by the heteronormative after 11 years on air? Add on to that you are making canon what is popularly described as the greatest love story ever told? In a show that is basically bible fanfiction? and having his love interest be an angel of the lord??

That is one heck of a positive message to LGBT+ people all over the world right? Well I personally think it is as a bisexual person. We all have our own opinions of course. Perhaps I have been thinking too much about this over the past few days. This tweet has haunted me. Of everything else that I have blogged about regarding canon Destiel positivity this is the one thing that actually has me seriously considering it as a real possibility. I always like to debate about the story structure and how destiel makes logical sense, but as far as TPTB actually going there? Well that was the road block. This tweet kind of changes my view on that. Perhaps the road block isn’t a road block at all, perhaps its just a speed bump instead?