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Claire rails against the gender politics of 18th-century Scotland the same way that she would’ve railed against the gender politics of 1950s Western culture. She’s a woman attempting to negotiate patriarchy and her own sexual and emotional desires — why, when described this way, does it sound like such a narrative innovation?

Maybe because it’s feminist one. [ x ]

               Put on the crown & those knee-high boots that make your legs look
               so good, grab the cold coffee & your shattered sword– - it’s time to
               remind those fucking losers why you were born to conquer them all.

              ⊰ disney-certified (trust me on this) fanmix about prince hans::
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         witness - mindless self indulgence;;  primadonna - marina & the diamonds;;
         hot mess - cobra starship;;  99 problems - hugo;;  look at me now - karmin;;
         eros and apollo - studio killers;;  bubblegum bitch - marina & the diamonds;;
         come on a cone - nicki minaj;;   i don’t care - fall out boy;;  everybody loves
- one republic;;   backstabber - ke$ha;;   all men are pigs - studio killers;;    
         i love it - icona pop;;     gives you hell - all american rejects;;     you’re gonna
         go far, kid
- offspring;;       scumbody told me - arctic monkeys vs. the killers;;  
         toxic - britney spears;;       judas - lady gaga;;        heads will roll - yeah yeah
;;  i am your leader - nicki minaj;;


Joon Ho, A to E

A famous film director gets close to four women who are unknowingly dating the same man. Things get tricky once the man in question discovers her little game and starts inserting himself in her life.

Casual Lunacy, Chapter 18

Love Live, NicoMaki, 3k, 18/?

We get some insight into Nozomi and Nico doesn’t have the night she expects.

Not So Casual Conversations

Eli enjoyed watching Nozomi cast cards from her Tarot deck. The sage would often concentrate hard enough on the cards in front of her that she would bite her lower lip, which Eli found sexy enough to make her forget what Nozomi was doing and sneak forward to kiss the back of her neck.

Nozomi twitched at the touch, but ignored Eli, except for scooting farther away from the bed. Three cards lay in front of her, Eli only recognized the middle one.

“What’s there besides The Lovers?” Eli wondered.

“Knight of Pentacles, flipped. 8 of Cups.” Nozomi touched the cards, fingers lingering on each. “Nico-chi’s fortune is boringly normal for nearing midterms. But a little worrisome.” Nozomi sounded concerned.

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anonymous asked:

For that ask about "The Stars Are Hiding", yes it is Brock/Bucky but the viewpoint is Stucky centered. It's Steve watching a bad relationship and trying to figure out if he should intervene or if he's even legally allowed to as a CO. It's hands-down one of the *best* examples of AU worldbuilding I've seen in a long long time with a really good plot. It's a series: archiveofourown[.]org/series/606424 and pt2 IS Stucky. If you like Stucky, it's very worth it, just skim the parts w/Brock in pt1.

thanks for writing in!

Something Wild Calls You Home series by superheroresin (/others)

In which Captain Steve Rogers becomes the new keeper of the disabled hunting cat who once saved his life, and learns that the price of freedom is higher for some more than others.



It’s the inevitability of there being a man so bad that killing him felt good.

BtVS/ASoIaF: 2/? Quotations

Legend of Korra Book 3 was so good I actually was inspired to make art for it. I wanted to make a piece leaning towards the last episode where we saw Korra crying.

I decided to also relate that to how at the time she is feeling most vulnerable and feeling her worst as “The Avatar”, to emphasize this with the fact she broke ties with the past lives of the avatar.

I really like this piece, expect to see this in color ASAP.

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So I know I haven’t been updating much on the comics situation, but I thought this would be fun to post. Until I say otherwise, by the way, assume “We still have over 6000 of them” and “we’re doing shows to sell them.”

So the prize of our acquired collection, The Thing Called… Killdozer, is now sitting framed above my desk. Exactly where it should be.