yes it's like a fanfic xd

Guess what came in today?? @goddamnchou‘s Sugar with the amazing cover by Pandanoi! I’m so glad I didnt forget to order one before it’s out of store, because I love that fic to pieces…It’s Fluff, Feels, Smut and…Daddy in all the right amounts :> The Eruris themselves did take a look too:

…at the smut, huehuehue.

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just finished perfection and started reading lost fragments i gotta say WHY U DO THIS WITH MAH FEELZ I AM A MESS THANKS TO READING IT BOTH IN ONE DAY YES I BINGE READ IT ALL AND ITS BEAUTIFUL (o vob)


I am torn between apologizing to you and snickering in the corner since I kinda intend to write those. Well… mostly, haha. XD

Nonetheless, thank you, anon. I’m happy you enjoyed reading them. I’m happy that you like the story in spite of its simplicity. :)

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Im trying to make a book on Wattpad its my first book so i was wondering if you have any advice for me and im adding 1 character its a fanfic and its about The Vampire Diaries so any advice on making storylines for characters that you created

Oh my goodness yes of course. Wattpads where I went after xD message me if you’re comfortable coming off anon and I can give you help as you go along the process if you like :) If not shoot me a message right back and I’ll try and compress it xD

It’s like Bighit was reading fan fiction and was like ‘hmm yes, this is good, let’s do this for the concept’. 

Bighit: We’ve got this great idea for the new concept.
BTS: Ok?
Bighit: We’re gonna put you guys in uniforms.
BTS: Sounds good.
Bighit: It’s gonna be great! There’s this one fic where Jin is a doctor, who falls in love with his patient Hoseok the business man.
BTS: … wait what?
Bighit: Trust me, the fangirls will love it!