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ppl in the liam kosta discourse: omg!! the game isn’t even out yet don’t complain about straight liam when you don’t even know yet!! they didn’t confirm it!! just cross your fingers and keep your hopes up!! stop complaining & let bioware do their thing jeez~

bioware: *releases video where liam confirms he’s not into dudes*


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im sorry but isnt a QPR just,,,being best friends??

Nope! This is a pretty common misconception, but it really really isn’t the same as being best friends.

Let me try and explain the only way I really can: personally. I’m an aroflux asexual. That means I never feel sexual attraction and I rarely feel romantic attraction.

I’m also in a relationship. Can I call it a relationship? Yes. Can I call her my girlfriend? No, because that implies a heck of a lot of stuff that I’m grossed out by and is also just not accurate. I’m never going to have sex. I’m never going to kiss. I like holding hands and going on dates and doing cute romantic stuff some of the time but there are times when all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with her. Even the label romantic makes me go a bit… ick, sometimes. People see us holding hands in the street and they’re assuming things that I do not like.

So she isn’t my girlfriend. Is she my best friend then? Well… no. I wouldn’t be planning my life around my best friend. I wouldn’t finally feel safe and wanted and this happy because of my best friend. I wouldn’t finally feel secure about the future because of my best friend. I wouldn’t get butterflies every time my best friend called me. I wouldn’t have my life flipped completely upside down because of my best friend. I wouldn’t feel like my best friend’s home is more comfortable than my own home. I wouldn’t feel so completely overwhelmed by feelings just because my best friend exists.

(Best friends are really really important, it’s just… this is different. I have multiple best friends, all very very important to me, but none of them are her).

So who is she?

She is my person. She is my everything. She is my QPP. She is the most important. She is my favourite.

That’s why she’s so, so different to being my best friend.

Introducing people to your favorite films/shows is so stressful. I’m paranoid that they’re not going to like it, so I’m sitting there mentally coaching the movie on like “come on, you have to impress them or they’re going to think I’m an idiot!”

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hi! different anon, but i rly love ur blitzstone art n i need creative writing practice so can i write a lil thing based on one of your works? i'll show it to ya and you can recommend one (in fact if you're cool with me writing it please do recommend one i'm so indecisive). thank you! :)

aah hey i didnt see this one (bc u got to the ice skating prompt first) but yes! if theres anything anyone would like to write id love it!! but if you do end up writing something thats entirely mine (like something i thought of, i say this bc its mostly my friends making the headcanons i just add on lmao) please credit! thanks!!! (ALSO i keep putting stuff in () if u write something and you know the person who originated that idea credit them too!)

i was tagged by @sirius-gay-black ! <3

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. 

a - age: 17 (18 soon!!)

b - birthplace: ketucky, usa

c- current time: 6:55 PM

d - drink you last had: water

e - easiest person to talk to: oh god uhhh im super awkward its hard to talk to anyone

f - favorite song: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles uvu

g- grossest memory: this past summer my dog threw up ALLL over my bed so i slept on the couch for a week

h - horror yes or horror no: eh ill say no. im not a fan of horror stuff. not because i get scared but im just not interested in them

i - in love?: nope

j - jealous of people?: ye s. i get jealous so easily. one moment i dont give a shit about anything and its great and then sometimes i just get mad and upset that i wish i was like other people

k - killed someone?: ????????

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: walk by again and hmu while youre at it ;)

m - middle name: lake!

n - number of siblings: my one and only older sister is @twinkpaul !! (follow her she makes the best edits out of anyone i know)

o - one wish: unlimited money with no downside. i just want to never worry about money again and buy shit

p - person you called last: probably… kenzie…

q - question you’re always asked: i cant think of a question im asked frequently? “where are you going to college?” i guess?

r - reason to smile: harry styles just released an amazing new song you should by on itunes or stream :))

s - song you sang last: Love Me Do in the car with kenzie

t - time you woke up: today, noon

u - underwear color: white currently

v - vacation destination: hawaii would be lovely any beach though

w - worst habit: biting my nails!!!

x - x-rays: they x-ray your teeth at the dentist but other than that ive never had one

y - your favorite food: mac n cheese ?? idk lol

z - zodiac sign: gemini

i tag: @84-bowie @ryangcslings @hellcatts @snugglesformuggles @no-dark-full-stars @sshirogane @goldace @neganvevo @donny-boy @twinkpaul @twinkjohn @exitedtrees @roybittan @lehnsherrcharles @lemonberrytea @dearentity @mabelsguidetolife

i would agree with the principle that all villain fans are equal if a) i had not seen with my two eyes the kind of cognitive contortions the h/ux fandom is capable of and b) if some villain fans in some fandoms weren’t outright n*zis c.f. the alt-right so like, maybe a good-bad villain fan dichotomy is necessary

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For every 🎊 I get I’ll recommend a blog

k im jus gonna do this kinda randomly so sdhfjsdf

arii is a suuuuper super sweet soul she really loves suho so so much and its just nice seeing her on my dash???? her tags are always super cute too but thas not all!! she’s nasty too even tho she tries to hide it now :( sdhfjksdj but yes she’s very lovely and they’ve got great content!

if ur lookin for great aesthetics, memes, n a Casual kai stan, kei’s ur person! their blog is really so aesthetically pleasing in all ways like they make moodboards and stuff too and they’re always so pretty tbh. plus her memes are top notch, the best kind’ve comedy sdhfksd and plus they’re a kai stan! who doesn’t lov a nice kai stan right? 

uhmmmm how could i not add nicole tf sdhksd nicole is a comedic genius tbh like if u wanna laugh just by reading tags, go follow her! she’s a very dedicated bbh (and sorta yixing) stan and her tags are rlly hilarious dhfksd but she’s also very very nice and welcoming and she just gives off a nice aura! 

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🐹 - is there anything you wish you saw more of in snzfic?


I want to see more female stuff..I don’t tend to write it myself because, despite the fact that I’m attracted to women in real life to the extent that I’m capable of being attracted to people (I’m some combo of bi and ace) I feel fucked up about writing things that sexualize women…because it um…reminds me of a variety of unpleasant events that stem from being a former-girl current-woman existing in the world in the presence of men?? ^^;; it doesn’t help that 90% of the female content is by terrifying straight dudes who probably catcall 11-year-old girls irl. THAT SAID i would like there to be more female stuff written by people who are not terrifying. 

On a less emotionally strained note, I obviously want to see more of my boy JJ. Literally anything I come across that includes him makes me super happy. (as of last count there are 4 fics, 2 of which are by me, the other 2 of which were either requested by or gifted to me, and 3 pieces of art, two of which i requested…i might be a one-woman fandom but that just means i gotta make more stuff!!) Also, in line with the above, I want to see more Isabella Yang!! Because she’s beautiful and wonderful and great! (And also the only women of color in the series who doesn’t like…live in Japan and therefore isn’t a significant character choice for an anime creator to make.) 

Actually in general I’d like to see more YOI characters who aren’t the main two? Like don’t get me wrong, I love the main two, but there’s this whole great cast and it’s seriously underutilized. 

And…finally, I want to see more of my favorite symptom which is congestion. It’s as appealing to me as sneezing if not moreso, but it’s often ignored. I don’t even mean stuffy talk (which I totally love if it’s done right, but it’s super hard to do right!) I just mean like…description of the feeling? to me it’s one of the most noticeable and annoying parts of having a cold or allergies–at it’s worst it can make you feel like you’re on another planet. so the fact that it’s left out seems unrealistic…but also it’s just my favorite so i want to see it regardless of whether it’s realistic or not. 

Personal Training

Fandom: RWBY
Characters: Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Glynda Goodwitch
Words: 1979
Description: Weiss receives a bit more personalized training and lessons from Goodwitch involving a different aspect of her powers. (Summoner AU chap 6. find chap 5 here.)

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I’ve been seeing bunland all over my dash today so I thought I’d join in