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ppl in the liam kosta discourse: omg!! the game isn’t even out yet don’t complain about straight liam when you don’t even know yet!! they didn’t confirm it!! just cross your fingers and keep your hopes up!! stop complaining & let bioware do their thing jeez~

bioware: *releases video where liam confirms he’s not into dudes*


Introducing people to your favorite films/shows is so stressful. I’m paranoid that they’re not going to like it, so I’m sitting there mentally coaching the movie on like “come on, you have to impress them or they’re going to think I’m an idiot!”

I’ve been seeing bunland all over my dash today so I thought I’d join in

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Hi, i wanted to ask, do you still Stan Taylor as a person and artist? Its just that I saw some shady stuff on your blog so I'm not so sure anymore, anyway this is not meant to be rude or anything, just a doubt, also pardon my English, its not my first language.

First off, your English is great! Second, I love my reptilian daughter Taylor. Do I call her out on problematic shit she does and says? Yes. Do I think she’s the white devil? Only sometimes. I love Taylor and her music, but, she, like every other human being on earth makes mistakes and just because she’s Taylor Swift™ I don’t think she gets a free pass/is sinless.

@ichaichalivinglegacy replied to your post “l m a o a porn blog reblogged one of my personal text posts, DELETED…”

omg ye thats a pornbot thing that happens a lot. they also reblog pictures while removing captions which makes selfie stuff so unsettling (ie why i now post my selfies in textposts so if they reblog they delete the whole post). its just so fucked up, tumblr keeps allowing it. it’s been going worse in worse…

OHH THAT’S RLY SMART!! I’ll do it like this when I wanna post selfies now (en espérant que je m’en souvienne ;A;)

Yeah I agree it’s just so fucked up… I wish there were some kind of EFFECTIVE way to stop them bc I don’t want my pictures exposed to random porn bots yo…

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Do you know of any fics where the pairing is, at least for a TIME, Frederick/Will? Im fine if its not endgame, i just want to SEE it. ((also is there a name for this ship? maybe if i knew the name i could find it easier))

Hi friend!

Well, I don’t have any particular fics in mind, as it’s not my ship of choice. ChillyWilly was the name for a while (yes, I am serious) so I’d go through that tag on Tumblr.

On AO3 I’d look for the Dr. Frederick Chilton/Will Graham tag, you’ll find a lot of stuff there! Me personally, I’m a fan of short, sexy oneshots, when I’m in the mood for this pairing. You’ll find the common trope of ‘Will didn’t call the FBI when Frederick came to his house’ and things along those lines.

(Personally, my favorite ship with Chilton is him and Freddie Lounds, so go look into that, as well!)

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(on the topic of the submission you sent me) most books that mainly focus on romance are kind of stupid to be honest. its basically just a shit load of drama and the relationships themselves always seem super unhealthy like. the only times ive seen healthy relationships without any kind of unnecessary drama in it are in books that dont actually focus on romance. moral of story i guess from personal experience: dont read books that mainly focus on romance theyre nearly never actually good

Yes but my problem is that I live for the romance- I just wish it wasn’t shitty (EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE IM SORRY!!)

Kevin’s Continued Winchester Gospels has shown me that any collaborative media is influenced by many creators.

Like, I can theorize that Jeremy Carver ships Destiel, but how much of that is Weinrauch and Wanek and Ladouceur and Bee and Berens and Collins and Ackles?

I, as the writer of KCWG, had no idea that Osric was gonna film Episode Four in the purple dog shirt. 

Then Osric and I had a very interesting discussion about the implied Sevin of that wardrobe choice, during which I headcanoned several Sevin-heavy reasons why Kevin was in the purple dog shirt. Things I hadn’t even thought of because I never know Os’ costuming choices, that loosely fit into the working “canon” of KCWG.

It  gave me a small insight into the fact that no one person has complete control over any given bit of televised media. Osric made a wardrobe choice that both validated previous Sevin subtext and confirmed nothing, and it had nothing to do with the canon “text” of the episode.

It’s also a microcosm of meta in general, because nobody SAID “This is Sam’s purple dog shirt,” but the purple dog shirt is such a fandom icon that everyone got the implication. Nobody SAID “Kevin somehow obtained that purple dog shirt from Sam, it’s not an identical purple dog shirt from the weird SPN universe where people wear purple dog shirts,” but the majority of viewers grasped it anyway.

Using a cultural touchstone to make a point that no one textually articulates? The director/actor/costume designer (in this case, one person) making a choice that supports the subtext already inserted by the writer, maybe without even knowing it? Common visual language and tropes that we expect the viewer to pick up on, used in PLACE of actual dialogue?

Nothing in my entire life has validated my dedication to Supernatural meta-analysis like the discussion I just had about a series I helped write.