yes it's almost the same as the last one

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not asking for a diagnosis or anything but do people with ADHD have problems shifting their attention from one (either pos or neg) thing to another sometimes? i tend to talk about the same thing for a really long time and it's hard to stop thinking about it + my interests/worries usually last a few days-months and usually theyre almost all i think about and i get irritable and impatient when i have to do anything else for a long time and nobody else i know seems to get that that intensely?

Yes. This is hyperfocus when it’s in one single block of time and a hyperfixation/special interest when it’s extended over several days/weeks/months/years.


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Your headcanons are making me smile cos a bunch of them have involved Sam. I'm just picturing him with all these secret lovers and flirtations in different towns and Dean has no idea. He meets them in a bookshop or coffeeshop. He takes them to the zoo. They get loaded on wine. Different loving for Sam in every town. And it's never serious because he worries he can't have that. But it's okay. Because there's so much love between us that he gets almost as much as he deserves. That's my headcanon.

OK listen I love so much that you said this because yes. This has sort of become one of my vague headcanons over the last month or two … that Sam makes little connections everywhere he goes, when there’s time, when they’re in town for a few days or regularly go through the same cities. And not always lovers but often that, or (as you say) flirtations, because sex and chemistry is what you can fall into quickly, and he doesn’t have much time, but he needs the human connection, the sex but also the little bits of the world that he and Dean are fighting monsters to protect. And no it’s never serious but he knows that and so do they and sometimes it hurts a little, not so much what happens as what he knows can never happen, but on balance the comfort of it far outweighs the angst. 

Also can I tell you how much I love the line “different loving for Sam in every town”? No I can’t tell you because I love it THAT MUCH. ;)