yes it's a water bottle

The vast amounts of empty water bottles I saw littering the expressway in flint last summer thanks to nobody being able to decide which garbage company was going to take care of them and there are people who think they weren’t actually drinking the water lmao blatant ignorance

The Signs Lost In A (safe-ish) Forest- Part 3

Please read previous parts

Sagittarius: *Looks around* Uh wait… Where did everyone go!? Hello!?
*Spots a large cave*
Sagittarius: *thinking to themselves* ooo that cave looks cool, imma go check it out.

Aquarius:*Gives up trying to get signal* urgh stupid phone!*Tries to get down*
*Tries for 5 minutes without success*
Oh god! Somebody! Help I’m stuck In a- Wait… What’s this?*Spots a rope like thing* *uses it to get off the tree*
Yay! I’m the boss! *starts doing a victory dance*

Scorpio: Maybe they went this way!
*Both Scorpio,Cancer and now also Virgo(who is joining in with this agent thing) pretend to have guns and wonder around the tree*
Cancer: Look! I found a clue!
*Everyone looks at a pile of…well…of something an odd colour*
Libra: Um that’s vomit…
Pisces: Um sorry….my fault.
Gemini: *giggles* why is it pink?
Aries: *presenter voice* Here are the remains of what’s left-
Leo: please. No details you peasant *laughs*
Taurus: *Rolls eyes* Maybe you should drink something Pisces.
Capricorn: Yes! I grabbed some water along the way…
*shows a bottle*
Its an odd colour I know but I found it near the river
Virgo: I- It doesn’t look right…

*Gemini, Leo and Taurus look at eachother and worriedly at Pisces who is about to drink the water*
Gemini,Leo and Taurus: NOOO!!!
*Everyone looks at them*
Gemini: Dont-Dont drink it its um-
Leo: Um not-
Taurus: Safe!
Cancer : Did you- Is it…?
Scorpio: You lot pissed in a bottle….
Pisces: Ewww!!! *throws the bottle away*

So… This isn’t going to well is it…. Oh well let’s see where this goes next.

Dorm Organization: On track for success!

Welcome to my freshly cleaned and organized dorm room! I felt like I should share some pictures and explain my organization method so those who are going to find themselves in a dorm soon or who are struggling to figure out how to remain organized in such a small state can benefit from this. 

I got this duvet from Bed Bath and Beyond (still available in stores). I absolutely love this duvet! It’s very me, a touch of girly and a touch of adventurous. Lately I have been very, very into pink! I’m actually considering going for an even slightly more traditional style to my room but I’ll probably consider that when I move home next year. 

So as one can guess there is only so much storage space in a dorm room so yes my cute little clutches and purses were just displayed out in the open since there was no more drawer space for them!

Welcome to the only truly decorated part of my room! My cork board! Yes if you couldn’t tell Johnny Depp is my one true love when it comes to actors. Well lately Leonardo DiCaprio has been up there too! This is the part of the dorm that is all you! Bring the memories in pictures, your style in posters, and and other sort of touch you want to bring to your bland blank slate of a room.  

This is the beauty dresser part of my room. All of my makeup jewelry, hygiene products, and loose clothing items are located on or in this dresser! The jewelry board was actually found at Savers thrift store and I purchased the rosette trim at Hobby Lobby! Mini cork board pin cushion hooks came from Walmart in their hardware section!

Don’t freak out! I know, I know! This is the only part of the room that I can’t really figure out how to organize! I’m so used to having a bigger closet at home and in my freshman year dorm that it was a big shock not having as much room! I really need to find a more efficient less space consuming laundry basket. Currently my clothes have absolutely no organization method to how they are hung and I need to get more hangers. I’ve also stuffed a laundry basket of cleaning supplies in there along with a case of bottled water! Yes I know its like a catch all for my dorm room!

I have made use of space above my closet area and stuck the heels that won’t fit in my closet shoe older up here. Along with the heels is my suitcase and a few surplus hygiene items. 

Though I do have a community bathroom I do give this dorm room credit for having sinks inside each room! It is very nice to be able to keep my basic everyday hygiene tools and products in one place!

Underneath the sink is some cabinet space where I store my laundry detergent and Dawn dish soap! 

It’s what I call the coffee corner! Trust me you’ll realize how much of a life source coffee is. I am trying to cut back on it. I haven’t had a cup in a week. Trust me that’s a huge step for me!

My desk! I do have my own printer it just makes my life 10X easier than having to find a printer on campus every time I need to print. 

I manage to store all my spiral notebooks and textbooks up on these shelves! Along with some of my favorite lotions (I’m a horrible person that doesn’t moisturize unless a lotion is right in front  of me)! 

Yes nail polish is a big part of my desk! 

That’s the major parts of my dorm room! Hope you enjoy this mini tour! If you want any more info with regards to organization let me know!