yes it would be relevant shut up

who you should fight: the ocelots

lukas: do you have a heart? a soul? a conscience? yes? then why would you fight lukas. he’s all bark and no bite. he worries about his friends so much. he’s the momfriend. he probably wants to be friends. don’t fight lukas. the other ocelots will end you if you do.

aiden: fight him. kick his ass. there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll win. take the risk, please, shut him up. if he wins, fight him again. don’t let him win please lord he’ll never stop bragging and then we’ll all be losers.

gill: mmm i wouldn’t. do you see that guy? he looks like a bear. a really mean bear. he might not be good with words but he could most likely break you in half. fight him if you want, but don’t expect to win.

maya: i mean, you can try. she’d find your weakest point immediately and use it to verbally tear you to shreds. you could take her physically, but could you handle the emotional smackdown? could you beat her in a battle of wits? do you really wanna find out.