yes it would be a total waste

I don’t speak about PLL often but I’m so confused as to how they’re going to pull off a musically themed episode? Like the show’s not a musical, and it’s not a Disney movie, so I’m struggling to think of a legitimate reason for why the characters would all be suddenly bursting into song at various points in the episode. 

Although to be fair I won’t be surprised if Marlene uses one of “A’s games” as an excuse to pull this off. Like, A suddenly decides s/he wants to hear the girls sing for their entertainment otherwise s/he’s going to kill everyone they love. Like, yes, this diabolical villain is totally going to waste time forcing these girls to sing for them when they can just turn on the radio or visit YouTube. 

Forget torture, A wants to hear y’all sing damn it!

Birthday Cake

NSFW. RobRae Week - Birthday

Nightwing didn’t particularly care for his birthday, or at least he hadn’t when he was younger. When he was Robin and his world was consumed with his job and duties as a Titan, he honestly believed that birthdays were stupid and silly and a complete waste of time. He had more important things to be thinking about, like saving the city from various criminals, perfecting his martial arts skills, and generally not thinking about how he turned another year older. It was a total waste of time, and he didn’t really care for cake all that much.

But, now… things were a bit different, and his taste for cake had… changed slightly.

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is everyone freaking out about certain ships actually, Reylo in particular?
Yes, I do ship Reylo with lots of pleasure and luckily did not receive any hate yet, but have heard of people who unfortunately were not that lucky.
Now let me tell you something.

If this was real life and Rey was my best friend asking me for advice regarding which guy to pick, I would totally tell her to please pick Finn and live happily ever after. I would freak out if she told me she was in love with a conflicted person like Kylo and would go as far as telling her she should not waste her energy on someone with that many problems because I would be worried he could hurt her because he does not have his shit together.
But this is not, I repeat, this is NOT real life! Star Wars and its characters are FICTIONAL. 

And once something is fictional, views change. Of course it is nice to see the characters you like happy, but if it was all bunnies and rainbows from the beginning, the storytelling potential gets close to zero. When I saw TFA for the first time I was totally convinced of Finnrey, but after seeing it a few more times it just all seemed too perfect to me, too fairytale-like. Finn is nothing short of adorable, a real cinnamon bun and clearly one who would fit into the Disney prince squad. And this is why I did not think it would be the best choice to have Finn and Rey end up together. Fairytales are usually short, Star Wars is going to be another trilogy, and in my opinion it is difficult to fill a trilogy when you have a ship straight from a fairytale. I know, I know, Star Wars is not only about romantic love and ships, but after all it tells a lot about how humans and their emotions work or do not work. 

And this is why Reylo fascinates me. To me it is the ship with the most potential because there is so much controversy of attitudes, actions and emotions. Of course I think Finn might have an interesting backstory and had seen horrible things too, but he has spent too much time in the stormtrooper program to actually keep up with the back catalogue Kylo has to offer. Finn already has his bright moment when turning against the First Order and joining the Resistance, so the biggest steps in his character development have already been set up until now. His and Rey’s chemistry is splendid and already in TFA they become very good friends and maybe there is love (only the writers know), which indicates it would be a love-at-first-sight kind of thing and that a romantic relationship between these to would not require much more character development than we have seen in TFA.
This is why Reylo has more potential. Yes, it will lead to a lot of suffering of both characters, Kylo and Rey alike, but to have these two very different characters, the Dark Side and the Light, end up together, mountains will have to be moved and problems will have to be solved first.
I do not mean to undermine the potential of the character of Finn, but I just think establishing a relationship with Rey does not add anything to the story at all and maybe even alters the potential of both the characters while if Rey and Kylo end up together it would add something to the story and make both characters more interesting. 

So all in all I, and I think most of other Reylo shippers are with me, do not ship Reylo because I am racist or like to see Rey suffer or to see anyone be superior or inferior to the other or whatever, I ship Reylo because to me it has the most fictional potential and it would make the story interesting to me. If it does not become canon and the writers choose to give Finnrey a go, so be it, but then they have to come up with a very, VERY good arc to keep the story interesting.

“Morty, give me your shoe, Morty.”

“W-w-whaat, my shoe?”

“Yes Morty, your shoe, don’t ask stupid questions, unless you want that giant pink shoe to eat you.”

“What giant…oh.”

“I am glad you decided to use your eyes for once, Morty. Really proud of you…. now, eat your shoelaces.”

“W-ha, why…?”

“Because Morty, we need to blend in. And if you don’t eat them, the whole planet of shoes will smell you from miles away.”