yes it was the 17th not the 16th

#harrypottersummer is back!

Welcome to harrypottersummer 2017! It’s happening! You get a reread! And you get a reread! Everybody gets a reread! 

So, without further ado -

Cancel all your plans for the summer. We’re rereading Harry Potter.

What’s harrypottersummer?

It’s the most beautiful time of year, aka the time where Potterheads get to reread the entire Harry Potter series over the course of one summer - together! harrypottersummer was created last year, everyone who joined in had a blast, so this is round two and the whole thing is on a very good path to become an annual event.

How does it work?

Starting on June 16th, everyone who cares to join will start reading the Harry Potter series all over, first book to last, whilst sharing but their reading progress as well as headcanons, fanart, fanfics, edits, theories, anecdotes and literally anything else you can think of, on any social media platform you can think of using the hashtag #harrypottersummer. Done!

What’s this year’s schedule?

Last year, we went for a book per week, which was nice for those of us who were stuck with little to no wifi for the bigger part of the reread (-points to self-), but was stressful for busier folks. This year, only the first three books will be getting a week each, and every book from Goblet of Fire onward will be getting two! Yay!

  • June 16th - June 22nd 2017: Philosopher’s Stone Week
  • June 23rd - June 29th 2017: Chamber of Secrets Week
  • June 30th - July 6th 2017: Prisoner of Azkaban Week
  • July 7th - July 20th 2017: Goblet of Fire Week
  • July 21st - August 3rd 2017: Order of the Phoenix Week
  • August 4th - August 17th 2017: Half-Blood Prince Week
  • August 18th - August 31st 2017: Deathly Hallows Week

Wait, whaat? Meetup???

Well, yes meetup, assuming it all works out as planned! In honour of September 1st, 2017 also being Epilogue Day, anyone who happens to be in London that day is more than welcome to stop by at King’s Cross station to come and wave our childhood goodbye one last time. Are you ready? I’m not ready. Nope.

Make sure you check this blog for updates on the meetup, as more details will hopefully be available soon. For now, just know that I’ll be there, @ronaldswheezy will be there, come say hi and have a chat and take selfies and get emotional over our childhood. Why not. Might be fun.

How do I participate?

  • Grab your Harry Potter books, cancel your life, and start rereading.
  • Spread your progress like wildfire. This includes any form of social media you choose to participate in. Tumblr! Snapchat! Instagram! YouTube! Twitter! All the things!
  • Get creative. Write fanfics. Make fanart. Make edits. Make playlists. Start cosplaying. Write a song. Build your own Lego Hogwarts. Nothing is off limits.
  • And finally, tag absolutely EVERYTHING with #harrypottersummer. Everything. Even if it’s just a 4am text post that goes ‘do dementors poop?’.

If you’ve got any more questions, the ask box is open! A calendar page with the schedule and an FAQ face and other things are coming up too, as soon as I get around to setting them all up. If you want to message me on my main blog, you find me @stuckwith-harry

Happy harrypottersummer! <3

ONS Guren LN Vol 7 Chapter 5 final part translation~

Title: Catastrophe at 16 Part 4 of 4 

Translator: @tang-wei

Proofreader: @hangrybluewhale thanks so much i know this chapter was bad

Raws: My own copy of the LN 

The masterpost of all other chapters~

Warnings: Mild deceptions of gore, lots of pain. Bring tissues. 

T/N: We’ve made it~ the last part is here. Please accept my apologies for being late >

 || Afterword>>

December 25th. 

20:10 (8.10pm)

The location is a huge underground laboratory that spreads to Shinjuku Central Park.
It was the research institute of the 《Hyakuya Sect》. However, due to the vampire attacks, there was no one there now. The people there had been reportedly killed by vampires.
However, in that laboratory where no one should be, the light was on today.
In the bright but eerily quiet hallway, Guren ran.
He could hear his footsteps, gun, gun, gun, gun, and the driving sound of something like a motor.
Gun, gun, gun, gun
There were some heavy looking doors that were locked from the inside, and he slashed them all with a sword.
That door probably was not made to withstand the attacks of vampires and demons.
That was why the laboratory here was destroyed. 

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burnerphones  asked:

Hey, would you say the clothing/accessories/general styling of the people in the show Amaya is an accurate portrayal of pre-colonial Visayans?

For the most part, yes they are very accurate.

The jewelry are all based on actual recovered jewelry dated back to that time period which for the most part were made out of gold, or beads. Gold was so abundant, it wasn’t really as demanded by our ancestors as other groups of people throughout the world, as everyone from the slaves to the nobles wore gold on them. They even managed to create very exquisite and intricate belts and sashes and weave it like thread. Of course throughout the hundreds of years of colonization this cultural knowledge and technique of how they made the intricate gold has been lost to us.

They even buried their dead with gold masks.

Gold teeth? Ya, we had that long ago. Hell our ancestors tended to do this in a beautiful contrast of black or red sharp pointed teeth which they found as a sign of beauty and there are indigenous groups in the Philippines who still do this today.

But enough on the gold ornaments. I could go on forever with this and I have already tackled that on my blog post here if you want to read more on our gold work and those artifacts.

The clothing depicted are based on illustrations we have of how our ancestors dressed during the 16th century just prior to the arrival of the Spaniards in the Boxer Codex. We also have many physical descriptions of them and what they wore, the names of the specific attire, etc. in old Spanish texts and dictionaries.

We also have several illustrations from Francisco Alcina who is credited to providing the most knowledge of the precolonial culture, society, and people of the Bisayas in the 16th and 17th century.

The hair knots, chignons, and braids? Women in the 16th century adored their hair, (actually everyone did and they took very good care of it), and it was literally an insult similar to cursing someone out if a man touched a woman’s hair without her permission if you weren’t a family member or lover. This applied especially the numerous hair extensions known as panta or talabhok that were one of their most prized possessions and by doing this it was so offensive it was considered a crime. 

When making this series they consulted many historians in the Philippines to accurately portray this time period in the Bisayas. The karakoa created for the series is even based on the visual and physical descriptions of the warship that was 3x as fast as the Spanish galleons.

So yes. What is featured in Amaya for the most part are accurate and based on the 16th and 17th century Bisayas.

Haunted History Time!

(This is an old masterpost of 2013 posts)

If you like haunted historic places & things then this is for you! It’s a list of links to most of the haunted history posts I’ve made over the past few years. Also, from now until Halloween, I’ll be posting at least one new haunted historic places or thing per day. I hope you enjoy & let me know if you have any haunted history requests? Thanks for following & Happy Early Halloween!

The Real Dracula’s Castle and yes, it’s haunted!

Ireland’s Gate to Hell: Oweynagat (The Cave of Cats)

The Medieval Vampire Pirate Mayor of Sozopol

The Black Shuck of Peddars Way, Norfolk

17th Century Pendle Witch’s Cottage with a Bricked-in Mummified Cat

Ghosts of Dunnottar Castle

Witch Bottle, England, Circa 16th-17th Century

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anonymous asked:

hi i have a female character who is short, but i want her to be a knight, could she fight like them and use a sword, or it's better to look for other ways she can fight? like maybe she uses her agility

There’s a real obsession with natural advantages in our inbox. I want to blame the media but I know that conversations about natural advantages and power of having a slightly longer reach filter in through a lot of different martial arts communities, often to the point where the less experienced students attribute another student’s hard work to their natural advantages because they were taller. When you know nothing else about combat, natural advantages look like insurmountable obstacles.

They’re not.

Every body comes with their own natural advantages and what you don’t have can be supplemented by hard work, extra study, and dedication. “Naturally good” is the quick and easy path taken by a lot of writers to justify that they don’t really know shit. The strongest, biggest guy is not automatically the best. The most naturally talented character who blows off their training sessions, does the bare minumum, and just hangs out because they don’t have to work hard to be successful in a controlled environment isn’t going to be the best when the time finally comes for a real test.

Your short female isn’t going to stay lithe, delicate, and small unless she is only fighting with a sword. If she’s training to wear the armor then she’ll end up stocky, lose a large portion of her chest to her pectoral muscles, have bigger shoulders, a more ropey neck, and thicker legs due to supporting the extra weight so she’s able to move for longer in battle. Those muscles are a necessary part of building endurance if she’s wearing plate. This is similar to modern militaries where the body type comes from training for endurance, the ability to march for miles while carrying heavy gear and still be ready to fight at the end of it.

Smaller bodies are more compact, which lends them better balance. Women build musculature better in their lower bodies rather than their upper which leads to stronger legs and a better base. Lighter in weight means they can move faster. They generate less force from their momentum, but lighter and more compact frames mean more fine control over their striking patterns. This can be more helpful when training in sword combat because the focus on accuracy makes them less likely to fall into the bad habit of relying on brute strength to get the job done.

It’s also worth pointing out, again, that no knight was trained in any single weapon nor carried one weapon into battle. The sword, particularly the longsword, is most commonly associated with them, but they also used: longarms/polearms including lances, maces, hammers, and that family of weapons, archery for both hunting and war, hunting both as a cultural exercise and part of their training, horsemanship, etc. Hunting was where the young noble/page/squire/knight learned important skills like tracking, utilizing tools such as animals, patience, command, etc.

Can she not do it because she’s a girl? No, it will be more difficult because the training is designed for boys and there may be cultural pressure against her, but it isn’t impossible. What will sabatoge her is her belief that girls can’t do it. The mind is a powerful tool, one which can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. If you believe you can’t do something, then you’ve already lost. You either decide to do it or you don’t. This is why you can’t forcibly train anyone to be a successful fighter. You can train them, use them as cannon fodder, but outside forces cannot make anyone the best of the best. They do it on their own with outside aid, but the thrust of the decision comes from within.

The same goes for you as her author. If you believe your female character cannot compete with boys through her own merits and by virtue of her own hard work then you’re more likely to institute what we’ll call “special exceptions” which inevitably lead to the female character being “uniquely qualified”. You sabotage yourself and your story by making the path easier, and end up talking more about how different she is from other girls rather than focusing on what she’s doing to achieve her dreams.

Try to keep in mind that there are plenty female practitioners of both fencing styles and HEMA which is Historical European Martial Arts. It’s not that women can’t, it’s that they need to work hard.

Much as media, roleplaying games, might wish to tell us, neither your body nor your sex decide how you choose to fight. It doesn’t lock you into a fighting style or type of combat. It doesn’t limit you to any sort of fighting, it doesn’t deny you from combat.

Culture does. Our own beliefs and prejudices do. How we see ourselves and what we believe ourselves to be capable of will.

Our bodies are just bodies.

There’s a popular opinion that hard work will always be outdone by genius, but the truth is: only be a genius who works hard.

Your character can keep up with the boys if she works hard, if she’s willing to address her weaknesses, and focuses to turn them into her strengths. If she’s willing to put in the effort required and doesn’t fall back on “unfair”.

Hard work and solid research ultimately win the day.


Tamora Pierce: Protector of the Small, The Song of the Lioness Quartet

These two book series by Tamora Pierce feature useful information about knighthood/training (the Protector of the Small series specifically) and a short woman learning to be a knight (Alanna the Lioness). If you haven’t read them, both will be helpful to you as jumping off points.

Sharon Kay Penman, When Christ and His Saints Slept

Sharon Kay Penman’s novels, particularly her Plantagenets series, are helpful for getting some groundwork for the historical medieval lifestyle, history, culture, and most importantly: politics. Her novels feature some incredibly interesting women such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, which can be helpful when trying to develop well-rounded female characters who break with tradition in a much more culturally “acceptable” way. This series also focuses on one of my favorite historical periods and English dynasties. All in all, if you want to write about knights then I recommend reading. 


Matt Easton is a HEMA practitioner and instructor, and his videos are incredibly useful for anyone looking to write about sword combat. He’s informative, well researched, and if you can’t take classes then this is the next best thing. You’ll also occasionally turn up the YouTube back and forth internet debates where he and different HEMA tubers debate the different merits of their arguments.


Skallagrim focuses mostly on swords, different kinds of swords, whether the fantasy swords created for movies would work in the real world, etc. He’s entertaining and a useful resource.

Samantha Swords

Another useful resource, Samantha is a female HEMA practitioner and stunt woman who participates in the sport.  If you want a discussion from a decidedly feminine perspective or just want confirmation (again) that women really can fight like knights then check out her page.


This is a free library of historical european martial arts books and manuscripts. It’s still in progress but you can find some translations and pages of historical treatises by masters there if you’re willing to slog through ye olde language. If you’re used to reading and learning terminology used in different time periods then this will be a helpful resource. If not, or you’re new to scholarly study then I recommend starting with the above resources and working your way down. A good litmus test is: do I have trouble understanding Shakespeare, Chaucer, and/or the writings of Madison without the help of a translator? If no, then feel free. If yes, ground yourself in the above. If you decide to check it out anyway (no reason why not) and get frustrated then go back to A.

Remember, language changes over time. Often it’s easier to think of writings/articles/books from the 16th and 17th centuries as a different language all together regardless of whether or not they’ve been translated. The problem in understanding isn’t intelligence but rather acclimation. As it stands most writers from older time periods wrote for the audiences of their day, meaning different expectations in culture and educational background that modern readers lack.

There’s no fault in needing the footnotes in Shakespeare in order to get the jokes, even less in not understanding the play until you see it performed on stage as it was meant to be. It really is okay if 10 Things I Hate About You is your necessary prerequisite to understanding Taming of the Shrew. You aren’t dumb, you just don’t understand Elizabethan culture, social structure, or the political climate on which the humor or references are built.

If you need to start smaller with other references then that really is okay.


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♪♪What happens if the engine stops? We all freeze and die. But will it stop, oh will it stop? No, no! Can you tell us why? The engine is eternal YES the engine is forever YES. Rumble, rumble, rattle, rattle. Who is the reason why? Wilford.♪♪


Escape (by iamashamedofmyfanfics)
Chapter 1
Pairing(s): None (or friendship OT12)
Characters: All of EXO-K and EXO-M (yes, including Kris)
Genre: Fantasy (ish?) [set in modern times], Friendship, other
Rating: PG
Universe: AU, (Mama) Powers AU.
Warnings: Cursing, Lot’s of bad parenting.
Length: Multi-Chaptered, Ongoing, Long chapters
Notes: I used international aging system for the sake of simplicity. Not nearly as dramtic as it sounds, yet.

Chapters: [Chapter 2] 

Summary: In the end their powers we’re their escapes. Or, maybe they were each others.

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Princess-cortcake’s Holiday Give Away!

(Yes, it involves Christmas Tsum Tsums!)

There will be five winners, chosen at random, who will receive one of these Disney Store Christmas prizes shown above.


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I will be announcing the winners on December 17th. I hope everyone has a magical holiday season! :)

anonymous asked:

The anniversary was the 16th of September, right?

Strictly speaking, yes, since the first chapter of Kuroshitsuji appeared on GFantasy October issue 2006 and it was released on 16th September 10 years ago. Officially, however, it’s the 17th because this year’s October issue was released one day earlier than usual (becaue the 18th was a Saturday).

Anyway, here are the covers of the GFantasy magazine October issue 2006

and of the latest GFantasy (October issue 2016) for comparison:

Happy 10th Anniversary :D

We know them, we love them. We make graphics, create headcanons, and write drabbles until we can no longer write. There’s really nothing out there like the Marauders Era. So why not give the era a little more appreciation?

Next week, from June 15th to June 21st, is Marauders Appreciation week. It’s one week to show just how much you love the Marauders! You can make graphics, playlists, headcanons, fics, drabbles, etc. Anything that shows your appreciation for these characters and the era. I’d love to see some original fancasts, AUs, and more love for the less popular characters too! During the week we’ll have different themed days for those of you who need a little guidance, but feel free to make anything you want!

Day 1 (June 15th): One Order Member

Day 2 (June 16th): One Death Eater

Day 3 (June 17th): One Marauders AU

Day 4 (June 18th): One Ship

Day 5 (June 19th): One Rivalry

Day 6 (June 20th): One Underappreciated Character

Day 7 (June 21st): One Moment

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things that will be created this week! If you have any questions you can ask them here. Be sure to track the tag marauders appreciation week and post any of your creations there!


Okay ppl…so I thought I’d share a little photoshop 101 aka fandom fuckery we got from this weekend. You know how I feel about this kind of sneaky “fan” pic not to mention pap pix but felt I needed to share. (At least one of them was posed for)

The collage on top:

The pic with Kristen and Soko were posted. I’ll admit initially I didn’t think much of it. I accept that Kristen and Soko are friends and they are to one degree or another recreating PRBerto together…

But later the pic on the right showed Soko just Kristen. Not sure if Soko was PS’d out by someone or if someone was showing their work in progress.

But upon further inspection no matter what exactly is going on the pic itself is FUCKING BULLSHIT!

If you look at the portions of the pic I’ve enlarged you can see what I mean. On the far left you can see the couples sitting down and you can see that it’s the same FUCKING couple twice with heads and then once with no heads! 😱

The pic in the middle: notice that there are straight lines around the girl sitting on the left of the pic. It’s a small pic…hard to work with the brush to clearly crop around her. Probably the “artist” didn’t think we’d notice.

Finally on the right, Kristen’s left arm is missing.

Next pic is Soko with another woman at The Retreat Palm Springs pic’d on the 16th…FYI she was also pic’d there on the 17th. Notice that on these dates she’s wearing something completely different than the pic @ Coachella.

For those unaware, YES Palm Springs is near Coachella but it is by no means right around the corner.

Anyway…take this how you will. Makes no never-mind to me, but thought I’d share with ppl that might not have seen what others of us see.

Also, I’m by no means a prude, but if I was in a serious relationship, I would not be see sitting on someone’s lap while out in public or really at ALL…but hey, that’s just me. (Ofc Soko is free to do whatever the fuck she wants with whomever since she and Kristen are NOT a couple!)

Amnesia Memories Walkthrough ~ Ikki’s Route ( Good Ending)

Finally I finish the good ending route….Since is getting late, I will do the Bad ending 2 and 3 , and normal end tomorrow.


- I see a strange- looking kid…

- No, I understood….

- Alright..

- I appreciate it.

- I think so.

- You may be over thinking  ( Save here for all common route)

- Spade World

- Orion

-I can’t remember anything.

- choose every option given

- Yes, let’s hurry

- Right, lets hurry and look.

 August 1st

- Where would you like to go?

- Yes, I ’ll go.

- I would break up with him for sure.

- You should have ignored those other girls. - You’re a little too close. Save 1 ( save here for bad ending 1)

- I’m okay.

- Could you walk me to work tomorrow?

- Yes, I’ll see you again.

 August 2nd

- I’m sorry, I’ll get ready quickly.

- Yes, please.

- Good morning, Ikki.

- I try to eat three proper meals a day.

- I’m sorry, I’ll try to hurry.

- The customer is the enemy

- Welcome back, master.

- Could you please repeat that?

- Thank you very much, Master.

- 2 coffees and 1 tea.

- Um… I can stand by myself.

- See you tomorrow, Ikki.

- Actually, I’m not feeling well.

 August 3rd

- I think we crossed the railroad.

- yes, sir.

- No, it’s okay.

- Ikki…?

- Ikki…?

 August 4th

- Got it, I’ll stay away from him.

- I do want him to stop.

- it’s okay. Don’t worry about me.

 August 5th.

-… It’s still a secret.

- Let’s chase him.

- I went to get some juice.

August 6th

- Oh right, I did forget. What a surprise…

- what a surprise…!

- Just don’t fall in love with him.

- What rumors have you heard?

August 7th

- Are you ready for the 19th?

- Do I know them?

August 8th

- she really is cute.

- A month left for what?

- okay, I’ll wait.

- I’d be okay holding hands…

- Can I ask about Mine?

- do you dislike me, too…?

- I wouldn’t confess.

August 9th

- Please stop!

- … I don’t know if I should.

- Choose every option available.

- You could be nicer about it.

- that really is too harsh.

- I, um..

- Maybe he feels lonely living alone.

August 10th

- Good for you

- I’m sorry.

- Um, you’re a little close

- …The fireworks are pretty.

- … Go right ahead

August 11th

- I’m going out with Ikki.

- What do you know?

- He told me to watch out for resentful people.

- A passionate Affair

- No, I wouldn’t dislike it

( Save 2 , save here for normal ending)

- Yes, I’m free

- I think I’m okay for now.

August 12th

- How many people were going on the trip?

- … I can’t say more than I said before.

August 13th

- Who are you?

- ( Orion, where are you…? )

- ( Who is that man…?)

August 14th

- He’s my brother.

- Thank you, Ikki. That’d be nice…

- Do you like me, Ikki?

- Well…Okay, then.

August 15th

- I think he’s liked me from the start.

August 16th

- I’ll do my best.

- Dont worry, I’m plenty prepared.

- … Okay, just wait a little while…!

- Um, I change and in bed now

August 17th

- Is there something wrong ?

- Should I go over there?

- … What happened?

- Do you feel better with me around…?

August 19th

- I’ll watch a little more.

- I’ll pass.

- You can stay.

- Are you sad you can’t participate?

August 20th

- … They only worked at first.
( Save 3, save here for bad ending 2)

- Not right now.

- This voice…

- I don’t believe it anymore .

- ….

August 21st

- ( … I’ll wait until later)

- Gods can do that?

- Please tell me your reasons.

August 22nd

- Yeah…

August 23rd

- I won’t know if you don’t explain it.

- … Why are you so mad?

August 24th

- Ikki will be late.

- What should I do?

August 25th

- I’m sorry, but I’m working now…
( Save 4, save here for Bad End 3)

- .. I think I’m in love with Ikki

August 26th

- ……

- And if your eyes worked on me..?

- … You’re special to me, too.

August 27th

-I don’t want to go…

August 28th

- … Could you give me a hug?

August 29th

- I was interested in their club activities…?

- How long have you known Rika?

- … Rika threatened me.

Keeping Track Week 44

Been a while since I did one of these but why not. Noticed that DS pretty much equals Metro so I guess these are the spoilers that are issued by ITV?

Tuesday 1st Nov

Zak attacks Bailey for betraying Belle with Megan, but feels guilty when Megan explains what was really going on between them. Lisa is furious that Zak has resorted to violence. She also struggles when it becomes apparent that Belle has been lying about the extent of her ‘recovery’.

Later, Zak tells Lisa they have to pull together at this difficult time and kisses her. Will Lisa respond?

Moira is accused of not appreciating Cain.

Wednesday 2nd Nov

Lisa considers confessing to Joanie about the kiss with Zak, but she can’t bring herself to do it.

Later, Lisa gets tough with Zak by warning him to stay away from her from now on - not wanting any more heartbreak.

Emma’s worst nightmare comes true when Ashley seems to be remembering her at the bridge.

Thursday 3rd Nov

Emma has to pretend that she’s shocked and upset at the 'news’ that James told Moira he loved her.

Later, with the pressure mounting, Emma heads for the footbridge. Ashley sees Emma up there and a memory comes flooding back.

When Kerry decides to use online dating to find a new man, Liv decides that Lisa should follow suit. When Liv makes an online profile for Lisa, she agrees to try it out.

Emma desperately tries to make Ashley doubt his memory, even switching between different conversations to confuse him further.

By the time Emma hands Ashley back to Laurel, she’s managed to convince him that he was wrong - but Ashley’s camera has recorded the whole thing in the background.

Finn heads to the hospital to see Kasim, the man whose life he saved in the crash. Kasim is still in a coma.

Friday 4th Nov

It’s the day of James’s funeral. During the service, Emma breaks down and apologises to James but everyone is baffled by her behaviour.

Emma slaps Moira

Chrissie is annoyed to hear Rebecca calling herself 'White’ and complains to Lawrence, but he won’t listen. Robert assures Victoria that Rebecca is on their side.

Monday 7th Nov

Rebecca manipulates Lachlan, claiming that Robert knows there is evidence and warning him to hide whatever it is.

Later in the woods, Lachlan tries to retrieve something from a stream but is interrupted. Rebecca watches as he leaves, ready to pounce on the evidence.

Rebecca tricks Lachlan into revealing key evidence that incriminates him but Chrissie soon moves in with a deadly attack.

Belle reveals that she’s coming home for good on Friday and will be staying at Dale Head with Zak. Zak claims that he’s cleared this with Lisa in advance, but is he really telling the truth?

Tuesday 8th Nov

Chrissie tries to dispose of a vase in the Home Farm bonfire, but she’s startled when Rebecca turns up – bloodied but alive. (Aaron in background with Sam)

Rebecca has some shocking revelations for everyone in attendance, claiming that Chrissie knocked her out – as well as framing Andy for shooting Lawrence. How will everyone react?

Diane is hell bent on revenge

The Bartons are left reeling

Nicola has a panic attack as she worries about the children’s safety at the bonfire. (i guess flashback to the mill fire and not Robert’s shooting - sorry my bad)

Wednesday 9th Nov

When the police turn up to question the Whites, Lachlan pretends that he was merely fishing his phone out of the stream.

Now aware of everything, a furious Diane is determined to make the Whites pay for their actions and bursts into the kitchen at Home Farm. Lawrence tries to make Diane see that there’s nothing in the allegations his family are facing.

Ross earns himself a slap from Victoria when he kisses her, but he urges her to tell Adam about it.

Thursday 10th Nov

Robert tries to reassure Diane

Victoria is pushed to the ground when Ross and Adam clash over what happened yesterday.

With Victoria in obvious pain, Adam, Finn and Aaron drive her to the hospital, where she tells a shocked Adam that she might be pregnant.

Adam is adamant that Victoria can’t be pregnant, but as she heads off to get a pregnancy test, Adam reassures her they’ll face the result together.

Out in the hallway, Victoria confides to Finn that she wants to have a baby but isn’t sure if Adam does. What will the test reveal?

Finn worries about Victoria’s plan

Aaron is surprised when Finn reveals that he’s been visiting Kasim. Aaron warns Finn he knows nothing about this man and that he should leave him alone. Finn agrees, but are his promises to leave it as genuine as they appear?

Diane, Rodney and Doug disrupt a PR event at the Home Farm adventure course by waving placards outside and urging the guests not to go in.

Also, a rock flies through the window at Home Farm, narrowly missing Lachlan. Is Diane really responsible?

Zak does a U-turn by insisting that he’s happy with Joanie and begging Belle to forget what he told her. Belle agrees not to tell Joanie, but insists she can’t live there anymore.

Friday 11th Nov

Adam tries to hide his doubts

Chrissie retaliates following recent events by giving Doug, Bernice and Diane an eviction notice. She explains herself by revealing that Diane threw a brick through the window.

Diane warns Lachlan that his lies will eat at him if he doesn’t confess. Lachlan films Diane on his phone and goads her until she smacks him. Has Diane gone too far this time?

(Diane is my hero)

Will update when the mags download ><

Monday 14th Nov

Rebecca tries to help Diane

Jimmy and Bernice are caught in a compromising position (:o/)

Tuesday 15th Nov

Aaron grows jealous over Rebecca

Lawrence has some words of reassurance for Doug and Diane

Wednesday 16th Nov

Rebecca seizes an opportuntiy

Thursday 17th Nov

Things start to get messy when a police officer turns up at home farm

Will Lachlan confess everything?

Liv teases Paddy about his feelings for Rhona (yes! Liv and Paddy <3)

Liv hatches a plan

Friday 18th Nov

Pierce is paranoid that there are still feelings between Rhona and Paddy

Rhona is shocked by Paddy’s actions

Chrissie is desperate to help Lachlan


I got these two Anons and cause my computer is broken this is the easiest way to answer to add pics.

So I went on dancing-valdaya blog to her list of reunions to get these pics and this took place 16th Jan - 21st so Maks Bday is the 17th and yes Val did have work in the same area as Z.

We know no that it was choreographing the A Tango for her pilot.

So yeah that’s why Val was in LA with Z instead of celebrating Maks bday with him.