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An AU in which the groups don’t know each other and Kenma meant to send the picture to a friend but accidentally typed in the last number wrong and sent it to Kuroo’s phone by mistake. Should they say yes to the group date? IDK we’ll see if I draw/write a fic for this lol. What do you mean I can’t use the same meme twice for different fandoms!!?

|WrongNumber AU|

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request: “Could you possibly write Julian Albert x reader based off Dive - Ed Sheeran? That’s one of my favourite Ed songs at the moment :)” — by anon

a/n: another one of my favorite tracks! also, if anyone is familiar with isabelle lightwood, i kinda based her for the attitude of the reader. changed the flow a little bit too but not too much 😊 hope you like it!

p.s. the book shop / coffee shop mentioned in this imagine is purely fictional so if ever it is real, then it is just a coincidence

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    Julian Albert knew that Y/N Y/L/N was an extreme flirt the moment he was hired in the Central City Police Department. He could see the way she smirked, the way she flipped her hair over her shoulder, the way her eyes sparkled whenever she knew you were completely wrapped around her finger, and the way she would bite her lip as if inviting you in — Julian was just as hopeless as those who were included in the list of her victims, and he was having a hard time keeping himself tamed.

   Though under all that red lipstick and slight revealing clothing, Y/N was a very good detective who did everything to do the job right. She never took no for an answer, that’s why she was so great, she was so good at manipulating and persuading her suspects until they provided useful information.

   And that was why almost all of the members of their Police Department was gathered inside the bar at this moment, celebrating yet another success on one of Y/N’s cases.

   Captain Singh raised his glass up, “I would like to propose a toast to the girl who possibly has it all,” he grinned and everyone heard Y/N laugh, sitting by her own chair, “who has helped this community in so many ways, who will hopefully stay for more years to come. The precinct is lucky to have you, Y/N, thank you for your flawless service as always.”

   "Thank you, Cap. Cheers!“ Y/N winked cheekily, clinking her glass with the others who were closest to her.

    Julian weakly raised his glass.

    In the next second, everyone was speaking to each other in loud voices once again. They were congratulating the said girl, shaking her hand while the others had enough courage to plant a quick kiss on her cheek. Julian was envious of their confidence toward her because whenever he tried to talk to Y/N, he was just a mess.

    After a few more gulps of bourbon, the Metahuman Specialist dropped his glass quite loudly, not really knowing why he bothered to go to this party if he wasn’t planning to talk to anyone. He guessed he just wanted to see Y/N and see how happy she would be. He wasn’t too disappointed if he came to think of it.

   Speaking of the devil, she took a seat right across from him which made Julian lift his head up, the beautiful yet the dangerous face of Y/N blurry because of his vision.

    "Having fun, Albert?” she tilted her head with a teasing smile.

    He snorted. “If fun meant that I am regretting going here, then yes, I’m having fun.”

    “Ah, always the charmer.” she joked, circling her finger over the rim of her own glass. “Hmm, you want to get out of here? Go do something fun?”

    Julian raised his eyebrows at her mischievous expression, also at the suggestive tone in her voice. And suddenly, he didn’t seem to be so drunk anymore.
    “What do you mean?” asked Julian.

    Y/N shrugged innocently. “What do you think?”

    He bit the insides of his cheeks. “Uh, it doesn’t matter.”

    She narrowed her eyes at him, pursing her lips in the process. She seemed to be analyzing him, like he was a witness from a crime scene or even the suspect. It made Julian all self-conscious again despite being known for being arrogant and quite rude.

    Finally, she answered. “Well, whatever it is, my offer still stands.” smirked Y/N. “So, do you want to or not? If you don’t say yes, I’ll have to use force.

    "Is that a threat?”


    Julian sighed. “I guess, I don’t really have a choice, do I?”

    Y/N grinned, grabbing his hand then while standing up. “No. Now, come on.”

    They fled away from the party hurriedly, careful so that no one would take notice of their disappearance. He couldn’t believe that he was actually doing this with her, but in the same time, he thought Y/N had probably pulled this trick to every guy she met. What was so special about him that he was now part of those foolish men?

    Julian didn’t know where he expected Y/N to take him. Was he thinking she was going to bring him to her place? Was he actually thinking that something might happen between them this night? But all his questions were answered when she took a left turn and pulled him along with her, entering a book shop that oddly smelled like coffee beans.

    “What is this place?” he asked, staring around the room, seeing countless of old books on shelves and a lot of motivational posters on the walls.

    Y/N looked back at him. “Read & Drink.” she answered. “Not the best name, I know, but I find this place very relaxing and their coffee matches Jitters.”

    She pointed at the table at the farthest corner of the small shop.

    “Why don’t you take a seat back there and I get us coffee? My treat.”

    Julian didn’t mean to but he abruptly gazed at her like she was insane. Why were they inside a coffee / book shop? He didn’t even know if she liked reading, or was this somehow a part of her plan to lure him in and trap him? He knew girls like Y/N; they were heart breakers and didn’t care that they were.

    With a confused expression, he crossed his arms. “What exactly do you think you’re doing, Y/N?”

    Y/N dramatically sighed, ignoring the way he has been staring at her. “Buying us coffee. So like I said, just move —”

    “No.” Julian cut him off. “No, I refuse to do this anymore. You’re doing it again. You’re acting like you actually care for me when I know for a fact that I am just one of your boy toys.”

     She was unfazed by his accusation, a smile creeping on her lips because of the selection of words he decided to use. “How are you so sure about that?”

     He huffed a breath. “Because you’re a flirt and you mess with other people’s feelings. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re playing at. You’ve been doing it to me, to Barry, to that other guy at the station — basically, every guy you encounter.”

    The amount of alcohol he had taken earlier was taking effect on his thoughts and actions. He always wanted to say that to Y/N and now he has finally done it, he was puzzled to realize that it didn’t serve him any comfort at all knowing that he had said something out of his chest. Instead, Julian wanted to take it back.

     "Wow. Is that how low you think of me, Julian? That I’m just an easy chick who lets random people touch me?“ she formed her lips into a thin line. "I bet it’s because I wear less clothing, doesn’t it? Well, for your information, the way I dress myself doesn’t define who I am.”

     Julian was taken back by her sudden outburst.

    “And the way you flirt?” he asked.

    Y/N gave him a sarcastic smile. “If you want a job to get done or some favors, you got to play dirty sometimes.” she took a step back. “I can’t believe I even bothered with you. For a minute there, I thought you weren’t like anyone else who just talked to me because they wanted to get laid.”

     He frowned upon her statement. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it that way. I was only —”

    “Only cautious?” she guessed, laughing. “Gosh. Were you thinking that I was going to bring you to some motel and seduce you?” she laughed even more, though the laughter escaping her lips weren’t because of joy, it was because of hurt.

     "No, Y/N, that’s not what I was —" Julian stopped himself from lying, knowing that it was exactly was he was thinking of.

    She nodded in understanding, taking another step backwards. “Well, I’m not really in the mood to be with you right now. Let’s just call it a night, shall we?”

    But Y/N didn’t need an answer as she marches pass his way and towards the exit, purposely bumping on his shoulder to let him know that she wasn’t pleased.

    Julian didn’t need it to be aware. He just stood there motionless, a disappointed and frustrated groan being let out of his system afterwards, the feeling of being so ridiculous seeping through his head as he replays the conversation he just had with Y/N.

     He was so careful not to hurt himself that he didn’t even think that it was possible to hurt her as well — and now, he absolutely didn’t know how to fix it.

Paradoxical Labour (Part 3)

Summary: Y/N wanted her husband back and she didn’t care if she had cross through a million parallel universes, she’d find him but she nor he had any idea just what would happen when she would. (I haven’t gotten up to season 3, but I couldn’t wait to write something about Savitar, considering I spoiled it for myself, so if Savitar seems OOC, then I’m sorry and this is more AU than anything else.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash (2014) or anything associated.

Warnings: Just a whole lot of baby fluff with Savi and the reader and some sweet times with Barry and Earth 1 reader ;D

Savitar x Reader (and slight Barry x Reader from Earth 1)

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“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Allen,” Y/N slowly straightened up until she was standing, a wriggling baby wrapped a white medical sheet cried loudly in her arms, “you have a healthy boy. Daddy, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” She asked gently, identical E/C eyes flicking over to Savitar who nodded mutely, stumbling over as watery eyes never left his fussing son. Caitlin handed him a pair of surgical scissors and with shaky hands, welling hazel-green and pebble white eyes flicked down and he gently cut the umbilical cord before lifting his hands to take hold of his son, but Y/N gently shook her head, “we’re just going to clean him up and we’ll be right back, okay?” Y/N asked gently as her doppelganger nodded gently, her hand slipping easily against her husband’s as she panted softly.

“Don’t take too long, doc, I wanna see my baby boy.”

Grinning, Y/N gently tried to calm the fussing boy before taking him to Caitlin who cooed gently at the newborn Allen and set off to clean him while Y/N went back to clean up Void Y/N.

Savitar wiped at his tears as he looked to his equally ecstatic wife as she smiled brilliantly, tears glittering in her E/C eyes and they shined in the fluorescent lights. She was sweaty, tired and in a bit of pain from not being able to have an epidural due to the Speed Force in her system, courtesy of their child. “A boy, we have a boy, Barry.” Her voice was soft, tired but the happiness in her eyes was not to be denied and all Savitar could do was nod, too overcome with emotions to talk.

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The Night We Met- C.H

Authors Note: so i wrote this a while back and i’m not sure about it but yeah i think i could keep it going but only if you guys rlly think it needs one tell me what you think

“what the fuck is your problem Calum” “my problem? my problem are you fucking kidding me? i don’t have a problem you’re the problem.” he said harshly “i’m not a fucking problem maybe this was a problem, this shouldn’t have happened” i said running my hands through my hair then looking up towards him “we weren’t a problem before Cal” i said looking away from him. i sat there in silence processing what i had just said and waiting for him to respond, it hurt, it hurt so badly i didn’t know what the hell i was supposed do in that moment. i had regretted what i had said because i knew we were in love, i knew what we felt wasn’t fake, we were in love. WERE in love that doesn’t mean we still are. “maybe you’re right ba-y/n, maybe we are the problem” he said looking down, while i looked at the promise ring, the one he said meant he would love me forever. “y/n?” he said looking over towards me. “yes?” i said still looking down at the ring, tears slowly starting to build up making my vision blurry. “y/n, please” his voice cracking a little “Calum?” i looked up to see tears rolling down his cheeks. my source of happiness, the boy i fell in love with, hurting, hurting because he realized what he hoped would last wasn’t going to. i had all i wanted,
but i guess it was time we realized this wasn’t gonna turn out how we hoped it would it wasn’t the way it was like the night we met, nothing was like the way it was the night we met.

“take me back to the night we met y/n”

i remember that night, i was one i would never forget, i wish it was still like that night and it never had to end. That night we met each other for the first time , it was on our first date, two of our friends had set us up on this date we were nervous, so nervous that night, that he dropped food on his pants but it was no big deal, we laughed it off.
Once we left the restaurant it felt like we had gotten to know each other for years rather than just the few hours we were together. We were so comfortable with each other it felt so right, it felt like we were perfect for each other and no one could take that away from us. it was everything.hoped. That was all on the night we met, little did we know we would end up where we are now.

“i wish i could take you back to that night
calum, before all the fights, before the arguing and the drama.” i wished we weren’t where we were now. I slowly began taking the promise ring off my finger. “y/n please” he said his sniffles becoming louder. He was hurting, so was i but if we stayed the way we were it would only hurt us more. I held the ring in the palm of my hand, one last time, one last time to hold the broken promise. I stood up and placed the ring in Calums hand, “maybe we are the problem Cal or maybe i’m just the problem but i can’t do this anymore” i said walking away from where he was seated. “y/n don’t go, i don’t want none of you i want all of you” “Cal” “no not want, i don’t want all of you, i need all of you” “Calum please listen” “no y/n you listen, i’m not letting you go, i’m here for you i love you i love you so much y/n , i was afraid of what you think but i realize that doesn’t matter, it’s okay to be afraid but it’s not okay to lose you, fuck y/n i can’t lose you” he said grabbing my hand tightly, i didn’t know what to say i had no clue what to do. i knew i wanted calum i knew i needed him but i also knew i didn’t want to hurt him. i pulled away “someone will love you Calum, but it can’t be me” leaving him behind, leaving the only person i’ve been able to love and open up to behind.

In Times of War - Part Twelve

Summary: Y/N and Steve interrogate Zola, and head to Insight Corporation for the final fight.

Warnings: violence, major character death, swearing

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A/N: This is the twelfth part of my entry for @marvelous-fvcks‘ challenge. Enjoy!

As it turned out, finding Zola was ridiculously easy. Natasha only had to type on her keyboard for a couple minutes before the facial recognition system found him. Y/N and Steve stayed at Sam’s house while Sam and Maria headed out to kidnap the scientist.

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"Beauty And The Beast" - Negan Imagine (Chapter 1)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count: 1028

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: violence 


Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine

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By this point you couldn’t hear, or feel, anything. The pavement beneath you pierced your knees, the cold feeling colliding with you. Your eyes didn’t wander past the ground, you saw Michonne on your left and Daryl on your right.

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Bury me in your Sins Ch3

olicity || ao3 || mature (for now) || angst || 5296 || more fics

summary: Don’t involve yourself in the league of assassins and don’t fuck with the league of assassins. It’s a pretty easy concept, right? Well, it would have been if Felicity had known what she was meddling with. Now she has one of the league’s best assassins knocking down her door.
chapter word count: 2144
chapters: 3/?
a/n: two updates in one daaaaay i’m on a roll [guitar rift] okay but i’m not very good at writing Nyssa (or Ra’s for that matter) but i tried and I hope it’s okay. I actually had a lot of fun writing this chapter. ((The last line is my fave))

[ch1] [ch2]

Felicity stirred in her sleep. Her head was pounding and her mind felt fuzzy. She could barely remember what happened. It was slowly coming back to her the more awake she became. She shifted, hearing the rattle of chains. It only took her another moment to realize the heaviness of her wrists. Her eyes fluttered open and she let out a long groan. Old chains bound her wrists together. No handcuffs here, these were heavy duty you’re-not-going-anywhere shackles.

“What the fuck,” she slurred, shaking her wrists and making the chains rattle.

“Do not move,” Al Sah-Him spoke from beside her.

She moved away from him, but the quick jolt made her head spin, “Oh god, I’m going to vomit.”

“I told you not to move.”

“I need a bathroom,” she looked up with blurry vision, “Or I’m going to puke on you.”

He grabbed her by the back of her shirt and pulled her to her feet.

“Oh yes that is helping,” she turned her head in his direction and audibly gagged.

“You are an utter nuisance,” he muttered, pushing her forward.

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yanderehetaliadrabbles  asked:

I am sorry for not specifying what I meant, but yes I meant that what would Baltics to with their crush when the kidnap them

(I’ll just do this in scenarios)(also doing this in three parts because i got a bit carried away)

1p Lithuania/ Toris Laurinaitis:

“Hey (name)? can you wake up please? i have something to show you.” You groggily float into consciousness, blinking your heavy eyelids up, your eyes eventually come into blurry focus of your best friend, Toris. As your reality becomes less clouded, you realize in slight panic that some things are not as they should be. For instance, what is the pressure on you wrists? And why are they in such an uncomfortable position? What’s the weird smell? Why does Toris look wet? Why is it so dark in here? Where are you even? You feel your heart speed up as your brain goes real time while your limbs remain heavy and immobile. Your eyes adjust more to the low light and you turn your head back to your friend. Toris looked back at you, but his eyes held something you’d never expect from him, pure, uncut, insanity. You hear your blood pounding in your ears. Toris smiles, it wasn’t the kind ones he normally gave you, it was crooked, wide, scary. It dawned on you that this was in fact NOT your Toris. You tear up and his face drops, almost to a point where you could see the old him, but you knew better “(n-name)? What’s wrong? Why do you look so scared? h-h-hehe. . HAHAHA! I HAVEN”T EVEN SHOWED YOU ANYTHING YET!” You flinch as he yells and a tear escapes, a wet trail being left as it glides its way down your cheek, why was your sweet, innocent friend doing this? You reopen your eyes to find him mere inches from your face, and the smell becomes clear, the color gets pigmented and a new rush of adrenaline jolts you back up as you realize that your friend is covered in blood. But why is he? “(name), I’m sorry for scaring you, but as i said earlier, I have something to show you, h-here, I’ll untie you.” He reaches around you in an almost-hug and fumbles with what sounds like chains. But why were you chained up? You practically gag as the metallic scent drowns you. Toris pulls away, with sure enough, chains, draping across his palms. He drops them before grabbing your stiff arm, dragging up and steadying you on your shaky feet. “Follow me, (name)” “W-where are we going, why was I chained up? Why are you covered in blood? What do you want to show me? Why are you acting like this?” You sputter out, getting more and more choked up with every word. You finally let out a sob and Toris stops, whips around and envelopes you in his arms, dragging you to the ground and sitting against a wall, placing you on his lap and whispering, what you supposed he thought, as comforting words. But they only frightened you more. “sshhh, (name), (name) sshhhh, it’s alright, it’s alright… they weren’t important, they don’t matter, sshhh. They had to die, sshhh, you’ll be fine with me, don’t worry.” What? Who’s not important? Who had to die? WHY did anyone have to die? You’ll be safe with him? HOW? He’s insane! You sob harder and he sighs, pulling you to your feet and mumbling, “Maybe seeing it will calm you down, yeah? Come on, hun.” he finally approaches a door, the stench of blood consuming you, what was behind that door? You don’t want to go in. But none the less, Toris yanks the handle and unveils chaos. Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, even Russia, well especially Russia, seeing as he was the only one with his ribcage ripped open and his heart on a pike a few feet from it. You feel bile rise in your throat, but Toris rips your shoulders towards him, that smile was back. “They had to die, (name). Of course, only Russia had to originally, he said I couldn’t keep you, Then I went after him and then that stupid bitch Belarus tried to step in, HA! Can you believe I used to crush on that useless bitch? Then Estonia and Latvia tried to get help, so they had to go, and then Ukraine was trying and screaming too much, which could have messed everything up. But don’t you see? I did this for us! I know you only thought of me as a friend, but that’ll change soon enough. Anyway, I was thinking I should take you away from here later tonight, wouldn’t you like that? We could be together forever!” You examine the blood stained room once more, another sob racking your body, you hear a deep sigh and turn back to look at your Lithuanian psycho, who had a bottle and a cloth in his hand. “I THOUGHT I could make you happy by showing you my dedication, but I guess you need some more time to get used to t.he thought of it all.” And with that he shot outhis arm and grabbing your hand, yanking you to him. He sets the cloth across your face and readjusts his arm to go around your back, locking you in place as you feel your reality slip once more, you feel another tear slip down your face and your heavy eyelids drop over your iris.


“it’s kind of hard to describe. We occasionally get random memories, which we assume is from the originals, but it’s usually hard to figure out who it is from. Some are obvious. Guns? Memory from Tord. Mirrors? Matt. But then there are, other memories, which are blurry and we can’t really figure out what it is or who it is from.”

They clear their throat.

“But, if you meant our current memories from when we were made to living in this room. Yes we share those too.”

blurry kitchen, yes i know that kitchen sink is not from the blurryface album, but i thought it would be cool to combine the two albums in a weird art form. in reguards to the background that is meant to be vessel ( sort of) 

please do  not steal my art reblog it though please!

“I meant it, Claire,’ he said quietly. ‘My life is yours. And it’s yours to decide what we shall do, where we go next. To France, to Italy, even back to Scotland. My heart has been yours since first I saw ye, and you’ve held my soul and body between your two hands here, and kept them safe. We shall go as ye say.”  

Influence; Jeon Jungkook

You didn’t know how much of an impact you were to Jungkook and his work until it was too late.

Word Count: 3.5K

(A/N): Holy fucking shit this is long. But damn, was this fun to write. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning writing it. I was inspired by one of my favorite songs 흔들린다 by Block B’s Taeil when writing this…also I love writing artist AU’s :’3 Anyway, I got a request from bulletproofbookworm for a 3 word prompt and cheekyindonesian for a jungkook fluff prompt and so here I am multitasking with a 3 word fluffy artist!jungkook story! Thanks guys, hope I did well! So since it inspired this story, I suggest listening to or watching the mv for the song to get a feel of how it’s envisioned. Happy reading! Requests here and here.

1. upset

When Jungkook has his mind in a world that isn’t this one, hands moving at the speed of light to search for a new galaxy, eyes bursting with the gleam of a thousand stars, it’s hard to bring him out until he so desires. But that was before he knew you. And even if you didn’t know it yet, it took you less time than for him to blink to bring his mind from his own world back to the one you both were standing on. Because no matter how spectacular his new world was, it didn’t have you in it and that was enough for him to return.

It takes the simple call of his name through the screen door to get his attention and Jungkook is dropping his paint brush and abandoning his canvas for the first time since this morning when he started creating a new piece. He rushes over to the door, desperate to be greeted by your eyes. And when he opens it, he’s greeted with your eyes, a warm smile, and a basket filled with an assortment of mugs and packets of his favourite tea. He’s waving you inside and you recognise the shirt he’s wearing, noting more acrylic paint stains than the last time and you suddenly felt guilty.

“I’m sorry, if I’d known you were working…” you said softly, thinking to yourself that maybe you should call in advance next time. But he’s shaking his head before you can even doubt yourself.

“No, no. It’s fine, I needed a break anyway,” he smiled and if it were anyone else, it’d be a complete lie because he was Jeon Jungkook and Jeon Jungkook doesn’t take breaks. But he’d be damned if he ever lied to you and learned that sometimes, breaks are pretty essential. And in a second, you’re smiling again and he can’t remember how to breathe so he excuses himself to fetch some hot water, taking the basket from you.

While he’s in the kitchen remembering what it’s like to breathe again, you’re looking around his workspace, observing his work. You walk around the room, passing paintings he’s had since you first met him to paintings he had just varnished down not even a week prior and even if it’s the fiftieth time seeing them or the first time seeing them, you’re astonished to no end at his talent.

He returns to you with two mugs filled to just the right amount of hot water so there’s a good amount of green tea flavour, something you taught him at the beginning of your friendship because although he was a master at everything else, tea making was never his forté. You’re drawn away from his pieces at the call of your name and he’s handing you your mug. You thank him, taking the mug from him, your hands brushing for a mere second and he’s already holding his breath. He watches as you take a sip, seeing your eyes close because you like the comfort the tea gives you and he almost forgets he’s got a cup too but he just had to catch a glimpse of you trying it first. You’re both sighing as the tea trails down your throats and you let out a laugh telling him how unfair it is that he has now mastered the art of making perfect green tea thus making him a master at anything and everything under the sun. He’s shaking his head, telling you “not everything” but he’s still laughing along with you.

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Teeth Be Gone - Michael 5SOS

You slowly woke up from your procedure and began to look around the slightly blurry room. It took a moment for you to remember that you had gotten your wisdom teeth out, but the moment you did, you could feel your mouth stuffed with cotton. You glanced over at the nurse who was talking to a blurry tall guy. You sat up a little and rubbed your eyes, hoping that this would make your vision a bit more clear. It took a few seconds, but sure enough you realized that the blurry figure was in fact Michael. He took something from the nurse and then walked over to you and smiled, “ready to go?” You mumbled out, “mhfmfm” which Michael assumed meant yes, and he took you by the hand and helped you up. He led you out to the car and once you were all buckled in and good to go he got into his seat and started driving.

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Fan report about Tessa and Scott at the Beijing Airport - 4.08.2014

Here’s the translation made by a friend of mine :)


If you want to say the feelings when meeting them at the airport when they arrive were anxious, yearning, and regret, then the feeling right now is fulfillment, thankfulness, and a little regret would be more appropriate. Although the first time to do such a thing was pretty hectic, and the feeling of dream come true sounded unreal. Also because of nerves I regret that I couldn’t say anything constructive and take the opportunity to tell them how I felt. This time the plan to see them off was also a last minute idea. If it weren’t for this morning I found out they were flying back to Beijing from Taipei, I wouldn’t even be writing this.

Even though I found their flight no, but I was afraid that they wouldn’t even clear immigration and just wait inside the transfer area for connecting flight and everything was for naught. Luckily we knew someone who works at an airline and they told us that they have to clear immigration and go through the process at departure. When we learn that we were very relieved, ate a little, and I skipped work and headed off to the airport.

When I arrived I was taken off guard because the flights back to Vancouver were assigned to check in counter B13 to B26. But the point is, I only have one set of eye! When I ran towards the counters I even got ran over by a dude with a cart full of luggage. To see my true loves I never cared about the rain but as always I would get random injuries!! When I got to B13 to 26 area I really thought this was a mission impossible… I want to cry! When I got close I saw the flights to Vancouver were still checking in, so I found a position where I can see the entire area. Then I overheard someone saying the flight to Toronto can start checking in I immediately stood up and checked the signage, it now lists both flights. Those few minutes I was really anxious because I was afraid to miss them in that brief period. Luckily I had my friends supporting me through the internet, chatting with me, and coming up with plans with me. One friend even said how about I disguise as an airport worker pretending to have important documents and see if I can get information from the counter. I ran around and asked around various people, I tried to look worried and asked if there are foreigners checking in because I am their interpreter and they forgot something important behind. One of the workers said per regulation they cannot disclose personal information and asked if I had any other ways to contact them. I said no and it’s really important, but there was nothing I could do if they checked in and I could only mail the stuff back to them. The worker probably felt sorry for me and mumbled something with the lady beside him then asked how many people I am looking for. I said a party of three, but when he checked his computer he said there were lots of party of three foreigners but only one has checked in. He said I should probably wait and there was a good chance they haven’t checked in yet. I thanked the guy and continued to wait anxiously, finally I saw them around thirty minutes later!

Now I think back, if I was still staring at the line and didn’t turn around, maybe I would really miss them. I have to say, You are my destiny (background music start) !!! I just had one impulse to turn around and I saw Tessa, Scott and Joannie. Impulsively I yelled “Tessa, Scott!!!” They turned and looked this way, along with many others around them who probably thought I was a psychopath. I ran over and said “Oh thank God!!”. The three of them were eating ice cream. Scott replied “Oh, Girl! Thank God!” (me in my mind: why are you thanking…). I said I was really afraid to miss you guys and Tessa replied, but you didn’t. I stood there with a stupid grin, and said I really miss you guys do you still remember me? I was there greeting you guys when you arrived in Beijing the first time. Tessa and Scott said of course! (Like that time, both of them were really surprised that they had people tracking them down at the airport). I told Tessa I was actually disappointed at myself when they arrive in Beijing the first time because I didn’t prepare well enough. Tessa said not at all the flowers were beautiful they were really surprised. Tessa also said she liked my earrings, hoho. I asked them did they enjoy their trip to China, they both said they had a lot of fun.

I said in China Ice Dance’s popularity is not as high as Pairs so the audiences reaction may not be as passionate. They both said they felt the audiences were great and enthusiastic. (That’s because you have fans screaming their lungs off, so much the guys and ladies beside us were rolling their eyes). Tess asked did I enjoy the show, I said I liked it a lot even though it may not be my favorite routines (I am a good honest kid, mainly so they can have even better and classic skates). Tessa said oh we disappointed you, I said no way it was still beautiful! Scott asked what programs from them I enjoyed, Stay? (My cellphone casing has Stay at the back). I said Stay is great, and I want to Hold Your Hand (Scott gave a long ohhhh), also Aint no Mountains (forgot to mention Hallelujah and Everybody Dance Now). Scott was surprised when he heard I say Ain’t No Mountains, because they only performed a few times. I said yes I really liked it, I even used it as my ringtone for a while. It was so loud that everyone my phone rings it surprised people around me. Scott then asked, what do I want to see next year, I said I want to Hold Your Hand. Scott looked at me and said C’mon aren’t you sick of it? I said no I haven’t seen it live haha. Ohoh I also loved the Latin routine, if they do that style next year it would be great the audience would be really into it. Scott said they will take that into consideration. I also told Scott, we saw his funny clip on the conveyer belt. Scott looked a bit embarrassed (which is impossible but maybe a little) and he smiled. In the clip someone behind them yelled “Excuse Me”, sounded like Tessa and Joannie made them do it, I said it was cute and funny.

Tessa asked am I a student? I said I am working now. She asked about my job, and I said I am a translator. Scott asked do I like it I said it’s alright but meaningful, yadda yadda yadda. Then I said Chinese fans really liked their performances and hope they will come back, maybe in competition or Artistry on Ice again and we will be even more enthusiastic. They said if they have the chance they will come back for sure. Scott pointed to Joannie and asked if I know who she is, I said of course, I not just here for you two you know! Scott said, what he meant was we can just chat amongst ourselves and ignore Joannie and pretend she’s not here. (Joannie gave her a stare haha Scott is so immature). Then I said, can I take another picture with them because the first time the pix was blurry. They or course said yes, and Joannie was so nice to offer to take the pix (Joannie I am so sorry this time I am so focused on Tessa and Scott… Next year I will prepare gifts for you for sure, please drag Tessa and Scott along too!). Before I could even check the pix Joannie took, Scott said let’s take selfies he likes taking selfies. I felt so happy I almost fainted, my idol wants to take selfies with me, am I dreaming! Scott was a real pro, his hand didn’t shake at out and the pix turned out really good (fainted crying). Actually I brought a Polaroid thinking I can take pix with them and get them to sign it. But I guess it’s all about timing and the mood, I felt I should ask too much at the time, this is enough. Getting everything at once is not meaningful, leave something for the next time. I them took a pix with Joannie, Scott took the pix and was fondling my phone casing said he like this case. So nice (how about I never change my phone again, both time complimented my case and used my phone to take selfies hahaha).

After taking the pix, I asked if I can take pix of just the two of them so I can put it up on my blog, everyone misses them. Scott said “Really? Miss us already?” Two of them were so cooperative getting into position, and I said let’s also take a funny picture, and they started making faces. I said l want to also take pix of all three of them, Tessa said sure and I asked Joannie to join them. But when Joannie got close Scott said innocently what are you doing here (so immature haha). Joannie totally ignored him and they looked happily towards the camera. Then it was time to say good, Scott opened up his arms and said give him a hug. Oh my little girl’s pink heart (hahaha). Scott hugged me really tight, you can really feel their sincerity. Then Tessa hugged me (not as tight as Scott, so doesn’t love me as much hahaha). When they were about to walk to the check in counter, Scott suddenly turned around and held up his hand. I thought he wanted to give me a high five but then Scott went into this routines, front and back, fist bumps, I didn’t know what I was doing at all but Scott took my hand and did the routine (ahhhhhhh, looked like what they do with their coaches but not too sure). I felt so happy that I almost rained, I love Scott so much. Scott then said, how about you take pix of us walking, and then he started posing and pretending to walk away. I said okok, let’s do it, and they started walking, Tessa turned around and laughed and we hugged again, said farewell, safe trip, and then they left for the counter.

But I didn’t want to leave at all, so I stared asking my friend on my phone what I should do. I already said goodbye and they are at the counter checking in, should I stay? Is that too much? My friend both said stay, and said if I can’t think of anything more to say to them then I am lame. When they were checking in, I saw Scott and Tessa were doing the high five routine. I looked at them like an idiot too bad didn’t take pix, they have so much loooove. After they checked in and saw I was still there, they looked a little happy. I said I want to see them off to the immigration, and said to them next time I should spend the whole time with them and climb the Great Wall together. Scott said sure sure. I said it’s really tiresome you have to prepared, Scott said he has muscles (immature kid). Scott then said we can just climbed a small portion don’t have to do it all, I said nah you got muscles you won’t be tired hahaha. I asked them did they try Peking roast duck, Scott said no but they had a lot of chicken and port. I said then the next time I will take them, Scott nodded. Tessa asked what have I been doing in Beijing for so many years, I immediately said “eat” (my true nature). Tessa said wow she found someone with the same interests, I then said then I will take them to various places to eat, their schedule was too packed this time. Both of them said great. Also my friend Sean left a strong impression on them when he was with me when they arrive so I wanted to knock him down a peg. When I mentioned Sean, Scott immediately said “Sean is my boy!” (Jealousy and hatred haha). Tessa asked do I use twitter, I said I do because I have a special program to get around the government firewall. I said I added one other pix on twitter and Tessa said really she’ll check when go home. Tessa asked what my twitter handle is (ahahaha is this leading to Tessa following me on Twitter? If she really follows me I will cry and faint in the washroom). After I gave her my Twitter handle, I added she should get on to Instagram then Chinese fans can follow her easily. Tessa said she actually has plans to get onto Instagram, Maxim asked her to do it (you are doing it because of Trankov!!?) Scott asked have I seen the pix Maxim posted of them at the Great Wall. I said yes. He said isn’t it great, I agreed (Trankov said he is his own great wall…). Without realizing we are all the departure gate to immigration. I thought the short walk may be awkward but we chatted the whole way. I wanted to chat some more but we were already at the gate. Saying goodbye again, hugged them again, and I said see you next year, with you a safe trip! They even turned around when they were already inside and I waved and said See You!

Because it’s true love so I was so nervous and I ramble. I prepared a lot but blanked out because I’m filled with happiness. I wanted to say, even though Scott is a goof and blurb out things impulsively, he is still a warm love person. Don’t even have to describe how sweet Tessa is. Her smile lights up the world!
Seeing them arrive and send them off, a beginning and an end, probably the happiest thing for a fan. It’s like literature, a real love story may not be perfect and will have regret, but having the opportunity to see my idols up close and chat with them without barriers, idols are always so excellent, and through them to improve myself to be a better person. Only then we can live up to their greatness. All those popular love novels in China now are not my youth, Tess and Scott are.


Thank you for making this :)