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I want to thank you for being such a big source of inspiration for me. I remember finding your channel back in 2012 by accident when I was looking for Amnesia compilations. I think you barely had 5k subs at the time? I don’t think you even had a webcam yet actually. I remember watching a vlog where you said that you wanted to upload videos everyday. You sounded committed and passionate about it. I’m someone who’s draws inspiration from passionate individuals and I thought to myself, “Alright, I’ll keep watching if you show me that you’re truly dedicated to this.”

You kept at it. I could see you were truly driven about making videos and I was curious to see where you were headed. Even today, I’m looking forward to watching what you do. Yes, I still watch your videos, though I’m more selective on which ones to watch. You still make me laugh and bring a smile to my face when days are rough.

The whole Darkiplier thing has been a weird and wondrous adventure with many ups and downs. Fun fact, I nearly scrapped him entirely because I got frustrated with the idea and I was unsure of where to go with the character. I took a long break from drawing him and my best friend @prismkitten-mivy has helped me rebuild his story. I have more plans for projects involving him in the near future and I’m ecstatic to share those ideas with the community.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this charity. I’m still in shock over how many items have been sold and how much has been raised. Your community can do a lot of good when it comes together for these events. Thank you, for being a passionate and driven individual that inspires creative people such as myself. You’re a wonderful person Mark, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here.


Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #02

Initiate Era - Master Dooku & Qui-Gon

Master Dooku has the highest standards and only chooses the most elite of the elite as his apprentices. Initiate Jinn is a prodigy and looks perfect on the records and is also exceptionally gifted in sensing the Living Force. Master Dooku thought he would make the perfect Padawan. Sometimes, Master Dooku is wrong.

Or, Master Dooku has to bribe a young Padawan Qui-Gon with Obi-Wan’s company in order to get him to do anything.

[A/N] In this AU where everyone is happy, almost no one is evil and everyone lives, Master Dooku is that grumpy grandpa who looks super scary but is actually ridiculously soft once you get to know him. Qui-Gon is his third apprentice, and all three of his Padawans are ridiculously rebellious (and spoiled) in their own ways. You’ll meet the other two soon <3

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Confused? Have no idea why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are only 3 years apart?

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prompt: andreil + emergency room visit

(this is a sequel to THIS ‘I think there’s someone in the house’ fic!)

The paramedics hammer on the door, and Neil looks up, teary-eyed, from where his face is pressed into Andrew’s damp hair. He’s feeling for his breath with the back of his hand, waiting moment to moment for Andrew to die in his arms, silently like he does everything else. Urgency keeps stunning Neil all over again, hysterical defibrillators. The EMT’s are calling out through the wall, muffled but calm.

It feels unthinkably wrong, their absolute evenness and ease outside his door when his life is an exposed neck and Andrew’s death is the whirring blade of a saw.

He realizes that he has to get up to let them in, and it seems as impossible as it would be for Andrew to spring up and answer the door himself. He feverishly wants them to crumple the door to splinters and be inside already. 

It’s a herculean effort to ease Andrew to the ground, like he’s gritting his teeth and cutting off his own leg. He touches Andrew’s clammy face briefly but he can’t bring himself to try and slap him awake. He props Andrew’s bare feet up on the rim of the bath so the blood will flood towards his head, at least.

He feels untethered to his body when he stands, a helium balloon with its usual weight passed out on the bathroom floor. He falls into the wall immediately, adrenaline neck and neck with exhaustion.

He finds his way to the front door without his mind’s help. His head is in the bathroom with Andrew, and he knows that no matter what happens it’ll be there for a long, long time.

The next time he blinks, a man in uniform is holding his biceps and peering down at him seriously.

“—sir? Sir, are you hurt at all?”

“No,” Neil says, lips numb. “Bathroom. He’s in the bathroom. He’s bleeding to death.”

He turns, easily slipping the paramedic’s grip. There’s a procession of them, hefting a gurney and a couple of kits, and they’ve brought all the cold from outside in on their heels. They’re such a foreign object in their warm, messy apartment — uniformed, official, and precise.

It’s deadly, walking in and seeing Andrew spread out in his boxers, blood oozing through his t-shirt from his loose stitches, pale enough to match the porcelain. Neil’s seen enough corpses to recognize what they look like. 

He falls heavily to his knees and puts his head directly to his chest, listening, tears slipping hotly over the bridge of his nose.

“Please,” he slurs. His heartbeat is a tentative thud, a knock from an unexpected guest. “Help him. Now, help him now.”

“We’re going to try our best Sir, but you’ve got to get out of the way,” someone says gently.

He topples backwards onto his hands. It’s a cramped space, and he knows it would be easier if he waited outside, but he also knows he’d rather die than leave them alone with him.

The first guy kneels down and takes Andrew’s pulse, and Neil shakes his head. They’re too slow, time is feeding directly into a wide open drain.

“He needs an IV. He’s two litres down, at least. You’ve got to—“ A petite woman puts a hand on his shoulder and he shrugs her off violently. “No! You have to listen to me.”

“We know what we’re doing,” she says. “Are you an MD?” She eyes him doubtfully, gaze flitting from his scars to where her colleagues are taking vitals and cutting through Andrew’s clothes.

“Yes,” Neil says wildly. “And he needs an IV. Possibly two. Large-bore, normal saline. He’s not getting any oxygen, and he’s been like this for as long as it took you to gather your meager response team.”

She purses her lips, but she’s a professional. He can see her repressing her anger and it infuriates him. He feels like he’s crashing, over and over again, and he’s watching someone daintily pump the breaks.

“He’s right,” one of the EMT’s says distractedly. “We’re gonna need to get some fluids started, he’s in hypovolemic shock, sats below 50.”

“You want to tell me what happened?” one of the men asks.

“No,” Neil says as evenly as he can manage, reaching out to graze Andrew’s cold fingers.

“Did you do these stitches?” the woman asks, pulling at Andrew’s skin to get a better look at them. He suddenly sees how they must look to them, sloppy and angry red. Neil bends her arm away without thinking about it.

“Don’t touch him,” he snaps. He could break her arm and it would make him feel better. He drops her, disoriented by his own violence.

“There’s no need to be antagonistic,” the first man says. “We don’t want to have to remove you.”

“You really don’t,” Neil agrees. “You won’t succeed.”

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A commission requested by @alexwspark, for @ajwolf84‘s ABO fic The Unusual Truth : a really fiuffy - and hot - ABO genre fic with very unique world-building. (In this universe, people’s Alpha and Omega sides are latent entities within that person. It’s a really different ABO AU, definitely worth a read :)) I drew Yuuri with his Alpha, which looks like a black wolf to him.

Here’s an excerpt from the fic (chapter 4), where Yuuri is having a conversation with his Alpha:

Yuuri smiled and stretched his body along his bed, the blanket’s scent brushing against his mind like a gentle hand. He was torn between wanting to move and prepare for his rut or stay wrapped in this scent forever. His Alpha sat in the corner of his mind, quiet and patient as always, his large black body relaxed, tail idly sliding back and forth.

Why do you look like a wolf to me?

One of the hot topics of conversation among his classmates was the form of their Alphas and omegas. Most of the omegas described things that were beautiful or cute, like cats, angels or geishas; whereas Alphas were usually fierce and scary like a tiger, a dragon or a yokai. One Alpha he knew even said his was a samurai, while his Alpha skater friend, Killian, said his was a bear.

Yuuri’s was a huge, black wolf, big enough to ride on. Despite his size, his face was kind and soft, much like his personality, which was always patient and understanding.

‘We aren’t born with a form, we chose it around the time we are 6. Most Alpha choose a strong image, how they want to appear to the world.

‘But even back then I could feel your nervousness and fear. I wanted to be comfortable and familiar for you. I thought of being a dog, but I couldn’t bring myself to be too cute.’ He paused, smiling with a wink. ‘It took me a long time to decide, but then you watched that cartoon with the big wolves.’

Princess Mononoke.

‘Yes, that one. I thought the wolves looked a lot like dogs, but stronger. I also liked how big they were.’

How come?

‘Because then when you were upset you could climb on me and we could run away together.’

Yuuri sat in silence, not sure what to say. His Alpha was averting his eyes, looking a little embarrassed by the admission.

You’ve always looked out for me, haven’t you?

‘I’ve tried.’

I appreciate it.

BTS reaction: their s/o asking them to choke them or tie them up during sex.

Anon requested: 

Hello! If you have time, can you do “BTS react to their s/o asking them to choke them or to tie them up during sex”? Thanks!!

A/N - NSFW!! (obviously). Also, I need some holy water after writing this. 


Originally posted by fawnave

You were sitting on Jin’s bed almost fully naked, as he was taking his own clothes off, when you decided to ask him the question that you’ve wanted to ask him for a really long time.

“Daddy?” You asked while watching him take off his T-shirt.

“Yes princess?” He asked, pausing. 

“I know we’ve never done this before but, can you tie me up tonight?” 

Jin didn’t know how to react at first.

“Are you sure you want that princess?” He asked with a kind of concerned look on his face.

You nodded and his concerned expression was replaced with a smirk as he took off the rest of his clothes.

“Your wish is my command!”


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The two of you were about to reach your climaxes as Yoongi was thrusting into you from behind when you half-shouted:


Suga smirked at that getting even more turned on. He gripped your chin with his hand and made you look at him. 

“What did you just say? Can you please repeat that princess? What do you want me to do to you?”

“Omg I’m so close!” you moaned before repeating your request. “I WANT YOU TO C-C-CHOKE ME! P-PLEASE!” 

Yoongi let out a low chuckle before wrapping his hands around your neck and sqeezing, not too hard, but just enough to satisfy you.


Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

Hobi’s head was between your legs as he was eating you out - his tongue sliding up and down your slit while his thumb was massaging your clit. You were moaning his name out in pleasure, but you wanted something more. 

“H-Hobi?” You managed to whisper in between moans.

“Yes love?” He asked and pulled away so he can look at you, his lips covered in your juices.

“C-can you please…tie me up?” You asked shyly.

Hoseok smirked at your request and looked at you. 

“I would love to do that,” he said with a devilish look on his face. “But only if you ask properly.”

“Pease Daddy! Please, tie me up to the bed and fuck me senseless!” 

“With pleasure.” he said before leaning in and kissing you, a little too roughly. 


Originally posted by forever-young-got7

You were riding Namjoon, raising and lowering your hips and slowly increasing your pace. That’s when out of nowhere you moaned out:

“C-choke me!”

Namjoon smirked and raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“What was that?”

“CHOKE ME!”, you repeated louder this time. 

“Am I going crazy? Or did my pretty little slut just asked her Daddy to choke her?”


“As you wish…” He smiled and started choking you, just hard enough for your eyes to start filling up with tears. 


Originally posted by btsneeds

When Jimin walked in and saw you laying on his bed, wearing nothing but one of his ties he immediately attacked your lips with his pressing you to the bed. He pulled away just so he can pull of his shirt and unbuckle his belt. 

“What’s the tie for?” Jimin asked, looking at you.

“Well, I actually wanted you to tie me up with it…” You answered quietly. 

“Ah!” He said smirking, “I knew it had a purpose!”  

The two of you chuckled and he tied your wrists together behind your back and left a hickey on your neck before pulling away.


Originally posted by missbaptan

You were riding Taehyung’s thigh, his hands sneaking around to squeeze your breasts as he was enjoying it just as much as you were. You were close to reaching your climax. 

“OH MY GOSH! TAE PLEASE CHOKE ME!” You moaned surprising yourself.

He gripped your chin and you felt his hot breath on your ear.

“Are you sure about that?” He whispered in your ear in his deep voice. “Because, once I start being rough with you I won’t be able to stop…”

“Yes, please!” You moaned quietly.

“Okay then…” He answered, nibbling on your earlobe slightly, before fulfilling your wish.


Originally posted by namujune

You were making out on his bed, your make out session slowly getting more and more intense. At some point the two of you were completely naked, you straddling his lap while he watched you, devouring you with his eyes.

“I want to try something new tonight…” You whispered in his ear.

“Oh really?” He raised an eyebrow. “What is it princess?” 

“I want you to tie me up and fuck me harder than you’ve ever had…” You said in the most seductive voice you could manage. 

Jungkook gave you an uncertain look. 

“It’s okay Jungkook…Show me exactly how rough you can be…”

“Will do, princess…” he smirked.


MONSTA X - you sit in their lap and grind on them because they won't pay attention to you.

Request:  Can you do a monsta x reaction to you sitting in their lap and grinding on them because they won’t pay attention to you

Shownu: At first, he would be surprised at your action. “What are you doing?” He asked as you sat on his lap. “Oh, nothing, you can keep watching this stupid movie, don’t mind me here.” You said innocently before starting grinding on his lap. He groaned in surprise. But of course, he liked that and put his hands on your waist to help you with the movements. “You know… I didn’t even want to see this movie.”

Originally posted by xhownu

Wonho: He was sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating some candy. You tried to talk to him, but he didn’t pay much attention to you. You sat on his lap and he looked at you. “What?” He asked. “Will you pay attention to me?” “I’m watching T… Oh my god!” He said when you started grinding on him. “Why are you like this?” He asked, putting his hands on your waist. “Like what?” “So fucking hot.”

Originally posted by monbebexy

Minhyuk: He was on his phone, watching some videos and wasn’t giving you any attention. And that, of course, made you angry. But you knew how to solve it. You sat on his lap and he looked at you. "What are you watching there?” You asked, smiling innocently. “Nothing.” “Oh, let me see, please.” You said and grind against him. “Why are you doing this? Fuck.” He took a deep breath. “Because you’re not paying attention to me.” “Do you want attention?” “Yes!” “Okay, I’ll give you attention.” He said and kissed you, grabbing your ass.

Originally posted by wullahs

Kihyun: You should be watching a movie, but he was very entertained on the phone to pay attention to you or the movie. “Babyyy…” you said, approaching him. He didn’t answer, he continued looking at the phone screen. You sit on his lap and grind, he immediately let out a long moan. “Woah… Where this come from?” “I want attention.” You said, grinding even more. “Oh, yes, you will have attention now.” He squeezed your ass and pulled you closer to him.

Originally posted by 93kihyun

Hyungwon: "Babe… Come on.“ You said, nudging him. He was playing videogame and didn’t give you any attention since you got there. You snorted and left the room, waiting for him to come after you, but he didn’t. You went back to the bedroom and sat on his lap. "Baby!” You said again, grinding into his lap. He bit his lip and looked at you. “Is my baby in needy?” “Yes! And you’re not paying attention to me.” You pouted, he laughed and kissed you.

Originally posted by taehnwnho

Jooheon: He invited you to spend the night at his house. But instead of being with you, he was too busy reading a book. You had already tried to talk to him, but he told you to wait for him to finish. You were already out of patience, so you jumped on his lap and grind on him slowly. He rolled his eyes and bit his lip, throwing the book on the floor. “You’re going to kill me sometime.” He said and laughed. “That’s not the intention, I just want attention.” “I know, I know. I’m sorry.” He kissed you.

Originally posted by hyunqvwon

Changkyun: He was playing some stupid game on his phone. You sat on his lap and grind against him. “Oh, fuck.” He said and dropped the phone. He put both hands on your waist and pressed you against him. You got up and walked away from him. “What the fuck?” He asked. “No. You were not paying attention to me.” “Let’s go into the bedroom and I’ll give you all the attention you deserve.” He said with a smirk.

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Beauty and the Lawyer

* John Laurens x Reader
* Modern Beauty and the Beast AU

    A/N: HERE IT IS! OK so…there’s no beast creature first of all, you’ll see the obvious change I made. This follows the new movie and CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the new movie then don’t read this yet as some plot points come directly from the new movie. It’s also really fucking long, so yeah. This took me about four days of writing every moment I could and listening to the movie soundtrack on repeat. (At least it’s pretty.) So I hope you guys enjoy!

    Word Count: 9,365 (barely 23 pages…)


    “You have a daughter, do you not Mr. L/N?” Henry Laurens asked the man across from him. Henry’s young son, John, sat aside merely watching the exchange.

    “Well yes. She’d be about the same age as your boy.”

    “You know, as a lawyer it’s hard to find a wife but it’s a good thing to have.” Henry mused as he stood and began circling the table, reminding his son of a hawk going in for a swooping kill.

    “What are you saying?” The other man asked.

    “I saved you in that lawsuit and I’m not even sure you were innocent.” Henry said with a soft laugh. “And now you say you can’t afford my prices. So I propose a deal. I’ll give you two years. Pay my fees, if not I’ll get the case reopened. If you haven’t raised the money, then your daughter and my son will be wed.”

    “That’s absurd!” The man shouted in outrage.

    “So was your case.” Henry snapped back. “You were warned that I have high prices. This is the fee.” Henry stopped at his side of the desk. “Go. You have two years.” The two men watched the other man go.

    “Why are you arranging a marriage?” John asked.

    “You know I’m not feeling well. This will be your firm soon. A wife makes a lawyer look more personable. And it’s hard to find one in this line of work.” Henry patted his son’s shoulder. “Come on, I have much more to teach you.”

    Two staffers, Alexander and Lafayette, stood by. “Monsieur Laurens is corrupting his young son. The John we used to know is slipping away.” Lafayette voiced.

    “You wanna stand up to Henry?” Alexander asked. He knew Lafayette was right. John was their friend at one point. It didn’t seem much that way anymore.

    “No, no one does. That’s the problem.”

    You walked through town. Your father would be back from meeting with the lawyer today and you wanted to make him a good dinner. There was a fresh marketplace and you knew your father preferred food from there. It was a bit more expensive but always tasted better. And definitely worth it to welcome your father home.

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    Half-Blood Princess (Part 3): This Time Around

    Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Hannah (Twin Sister)

    Length: 1150+ words

    TW: Nothing of any sort! Just all the fluff~

    A/N: Someone asked about writing a Part 3, and I seriously wasn’t going to write one, but this just came out of nowhere, and now I just had to write it. I hope this was somewhat believable, and true to character! I hope this gives you some comfort after Angst Appreciation Day yesterday! Feedback is encouraged!

    Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

    It was a few days later, and Y/N wasn’t sure what to expect when Dean made the promise. Everyone seemed so sure they were going to start treating her differently, but she wasn’t sure how they could change so easily like that. She decided early on that she would give her siblings another chance. It takes two to make a relationship so she would try her best to form a bond with them, and see how it goes. Though, she was pretty wary of them still, she wanted to give them another chance. 

    “Hey, kiddo,” Dean greeted, seeing her already in the kitchen making breakfast. “Need any help?”

    She was about to shake her head when she paused. “Sure. Wanna help me make the eggs?” She was already halfway in making the pancakes, a pile already stacked beside her. 

    “’Kay.” He grabbed another pan from the cabinet, and the carton of eggs along with the bacon. “What’s eggs without bacon, right?” he joked with a wink.

    She laughed at his antics, shaking his head. “If you want to get high cholesterol, and die early- then knock yourself out.”

    “Sounds like someone’s been spending way too much time with Sam.”

    Y/N scoffed, but it came out more like a snort causing her to slap her hands to her lips in embarrassment. Dean looked at her for a millisecond before an evil grin formed on his face, reminding her of the Grinch. 

    “Did you just snort?”

    “Nope. Didn’t happen.”

    “Yes, it did!” Dean threw his head back in laughter before bumping her hips with his. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Your secret is safe with me.”

    “What secret?” Y/N said, playing dumb.

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    | Stranger | Older! Chat Noir

    Adrien frowned, yet again.

    “Dude,” Nino raised an eyebrow, interrupting the blonde’s deep thought. “Are you planning on consuming that pencil whole?”

    Adrien paused red-handed at the question. He’d been chewing on the end of said mistreated pencil for unnaturally long and flushed red, lowering it from his lips.

    Nino chuckled. “What’s got you so twisted dude?”

    Adrien tilted his head and Nino followed his line of vision, pushing up his glasses.

    There you were.

    Not too far from them, close up against the wall and almost blending into it. Your head was down in a book as usual, fingers absentmindedly twisting the strands of your hair into a mess. All that was known about you was that you were a new foreign exchange student and that your name was Y/N. Besides that, it was like you had faded into the background without so much as a trace.

    Adrien found it…intriguing.

    As if feeling the stare on your person you glanced up. Your eyes met Adrien’s for a split second before you purposely glanced away, your lips tugging down.

    Nino whistled slowly, amused. “Well that was intentional.”

    Adrien groaned, leaning back into his chair and boring holes into the ceiling. “I know. She’s been acting that way around me since she got here, and I don’t know why. Anytime I even try and start up a conversation she bolts.”

    “Technically she’s like that around everyone; some chicks just can’t be fazed man,” Nino shrugged, patting his friend’s shoulder in a consoling motion. “Let it go.”

    Adrien furrowed his eyebrows. He wished it was that simple, as he’d been telling himself the same thing for the past two weeks. But no matter how he tried to push you out of his head you had taken up permanent residence there with a mortgage and everything. No, there had to be something he could do.

    In the middle of his contemplation someone passed by your desk, laughing at a pun they had shouted across the room. You visibly bit the inside of your cheek and giggled, before coughing into your hand.

    Adrien’s eyes widened. “She likes jokes.”

    “I guess,” Nino blinked, scratching the back of his neck. “So what? Are you gonna start cracking up like a clown to get her attention?”

    Adrien shoved him in the side and Nino retaliated with a contagious grin, ruffling his hair.

    No I’m not,” Adrien rolled his eyes. “And I can’t anyway, because, like you said, she is uncomfortable around everyone.”

    Light came to his jeweled eyes as he turned to look outside the window with a concealed smile.


    “But I do know someone who can.”

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    you know what i find scariest about gon?

    the fact that this 12 yr old boy from a loving family on a teeny tiny island somewhere on the edge of the world goes to take on one of the deadliest exams to ever have existed, sees people dying left and right and HE DOESNT EVEN BAT A FUCKING EYE

    he sees his best friend ripping out somebodys heart with his bare hands, sees hisoka straight up murdering people for absolutely no reason other than that he CAN, and even accepted the death of an applicant in order to steal hisokas badge

    hxh teaches us very early on that the hunter universe is a cruel, cruel place where a man’s life is practically worth nothing, and it doesnt surprise that gons friends are absolutely aware of that - killua, who was confronted with murder since he can walk, kurapika, who found the slaughtered corpses of everybody he ever knew, and leorio, who came from such an impoverished region that he had not only witness his friend but very likely a lot of other people die before his very eyes.

    but GON - how did all this not effect gon at all? there might be things we do not know about whale island, but everything we saw about his home was peace and a loving upbringing. yes, there was kite killing the kitsuneguma (a scene which also did not exist in the beginning of 2011 of reasons i will never understand) and gon certainly learned one thing or two about the circle of life while roaming the woods - but isnt the hunter exam a whole different realm of cruelty?

    i remember watching 2011 for the first time - it was half a year before i slumped into the fandom. and the reason it took me so long to connect to this outstanding narrative was because i could not connect to gon - partly because of his motivation for leaving his family and risking his life (which i in hindsight blame the poor first episode of 2011 for), but mostly because i was so disturbed that i didnt see this child freak out witnessing all the murder around him

    i think gon, although he radiates with positivety and childlike interest, is a very conflicting character. i feel that his innocent and cute moments often cover up how right kurapika might have been with his assessment why hisoka grew so fond of gon - because that ruthless murderer saw the little boy as someone of his caliber, a like-minded being of sorts. gon shows pity, gon shows care and the will to fight and protect - but only towards certain people, people he seems to divide from those who he is not willing to bestow with the same priviledge following criteria only he seems to know.

    i love the gon character, i love how thorough it is written that these traits introduced at the very beginning of the series foreshadow the catastrophy of gon-san.
    but that boy still scares me


    Some lesser known Jeffrey Dahmer facts:

    • Jeff had air fresheners throughout his apartment when tenants in the Oxford Apartments complained about the smell (of the bodies), he blamed it on his freezer breaking and meat spoiling
    • He went to Ohio State, with his father paying for him to study in business but he failed to turn up to most of his classes and when he did, he was drunk, his roommates back in college described him as “weird” and told of a few times they were sure Jeff stole from them to supply booze for himself
    • As a teenager him and a friend of his, Jeff Six were cautioned for driving over somebody’s front lawn while high on marijuana 
    • When Jeff was in the army (where he later got discharged for alcohol problems) he frequently drank and got into trouble a few times, the worst of these times was when several men turned on Jeff and beat him up severely, he was bloody and his ear-drum was broken, causing
      him to suffer periodic attacks of ear-ache even ten years later
    • He worked at Sunshine Subs (a sandwich place) when he was in Miami, he also worked at a blood plasma center as a phlebotomist (where his job was basically taking blood from volunteers) in Wisconsin, he worked at a temp agency for a while and then moved onto his job as a mixer in a chocolate factory
    • Jeff didn’t like the taste of blood, when he worked at the blood plasma center he took a vial of blood up to the roof and drank it, he said he spat it out and didn’t like it
    • He once wrote “When my father came home I was happy.”
      “When my mother came home, I was watching TV.”
    • When asked if he loved his grandmother he strangely replied “Yes, she’s lived in that house a long time”
    • Jeff took up smoking in the army and when he returned he was smoking a pack a day
    • He once made a sexual advance on his brother David when he was 24 and his brother 18, when they were sharing a bed, Jeff said about the situation “He didn’t go for that at all, that’s for sure. He told me so
      in the morning”
      , Jeff said he made an apology to his brother, and that he felt embarrassed and disappointed
    • Jeff once said “It would have been better if I’d just stuck to the mannequins, much much better”
    Rough Night - Shed Your Skin Part 3

    Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4

    A/N: I had no idea where this was going to go when I started writing and I don’t know how i feel about how it turned out but here it is because I do like this story line, serpent Jug is good.

    Summary: Jughead has a really rough night filled entirely with a lot of serious conversations and a lil’ almost something else

    Word Count: 3,999 (yeesh)

    Warnings: Gang activity, (underage) drinking, swearing 

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    Kookie’s Secret {Jeon Jungkook} ~Ceasefire~

    Prompt:  Reader overstimulating Jungkook with a handjob~ I love your writing 🖤

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Word Count: 1.3k

    Warning: none

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    queenmorganlafay  asked:

    Hey, out of curiosity, is MCU Steve's origins closer to Ultimate Steve's origins? What's Ultimate Steve like, and is he different than he is in the 616 universe? And, is it true he dated Janet Van Dyne?

    Oh boy. I have so many, many thoughts on this topic. Poor @queenmorganlafay, you’re probably going to be sorry you set me off. ;)

    Short answer: Joss Whedon was writing Ultimates!Steve, Markus and McFeely are writing 616!Steve. And yes, Ultimates!Steve dated Jan at one point.

    Now the long answer: Did you ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The slayer mythos went like this, every generation a slayer is born. The Watchers Council usually took that child as a baby, isolated her, and raised her to be 100% committed to her duty and purpose, with no space left over for friends, or family or love. They basically molded the perfect soldier and sacrificial lamb. Buffy escaped that fate, not being activated as a Slayer until she was already a teenager. She was raised by her parents, she formed friendships and emotional ties, and despite coming from a broken home, had a strong support network in her mother and her friends. Ultimates!Steve is how Captain America would be without his emotional ties, someone 100% committed to duty and honor and sacrifice. Someone with whom Steve Rogers got completely buried under Captain America.

    For Steve HOW he woke up from the ice made all the difference in how his personality would evolve. I like to explain things this way: Steve Rogers is very much an introvert. He’s socially awkward, he once told Rachel that his idea of leisure-time was reading a book or working out, all solitary activities. Captain America is an extrovert. They are completely different skins that Steve wears. When he woke up in the 20th/’21st century (depending on which run you’re reading) Captain America had reached legend status. Steve woke up to a time when his alternate persona was absolutely revered. Which was immensely disconcerting for him, because what he found is that people had built Captain America up so much, had this ideal in their heads of what Captain America was and should be, that Steve Rogers was completely overshadowed. No one outside of his circle even knew who Steve Rogers was. And Steve struggled for decades trying to live up to the ideal of Captain America, the side effect being one big massive case of existential crises. 

    In the 616 universe Steve, like Buffy, has had a very strong support network. All the women he has loved: Sharon, Bernie and Rachel, have all left their imprint. His bond with Sam also left a tremendous imprint. And, very poignantly, his relationship with Tony Stark. In the 616 the Avengers (Tony, Thor, Hank and Jan) found Steve, and right away Tony took Steve under his wing. Gave him a home, helped him adapt, was fully committed in integrating Steve to the future. Ultimates!Steve didn’t have that. He was found by SHIELD, and unfortunately SHIELD was not really invested in getting to know Steve Rogers, they wanted Captain America, thus Steve Rogers got buried. 

    For 616!Steve, the people Steve surrounded himself with, the ones who said ‘you know, Captain America is great and all, but I really want to get to know Steve Rogers, can you bring him out, please’ made all the difference. So while Steve’s origins in the MCU matches that of the Ultimates universe, the various MCU writers have completely different takes on Steve’s personality.

    I honestly believe that Joss Whedon was writing Ultimates!Steve. I also believe, because they’ve stated as much, that Markus and McFeely resent Joss for it and are very adamantly writing 616!Steve. I actually posted that quote from them once were they cast aspersions to Whedon’s characterization of Steve, just a minute let me find it… ah, here it is, from the 2016 Markus and McFeely SDCC panel…

    McFeely: We don’t think of him quite as square as he was in the Avengers.
    Interviewer: Darker edges basically?
    Markus: He is… he’s a little more… he is a boy scout in the Avengers. And I don’t think our Steve ever was… that… pure. I mean, he’s pure, that’s the whole basis of him, but he’s not naïve.
    McFeely: That said, if I had written “there’s only one god, ma'am and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that” I would be really happy.
    Markus: See, I would have cut it. 

    So that’s probably way more than you wanted, but yeah, as in everything, it depends on which writer is writing him.

    Total Knockout: Boxer!Tom AU

    A/N: I had an itch to do this about a month ago, but Boxer!Tom Night with @tbholland yesterday set me over the edge. Inspired by my favorite boxing movie, Southpaw, so you’ll see some similarities 😉

    Warnings: Swearing (always), Angst for days, TW blood (???), TW mention of pain killers


    Boxing was our life. It was all we’d ever done. I say ‘our’ because for as long as I’d known Tom, since we were kids, that’s what he’d always been. Even before a contract, even before his name was up in lights, he was a fighter. And he was my fighter. And before you up and judge me for being cheesy, I’ll tell you that the first day I met him was when he punched a boy in the school yard for trying to get a hand up my skirt after I’d told him no.

    Almost ten years later and he was still my defender, but I was his, too. It was my job to keep it all running. It was my job to keep him safe from everything that wasn’t a glove. I was the woman behind the man, and when the pressure was on him, the pressure was on me, too.

    We took separate cars to Madison Square Garden for the fight. I knew Tom needed to be with the boys right up until it was time, and I didn’t mind. I was texting his mom from where I sat in the backseat. Yes I’d look after him, no Nikki don’t watch it, yes I’ll give him your love.

    This was a big fight. He’d been undefeated for so long, there was a lot riding on tonight. The town car pulled into the back entrance and I got out, pulling down the hemline of my dress. I passed security confidently —they knew I was coming— making my way to the back room where they would be prepping him.

    I knocked on the door, trying to suppress my own jitters. The door opened and Tom’s coach, Yousif, greeted me.

    “Hi, beautiful.” He kissed me on the cheek.

    “How is he?” I asked, glancing across the room. I could see Tom sitting on the edge of a table with his headphones on, looking down at the ground with intensity.

    “I think we’ve got him there. I think he’s ready. But you gotta seal the deal, you know how he is.”

    I nodded. He’s anxious. He always was. It was 20 minutes until start.

    “I need a minute.” I said to Yousif.

    He clapped his hands together, “You got him, Queen. Hey boys!” He called over to the handful of Tom’s friends, milling around the room. They knew it was my time.

    Harrison was his cutman tonight, so I made sure to pull him aside as he walked toward the door.

    “Watch that left brow, Haz. That’s where it always starts.” Harrison held up some bandages already with him and put a hand on my shoulder, “He’s gonna be fine. He’s ready.”

    The door closed behind me and Tom still hadn’t looked up. That was normal for him, he was in a trance. I approached him from across the room, my heels clicked on the concrete as I pep talked myself in preparation to pep talk him.

    “Hey.” I prompted, stepping into his line of sight. He looked up at me, face softening at my smile. I pulled his hands around my waist and slid the headphones off his ears.

    “Hey baby–” he leaned up to kiss me. His lips were hungry, but he was the first to break away. He was always the first to break away before a fight. He let me look him over for a minute. I always wanted to memorize his face before he went out. It was hard on me and he knew it, but we both knew this was the only way for him. It had only ever been boxing.

    “You ready, King?” I asked, moving my hips like I was revving him up. His eyes were adoring but his face was serious.

    “I can do this one. I’ve got him. No problem.”

    I bit back a smile. Growing up, Tom always used to say “No problem”, even if the kid he was about to fight was twice his size. That happened a lot, when we were kids. But this wasn’t then. This is what he trained to do. He needed this win.

    And in that moment, I knew he didn’t need to hear it from me, too. So I scrapped my speech, all the words about his mum worrying and the crowd cheering, and just pulled him to my forehead.

    “Don’t get hit too much, ok?” I whispered.

    I was seated front row next to Harry, who was periodically leaning over and promising me Tom was ok. But I wasn’t so sure that he was ok. It was like he was a newcomer in the ring, a baby in comparison. I needed to stop that line of thinking.

    “Guard your fucking eye!” Yousif was screaming.

    “Why is he taking so many punches?” I whispered to myself. Sure, Tom was getting the hits in, but he was hardly defending. Blow after blow went back and forth between the two of them, blood was running down his face and I was biting the insides of my cheeks to keep myself from screaming, too.

    The bell rang and Tom collapsed in the corner, Harrison on his face in an instant. Yousif crouched down in front of him, yelling instructions. Tom looked tired. It was heading into the tenth and he still hadn’t finished this.

    Over the noise of the crowd, I could hear him saying “I know I know I know. Fuck! I know.” He squeezed his eye shut as Harrison fixed him up as best he could. I couldn’t hold my tongue anymore.

    “Tommy!” I shouted, his head immediately snapping in my direction. I threw my hands up in confusion. “Knock him out, babe!” He was breathing hard and he didn’t say anything, but I knew he felt my words in his core. The bell rang and he flew up.

    Right hook, bob, cross, fall back, one-two punches. A left corkscrew put him bleeding on the canvas. The referee got to the count of six and he was up again, coming back fierce. He ducked and jabbed and weaved his way around the ring, keeping off the ropes. But he was still getting hit, a significant amount.

    “Fuck.” Harry hissed. “Come on, Tom.”

    Then something changed. I could see it through the blood running down his face. Like he was just sick of it. In a flamboyant fashion, he landed a series swings and with one final blow and the longest count of 8 I’d ever endured in my life— he won.

    The stadium exploded and all the guys around me screamed and shook one another as Tom’s fist was raised high in the air and models surrounded him and a belt was placed in his hands. It was everything we wanted, but I felt sick inside. Cameras flashed on me as Tom turned in my direction and blew me a kiss. I beamed as bright as I could fake and then was whisked backstage to the prep room to wait for him.

    The aftermath was always a flurry. Everyone shouting, trying to keep the loser away from the winner, press settling in for the post-conference. I couldn’t stand to sit out there on his panel tonight, so I waited and watched on the television screen.

    He looked like absolute shit. Harrison had done his best and Tom obviously had to check out with the fight physicians, but I swear the other guy had about beat his face in. I could only imagine how many bloody towels were sitting just off camera.

    Tom smiled bright as he was peppered with questions about his come-from-behind win. He laughed as reporters teased him about getting beat up pretty good. And he shrugged nonchalantly when asked if he’d take on another challenger in the next couple of weeks.

    After the news conference ended I could hear the boys all coming down the hall. When the door opened, Tom came trudging through. He looked worse in person, his exhaustion a clear physical weight on his shoulders. He managed a dopey smile at me.

    “Hi Princess.” He extended an arm for me to come near, and I reluctantly did.

    “I think you’re going to need another shower before we leave here.” I mumbled into his shoulder. He kissed my hair over and over, so happy with himself.

    “Can’t hit the town smelling like a winner, eh?” He teased.

    I stepped back and stared at him.

    “You aren’t honestly thinking about going to the after parties, are you?” I glared over and Harrison and Harry, who both avoided eye contact.

    I frowned at Tom as he tried to sway me, “Come on, love. We won! It’s going to be fucking wild. You can join me for this second shower, if that’d help.” He winked as best he could with his tortured face, and Harry made some type of choking sound. Harrison was used to it.

    I shook my head at him, feeling my frustration rise. He needed to go home. He needed to rest. We needed to talk.

    My wishes were unsurprisingly ignored. Tom was always susceptible to peer pressure, and with the guys rehashing the fight play by play, bolstering his ego like it was their job, of course he was going to want to celebrate.

    We were lead out a main exit where a massive crowd lined the barricades, and flashes of cameras made my vision spotty. Security kept close and Tom clutched my hand as we made our way to the car, and then to the party.

    Once we had arrived, he sat proudly next to me, his hand never leaving my thigh, inching his way up it, in fact. My skin tight dress felt suffocating as I sat silently, counting down the minutes until the night was over.

    Finally, well after midnight with the party still raging, Tom turned to me.

    “Ready to go, Princess?” He was definitely a bit buzzed, but not smashed, and I thanked God for that. I needed him coherent.

    “I’m ready.”

    Our ride home was silent. The boys were gone, the cameras were gone, and his hand on my thigh was gone. I could see in the faint light that his jaw was set, and he wouldn’t look at me. My stomach twisted with anxiety, but I hardened myself. There was a fight coming, and we both knew it.

    After the car pulled into the driveway, he made no effort to open the door for me, a gesture he rarely skipped. Instead, he walked straight into the house and left me trailing behind on his heels.

    “Don’t do this to me.” I called to him as we jogged up the stairs. I could see him wince even ten steps ahead of me, and it wasn’t from my words.

    “Do what?” He yelled back, heading to our room. “I couldn’t possibly understand what the problem is here.”

    “Don’t make me look like I’m nagging and crazy! You know why we have to talk!”

    We were in the bedroom now, Tom grunting as he pulled his shirt over his head, grabbing a bottle of pain killers.

    “What happened out there tonight?” I motioned out the window.

    “Baby, I won. That’s what happened.” He still wouldn’t look at me, instead bracing himself on the edge of the bathroom sink.

    “No, no. You punched the hardest. I don’t equate that to winning.”

    Tom’s head turned sharply to look at me now, his face disgusted, his already fat lip pouted out even further, “I spend years being the underdog and now I’m finally making it and you’re telling me you’ve got a problem? You’re by me when I lose but not when I win?”

    “Don’t fucking talk to me like that, Tom. You are all I care about. You get that?” I was desperate for him to hear me.

    “Why do you have to bring this up now?” He spat bitterly.

    I could feel the lump in my throat rising, “You know Tom, someday I’m going to have your children, and when I do I don’t want them afraid of their father’s face.” Then, as an after thought I added, “If this keeps up they’ll be lucky to even know their own father’s face.”

    Tom looked up at the ceiling, hands running up into his hair.

    “Baby, I won! This is good for us!”

    “Yeah but it’s taking you way too long to get off now. You’re going to be punch drunk before you’re 25 if you keep up fighting like this.”

    He moved towards me, arms spread wide, “What, baby? What do you want me to do?”

    “I want you to block a punch now and then. It’s not weak to play defense.” I argued.

    Tom shook his head in frustration, “That’s not how I fight.”

    I sat down on the edge of the bed, “That’s how you’re going to fight if you expect me to believe that you love me and want to be with me for the rest of your life.”

    Tom’s eyes widened at my ultimatum. It felt harsh, but I meant it. He wouldn’t live to see old age if he kept up at this rate. He stumbled over to the edge of the bed and sat beside me, resting his head on my shoulder. His hands clung to me as though I might walk out of the room at any second.

    “I can’t lose you. You know I can’t lose you.” He choked out. I felt hot tears running down my arm.

    My eyes filled with tears, too, “I am here for you. But you need to know that all these other guys, they’re in it for the glory. The minute your bad days start to outnumber your good, they’re all just going to scatter. When they’re gone, I’ll still be here. I’ll still believe in you. So for my sake, I need you to take a few less hits.”

    “Ok…ok…” he whispered, still holding me, still on my shoulder.

    “I love you. Ok? I love you.” I turned his chin up to look at me, “We’re in this big bad world together.”

    His teary eyes turned to loving ones and he kissed me so hard I was glad he had the painkillers in his system.

    Taking his face in my hands, I held him at arms length, “I would rather see you block a good punch then land a careless one any day of the week, you understand?” He nodded at me. He was good, but to survive he needed to smart, not just good. He knew it and I knew it.

    “I’m sorry.” He said earnestly, turning to kiss my hand on his face. “I love you.”

    “You know I’m proud of you.” I told him intently, standing up.

    He scooted up to lean against the head of the bed while I started changing out of my miserable dress. It was quiet for a time.

    “You know,” he mused, watching me, “I only went 10 rounds tonight. I’ve still got another two in me.”

    My attention turned immediately in his direction and I smiled to myself, making my way over to the bed.

    “Tommy Holland wants to go two whole rounds?” I whispered, crawling gently on top of him in my underwear, “With me?”

    “Fuck.” He swallowed, looking me up and down, “If I have my way, I’d like to make you go three rounds.”

    Round Two

    Pairing: Alec & Female!Reader

    Warnings: Smut

    I stomped my foot getting Alec’s attention. He looked over at me, a smirk on his perfect lips. God I just want to kiss him right here and right now. “What’s wrong?” Izzy, my best friend and parabati asked. “Oh, nothing.” I quickly shrugged it off. What was wrong was Alec. I wanted to jump his bones right here, right now. “Well okay…” Izzy laughed as she looked between her brother and I. “I have to go so Alec take care of her until I get back.” Izzy said with a wink before walking out. “I will most definitely take care of you.” I froze when I felt Alec’s warm breath on my neck. “Come on baby.” Alec ran his fingers down my back stopping at my bum squeezing. “Fuck!” I hissed.

    I pushed Alec down on his bed pulling my shirt off over my head before getting on top of him. “I just wanted you to fuck me right there.” I pressed my lips to his. “Right on the table.” I bit his bottom lip. Alec laughed as he stopped at my hips, squeezing. “Seeing that mundane look at you… God I wanted to-” but I cut him off. “Jealous much?” I asked. “Very!” He smiled as he leaned up on his elbows. “How about I show you just how much I love you.” I slid off of him. I pulled my jeans off then my panties before removing my cute black bra. Alec was already in the process of removing his clothes but as he was about to remove his briefs I stopped him. “Wait.” I bit my lip taking a seat on his hard on. I slowly rolled my hips. “F-Feel that?” I asked. “Feel how wet I am for you and only you!” Alec heavily sighed as he laid back looking up at me. “All I want is you Alec… Just you my love.” I stood up and watched as Alec pulled his briefs off and pumping himself a few times. “Ride me!” He looked at my dripping core. “Ride you?” I giggled. “Yes! Please ride me!” He begged. I nodded and slowly got down on my knees looking down at him. He rubbed the tip of his cock at my entrance. “Fuck.” I moaned. Alec took this as his chance and thrust up into me. “OH FUCK!” I screamed. I quickly sank down my eyes slowly opening. There lay my boyfriend with a shit eating grin on his face. “You were taking to long.” He shrugged. “Fuck off.” I protested before I started moving. The rhythm was perfect; I kept going. Bouncing up and down, my breast following. Alec grunted as he felt my clench around his thick length. “Just like that.” He said before a low moan left his lips. I moaned holding my one breast while my other fingers worked on my clit. “Oooh, fuck Alec!” I whined. I was getting close and he could tell as he began thrusting up harder. “Cum for me Y/N!” He growled. I whimpered as he slapped my hand away from my clit and replaced it with his own. “I-I’m gunna cum baby!” I squeezed his shoulder as my sight began to get fuzzy. The sound of skin on skin slapping and moans bouncing off the walls. “Oh shit!”

    I lay beside Alec in the dark room. My heavenly euphoria still lingering. “I should talk to Simon more often if I’m going to get sex like this.” I smiled looking over at my handsome man. He looked over at me a tired smirk on his face. “I’ll beat the shit out of him if you do.” He mumbled wrapping his arm around my waste and pulling me in. I laughed and ran my hand down his chest and over his package. “You’re still hard?” I looked at him shock. “So… Round two?”

    Tom Holland Imagine: Broken

    Summary: after getting out of a toxic relationship, you meet a very handsome boy on your train. (Loosely based off of both Yes Girl and I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller)

    A/N: sorry for being gone for so long… writers block kicked in…😤

    Warnings: physical and mental abuse


    I let out a sigh of relief as the train took off down the tracks. I watched as the town I once knew and loved flew passed me. I wondered what He would do when He came home from work to find me gone. I fidgeted with the strap of my duffle bag before deciding to pull out my book to help the time pass.

    “Hello? Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind if I sat here?” A voice said.

    I shook my head without meeting the stranger’s eye. Yes, I would prefer to be sitting by myself but considering I bought the last ticket for this train, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I heard the stranger let out a heavy sigh as he placed his bag under his seat.

    “Whatcha readin there? If you don’t mind me asking.”

    “Uh, it’s called Ordinary People. By Judith Guest. It’s my favorite book, I’ve read it like 10 times.”

    “Huh, maybe I’ll read it sometime.”

    “Oh you definitely should, its incredible.”

    I finally looked up from my book to see a very handsome boy smiling at me.

    “I’m Tom by the way.” He said as he extended his hand to me.

    “Uh, I’m Y/N.” I said as I shook his hand.

    “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

    I blushed at his compliment and closed my book and looked back up at the him.

    “So what’s bringing you to the city? And by train? Not many people go on these anymore.”

    Tom smiled and looked out the window.

    “Well, I do a lot of traveling. I’m always in the air and so I just wanted to see the trees for a change. And I’m staying in the city, actually. I just felt like I was going insane from only seeing buildings and angry people everywhere I went and I need some time to figure things out so I found the smallest town I could find outside of Atlanta and left for the weekend. What about you?”

    “Uh, that’s a story for another time…”

    “That’s alright. Let it be yours.”

    “Well, your accent gives it away that you don’t live here, so why are you in America?”

    “I’m an actor. Filming a movie.”

    “Oh, I love movies! What movie are you filming?”

    Tom let out a light laugh as he looked down and fiddled with his thumbs.

    “Uh, Spider-Man, actually.”

    “Wait, really!? I love Spider-Man! Are you the guy that plays him in Civil War? I haven’t gotten to see it yet but I want to so bad. See, my boyfri- ex boyfriend wouldn’t let me go see it.”

    I looked down to avoid Tom’s confused face, hoping it would give him the hint to not ask any questions.

    “Well, maybe I can take you to go see it sometime.”

    “Uh, yeah! But if you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’m sure you’ve already seen it like 500 times…”

    “Yeah, but never with a girl as beautiful as you.”

    “Pft, are you kidding me? Have you seen Scarlett Johansson!?”

    Before Tom could reply I heard my phone go off. I reached into my bag to pull it out and felt my heart stop.


    He wasn’t supposed to be home this early.

    I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I looked at His name written on the screen.

    I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my phone off before shoving it back in my bag.

    I felt Tom’s gaze on me. I looked up and gave him a weak smile, trying to get him to drop it.

    Luckily, he did.

    —3 months later—

    I laid on the couch, wrapped up in Tom’s arms. We started dating shortly after we met. I didn’t think I would be able to date anyone for while after what happened with Him but, Tom was different. I knew he was different because he cared.

    Unlike Him. I knew He was searching for me. I had been forced to ditch my phone and buy a new one to get Him to stop calling me and leaving hurtful voicemails.

    Now, 3 months later, the thoughts of Him felt like only a distant memory of a childhood nightmare.

    But that quickly changed.

    Tom and I were watching The Way Way Back when it happened.

    First there was the pounding on the door.

    “I’ll get it, love.” Tom sweetly whispered in my ear. He kissed the side of my face and got up from the couch.

    I instantly missed the feeling of his arms around me. I turned my attention back to the film, thinking it was just Harrison who forgot his key again.

    But then I heard it.

    I heard Tom’s angelic voice asking who they were but getting cut off by a punch to the jaw.

    And then His voice calling out my name.

    I sat up immediately and felt my self beginning to hyperventilate.

    But while I was breathing hard, it felt like there was no oxygen in my body at all.

    As His figure walked into the room, I felt myself black out from fear.

    I didn’t even feel Him pick me up by my hair and throw me into the glass coffee table.

    I didn’t even feel the blood begin to fall from my skin from where the glass had cut it open.

    I didn’t even hear Tom scream my name.

    I didn’t hear Tom tackling the guy.

    I didn’t hear Harrison come in and call the police.

    I didn’t hear the ambulance as they asked me questions.

    But I watched all of it.

    I could see everything.

    I could see Tom attacking Him.

    I could see Tom as he stood over me, crying.

    I could see his lips saying words like, “Please say something, love” or “Please don’t leave me” as tears slipped from his eyes.

    I woke up hours later. I looked around and saw Tom sitting to my right, holding my hand tightly as he cried into my side.

    “Tom?” I asked.

    His head whipped up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw me awake. He immediately began to pepper my face with kisses and held me tightly to him.

    “Thank god you’re okay. He’s gone, Y/N. They’ve locked Him up. You never have to worry about Him again. I have you and I will always protect you. I love you, Y/N. So much.”

    And those words, those few words, put every little broken piece in me back together.

    Friends (Part 4)

    Why am I doing this to myself writing this shit at one in the morning? Miles is such a good guy I don’t want to get rid of him just yet so there will be part 5. I was listening to Sorry by Halsey while writing this. Ignore any grammar mistake because I’m really sleepy lol.

    Don’t forget to give me your feedbacks and suggestions! I really love reading them.

    Pairing: Harry Styles and reader

    Warning: language.

    ~Harry and you are friends with benefits and then you start to feel more than you should~

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    “Y/N, Who the fuck is he?”

    You opened your mouth to answer Harry but Miles immediately threw another question at you.

    “Is he your boyfriend?”

    “No!” you raised your voice and the men seemed a bit taken aback. Then you sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration knowing that you were fucked.

    “Miles, this is Harry. He’s my…friend.”

    Friend.” Harry laughed at the word and you glared at him.

    “Wait, are you Harry Styles?” Miles widened his eyes.

    “Yeah and what kind of name is Miles?”

    “Harry!” You gasped and gave Miles a sorry look. Miles was more shocked than offended. He didn’t know what was happening.

    “Y/N, tell him to leave!” Harry said as he pouted like a child. His hands were resting on your hips, you didn’t even bother to move them away. 

    “Harry, please go home. We’ll talk when you’re sober,” you said quietly to him but Harry wouldn’t listen.

    “I am sober and I want to talk now!” he said under his breath. Harry couldn’t even recognize his own voice. He sounded so desperate. 

    “Are you fucking kidding me?” you whispered as he walked past you to the couch where you and Miles had just made out earlier. That’s it, you thought and marched toward Harry, grabbed his shirt before he could put his ass down.

    “You don’t go anywhere!” you told Miles, almost like an order. The poor guy had no idea what was going on but he was also aware that Harry wasn’t in his right mind. So Miles stayed where he was and let you deal with your ‘friend’.

    “You. Kitchen. Now!” you said to Harry then pulled him with you to the kitchen. You heard him groan in frustration but he followed you anyway.

    “The fuck was that?!” you asked him once you two were alone. You were facing Harry with both hands on your hips.

    “You’re seeing tha’ guy?” Harry said, laughing. “Was it Lia’s idea?”

    You had no idea how he knew that and he didn’t need to wait to be asked.

    “I know yeh better than anyone. Yeh would not agree to go on a stupid date with a stranger unless Lia told you to.”

    “You and I barely knew each other when we started fucking,” you said, keeping your voice down so Miles couldn’t hear it from the living room.

    “You and I were different. You told me yourself tha’ you felt like you’d known me for years when we first met. Don’t fuckin’ pretend like yeh don’t remember.”

    “So?” You exhaled harshly.

    “You’re doin’ this to make me jealous. And yeh know what? Yeh win. It’s workin’.”

    Your jaw fell open as you heard him.

    “Wow, you are such a self-centered dick,” you said between sarcastic laughter then tried to mimic his voice, “hey, m'Harry Styles and everythin’ revolves around me because m'a superstar.”

    “First of all, I don’t sound like tha’. Second of all, yeh and I both know he’s not right f’yeh.”

    “It’s you, Harry, who’s not right for me” And the next thing you said just came out of nowhere. “Why didn’t you just stay gone so I could finally be free?

    You didn’t realize what you said was the worst thing you could have said to Harry. You were too angry at him to notice the look in his eyes, the anger, the jealousy, the sadness. He was drunk, but he wasn’t that drunk. Harry came to see you for a reason, because he believed he could be better for you. For once he thought he was doing the right things. But what he did not expect was Miles’ presence which had torn down every scenario he had planned out in his head. 

    Harry was a song-writer, he wasn’t bad with words. But standing in front of you that night he was tongue-tied. As he struggled to find the right words to make you understand, you were already tired of waiting.

    “Harry, I just want to enjoy my night with the guy I like…I’m sorry but this isn’t about you anymore.

    Harry felt a lump in his throat. He wanted to say he cared about you, but he chose to hold it back. It was not because he was doubting his feelings for you. At that point he was more than sure that they were real and they’d always been there. But he thought it wouldn’t make a difference anyway. Maybe he was too late. Maybe he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

    “M'sorry I made you feel tha’ way,” was all he could say.

    Miles stood up from the couch as he saw you and Harry walking out from the kitchen and straight to the front door. You opened the door and stepped aside, eyes turned to your feet to avoid looking at Harry. Harry did the same thing, but because he didn’t want you to see him cry.

    “Goodbye, Harry,” you said to him but he didn’t say anything to you. You didn’t want him to, but deep down you wished he would speak. 

    “Y/N?” you heard Miles call your name when you closed the door once Harry had left. You were almost frozen at one spot with tears in your eyes and Miles immediately walked to where you were standing.

    “Are you okay?” You heard him but you didn’t want to look at him.

    “I’m sorry I ruined our night…” you said quietly and fele his hands on your shoulders.

    “Be honest with me, Y/N. Who is he to you? An ex?”

    Something like that,” you mumbled in embarrassment. You thought if Miles had known about you and Harry he would never have agreed to go out with you in the first place. 

    Miles didn’t ask further. He just nodded, but you knew he didn’t believe you.

    “I should probably go.”

    “No. Don’t.” You quickly held onto his arm as he turned away. 

    “I really like you, Y/N.” Miles gave you a frown. “But it seems like you still need to sort things out with him. This is too much for me.”

    “Can we please talk about this? It’s not like that,” you desperately said but Miles didn’t listen. He went to get his coat and his car key on the coffee table then returned to where you were. 

    “I hope things will work out for you. Good night, Y/N,” Miles said to you. Then he followed Harry’s step out of your front door. 

    When you woke up the next day it was already 10 in the morning. You called in sick because you were late for work anyway. There was no missed call or a single message from Harry. Maybe he had finally listened to you and left you alone. You knew you should have felt free and relieved, instead you felt empty and disappointed. But after all, feelings are fleeting. You couldn’t let yourself feel miserable forever. It was time you took charge of your happiness. So you decided to get out of bed and get yourself ready because you had somewhere you needed to go to.

    “Y/N?” Miles was surprised when you showed up at his workplace unannounced. You remembered Lia telling you about how Miles always brought his own lunch so when everyone else went out to eat he would stay in the office.

    “If you’re looking for Lia. She’s gone out for lunch,” he said to you and turned his attention back to the files on his desk. He was probably still mad about what had happened at your house and you couldn’t blame him. 

    “I’m not here to see Lia. I’m here for you,” you told him. Miles stopped his busy hands and finally looked up to face you.

    “Can we talk?”

    “Styles, you’re here!”

    Harry didn’t even get through the front door when the man approached him and pulled him into a hug. Harry let out a nervous laugh and patted his friend on the back.

    “I haven’t heard from you for so long mate.”

    “I’ve been busy,” Harry said and he was being honest. He had been spending more time in the studio than anywhere else.

    “The last time I saw you were exactly a year ago! It’s like you only appear on my birthday!” the man said and bursted into laughter. Harry faked a laugh and like an instinct, his eyes travelled to the corner of the room and he could swear for a second he saw you standing there smiling at him before you disappeared. Then he remembered a year had gone by since the first night he met you.

    “Got new music coming up?”


    “Since you’ve been so busy I guess you’re not seeing anyone?”

    Harry shook his head no and didn’t say anything more. The man told Harry he had to go talk to his other guests and showed Harry where the food was before he disappeared in a group of people. Harry didn’t plan to stay for long though. Honestly, he was just there with the hope that he could see you again. He probably wouldn’t dare to start a conversation with you but he wanted to see for himself how you’d been.

    “Isn’t this Harry Styles?”

    Harry could easily recognize that voice.

    “Hello to yeh too, Lia,” he said, turning around.

    “Y/N’s not here,” Lia said when she noticed he was looking behind her to search for you. “It’s also her boyfriend’s birthday today.”

    “Right,” he said with his head hung low. 

    “You do know she’s dating Miles, right?”

    “Yeah, I heard. How is she?”

    “She’s happy.”

    “That’s good to hear.”

    It wasn’t. Harry was already dead when he heard that. Of course he wanted you to be happy because you deserved all the good things in the world. But he still couldn’t get over the fact that you’d moved on when he was still hung up on you. Sadly, it took him too long to admit to himself that maybe he had been in love with you that whole time and he had fucked up all of his chances.

    “How are you, Harry?”

    Harry was quite surprised when Lia asked him that. She saw the look on his face and laughed. “Yes, I can be nice.”

    Harry pressed his lips into a small smile. “M'good. Thanks for askin’.”

    “I’ll tell Y/N you say hi.”

    “No, actually, don’t. Don’t tell her anythin’ about me.”


    “I think that’s for the best.”

    Lia nodded understandingly and watched Harry make his way back to the exit. Your best friend was never fond of Harry Styles. She had told you constantly that he was bad news and you deserved better than him. But after that short conversation even Lia could see it, how much he really loved you.

    Part 5

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    Shirt Snatching

    Jughead x Reader 

    Requested: -Anonymous said: "we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realise i’m wearing your shirt au" pretty, pretty please?

    A/N: THIS CONCEPT IS SOOO CUTE!!! I really enjoyed writing this.

    Words: 1194

    Warnings: none

    Originally posted by immortalle

    I ran out the house pulling on a shirt I picked up from my floor and juggling a bowl of cereal, my backpack and shoes in my hands. I rushed to my mom’s car because I was too late to walk to school, my mom got in the car and rolled her eyes when she saw me putting on socks and eating a bowl of cereal which made me flash her a cheeky grin. We got to school just in time for first lesson which I was glad about as I had English first and I would have been stabbed with a thesaurus if I was late.

    After my chaotic morning nothing else really happened, I had class and at lunch I was called to a meeting and then I studied for a while in my free lesson so I hadn’t really seen anyone today which made it totally worse because it just dragged my day out and felt as if it would never end. I decided about half way through the day I need a milkshake at Pop’s to reward myself for being such a level headed student, this was just before I screamed in the bathroom because I had at least two hours of homework to do.

    I sat in Biology counting down the seconds and when the bell rang I shot up and made my way out the class and to my locker to put my books away before leaving school and walking to Pop’s. I liked this walk more than the one to my house because it was in the center of town so I could look through all the windows of the small street front stores. I strolled down the sidewalk and turned the corner while trying to tuck my shoes laces  in so I wouldn’t trip on them but as I got around the counter I lost my step and stumbled into the person walking in front of me, making us both fall.

    “Shit, I’m so sorry.” I said standing and wiping a bit of dirt off my leg. I looked over  and quickly realized that the person I knocked over was Jughead Jones, the guy that sits next to me in English, the guy I don’t particularly want to fall because I tripped him. “Oh my word Jug, I’m so so sorry.” I blushed and held out a hand.

    He chuckled and took my hand pulling himself up “It’s okay.” He said looking me up and down smirking.

    “Are you going to Pop’s?” I asked as we started walking alongside each other.

    “Yeah.” He purred with a cheeky grin still playing on his lips.

    “Why’re you looking at me like that!” I giggled while trying to hide my very evident blushing.

    “What?” He chuckled and stepped forward as we reached Pop’s he held the door open motioning for me to go in. I stepped in and walked to the table Jug was usually sat and slid into the booth. Jug walked up to the table and slid in next to me which is very out of sorts for him, he is usually one to sit opposite you and try talk to you as little as possible. I ordered us both a milkshake once the waitress had come over to us.

    “I like your shirt Y/N/N.” he gave me another cheeky grin once she had left and for the first time today I looked down examining what shirt I was wearing. “It looks good on you.” He winked and put a hand on my leg.

    “Thanks, I think it’s my brother’s though, I picked it up off the floor this morning because I was late. I like the colour though, I think it suits me but the shirt is a bit big.” I rambled on until I looked up from the shirt and saw his slightly shocked expression, “What’s wrong.” I questioned taking his hand that had retracted from my knee.

    “You don’t remember?” He asked softly while his brow furrowed as he studied my face trying to figure out if I was being serious.

    “Remember what Jug?” I squeezed his hand for reassurance, “Did I say something?” I said quickly worrying if I had offended him.

    “No! No, you didn’t do anything wrong.” His eyes widened and he leaned back a bit as our milkshakes arrived, we watched the waitress put them down and walk away before we carried on with the conversation.

    “Can you tell me what I don’t remember then.” I chuckled slightly and watched his lips purse as he looked to his left stuck in thought. “Juggie.” I pleaded causing him to look back at me.

    “Remember Cheryl’s party on Saturday.” He sighed and laced his fingers through mine again.

    “For the most part, yes.” I chuckled remembering all the shots Reggie and I took trying to see who could out do each other.

    “Well Veronica and Betty told me to take you home before Reggie did something.” He looked right at me as he spoke making sure I understood everything he said.

    “I remember that! We walked the long way because you wanted to sober me up before we got to my house because you thought I was lying about my parents being out.” I laughed and watched his face light up again as he laughed with me.

    “Well I’m not going to believe the drunk girl, telling me how much she loves ducks, that her parents aren’t home.” He laughed.

    “But they weren’t!” I laughed, “We got to my house and I was the only one home so you said you’d stay with me because you didn’t want me to be alone in the house so late at night.” I carried on putting the puzzle together and Jug’s brow stayed furrowed as he concentrated on everything I said.

    “Then we went inside.” He said trying to get me to figure out what happened next.

    My eyes widened as the realization struck me, “Then I kissed you.” I muttered softly with a small smile forming on my face which made his face light up. “Then we went to my room and we, ah, ya now.” I chuckled as he started laughing with me.

    “Yea, I do know.” He laughed and squeezed my hand, “I was there.” He winked at me which made me become all flustered again. “I’m glad you remember.” He sighed and rubbed his thumb over my knuckles.

    “Why did you leave without a shirt?” I blurted after a peaceful silence causing him to smile brightly again.

    “Well Archie’s house is only two doors down from yours!” He laughed.

    “Exactly why you should have taken your shirt.” He fell into my shoulder as he laughed at the pathetic excuse he had given me. I took the last few sips of my milkshake while watching him in amusement, “Come on, we have English homework, we can do it at my house.” I winked which made him look up at me wide eyed then scramble out the booth paying for our drinks and taking my hand as we rushed off to my house hand in hand with giddy laughs escaping both of us.