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Hello! Could you do a drarry oneshot (maybe muggle AU?) where Harry works in a coffee shop and Draco come in all the time to get his "coffee" but really he's there to see Harry? Thank you!

coffee shop AU?? y e s

thank you, anon, I hope you enjoy

Draco had a crush.

Not on anyone from work (god forbid), or one of the men Pansy had tried to set him up with, no, Draco liked the barista from the coffee shop down the street. 


It had all started one morning when he had been running late. His alarm hadn’t gone off, and when he woke, bleary-eyed and confused, he was already fifty minutes behind schedule. There was no time to eat, only to grab a quick cup of coffee and go.

Draco had stood in line, tapping his foot and repeating his order in his head over and over, checking his watch every thirty seconds or so until it was his turn.

Still looking at the time, he stepped forward and opened his mouth to order.

And then he glanced up.

The man before him was grinning crookedly, his smile reaching his eyes (the greenest eyes Draco had ever seen, even with glasses over them) and his hair. His hair was an absolute mess, but it was the kind of mess that Draco had always liked- ruffled and soft-looking, and his half-asleep mind conjured the image of himself dragging a hand through it while the man stood right there, still smiling.

“Coffee?” His voice was warm and teasing, and Draco had difficulty getting his words out. The man shot him another grin as he handed the change back.

Draco had a crush.


That first encounter had been three weeks ago. Since then, Draco had managed to wake up early enough that he could slip into the coffee shop for fifteen minutes each morning, simultaneously having breakfast and admiring the man at the counter. Harry.

Draco had finally torn his eyes away from the man’s face and looked down at the tag on his apron and learned his name. Harry.

Through his visits to the shop, he began to recognize the other employees as well. There was the young, red-haired woman that worked with Harry some mornings that took breaks with her girlfriend, always waving to Draco as she removed her apron and came out from behind the counter. She was here today, and Draco nodded to her as she passed.

“Harry, your regular is here,” she called back to the counter, flashing a knowing grin.

Draco turned his head in time to see Harry blush and mouth ‘shut up’ at her, and he felt his stomach flutter in response.

Harry faced Draco and smiled in shy sort of way that made Draco’s heart ache. “Sorry. She’s, ah, well…” Harry reached up and ruffled his hair, blushing a little more now.

“It’s alright. She seems nice,” Draco said, leaning against the counter. 

Harry laughed. “Nice! Yeah, that’s one way to put it. What can I do for you this morning, Draco?”

Draco’s mind came up with too many useless possibilities. Oh, I don’t know, marry me?

“Just the usual, thanks.”

Draco watched as Harry made his way over to the coffee presses. He sighed out loud once his back was turned, and there was a small giggle from behind him.

“What-” Draco stopped as he took in the young woman behind him, all pale blonde hair and large blue eyes.

“You could ask him out, you know. He is single.” She pointed behind her. “You can ask Ginny, she’d help you out.” 

Draco looked over her shoulder to see Harry’s red-haired coworker laughing in the doorway. “I would. Come on, Luna.”  

As they made their way out of the shop, Draco shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. “Ask him out,” he muttered, “As if I’d ever be able to do that.”

“I wish you’d try, actually.”

Draco spun around. Harry was standing right there at the counter, wearing a small smile as he held out a cup of steaming coffee.

“Oh- I, um…” Damn it, Draco, speak!

Harry set the coffee down. “I’d say yes,” he murmured, and Draco’s heart sped up as he noticed Harry leaning closer.

“You’d- Would you?” Draco stammered. Get it together, Malfoy!

Harry nodded, still smiling. “I would. I’m off at six, come back then?”

Six! You expect me to be able wait that long?

“That… That would be nice. Yeah, very nice, I, ah-” Draco started to laugh slightly, not sure why he was still speaking. “Nice,” he repeated quietly, and Harry’s eyes shined behind his glasses.

“You’re cute when you’re flustered,” Harry said. He pushed himself up higher on the counter and kissed Draco’s cheek, and then Draco was certain he wouldn’t make it until six.

“See you later,” Harry said, stepping back. “Go on, or you’ll be late.”

How Draco made it out of the shop and into his car after that, he didn’t know.

What Draco did know was that he’d forgotten his coffee on the counter and now had an excuse to rush back in and get a proper kiss.

Draco had a crush, and it was going exactly the way he wanted.


I’m back! And I fought a box to celebrate my return (:D)| ̄|_

Video editing by @yujachachacha​! (˘ω˘ ≡ ˘ω˘)

“I don’t want to ask for too much. I have already taken more than I can ever repay,” his voice was soft, his back turned to Harry as the last of the evening sun caught his hair.


“No, Potter.” Draco turned around, his hands clenched into white fists, his eyes, god, his eyes so grey and stormy Harry couldn’t look away. “No,” he whispered this time, “I don’t… I can’t ask for too much.” He let his hands uncurl, turning away from Harry again. “But, perhaps, just for tonight?”

Harry’s heart sped up. Yes, for tonight, and the night after that. Yes, for every night. If only Draco could see that this wasn’t taking too much. This wasn’t asking for too much. That this, this fragile thing whispered between them under the sheets, with the pale moonlight dancing on their skin, that this was giving, this was what they needed; that this was healing.

Harry walked over to the man he thought about in the quiet moments of the day; in the loud ones, too. Draco had – as he supposed he always had – consumed Harry’s every woken moment. He had also nestled himself into Harry’s dreams.

Harry put a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Anything for you,” he whispered before turning and making his way back upstairs.

In The Dark: Ed x Reader


*Ed’s darker side is eager to share a brief moment of intimacy with you. WARNINGS for…vaginal fingering, vular language, penetration, rough sex. I guess that’s about it*

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Definitely Doing That Again

Another fic for my SPN Kink Bingo Card and Kink List #102, requested by @autopistaaningunaparte.  Companion piece to Intense, but can be read alone.

Square Filled: Pegging
Ship: Dean x Donna
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Donna wears a strap on, bottom!Dean, implied bisexual!Dean, pegging
Summary: Donna comes up with another kinky thing to do in the bedroom, expecting Dean to say no.  She’s pleasantly surprised when he’s just as excited about it as she is.
Word Count: ~1600
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

It had been a while, years even, since Dean had done something like this.  It’s not that he didn’t like it anymore, he just hadn’t really had an opportunity with how busy life had gotten and how he wasn’t able to escape for a weekend anymore…

And then he and Donna had started their thing, becoming exclusive nearly a year ago, and that was that. No more of this, at least while he was with Donna, or so he thought.

Until she brought up the idea as another way to spice up their sex lives.  

The first thing they’d tried in the bedroom was blindfolds, Dean putting all of his trust into Donna’s hands.  After that, they’d branched out a bit, each coming up with ideas periodically and bringing them to the bedroom.  It was awesome, in Dean’s opinion, that he had found a girl who was willing to try things with him, but also understood when he was unsure.

When Donna had brought this up, though, she’d expected hesitation from Dean.  She never saw his enthusiasm coming.

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robb stark: can’t help falling in love

ANON REQUESTED: Hiiiii!!! I was wondering if you could do a robb stark imagine where the reader is cersei’s daughter and Jaime is very protective of her and they go riding in the woods when at Winterfell and Jaime and the reader get separated and she is attacked and Robb saves her and cersei yells at Jaime for letting her daughter fall in love with Robb and not saving her

note: im warning yall this is kinda long like 1.5k words long of dialogue bc i got carried away af but anyway i hope u like it (◡‿◡✿)

When you arrived in Winterfell, you immediately smiled at the coldness and all the open space there is. The people were welcoming and they treated you amazing. You walked through Winterfell, through the towers and through the yard.

“Don’t go far,” your mother Cersei said as she tighten the fur around her. She wasn’t really fond of Winterfell and she made that clear. “You don’t know what lurks in this cold place.”

You went back to the plaza and you saw your Uncle mounted and clad in thin armor. He was with his men, and is also with some Stark men. You patted your Uncle’s horse and Jaime just shook his head.

“Going off, Uncle?” you ask as you looked at the hounds and horses.

“Hunting, riding,” he said as he adjusted himself on his horse. “Making the most of the North.”

The horse nuzzled into your palm, and you scratch its head. You flashed a smile to his company and you grinned at your Uncle but he shook his head again at you.

“Uncle Jaime, please!” You really wanted to do something, and riding maybe is the most exciting thing there is.

“Your mother, the Queen,” he said as he emphasized Cersei, “Will get angry, you know how she is.”

“I promise! I’ll be close to you,” you begged him, and the men are smiling at you.

“The woods aren’t meant for a lady,” Theon said as his horse rounded up his party. “Or even a princess.”

You sighed and you looked at the stables, and you saw a stable boy watching the exchanged. You waited for him to acknowledge you, and when he did he bowed and you smiled. “Bring me a horse, ser.”

“Won’t the Queen be furious?” Robb asked your Uncle Jaime and he looked at you.

“My mother, the Queen will be furious, yes.” You said as the boy appeared next to you with a strong horse, and he helped you mount it. “I want to ride and not be stuck in this castle for the week, my lord.”

“Ride close to me,” Jaime said as his horse moved closer to yours, “If you get lost, like back home…”

You laughed at your Uncle and you looked at the amused Northmen, “King’s Landing is huge and crowded. But Uncle, I will not be lost.”

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Summary: Phil can’t help wondering what Dan likes so much about bottoming…

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: honestly genre do u think this is

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Clingy - Part 3 (Edmund x Reader)

Part 1 / Part 2

Word Count: 2000 approx.

Warning: Jealousy, angst and fluff.

Request: Yes.

Summary: She goes on a ride with Dean. Edmund keeps a distance from her but his eyes were burning with fire. Jealousy takes over him leading to a fight between them.

The Story:

It would be a lie to say that Y/n didn’t enjoy the ride. It was peaceful and Dean didn’t miss a chance to make her laugh. Well ofcourse she almost fell two darn times for speeding up her cycle, trying to beat Dean. But, overall she seemed happy and the nature did keep her happy.

It reminded her of Narnia…all the animals and the breeze and..Edmund. didn’t quite forget about him. At the back of her mind, it continued to pinch her. But she decided to concentrate on her surroundings rather than someone who didn’t appreciate her company. There were trees around, breeze making her hair flow back, the birds chirping around, a shiny golden quiet afternoon and a laughing crazy Dean. (A/N - I can’t quite explain but I hope you get the idea, lol sorry, but I meeeean, things like these are bound to make you happy right? Or I think I’m a Hufflepuff so…)

Things were going nice. She felt happy.

“Woooohoooooooo!!” She yelled.

Try and beat me Y/n!!!“ Dean shouted.

“IS that a challenge?!!” She shouted from the back.

“YES!!!” He said speeding up his cycle.

Dean sped up and was before her, and they heard a honk from the behind. She looked behind and saw a car..the Pevensie’s car. She moved aside as her thoughts began to move all over the place, and that’s when she realized. Dean decided to come cycling this way and this is where the Pevensie’s are gonna have their picnic. She quickly tried to hide her face when she heard a yell.


Ofcourse. I AM LATE AS ALWAYS GODDAMMIT. She looked beside her, trying hard to smile but ending up with a weird face.

“H-Hey Lucy!” She said.

“Are you going this way?!” Lucy yelled.

Y/n stuttered but was interrupted when Dean yelled, “You are losing Y/n! If I win I want a kiss!!!”

She felt the color of her cheeks rising when she realized that not only Lucy and her siblings heard that BUT THEIR MOTHER HEARD IT TOO. Ugh Dean can be reaallly annoying at times.

“Oh.” Lucy giggled “It will be nice if you lose this race.”

Y/n smiled and took a peek inside, hoping to see Edmund, but he was turned around towards the right side of the window.

Wow, he didn’t even look at me. I mean atleast a hi would have been nice after his conversation with them. Sigh, looks like he is right. I am the one who is missing him. “Well um, you guys need to speed up. Hey Dean!! Move aside!!”

“Enjoy Y/n!” Susan shouted before they sped their car and were almost out of sight.

She stopped when Dean smirked and came beside her.

“Tell me this wasn’t the reason you planned the cycling for.”

“Not at all. If you remember then I asked you about the cycling before all those things happened.” He laughed when you glared at him “Okay, maybe the destination changed.”


“And the competition…so that we can reach there faster.” Y/n gave him the cold look.

“Ugh, I am not going there.” Y/n said turning her bicycle around. Dean held her hand and said, “YOU said you are up for a challenge, so I just leveled it up darling.”

“Leveled it up?! I didn’t even pass the beginner’s level and you decided to surprise me with the EXPERT LEVEL!! Dean what is wrong with you?! You are supposed to help me!”

“Oh I freaking am. See, the more you are around him, the more you will get used to him and then eventually all the hard feelings will be vanished just like ‘poof!’” He said.

She sighed, “It’s too much for the first day. You don’t understand how I feel.”

“I do. You…you are the one who supported me when she left me. Turned me into a douche.”

Y/n smiled and said, “Yeah, I suppose. But wait, are you trying to turn me like a slut?”

“You? A slut? Oh trust me, you can’t do that even if I tried.” He laughed.

There was a moment of silence. “ feel good enough to turn around and continue cycling?” She just nodded her head.

“But please tell me we will be out of their sight.” Y/n said starting to cycle back to the park.

“Whatever is comfortable for you darling.” Dean said.

*Time Skip*

The Pevensie sisters were all a giggling mess. They were whispering and occasionally looking at Edmund.

“Will you guys stop that?” Edmund snapped, irritated of everything.

“Will YOU stop that? What is that behavior? We are going for a picnic Edmund, we are supposed to be like this. Laughing and happy and not grumpy like you.” Susan said.

“Enough kids. No fighting. We are here.” She parked the car nearby while the others took out the food and mats.

Edmund wasn’t sure why was he upset. He was confused. Yes, he kind of expected Y/n to arrive and be with them in this picnic. Maybe he is upset because of this. She could be arriving here in this spot with that nosy Dean, then that would mean they will be together in the picnic right? Then why wasn’t he okay by now? I mean everyone will be there along with Y/n…and why was he upset with all the giggling and how Dean shouted about the kiss?

“Hey.” Lucy nudged him.

“Oh. What were you saying?”

She laughed and said, “I didn’t say anything!”

“Oh..I was just..”

“Thinking about Y/n?”

“Ye–uh no no.”

“Come on Edmund you know you can tell me.”

“I don’t know..It’s just that..I don’t know why I am feeling angry. I mean, Y/n is gonna be here I guess and then I can apologise for everything but still something feels wrong.”

“Oh..don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. But if you ask me, then I will say you are just jealous to see them together.” She mischievously smiled and said.

“What?” Edmund looked at her.

“Coming!!!” And ran away to Susan who was standing with a ball, preparing herself to play Cricket.

Edmund sighed and ran towards them, hoping his mood will be fine at the end of the day.

*Time Skip*

*Tring Tring*

Edmund looked back. And there she was. Smiling and laughing. And her hair perfectly flo– His thoughts got interrupted.

“HEY LOOK OUT!! There’s a bird pooping above you!” Y/n looked up and Dean took the opportunity to overtake her and he turned back.
“I win.”

“HEY! That’s cheating!” She laughed.

Oh she definitely wanted this. Ofcourse she wants to kiss him. She is not even looking at me! We are clearly loud enough for her to hear! Edmund looked at how they both perfectly parked their bicycles next to each other darn couples.

And he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his shoulder. “Ow!!” He yelled.

“You need to be present in the game physically AND mentally Edmund!” Peter smirked.

“I-I am!!” He blushed. Y/n now looked at him. His face was red.

She walked over the green soft grass and finally settled down under a tree, a little away from them. She looked at Mrs. Pevensie, who was present there and reading a book peacefully, pouring some tea and drinking it.

“Watching your mother-in-law?” Dean laughed sitting beside her, their shoulders touching.

She kicked his legs lightly and smiled “It’s not funny.”

“It made you laugh. Kinda is then.”

“Make Edmund laugh and I’ll agree with you.”

“Naaaah. Atleast I can peacefully flirt with you now. Although he is literally trying to burn me to ashes right now.”
He chuckled.

Yes, Edmund was playing, but his complete attention was towards Y/n. His jaw locked, eyes frequently moving back and forth from her to Dean, how dangerously close those two were sitting.

“What? Really?” She said turning her head to look at him but then Dean cupped his hands on her face trying to block her view. “Wha–”

“Don’t look. The method is working.”


“WHy can’t you just shut up for a second?”

“WHy can’t you just answer my questions?”

“This is the time. Kiss me.”

“Wait what? Woah Dea–” As she went on to remove his hands, the ball came rolling near Dean’s feet.

“Don’t wanna interrupt you two but can you pass the ball?” Susan giggled.

“Hey Y/n!! Join us!” Lucy yelled.

“Uh..s-sure! Sometime later! I promise! I have a company you see!” She said pointing at Dean.

Edmund’s chest tightened and he huffed, “Yeah!! You can enjoy with him!” He furiously walked to them, picked up the ball and said, “We are absolutely happy over here! Please don’t ruin our mood!”

Y/n now snapped. Enough is enough. She stood up while Dean quietly sat and watched the drama, a grin on his lips. “What is wrong with you! Why are you acting like this?! Have I done something now to irritate you? No right? Then why don’t you go back to your business!”

Susan, Peter and Lucy went to sit with their mother, giving a little privacy to the both.

“What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you! All these days you are with me and-and spend your time with me and suddenly today you show up with some damn neighbour!”

“Well Edmund the world doesn’t revolve around you! I prefer spending my time with people who actually loves my clinginess and not lie about how they are enjoying with me, when they are actually not!”

Edmund went quiet for a while. “But I thought you only did this with me.”


“I am really sorry. I didn’t mean those at all. I said those to make Peter and Lucy shut up. Those just came out of anger. I missed you. I thought you sat like that only with me. I thought you laughed like that only with me. I thought you hugged like that…only with me. I never thought that..that you will…I always thought those moments belonged to me.” He said eyes locked with hers.

“But Ed you said you didn’t like that.” Her voice softened.

“I do, your every little gesture makes me happy. I love spending time with you. You are the only one who can make me smile and who truly understand me family fails to do that.”

Y/n smiled and blushed. “I love you Ed. I did for a long time. You never..never really made any move to make me understand anything. I know that you may not love me like the way I do but…I need to let these out. I can still be your friend but, there will be changes in our friendship then.”

Edmund was quiet for her sudden confession. “I understand.” She smiled. Fighting back the tears, she turned around. Why did I do that?!

She suddenly felt a strong pull and they were kissing. It took a moment for her to realize what just happened. She smiled and kissed him back immediately, her hands going on the back of his neck, tugging his brown hair lightly, finally letting out the tears forming on her eyes. His hands went down to her waist. The kiss was full of love and force–needy, strong and passionate. All the emotions suppressed between them starting pouring out.

“Uhh…I appreciate your lovely moment of sucking each others faces but being her best friend, it really looks gross.” Dean interrupted.

They pulled from each other with a red face and smile on their lips. They looked back and saw Susan and Lucy laughing while Peter gestured them a thumbs up. On his side, their mother smiled and read her book, pretending she had no idea.

“Oh no.” She blushed and hid her face on his chest, while he hugged her, “I really am clingy.”

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With All Due Respect, Captain (Part 2)

summary: After getting passed over for a promotion you’ve been wanting for so long, you turn to your best friend for comfort, but things change for the both of you when you find out the truth behind your rejected application.

characters: (Steve Rogers x Reader (F)) In this part - Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, mentions of Reader (F), and Natasha
word count: 1495 (3-part miniseries)
warnings: mild violence, cursing, mild angst
A/N: Oh man, I loved writing this part. It’s Bucky to the rescue! Where the hell would Steve be without him, honestly?  Yes, I’m taking requests for Steve or Bucky! Tags are open too :)


Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

“There he is!“ 

Bucky declares with mock enthusiasm as he takes his gym bag off his shoulder and tosses it to the side. He makes his way towards the center of the vast training area where his best friend was aggressively going at a punching bag. There was already sand covering the floor from five of the fallen victims of an angry Steve Rogers.

"If it isn’t Captain Fucking Self-Righteous. You know, I’ve been looking for him. Been meaning to have a word with him, but he always gets away.” Bucky’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, and Steve wasn’t a fan of it.

“Not now, Buck.” Steve grunts, landing another harsh blow on the bag that causes it to fall off its hinge and slide across the floor to rest with the others.

“Nobody tells him what to do,” Bucky continues, completely unfazed by the sharp glare he’s receiving, “Why, you ask? Because he doesn’t care about other people’s feelings!

"That’s enough.” Steve growls, turning his back on his friend to drag another heavy bag and hang it on the swaying hinge.

“No, Steve.” Bucky matches his tone and puffs his chest out, “You’re not getting away this time. We are going to talk about this now.”

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Jet Lag

The room was dark and cool. The only sounds were those of a fan and my boyfriend, Niall’s, soft snoring. I stared at the ceiling and resisted the urge to roll over again. I couldn’t sleep. I checked my phone for what felt like the millionth time. Two o'clock am. I pushed myself up and climbed out of the soft, warm bed. There was clothing strewn between the bed and the door to the bedroom from their hasty, passionate removal earlier that night. I grabbed Niall’s hoodie and threw it over my shoulders, zipping it up the front. His scent lingered on the navy blue garment and I didn’t even try to resist the urge to bury my nose in it and inhale deeply. I quietly opened the bedroom door and slipped through it. 

Earlier that day I had flown in from Los Angeles. Having a long distance relationship was hard, especially when it was separated by eight time zones. Fortunately, Niall’s job brought him to LA often so he was able to visit me frequently and I wouldn’t have to sacrifice my job to spend time with him. I actually got him for a full month this August and September, and it had been magical. Now it was my turn for a visit. Any paid time off I got was spent following Niall around the world and I had been looking forward to this trip to London for a while. However, the jet lag was kicking my ass. I had been able to sleep on the plane and even took a nap with Niall this afternoon on the couch. Now I was restless. 

I started going through Niall’s fridge and pantry, suddenly hungry. It was always impressive how full he kept his kitchen. Mine was much less appealing. The only things I kept on hand consistently were beer, Diet Pepsi and condiments. Oh, and cat food, of course. I found a loaf of brioche and marveled at Niall’s fanciness. Who bought brioche? I hoped he didn’t have any plans for it because I was suddenly craving French toast. I managed to wrangle up the rest of the ingredients and set about putting it together. 

I had a couple of slices on the griddle when I heard Niall pad into the kitchen on bare feet. He had slipped on his white boxer briefs and a t-shirt. His eyes were barely open and his dark hair with blonde tips was sticking up in all directions. He had obviously run his fingers through his hair and my legs tightened at that thought. I loved when he did that. In fact, there wasn’t anything he did with his hands that I didn’t love. He approached me from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist. His chin rested on my shoulder and he gave me a squeeze. 

“Can’t sleep, angel?” His voice was low and raspy, his accent thick.

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wholockedcumberwumber  asked:

are you willing to write this. it just popped into my head. reader is descendant of a child james march didnlt know he had when he left boston and she ends up in the hotel cortez durign a storm and something something copells him to protect her.

Title: Welcome Home.

Pairings: James Patrick March x Great-granddaughter!reader

The first time you heard of James Patrick March, you were 7. You had came home from school and were eager to inform your mother what you’d learnt about.

“Hello, Mum!” You grinned, plopping down next to her on the sofa. She turned to you, a smile on her lips as she turned off the TV.

“How was school, Darling?” Your mother asked, placing a chaste kiss on your forehead.

“It was really interesting. We learnt about James Patrick March, the first serial killer in America.”

As soon as the words left your mouth, your mother visibly paled as if she’d seen a ghost. Your smile dropped as you filled with concern.

“Are you alright, Mummy?”

Your mother coughed before plastering a fake smile on.

“Yes. I’m fine.” She stood up abruptly and sped to the kitchen, leaving you confused.

The second time was when you were 16, you had been curious about James. Being 7 when you learnt of him, the school spared all the gory details. What shocked you the most is there was a black and white picture of James with a person you’d seen a thousand times in family pictures from before you were born. He was holding your great-grandmother and looking at her as if she was his world.

Your eyes widened when you read that they had been intimate with one another back in the 1920s, but after James was found dead in his hotel, his mysterious lover was never seen again.

You darted down the stairs, feet pounding on the floorboards making them squeak and groan. You jumped off the final step and dropped to your knees in front of dozens of boxes; mostly filled with Knick-Knacks that had belonged your grandmother before she passed.

You found the box labelled with ‘Photographs’ in black sharpie and pulled it down. You wrenched off the lid and began to sort through the pictures. The ones you found of James and your great-grandmother you flipped over to see the date scribbled on the back.

In the last picture, it was just days before James’ was found dead. The next picture you found was just months after his death and of your great-grandmother, hand on her protruding stomach. You were a descendant of James Patrick March; America’s first serial killer.

You hesitantly strolled through the grand front doors, suitcase in hand and head held high to disguise that fact that you were practically shaking. You stopped at the front desk, ringing the bell and tapping your foot impatiently. A small fairly old woman walked over the the front desk and smiled at you.

“I’d like to book a room. Room 64 to be precise.” You informed.

The woman shrunk slightly. Your eyes - something about them was familiar and sent a chill down her spine and caused the hair on the back of her neck to prickle.

“That room is in use.” She mumbled, eyes casted downwards. For some reason, she felt she couldn’t deny you if she looked you in the eye.

“Please, I need that room.” You pleaded.

She gulped before turning around and fetching the key. She cautiously placed it in your open hand and realised her mistake when you squeeze your hand into a fist and went on your way. What had she done?

You unpacked your clothes into the wardrobe and laid down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. You were in the infamous room 64, where James Patrick March killed and tortured. Where your great-grandfather killed.

Your phone rang beside you and you fumbled for it, bringing it to your ear.

“Darling, how’s New York?” Your mother asked.

You sighed, you hated lying to her, but she’d never let you go to the Hotel Cortez if she knew.

“It’s amazing.” You replied, jumping when the door knob started to twist. “Hey, Mum, I’m sorry this is a super short conversation, but I gotta go. I don’t want to miss dinner.”

“Bye, Love, stay safe.”


You hung up and hesitantly placed your phone down, shuffling up the top of the bed and grabbing the lamp beside you. The door swung open and a round lady came in, eyes on the trolley in front of her.

“Mr March, I brought yo- you aren’t Mr March, what are you doing here?” The lady yelled, glaring at you.

“I booked this room…” You explained, releasing the lamp from your iron grip. “What do you mean by ‘Mr March’?”

“Nothing.” The lady replied abruptly and turned to leave, you jumped up.

“Please, don’t leave. Did Mr March have ano- any children? Is that who you’re referring to?”

The lady stilled, not turning to look at you.

“No, don’t be obscene. She’s referring to me.” A deep voice spoke, causing you to whip around. Eyes wide.

“Are you a James March impersonator? Did that hag downstairs hire you to scare me out?” You snarled.

“No, Dear, I’m a ghost.” He darkly laughed, your blood ran cold.

“Ghosts aren’t real.” You denied, this was ludicrous.

“Dear, I am very, very real. Now, tell me why were you so… insistent on having this room?” James asked, raising an eyebrow.

You mumbled your answer, you regretted ever coming here in the first place.

“Louder, my dear.”

“I wanted to know more about my family; more about you.”

You dug your hand info your coat pocket and pulled out the crumbled picture. You cautiously handed it to him.

“The Woman in the picture, she’s my great-grandmother.”

James was silent, you were uncomfortable, the maid was staring at you and James was staring at the picture with a blank expression on his face.

“And the man is you. A few months after the picture was taken, she found out she was pregnant with your baby.”

James looked up, his brown eyes filled with tears. He gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing ever so slightly as he mustered a smile.

“Welcome home, Dear.”

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Threesome with jooheon and I.M and Wonho and Minhyuk?? Hehe. And also, I just saw that you changed the colours to blue (and a bit of black), and I actually love it 😊 yes, I know, I haven't been on this blog for that long and I just noticed now...😅

Thank you, glad you like it! ^^



Jooheon & I.M

Wonho & Minhyuk

  • You, your boyfriend, and Minhyuk would be watching a movie one night.
  • Wonho would start to kiss your neck, and you would soon feel his tongue against it that made you shudder.
  • Not now, Hoseok-ah..
  • You’d hiss and push him away a little.
  • Wonho wouldn’t listen, though, and would continue to kiss down your neck and to your collarbones.
  • You’d feel your cheeks heating up, because Minhyuk was right next to you.
  • Wonho would look at Minhyuk and grin when he saw he was blushing, trying to focus on the movie.
  • Hey, Minhyuk-ah..” Wonho would start off with a suspicious tone.
  • And this is where you ended up
  • Your shirt and pants on the floor, their clothes on the floor too.
  • Wonho kissing you, his tongue exploring your mouth and playing with your tongue
  • While Minhyuk kissed down your tummy, and down to your thighs, spreading your legs with his soft hands.
  • Wonho smirked, hearing you moan, and he pulled away to look down at Minhyuk.
  • Wanna taste her, Minhyukkie?
  • Yeah.. Please. Can I?
  • Wonho grinned and nodded, watching Minhyuk pull your panties down
  • Wonho unhooked your bra and took it off, massaging your breasts and leaning down to take one of your nipples in his mouth
  • Minhyuk bit his lower lip and leaned in, placing a few kisses to your core before licking it once, slowly
  • You gasped and arched your back, your fingers tangling in Wonho’s hair
  • Does his tongue feel good, baby?
  • “.. Yeah, oh God ..
  • Do you want more of it?
  • Please!
  • And with that, Minhyuk started to lick your clit, his tongue pressing against it
  • He moaned against your pussy and slowly entered one finger inside you, then two, then three, thrusting them in and out of you as he ate you out at the same time
  • You felt you were getting close so you gripped onto Wonho’s hair tighter
  • Are you gonna cum, baby?
  • Yes! Oh fuck, don’t stop, Minhyuk-ah..
  • With that, Minhyuk sped up, curling his fingers inside you which made your body tremble
  • That’s it baby, cum.
  • Wonho encouraged and watched you, a smirk on his face
  • That was definitely not the last time you came that night 

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Title: Pretty
Fandom: Monsta X 
Member/Pairing: Minhyuk
Genre/Warning: Kinktober , smut, rimming, sub!Minhyuk, warning for bad smut
Summary/Request: Day 7: Cross-dressing
Word Count: 1902

“It’s a promise right?” You linked your pinky with his and then with a nervous, yet excited laugh you affirmed, “It’s a promise.”

That was about a week ago. A very long, tense, week ago. Promises may not mean a lot to others, but to you they meant a lot. No matter how small, or seemingly insignificant they may be. You always kept your word and you expected others to do the same. You suspected that was the reason he made you promise, that he was scared you’d back out, change your mind, but he was a silly man who really didn’t know the depths of your love for him.

The weight of your work settled into your muscles, your body tensed and strained as you waited for the bus to your apartment. Your nose was red from the slightly chilling weather and you regretted not wearing an extra layer.

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Ladynoir July Day 13: (Spider-Man) Kiss

“Darn it, Chat, get out of there!” Ladybug grumped at her partner in the small residential street she stood in, frowning up at him. Chat Noir was suspended ten feet off the ground at a near-horizontal angle, stuck in a broad, looping net of yo-yo line stretched between a tree and a streetlight. She tugged at it, but that only served to pull the tangled mess tighter, further entrapping her partner.

“LB… I can’t - my baton is stuck, and my arm-” Chat Noir struggled and twisted, but he had managed to get one arm threaded through the snarl and couldn’t pull it free. Ladybug squinted up at him. The streetlight silhouetted his awkward figure against the mixed-up lines and she could barely see him in the deep, late-night shadows of the city street. They were supposed to be practicing with their weapons, but somehow it had all gone horribly wrong. Her tangled net of yo-yo line canted to one side, like a poorly fashioned hammock. It shook comically as Chat Noir rustled within, kicking his feet and pulling this way and that.

“This is ridiculous,” she sighed, taking hold of one edge of the knotted confusion. She pulled herself up and climbed forward, fingers gripping tightly as she came alongside to where Chat Noir lay trapped on his back at the center of the jam. His ears lay flat against his head, his expression thoroughly annoyed as he watched her. “You absolutely look just like a cat right now,” she giggled. If anything, the ears went flatter. For once, Chat Noir didn’t say a word. Ladybug felt her smile go wider in the dark; she couldn’t help it. This was all his own fault, after all. “Next time-”

“What, zig instead of zag? Look before I leap? I got it, Ladybug.” Chat Noir’s aggrieved tone surprised her.

“Hey, it’s not a big deal. I bet I can get you loose.” She yanked on his left bicep just above the crease of his elbow, but his arm didn’t budge. She released the smooth fabric, perplexed.

“Claws are caught in your unbreakable line,” he informed her. “Can’t get any leverage because the baton’s pinned. Made it worse kicking my feet.” He nodded to indicate his steel-toed boots, which had tunneled into the mess and were now trapped at the ankles. “I hate to say it, but I might have to de-transform to get out of this one.”

“You’re like a fly at the center of a web!” Ladybug tried her best to suppress her giggles. Chat wasn’t in the mood. She could see the confinement hurt his pride a little; usually his claws and Cataclysm would be enough to get him out of any situation.

“Just so long as you’re not a black widow,” he quipped, his grin resurfacing for a moment.

Ladybug pointed at his feet. “Maybe I should start there.” She rose to her knees, intent on crawling down the web, but the unsteady surface betrayed her. She fell forward, across Chat Noir’s chest with an oof, setting the entire mesh into a lazy rocking motion.

“Sorry!” Ladybug struggled to right herself, pushing her hands against his firm chest. She glanced up into Chat Noir’s green-yellow eyes and her motion stilled. She hadn’t been up close to her partner like this, outside of battle, in a while. His cat’s eyes were positively glowing as he looked at her. The streetlight chose that moment to fizzle out with an audible pop, leaving them in the near dark together.

“Do you need a hand up? I’ve only got the one,” he asked, his voice dropping to a low rumble she could feel through her gloved palms. Ladybug was suddenly aware of her torso pressed up against his side, her leg accidentally draped over his. Her eyes darted to the lower half of his face as he licked his lips. Soft-looking lips that were mere inches away.

“I um, I…” Ladybug’s brain went a little fuzzy as her pulse sped up. “Chaton…?”

“Yes, Milady?” Ladybug gave a tiny shiver as Chat Noir’s breath ghosted past her cheek.

“If I asked, would…would you kiss me?” His luminescent eyes narrowed and she let go of the breath she’d been holding. “Sorry, that was stupid-” she struggled to rise, but he placed his free hand on her shoulder.

“Are you asking?”


“Are you asking me to kiss you?”

Ladybug looked for the humor she knew had to be there, but Chat Noir wasn’t smiling. In fact he almost seemed angry, his angular jaw set tightly, his claw clutching her shoulder a little too hard. But he’d asked.


“Okay, then.” He licked his lips again and she tilted her face up to his, uncertain. Their lips met in a soft brush that left electric prickles on her skin. He seemed to draw back for a moment, but Ladybug pressed closer with a sigh and took his lower lip between her own. She felt his whole body soften as he leaned into the kiss.

With a sudden intake of breath, Chat Noir stretched his free arm across her back and pulled her in close. His claws came gently up to her neck where the skin was bare, and she shivered with the sensation as he lightly traced her ear and jaw. She kissed him full on the mouth, reaching up with her right hand to push her fingers into his soft hair and curving her left arm tightly around his waist. He rumbled deep in his throat, a low groan that was almost a purr. She felt his tongue press against her lips, tentative. She pressed back with her own, feeling her face heat and her breathing speed up.

They came apart for a moment, both panting and needing air.

“I think maybe… should we stop?” she whispered.

“Why? I mean did you not - it’s okay if not-”

“No! I did, I did. Um, I just - you’re still stuck.”

“Oh. Right.” The crease in his brow smoothed and a grin that rivaled his eyes for light emerged. Ladybug felt a blush creep up her face at the sight and ducked her head, embarrassed. She could feel the thump of Chat Noir’s heartbeat as she laid her head on his chest.

“I did like it,” she reiterated quietly.

Author’s Note: Ahhhh!  My first ever kissyface writing! Mille grazie to @alya-bug for proofreading and offering super helpful comments to iron out the awkwardness.

Authority Issues Pt. 8

Professor Barnes x reader

Notes: smut, FLUFF, teacher-student relations, angsty

Tags: @directionerssalute @minaphobia @jjlevin @starstar1012 @amf71010@felteppsters@stephvera @wxnchestervevo @styleswift1989@captainbitchjerkassbutt @denialanderror@angel–radio @a-small-independent-princess @hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh @jarnesbrnes @griever457 @oneshot-shit @anitavalija @isaxhorror 

Summary: Bucky makes an effort to keep you as happy as possible under the circumstances, and looks even better than usual while doing so; meanwhile you gain an unexpected friend. 

Seriously, it’s so fluffy.

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‘Bucky?’ you voice was shaky and silent, but he heard you from the other room.

‘Doll? What’s wro-‘ he stopped mid sentence and step.

You stood at the front door in his apartment, holding a large brown envelope.

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Planner MIA

In which Kim Jonghyun finds your planner

The last thing you expected when you arrived at the designated meeting place was to see a drop dead gorgeous man. He looked so chic and intimidating leaning against the brick wall, your planner tucked underneath his arm, his phone in his hands and a pair of large headphones over his head.

He wore a large black tank top that matched the shade of his hair. His jeans were torn at the knees, disappearing inside a pair of old beaten combat boots. The red flannel tied around his waist was the only splotch of color on him.

Your steps faltered as you approached, wondering if this was indeed the guy that had found your planner and not a stand in. His looks intimidated you, both because he was so handsome and because of his taste in clothes.

“U-um, excuse me?”

Jonghyun looked up, removing his headphones. His chocolate brown eyes lit up at the sight of you, crinkling as he smiled. It was a smile that consumed more than eighty percent of his face, wide and unreserved. It softened his appearance, made him human and gentle. Your heart sped up, cheeks flushing. 



He pushed himself off the wall, offering you your missing planner. Relieved, you clutched it to your chest. 

“Thank you so, so, so much!”

Jonghyun’s smile deepened, but his eyebrows drew together. “You’re welcome. I’m running late for class…”

“Oh, gosh, please go! I’m so sorry for making you late!” 

He considered you for a couple of seconds before laughing into his hand. You weren’t sure but he might have called you cute. 

“Don’t you have class too?”

Your eyes widened. “Y-yes. I do. How…?”

Jonghyun laughed, nodding at your planner. “You’re very thorough and organized. It’s cute.”

You blushed. He laughed again, patting your head as he walked past you. 

“Hurry along,” he said, laughing.

You watched him walk into the building then turned and ran to class, your face in flames.