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Tell Netflix to #FlipFlopSense8

Earlier this year, the second season of the brilliant and unique show Sense8 was released on Netflix — rather quietly. Shortly afterwards, the show was cancelled by Netflix, apparently due to low viewership (which might have been Netflix’s own fault, as there was almost no advertisement for the season).

But despite Netflix’s words on the cancellation, we, the fans, shouldn’tlose hope yet. There are many petitions for a third season, as well as many fans showing their support of the show in various places on the internet, in form of letters and even in real life, such as at San Francisco Pride.

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But signing online petitions and walking the streets at Pride can only make so much noise, which the people at Netflix can easily ignore. What they won’t be able to ignore though, is something flooding their real life mailboxes… and in the case of Netflix, what is more appropriate than a flip flop? This idea has been floating around the internet (e.g. on reddit), but it’s time to make it real. Mail a flip flop (yes, just one) to Netflix, and ask them to #FlipFlopSense8, to #BringBackSense8 and #RenewSense8 for #Sense8Season3!

There is a precedent of something like this actually working successfully: in the case of CBS’s show Jericho, fans didn’t give up after the cancellation. They sent 40,000 pounds of nuts to the network executives and made them reconsider their decision. Jericho was renewed for a shortened second season.

So let’s create a huge pile of flip flops at Netflix’s door and make them flip flop their decision to end this beautiful show on such a cruel cliffhanger! Give us the finale that the show deserves, whether it be a third season or just a two-hour special! They claim the show is too expensive, but if they really want to, of course they can find a way to finance it — even if it means less stuff in our Netflix library for a few months.

So, here is your step by step guide to mailing your flip flop to Netflix.

Step 1: Purchase a pair of flip flops of your liking. Of course you can also just mail them an old, used one.

Step 2: Write your message on the flip flop and (optionally) decorate it to your liking.

Step 3: Address an envelope to Netflix’s headquarters. The address is:

Netflix Corporate Headquarters
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Step 4: Put your flip flop into the envelope and mail it!

Optionally, you are of course welcome to share your flip flop with the internet by using the hashtag(s) #FlipFlopSense8 (#BringBackSense8, #RenewSense8, #Sense8Season3 #GlobalCluster)! Let’s make this happen!

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There was some talks in the fandom over the weekend about sending FOX real mail, yes I mean written-with-your-very-own-hand-with-a-pen-on-paper snail mail. Come on guys, I’ll be fun, like an old time campaign!

You probably don’t remember the first letter blitz to save Star Trek TOS in 1968, but some of you are old enough to remember some “recent” campaigns: “Roswell is Hot” [The WB received over 3,000 bottles of Tabasco], Friday Night Light and its light bulbs, “Keep the Leap” / Quantum Leap [50,000 letters to NBC], Trek United gathered more than 3 million dollars to save Enterprise,  fans of Jericho sent 20 tons of peanuts to CBS… Sometime it fails, I give you that, but it’s still fun ;)

If you’re in the US, you can send objects along with the appropriate letter/message to TPTB. English isn’t my native language, I’ll leave that part to you. Remember: you don’t want to be rude…

So far, fans came up with these alternatives (some are weeks old):
olive oil
a pen
a doll right leg

it’s not an alternative for international viewers but we can send letters or postcards! These 4 are only examples, and my contribution to the campaign.

Most importantly, you need an address. Here you go:

Mr. Kevin Reilly
10201 West Pico Blvd
Building 100
Los Angeles CA 90035

So, what do you think? Are you ready to flood prez Reilly’s mail box? What will you send?