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Late May 2017: A casual Nu'est fan decides to sub some Broduce episodes. She figures she should have a way for people to contact her, so she creates a Tumblr on a whim. 4 months later, she’s a hardcore LOVE, whose trashiness is enabled by some lovely people~

I’ve been needing to thank the people who supply my dash with beautiful Nu'est content & positive energy. As a translator, my blog would look really dead without your gifs & gfx to reblog! Please hover over the ♡ to the right of your url for a brief message~

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Maybe since his talk with Obi-Wan went so...well, he could try talking to the council and finally realize they don't hate him,or want to see him fail. That would be nice. Also I'm completely sure now Anakin cuddles his favorite people without a care in the galaxy, he doesn't have to hide or be "subtle" anymore! (He also started doing this thing of randomly jumping into Obi-Wan's arms, who grumbles a little about it but fools no one, as he just keeps walking, now with an armful of cuddle monster)

YES. Look the Jedi Order was surely not always perfect, but I will not stand idly by while being told that they hated any part of Team Handsome or that Goddamn Palpatine was somehow better or that mass murder being Anakin’s only option totally made sense. (I mean unless we’re talking in terms of being drawn to Palpatine’s Hilarious Dialogue, in which case I understand because it owns my heart FOREVER.)

So in this AU let’s have Anakin, disheveled and well-rested for the first time maybe ever, going to that 2PM Council meeting. And the Council is like “…while we’re glad that this crisis was averted, why DIDN’T YOU MENTION ANY OF THIS BEFORE YODA DRUGGED YOU?”

“Because YOU ALL HATE ME! YOU NEVER WANTED ME! BLAH BLAH BLAH!” yells Anakin, while Obi-Wan quietly dies. 

This results in a Major Airing of Grievances – no, no one hates Anakin; yes, maybe everyone should have done some things differently given what they all now know, YES, PALPATINE SURE BAMBOOZLED THEM ALL WOW HOLY CRAP WHO SAW THAT COMING WHY WERE WE SO BAD AT SEEING THAT CREEP FOR WHAT HE WAS.

This is going to end up being a Jedi Order holiday. AND THEY ARE ALL GONNA LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER BECAUSE I SAID SO.