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No way we forgot about you! But I'm excited that you're back and are opening up for prompts. How about some Shallura? Maybe something cute, like a college au? I love Shallura fluff, these two deserve the world. I appreciate it, and welcome back! ❤

yes, yes, yes - a thousand times yes for college au shallura + fluff

She had lost track of how many times the words before her blurred and twisted, finally fuzzing out to a jumbled mess with notes in the margins - a sea of blue ink and yellow highlighter streaks. Allura took a deep breath, shifting in her seat to prop her elbow on the table to rest her chin on.

In a vain hope it would stop her from nodding forward so often. She worked a little too hard to readjust her vision to make sense of the papers in front of her. It was why she had escaped to the library to begin with; there was more than plenty of light with the force of a thousand suns to keep her awake as they buzzed in the back ground and if that didn’t keep her alert then, the unforgiving wood of chairs at least 20 years old would definitely pick up the slack from the irritating electrical system that couldn’t ever completely be drowned out, no matter what end of campus she was on.

Even outside, it persisted in her ears.

The wind had been picking up lately and the birds seemed awfully chipper for January when the weather was anywhere above dreary, so it luckily hadn’t been as noticeable. If not, Lance’s music was normally loud enough for her to hear crystal clear across their picnic table while Hunk and Pidge chattered on happily in the background about an engineering formula or course or Shiro and Keith talking about dinner plans, which usually ended in calling it a pizza night with all of them crammed into Keith and Shiro’s little two bedroom apartment…


Allura jumped when a hand carefully brushed over the crook of her arm. She blinked, the lights horrific all over again for her eyes. She blearily glanced up to her left side. “What?”

“You were falling asleep again.”

“Was I?”, She worked around a yawn.

“Yes, you were.” Shiro mimicked her accent, chuckling when she knocked her shoulder into his. “C’mon, you have a Lit. hall full of Americans to blow out of the water with your paper, remember?”

She scoffed, dropping her pen to stretch in her seat. “I seem to recall you being one of those American’s in my Literature course, Shiro.”

“Exactly.” He grinned, and she was almost irritated how he could be so cheery camped out in the library with her at how ever many hours after her bedtime usually was. “Can’t let me win without a fight, there’s not any fun in that.”

This time, it was her turn to laugh, giving him a disbelieving smirk. “Is that a challenge, Takashi?”

“Oh, we’re on the first name thing again?” She leaned forward to knock his arm off of the table, narrowly missing when he sat back at the last second.“You only do that when you’re ‘cross’ about something. And that would most definitely be a challenge.”

Allura tilted her head, raising her eyebrows at him - trying not to laugh when he mirrored the movement - and hunched back over her paper. The playfully frantic, rhythmic scratch of pen on paper synchronized with the arm lightly brushing against hers.

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Hello, sunshine! I’m back at it again with yet another attempt at raising money haha but I promise this one will not fall through! I originally planning for this to only be on Twitter but so much more people were interested in them than I intended!! I will be making (yes, making them myself so there will be no issues that we had last time with outsourcing products) Carat Bong Name Tags! They are tags you slip onto your Carat Bong or any other lightsticks you have to use at concerts or fanmeets (or to wave around your bedroom at 4am like I plan on doing)1 for each member so anyone can have one! I will begin making them in about 1-2 weeks so i wanted to have anyone interested fill THIS INTEREST SURVEY so I know about how many I should make for each member! They will end up being $4.50 each but if you order multiples you’ll get a discount! 100% of the profits will go to continuing to support DK& Seventeen!

-Admin Bi

I finally watched that one show

Thankyou for tagging me love! @sim-bubble

a / age: 18
b / biggest fear: probably losing someone close to me.
c / current time: 4:11pm
d / drink you had last: iced tea
e / everyday starts with: waking up.. snoozing, skipping the first hours of school because I’m lazy and I like to sleep .__.
f / favourite song:  Snakehips & MØ - Don’t Leave (Gryffin Remix)
g / ghosts are real? yes. I’m always thinking about where we would go after we die. my theory is that you can choose to live as a ghost, or start a new life and reincarnate. >.<
h / hometown: netherlands
i / in love with: sleeping, eating, my boyfriend, listening to music, gaming, making up stories, stargazing (when it’s possible ._.), dancing and simblr.
j / jealous of: people who get everything thrown at them while you have to work very very hard to get it ._.
k / killed someone: no!
l / last time you cried: i don’t know, i cry a lot, mostly over stupid things.
n / number of siblings: i have one brother of 20 years old.
o / one wish: exploring the world, and i would really really want to go to space.
p / person you last called/texted: my boyfriend.
q / questions you’re always asked: i am not regularly asked questions xd
s / song last sang: probably sang along with my fave song.
u / underwear colour: black.
v / vacation destination: bahama’s, australia, south-africa, japan, greece, dubai, hawaii, seychelles and maldives.
w / worst habit: procrastinate all of my school work and stressing in the end…. and I skip school- a lot. 
x / xrays you have had: shoulder (i had a dislocated shoulder, it happened in a soccer game).
y / your favourite food: egg rolls.
z / zodiac sign: leo 

I tag anyone who wants to do this <3

i was tagged by @clockstopperofficial thNAK U DABE

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a - age: im 14 .  a fetus

b - birthplace: north carolina,, we moved when i was 5

c - current time: its about 4:56

d - drink you last had: i think?? orange soda??? i dont remember

e - easiest person to talk to: my super bestest friends;;; and .  my bf

f - favourite song:  ghosting by mother mother

g - grossest memory: ummmm when i saw a silverfish run under somethinf when i was like 12 thoSE ARE SCA R  Y

h - horror yes or horror no: uh depends on what its on like the paranormal stuff???? YEs

i - in love? y-yes

j - jealous of people?: not a lot ??

k - killed someone?: nah

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: nice

m - middle name: lee

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: uh.  to be friends with all of the moths in the world

p - person you called last: i think it was a discord call

q - question you’re always asked: “can you draw me?”  im.  bye 

r - reason to smile: MOTHS!! fluffy cats… warm hugs. . roses and other smiles

s - song you sang last: uhhhhhhhh ghosting by mother mother

t - time you woke up: i dont know??? way too early

u - underwear color: pink;;

v - vacation destination: hgfjshgfk i wanna go somewhere Snowy

w - worst habit: picking my lip.   ouch

x - x-rays: ok

y - your favourite food: sushi..   and mashed potatoes with grav  y

z - zodiac sign: im a libra :000

i tag! 

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An Order From Your Commander


Word Count: 415

AU: Modern where Alex is tiny and is adoped by the Washington’s

It was a warm Saturday in June when Martha suggested that George take Alex to the park. Now, the man cared and was coming to love the little boy they’d adopted from the Caribbean, but he wasn’t quite sure he was ready to take Alexander to the park by himself. The six year old was incredibly headstrong and unafraid to speak his opinions. Nonetheless, despite her husband’s protestations, Martha had the two boys out the door and on their way by ten in the morning.

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I was tagged by @kamisa-chan, dzięki ! :D

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a - age: Just turned 18 like two weeks ago

b - birthplace: Kraków ( Cracow )

c - current time: 5:47 PM

d - drink you last had: Cola

e - easiest person to talk to:  @abelard-tullus , we talk every day and can talk about anything really. Always makes my mood too :D

f - favourite song: There There by Radiohead

g - grossest memory: Any memories related to my ex

h - horror yes or horror no: Yes. I’m always super terrified, but yes.

i - in love?: ………. BLAME @abelard-tullus, YOUR FAULT DUDE, YOUR FAULT!

j - jealous of people?: From time to time

k - killed someone?:  No but I plan to…….  I’m looking at you Abe.

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: I don’t really get this one, but I def do not like the whole “love at first sight” thing. I find it a bit childish,

m - middle name: Jadwiga

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: My life isn’t bad or/and a mess. 

p - person you called last: My mom

q - question you’re always asked: “”You’re from middle school right ?”

r - reason to smile: @abelard-tullus, my children : ukulele Lucy and Pol the kitten, friends, family, NEW MOTHERFUCKING GORRILAZ ALBUM, HELL YEAH, among other things.

s - song you sang last: Riptide by Vance Joy

t - time you woke up: 6:40 AM, then 7:40AM

u - underwear color: You really need that info ?

v - vacation destination: Well I am going to Hungary by the end of the school year, but if I were to choose a one where I would wish and dream of going, maybe England.

w - worst habit: Scratching my head each time I get nervous, eating garbage foods when depressed and forgetting to eat probably

x - x-rays: Teeth, twice.

y - your favourite food: I dunno, way too many things. Maybe Cinnamon rolls? Chocolate candy bars with caramel ?

z - zodiac sign: Pisces

Poor unfortunate souls to be tagged : anyone who wants to do it, have fun!

I was tagged by @muovikassi ((thanks mate!!))

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a - age: 16
b - biggest fear: Becoming blind
c - current time: 17:05
d - drink you last had: water ((I don’t drink anything else))
e - every day starts with: Bathroom lmao
f - favorite song: All good things - Fight
g - ghosts, are they real: Yes! We talking about the band right ??
h - hometown: Oulu
i - in love with: Toffee ((Svtfoe))
j - jealous of: Dumb to think about this
k - killed someone: Probably
l - last time you cried: Idk maybe like couple of days ago?
m - middle name: Eerika ((the mystery is my first name lmaooo))
n - number of siblings: 3
o - one wish: Someone I like would like me back asjkdlslskj
p - person you last called/texted: Mika :3
q - questions you’re always asked: “How about you” lmao
r - reasons to smile: Cute people, smiles, hugs, memes…
s - song last sang:  Starset - Last to Fall
t - time you woke up: 7:09
u - underwear colour: Pastel blue I think 0:
v - vacation destination: Scotland or Ireland !!
w - worst habit: Ehh idk ??
x - x-rays you’ve had: Teeth
y - your favorite food: Sweet potato ayyy
z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius !!

Im tagging @rebelferrari69 ((pls do this)), @nuunamaria ((ur hair ahhhh)), @vitun-keksi ((who r u boi)), @unirytmihairio ((my sister likes you mate)), @makesureyourestillreal (( h e yy)), @laskujumala ((notice me)), @kuudessilma ((cutie)), @sabofleur ((I ALWAYS FORGET U IN THESE)), @lakanakana ((why dis name)), @shoesnow ((ay u still alive?))

The alphabet tag

HEY! I was tagged by my sis @jvghead-jones-iii and the love of my life @mrsjugheadjonesthethird. So LEGGO!!

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a- age: 18 going on 19

b- birthplace: India

c- current time: 11:11am (WOAH)

d- drink that you last had: coffee

e- easiest person to talk to: Im guessing we’re talking about on tumblr, so basically the people I’m gonna tag.

f- favorite song: (WTH how am i supposed to choose?!) Probably something off Alessia Cara’s album, or happy pills by Norah Jones, or OOH COUGH SYRUP BY YOUNG THE GIANT

g- grossest memory: Eating a tomato/dragonfruit

h- horror yes or horror no: No

I- in love: with fictional characters

j- jealous of people: sometimes…yeah I’m a bad person

k- killed someone: Not to brag or anything but i just escaped Azkaban

l- love at first sight or should I walk by again: Just feed me and I’m all yours.

m- middle name: I don’t have one 

n- number of siblings: A sister

o- one wish: to have infinite wishes (always find a loophole darlings)

p- person you called last: my mom

q- question you’re always asked: Not anything specific but … “Do you like it in India?” :/

r- reason to smile: too many to count

s- song you sang last : Auditions (Fools who dream) - La La Land soundtrack (I’m legit ALWAYS singing this)

t- time you woke up: 10:00 am

u- underwear color: black (??!)

v- vacation destination: I really want to visit Canada idk.

w- worst habit: overthinking and having no chill in general

x- x-rays: Been there, done that

y- your favorite food: Biryani

z- zodiac sign: Gemini

Further tagging: @thatsadbreakfastclub @nan-the-lemon @ju-gg @pendletonthethird @mrs-jughead-jones

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i was tagged by: @redlionlad​ and @x-strokeofmadness-x

a - age: 18, but i turn 19 tomorrow! (on the 26th)
b - biggest fear: being forgotten about, or becoming irrelevant and left behind. never being good at anything or amounting to anything. never being recognized in unique ways. also, being wrong.
c - current time: 11:15am
d - drink you last had: lukewarm water.
f - favorite song: i don’t think i can pick a favorite… my favorite song changes daily.
g - ghosts, are they real?: i do believe in ghosts, yes. whether they’re real in the way we often understand them, or not… it’s hard for me to ignore the experiences i’ve had and the experiences people close to me have had with what can only be described as ~ghostly~ beings.
h - hometown: binghamton, new york. and i’ve never left it…
i - in love with: 

j - jealous of: anybody who shares similar hobbies to me, but gets more attention than me… primarily if they’re objectively worse at it and have no idea what they’re talking about, i guess? but stuff like that annoys me more than it makes me jealous. i’m more jealous of people who manage to live their life without getting envious over really petty things.
k - killed someone: abstractly.
l - last time you cried: 2 nights ago.
m - middle name: monique.
n - number of siblings: i have 2 older siblings…! i’m the baby. my oldest sister is named jessica (she’s actually a half-sibling, we only share a mother) and my second oldest sister is named monica.
o - one wish: to be right about something for once in my life. just once.
p - person you last called/texted: my friend lexi!!
q - question(s) you’re always asked: “are you being serious?” or “why are you so dramatic?”
r - reasons to smile: my friends, my cats, sonic drive-in, and guila/jericho.
s - song last sang: ghosting - mother mother.
t - time you woke up: 9:00am.
u - underwear color: …none.
v - vacation destination: i’m flying out to tennessee (nashville) this summer! another one of my friends trip is also flying in…! we’re going to stay at our friend chance’s house for a night or so, and then the 3 of us are going to drive down to florida (tampa) for metrocon 2017! it will be very fun. i get car sick easily, so chance will probably end up murdering me in his car.
w - worst habit: eating the skin and flesh off of my fingers, haha.
x - x-rays you’ve had: i think the only x-ray i’ve had is the mouth one that you get at the dentist.
y - your favorite food: not sure if i have a favorite food, i’m a pretty picky eater. i am known for my love of onion rings, though.
z - zodiac sign: aries!

everyone else has already been tagged, so i’m only going to tag: @aesthetxt​ and @zurarnaru

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I was tagged by my girl Jesh :P @bring-me-bellarke

a - age: 23 b - birthplace: Kentucky. c- current time: 1:32 pm. 
d - drink you last had: water. 
e - easiest person to talk to: my boyfriend. 
f - favourite song: Let Me Down Gently by La Roux. g- grossest memory: Seeing my mom’s foot after she dropped the lawn mower deck on it. That was traumatizing af. 
h - horror yes or horror no: Sometimes. It depends on what kind of scary we’re talking about. 
i - in love?: yes. 
j - jealous of people?: Sometimes. But not over possessions. I get jealous over friendships and love sometimes. 
k - killed someone?: Nope! Not yet anyway…
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: walk by again, dude. Get to know them. 
m - middle name: Haley. 
n - number of siblings: 1 sister. 
o - one wish: To be happy and comfortable with myself. p - person you called last: my grandpa. 
q - question you’re always asked: When are you getting married (and I hate it). 
r - reason to smile: Dogs exist. Never forget. 
s - song you sang last: My Sharona  by the Knack . 
t - time you woke up: About 9:45 am. I was running very behind, as usual.  
u - underwear color: Maroon and white. 
v - vacation destination: Great Britain. 
w - worst habit: chewing on my lips when I’m anxious or thinking really hard. 
x - x-rays: I’ve had one for a broken arm and one of my chest. 
y - your favourite food: Fig and prosciutto pizza ALL DAY SON z - zodiac sign: Virgo.

I tag @stilinskikissme @stydiaiscanonbitch @lumosed @stiles-lydia @bellarke-stydia @bellarke2k17 @bellarkekittens @bellsgirl @slytherinwasframed @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @madgrad2011 @rossansguil @rongasm @stydiaislove and anyone else who’d like to do this!

Another About Me

i was tagged by the loml @minyardfluff !!!!!!

Age: 20
Biggest fear: oh god so many..
Current time: 10:44am
Drink you last had: water - not to exciting whoops
Easiest person to talk to: my bff @minyavd
Favourite song: Honestly Rookie/Russian Roulette by Red Velvet
Grossest memory: I had to clean up puke once and it was nasty idk
Horror yes or horror no: oh god yes please (ash we are so different
In love: unfortunately not
Jealous of people: oh god ya lol
Killed someone: oh my god what the hell no
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: lust @ first sight, love @ ??? (ok but same)
Middle name: Ann
Number of siblings: 1 brother, 2 half brothers and 1 half sister
One wish: Equal rights for everyone
Person you last called: My supervisor - had to tell her I can’t come in today
Question you’re always asked: Do you want the rest of this?
Reason to smile: @minyardfluff and Park Jimin exist???
Song you last sang: Rookie by Red Velvet
Time you woke up: 7:00am rip
Underwear colour: 👀  oops
Worst habit: biting my nails and constantly checking my phoen
X-rays had: like everything tbh - im a fucking mess lol
Your favourite food: macaroni and cheese
Zodiac sign: aries but im a cusp so im also a pisces

Tagging: @minyavd @silvertae@carrotjiminie@la-petite-schu@busanroyalty@bultaoreuntae@1una@hyungsk@kimtahyung@barefacedv@95s@jeonjktrash@danyjess@jaelicate@yahjiminie@cinnawon@yoongkitty

got tagged by @yuuaku ! (thanks !!) so here we go

a - age: 19

b - birthplace: finland

c - current time: 7:15 pm

d - drink you last had: cola or water i don’t remember

e - easiest person to talk to: niika

f - favorite song: idk too many. owl vision, awolnation and poets of the fall have a lot of good songs tho

g - grossest memory: once again, too many

h - horror yes or horror no: horror hell yes

i - in love?: yeah with myself ayyyy (…..and niika)

j - jealous of people?: not usually, and it depends.

k - killed someone?: once i accidentally killed a mama spider and her babies when i was walking in a forest. poor spiders. i’m still sad

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: ………………

m - middle name: eerik

n - number of siblings: two little sisters, twins.

o - one wish: a shit-ton of money

p - person you called last: my father

q - question you’re always asked: “what should i do if you faint/get a seizure?” because i’m diabetic

r - reason to smile: stargazing, good food/coffee

s - song you sang last: the sailor song - autoheart

t - time you woke up: around 9am, but i went back to sleep so 12am 

u - underwear color: grey

v - vacation destination: italy, spain, japan, egypt, norway etc.

w - worst habit: smoking, eating until i’m too full to move

x - x-rays: teeth

y - your favorite food: fried rice, garlic bread, spinach

z - zodiac sign: capricorn

i’ll tag @grandproxima, @lipsahdus and idk everyone feel free to do this

English Names

I’m going to say my opinions on some of the recent name changes that were announced. I’ve also decided that I’ll update the tag list and tags all at once when the game comes out and we have everyone’s English name. I’m going to go over ALL the names, yes, even the ones that were announced a long time ago like Xander, Hana, etc. I figured it’d be fun to talk about all of them :)

Names that stayed the same: Camilla, Elise, Hinoka, Sakura, Takumi, Oboro, Hinata, Odin, Setsuna, Orochi, Charlotte, Nyx, Mikoto, Felicia, Silas, Garon, Gunter

Names that stayed basically the same but had a tiny change: Ryoma, Kagero, Saizo, Leo, Subaki, Rinkah, Beruka, Effie, Mozu, Azama

Marx → Xander

I personally like the change. I’ve already gotten use to it and plus upon doing some research, Xander means “Defender of the People” which fits very well with his character. I feel like most of us knew Marx was going to get a name change, or at least I had a feeling, so I was expecting worse. I think Xander is a nice name for him and I mean he looks like a Xander. (9/10)

Suzukaze → Kaze

Falls under the ‘Cut off a chunk of my name’ group. This change isn’t really that big of a problem to me. Kaze still means wind so it’s not like the name doesn’t make any sense. It’s fine. (7/10)

Kamui → Corrin

While this won’t impact the blog in anyway since I’m keeping the name Kamui for my avatar (which the blog uses), I’ll still say how I feel about the name. I can’t say I’m upset about it because in the end it’s an optional name and only the default one. However, one of the reasons I liked Kamui’s name was because it meant “Powerful/god-like”. When one looks up what Corrin means, what do they find: Spear-bearer. Corrin’s name means SPEAR-BEARER. Now again it’s the default name so it’s not really a problem, but there wasn’t any other name that was better and gender neutral. “Corrin” doesn’t even weild a spear in their default class! I was really hoping they’d keep the name Kamui, but I guess it could’ve been worse (3/10)

Aqua → Azura

Good change. There are so many blue haired females named Aqua that i was fine with the change to Azura. It’s derived from ‘Azure’ which means blue so it’s still good meaning wise. It sounds pretty and I really like the name a lot actually. Very nice choice in name (10/10)

Kazahana → Hana

Another name that got a whole half chopped off. I actually like the name Hana a lot so really this change made no difference to me. She still seems like a Hana. Now what about meaning? Kazahana translates to mean ‘Snowflake’. I…don’t know why, but alright. Hana means ‘Flower’ or ‘Hope’. Ok this is SAKURA’S retainer. I think it’s really nice having her name mean flower and hope when you’re serving the princess that literally embodies those two things. I think the name change was fine with how it sounds, but is better because of the nice meaning (9/10)

Joker → Jakob

I like Jakob more than Joker. There I said it. I may be biased since I have a boyfriend of the same name (though of course spelled normally), but let me break it down more. Joker of course means ‘jester, upbeat, and merry’. It’s kind’ve ironic since in the Japanese version Joker is anything but that. Maybe that’s what they were going for? Jakob means ‘supplanter’, which if you don’t know what that means it “often refers to governments and rulers of countries” and is also derived from the latin verb which means “to trip up or to overthrow.” Maybe that’s ironic as well since this character is devoted to their lord so they’d never overthrow them? Also he’s an expert butler so he’d never mess up?? I don’t know for sure but I’m much more inclined to the name Jakob over Joker (9/10)

Harold → Arthur

Now Arthur isn’t a BAD name for a character like this. But did it really need to be changed? Harold was such a GOOD name that would’ve made sense still even in the localization. I’m sure a lot of you have realized that the Japanese version name Harold is derived from King Harold II, otherwise known as Harold the Unfortunate. This character is known for his obscenely bad luck so having a name derived from HAROLD THE UNFORTUNATE made perfect sense. Now Arthur is obviously derived from King Arthur and means ‘heroic’. While it still technically fits the character, Harold was such a GOOD name. I wish it ws kept but I also can’t say I hate it ;-; (5/10)

Zero → Niles

Niles I’m a bit meh about cause I really liked Zero, but I’m not really upset with the change. They still could’ve used Zero and no one would’ve noticed as a Nohr name. Zero of course means ‘nothing’ so it was actually a pretty nice choice in terms of character. Niles means ‘champion’ , but also has “Nil” which means “zero/nothing”. If that’s what they were going for then fair enough, but the name itself still means Champion. Unless you’re referring to him being the champion of seducing everyone or having one of the saddest backstories in fire emblem, then yeah you got a winner. (5/20)

Luna → Selena

Great name change. Probably my favorite name change honestly. IT’S SO GOOD! Luna means ‘Moon’. Fair enough ok. It’s pretty and such, but then we have Selena. Selena means “Moon Goddess” and is even prettier in my opinion. Plus for the english translation it sounds like Severa so it makes even more sense as her name. It fits the character, it’s pretty, and all around a wonderful name change. Good job Treehouse on this one! (10/10)

Nishiki → Kaden

Meh. Not my favorite name change. Nishiki’s name meant ‘Brocade’ which is a type a fabric that was silky and considered very fancy. I went along with the theme of having the beast characters have names derived from types of fabric which was cool. Now I’m not sure how Kaden is going to be pronounced here but it’s the English name so likely it’s pronounced KAY - den. However I did see an excellent point brought up in another post that when Kaden is pronounced Japanese phonetically, it sounds like ‘cotton’. I don’t know if that’s how they may pronounce it, but I’ll admit it’s kind’ve clever. I still like Nishiki better in the end. (4/10)

Tsukuyomi → Hayato

Probably the most surprising one to me. I’ll start with meaning. Tsukuyomi is the moon god in Japanese mythology. I don’t really know the correlation between them, or if there even is one, but if someone does know than I’d love to hear. Hayato means ‘Falcon-man’, but before you get confused like I did, it’s also the name of an ancient Japansese clan that was independent from and resisted the empire at the time. This character is from the Wind Tribe so at least it kind’ve correlates there. I do actually kind of like the name Hayato, but due to how recent it is, I still have a preference towards Tsukuyomi. I’m sure I’ll get use to it pretty fast though (7/10)

Yuugiri → Reina

Whyyy…Ok. Reina isn’t a bad name. but dang, YUUGIRI WAS SOOO GOOD! Yuugiri just fit this character in every single way. Yuugiri means “Evening mist” based on the kanji AND was a famous Japanese destroyer vessel. Yuugiri is a very sweet character, but has a love for war and the battlefield. This is me assuming personalities are at least SOMEWHAT similar, so literally Yuugiri was a perfect name in meaning and appearance for her. Reina means a high point or peak. Ok yeah that works cause she’s a Golden kite Warrior and oh look she flies, but YUUGIRI! I just really loved that name… (2/10)

Lazward →  Laslow

*cries* Welp have fun in meme hell Laz! Lazward means “blue” and influences the name Lapis lazuli. This worked well since in the Japanese verision he was called Azure, and in English he was called Inigo, both blue-based names. It was still a strange name, but we all got use to it. But now we got LASLOW. While it still sounds similar to Lazuli, the name itself means “Commander of glory”. That has nothing to do with blue! The name still sounds weird as well, and it’s spawned a lot of funny posts in the fire emblem tag (Camp Lazlo). The memes are probably the best part about this honestly. Or maybe the worse. I don’t know. (5/10)

Pieri → Peri

While not a big change and I could probably have put it at the top of the list with the names that only change slightly, I wanted to talk about this one for the name meanings.  Pieri means “Perish” and that was fine since she was a psycho killer with a love for blood. But what I do like about the name change is what Peri means. After looking it up, Peri is defined as “(in Persian mythology) a mythical superhuman being, originally represented as evil but subsequently as a good or graceful genie or fairy.” That is cool and the reason I like this name change. This character is suppose to be “one of the good guys” (unless you’re playing Birthright). However no one can deny that she has terrible qualities with her love of murdering anyone and everyone. The name reflects this and is my main reason for supporting this simple change (8/10)

Benoit → Benny

I accept the headcanon that Benoit is his full name and he just goes by Benny to sound less intimidating. I like Benny. It’s cute and good for an innocent character like this guy. I love Benoit so much really. He’s a good character. Benny or Benoit are great names really. They both sound great (9/10)

Crimsom → Scarlet

YES. Predicted this one. Great name change as well. It’s very pretty and still has the red origins of Crimson. Can’t really say much other than I’m happy with it. (10/10)

Matoi → Caeldori

I’m not mad because it doesn’t make sense. It does. It’s an anagram of Cordelia. But does CAELDORI sound down right amazing to anyone? I was hoping for Doralice, but I guess we have Caeldori here. I’ll admit that it sounds kind’ve pretty? It’s more of the way I read it and how it’s spelled that throws me off. This one is a major change for the blog so I have to get use it quick (3/10)

Shara → Rhajat

*cries again* I’ll miss then name Shara so much. I know Rhajat is the anagram yeah yeah I get it, but even then, Shara STILL sounds like Tharja. Befoere we knew all the clones were anagrams, I was really really hoping they’d use Shara since it sounds so similar. Oh well… (1/10)

Eponine → Nina

Nina isn’t a bad name. I LOVED Eponine though so I still prefer that. Similar to her dad, I feel like she could’ve kept her name and it would’ve been fine. Nina at least is still derived from Eponine so it’s not bad. I think I’m going to get use to it quickly as I play the game (6/10)

I believe that’s all of them. There you go you guys! Fates releases in just 19 days so I’m really excited and I hope you guys are too ^_^

in this comedy of manners, we play like fools

yes, this is the AU based on this post i made yesterday, for reasons. one-shot. fluff. tagging @peggyyswan, @tobsjpalfrey, and @46andtwo because they asked for it.

Emma Swan had had this job for just about four years now, and she was fairly sure there was nothing more it could do to surprise her. She had stopped being gobsmacked around the time, after just having taught a roomful of household staff that the proper way to store caviar was in a champagne glass (because clearly, a champagne glass) one of them raised their hand and asked what brand of glassware it should be, because if there was a wrong brand and they used it, their employer would be Very Unhappy at this dereliction of duty. Or when she saw sixteen-year-olds who had as many therapists as they did extracurricular activities, pouring into the International Young Achiever program to mingle with their serried peers, so they’d be the better prepared to go straight from Oxbridge to the Fortune 500 board room. The thought of working a starter job at Primark or Caffè Nero was a fate worse than death, and one which these people never had to consider anyway. On the unlikely chance that they couldn’t get one of their daddy’s rich friends to take them on, daddy himself would provide a monthly allowance equal to the deposit on most middle-class homes.

For that matter, Emma had no idea how she’d ended up here. Debrett’s was the oldest and most prestigious etiquette school in London – or at least that was how it had started out. It had now evolved into a full-service boutique firm for the really, obnoxiously, you-are-the-reason-the-economy-sucks stupid rich. From teaching the subtle nuances between white tie and black tie dress codes, how to properly address the Queen when she invited you to the state dinner at Buckingham Palace, to arranging your personal shopping experience in Paris (minimum one day) or Milan (minimum two days), to weddings (you can only imagine how those went) to the events of the Social Season and who would be at each, to dealing with nepotism at the office (really, that would be a problem? Who could have seen that coming?) – she, Emma Swan, had done it all. None of her clients knew she was actually American, as she had perfected her Received Pronunciation, and of course it would never do to have a Yank instructing them in these time-honored rituals of expensive snobbery. Privileged bubble did not begin to describe it.

Thus, Emma had a certain cynical outsider’s perspective on the whole thing. She had not been born into money – quite the opposite, in fact. Didn’t see this job as much different from a long-term acting gig, having gotten hired despite her disgracefully un-pedigreed background by working hard, being willing to put up with their shit as long as it kept the paychecks coming, having a certain Look (here meaning thin, blonde, and pretty) and allowing the bosses to feel as if they were doing a good deed and being demographically diverse, down-to-earth, and relatable to the plight of the common man by employing her. Besides, she was a living success story. If an American ex-foster kid, who had never tasted champagne in her life until her first day on the job when she was supposed to be advising a client which one to buy for her society wedding, could learn how to do this, anyone could.

This, however. This might prove to be her white whale, the final quest to trip her up just before the finish. Sir Brennan Jones was one of the billionaires who turned up in the news for buying a private island or being busted for tax evasion (once more, who could have seen that coming?) or appearing at various red-carpet events with his equally handsome sons (they were a good-looking family, she’d give them that) or writing self-righteous newspaper editorials about how they needed to fix the country, apparently with zero awareness that he and his dipshit oligarch buddies were a big part of the problem with it in the first place. That Brennan Jones. He had just engaged Debrett’s to give his two sons a crash course in being successful rich people, as that was different from just being rich people, so they could follow him into the family business.

And Emma was the lucky, lucky woman chosen for the job.

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I was talking to this pretty attractive guy and we agreed to go see a movie (I’m a huge film buff, so if I didn’t like the guy, at least I would get to see Birdman for a second time). The previous Tinder date I’d had at the theater ended in a hot make-out sesh in a McDonald’s parking lot post-McFlurry, so I was pretty pumped. The day of the date, he messaged to make sure I was still down to clown. When I said yes, he asked if his roommate could join us. His roommate?? Either this guy was a dating idiot or I was about to become road kill. Quickly, I lied and said my friend had been wanting to see the movie for awhile and asked if she could come along, too. Thankfully, and because potentially my life was at stake, my friend agreed to tag along.

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The meaning of "Honestly, no.”

I’ve been mulling this over in my mind for a while now, been debating on whether to post or not, and then that tweet happened. The “Honestly, no.” tweet. 

It bothered me, too. It was like I was an accidental victim of an Ice Bucket challenge – heart stunned, chest achy and cold. A freakout in the Lizzington tag ensued and some of the comforting “Lizzington is NOT dead” posts have alluded to the point I’m about to make. 

With all signs pointing to yes, here we go. 

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