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♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble (3/13) ♡♡♡

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Member: Jun
Genre: Suggestive
Word Count: 662

“Come on, baby, why can’t I see?”

“Because, silly, it’s your surprise for Valentine’s Day and I don’t want you to ruin it. You have a tendency of doing that.”

Jun bent his head down and smiled to himself, but then straightened his neck and mocked a pout. “I do not. You just can’t hide things very well. It’s not my fault that I get to see them beforehand!”

You tsked and lightly swatted the back of Jun’s head. “I’ll make you keep that blindfold on longer if you don’t stop irritating me.”

This time Jun didn’t even bother hiding his grin. “But that’s what you love about me! Well, besides my handsome looks and dance moves. And is that perfume you’re wearing? It smells nice.”

You shook your head and smiled, even though he couldn’t see it. “Yes, I am. Now shut up and take off the blindfold.”

Jun did as told and reached behind his head and loosened the blindfold. He took his jolly good old time in removing it and setting it to the side with his eyes still shut, and you figured that he wanted to hold out on the surprise longer, even if he wanted to desperately see it. It was only a shame that you weren’t recording any of the reveal or had your phone to take a simple picture of Jun’s face. This was the very first time you’ve seen his eyes that big or how his eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. His mouth fell open in silent amazement, but his eyes did all the talking.

His eyes shamelessly ran over the white two piece that you were wearing; it was a delicate white lace set that stuck perfectly to your body and accented everything that it had to.  The bra had straps running over the top of your stomach just below the breasts, and the matching panties had a high waist. Underneath the entire thing, smooth skin flashed through and tempted Jun for a better look. He couldn’t believe his eyes nor the way his blood was solely focusing on one important organ of his body. His throat went dry and he couldn’t find his words. “Wow… You look… Wow…”

In his eyes, your whole entire being emitted an angelic light and your small smile blinded him. He clutched the blanket under his fingers and pressed his legs together. He didn’t know what part he should pay more attention to; the pretty blush on your cheeks or the white lingerie that he was itching to rip off.

Your voice was quiet as you spoke. “Are you just going to sit there and gawk? Or are you going to do something and touch me?” Jun’s reaction was immediate. With his body quivering, he reached out and brushed his hands over the lacey material. He sucked in a breath and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in closer. He found himself placing his head on your chest and inhaling the sweet scent of your perfume and kissing the exposed flesh.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am thankful,” he croaked, and he was amazed that his voice even worked.

“I told you, this was your surprise,” you murmured and ran a hand through his hair. You climbed up onto the bed and straddled his lap. “I wanted to do something special for you. Hopefully this is enough.”

Jun shook his head frantically. This was more than enough. He let his hands run up and over your thighs and he inhaled deeply in an attempt to relax. “It is,” he responded weakly.

You sighed, a disappointed look blooming on your features. “No, it’s not. Something’s missing.” Jun was going to ask what you meant, but he suddenly felt his back being pressed against the mattress and your mouth at his ear. “And I think I’ve found it. Just relax, baby, and let me do all the work.

He gulped. 



thank you bryankonietzko for making my dreams a reality again - you and Mike, as always, rock

undisclosed desires

length: 2k

genre(s): smut

triggers/warnings: none 

simon follows baz into the woods and finds more than he bargained for

a/n: bless @cherryonsimon for wading through this incoherent mess x.x (also readmores don’t seem to work on mobile but if you click my url it should take you to the post ^__^)

for day 7 of @snowbaz-feda!!


This is all Baz’s fault. If he hadn’t decided to sneak out of our room and into the Wavering Wood right before the drawbridge went up for the night, I wouldn’t be stuck out here with him. Well, not with him. Behind him. Far behind him. But not too far that I can’t tell what he’s up too. Except…except I can’t see him anymore.

I think I’m lost.

This is all Baz’s fault.


Snow must be delusional if he thinks I can’t tell he followed me. From the unmistakable swish of his sword as he cuts through the branches, to his heavy clomp, I can hear him coming from miles away. I make sure my path is full of twists and turns, until I can’t hear anything behind me. Then I go searching for something to drink.

There’s a large buck visible through the trees and I cast quiet as a mouse on myself. He doesn’t hear me coming until it’s too late and I’m sinking my fangs into his proud neck. There’s always that pang of regret that comes seconds before I bite, the knowledge that I’m stealing the life away from an animal. But, then again, doesn’t everyone? Is my drinking this deer’s blood really any different than someone eating a burger?

I take my time draining the creature, enjoying every drop. I haven’t been able to feed like this since returning to Watford and I notice the difference almost instantly. I feel stronger, healthier; like maybe I can take on whatever’s coming for me this year.

I drop the carcass to the ground, wiping the back of my hand across my mouth.

And that’s when I hear him.

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fandom: B.A.P
member/reader: Yongguk, female
genre/warning(s): Supernatural!AU, smut, dragonboy!Yongguk
summary: [request] supernatural yongguk smut “i’m a med student who has a huge crush on the hot guy who works at the coffee shop who always gives me free drinks when i’m stressed and calls me princess even though i pretend i think it’s annoying but i’m extremely concerned about him because he always smells like smoke so i always give him lectures about how terrible cigarettes are for you and i may have made a powerpoint which is probably excessive but lung health is extremely important and oops it turns out he’s part-dragon or something hahahaha oops” AU 
length: 8K+

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sf9 as mystic messenger charas 1/9

youngbin as v

I knew It - Theo Raeken Imagine

As I walked into school I felt everyone’s eyes on me. During the weekend my best friend Lydia threw a party, I got really drunk and confessed my love for Theo in front of everyone. 

*flashback to Saturday*

“Can I get everyone’s attention” I spoke on the microphone that I had taken away from the DJ.

“Y/N give me the microphone” Lydia said trying to take it away from me.

“No Lydia I’m fine just let me talk please”

“Oh you are so going to regret this”

“Okay listen everyone I just wanted to let you guys know that I am in love with that guy right there standing by the punch bowl” I said pointing at Theo who clearly looked shocked and confused at the same time. 

“Y/N c’mon let’s go” Scott and Stiles pulled me away from the microphone and led me to Stiles’ jeep.

*flashback ends*

As soon as I reached my locker I saw someone waiting for me and there he was, Theo Raeken, I hadn’t seen him since Saturday and literally wanted to die on the spot right then and there.

“What do you want Raeken?” I asked clearly embarrassed trying to get my books as fast as I could so I could leave.

“Listen, about Saturday-” he started and I groaned covering my face with my locker

“Please don’t say anything, I was drunk and I wasn’t thinking clear” I said reaching for my books and closing the locker door.

“I was actually going to ask if maybe you’d like to go on a date?” He asked me

I looked at him a bit taken back and then said “Is this some kind of joke? Or maybe even a bet? because I don’t even like you” clearly lying.

“This isn’t a joke or a bet and I know you like me because you confessed it in front of the whole school, plus I’m a werewolf I can hear your heartbeat” 

I looked at him and walked away without giving him an answer.

“So you’ll think about it?” he yelled across the hall but I disappeared within the groups of students.

I walked into first period with Mr. Douglas, found my seat and immediately put my head down waiting for this day to end when I feel someone sit next to me at the lab. I looked up and it was Lydia.

“Good morning Y/N” 

“Good morning Lyds”

“So have you seen Theo” she asked me 

“Yes I did this morning actually he was waiting for me at my locker”

“Really? What did he say?” she said looking at me anxiously

“He asked me out on a date, I asked him if he was joking he said no and I walked away”

“Wait he asked you out and you walked away? Did you say yes or did you just leave?”

“I just left and tried to walk as fast as could to get out of that uncomfortable situation”

“Y/N are you an idiot? He asked you out! I think he likes you” 

“I don’t know I just don’t want to get hurt if he’s joking”

“I don’t think he’s joking” 

After a couple of classes it was finally lunch. I met up with Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam and Mason.

“So Y/N how was your hangover on Sunday?” Stiles asked with a smirk being an asshole as always 

“Not so bad” I replied sarcastically 

“Cut her some slack she’s been through hell this morning with Theo asking her out” Lydia said

“He asked you out?” everyone at the table asked in a very loud tone

“Shut up! yes he did but I didn’t even give him an answer”

“Y/N he’s evil” Stiles said 

“HE almost killed me” Scott said 

“I’m going to kill him” Malia said with her eyes turning the shade of blue meaning she was turning.

“Malia your eyes” I lowly yelled at her 

“I really like him and he obviously knows because I announced it-” I was going to finish but then I was interrupted by Theo who was standing on a lunch table asking for everyone’s attention

“oh my god” I whispered

“yay” I heard lydia say 

“Excuse me everyone… I have an announcement to make” as soon as he said that I quickly grabbed my stuff in attempt to try and leave but felt my arm get tugged back by Lydia 

“A lot of you already know this but someone confessed their love for me on Saturday at Lydia’s party” I felt everyone turn to me “Now it’s my turn to do the same because I fell in love with this girl the first day that I saw her in the hallway… her smile lit up the entire room, when she said she loved me I honestly couldn’t believe someone like her could like me, someone who’s kind, caring, fun and outgoing” I felt my heart flutter “ I guess what I’m trying to say is Y/N I love you, I’m really glad you said something because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t of had the guts to do the same, Will you be my girlfriend?” 

He stood there waiting for an answer and so did everyone else in the cafeteria. My friends looked at me and I had never felt so much pressure in my life.

“Yes” I replied smiling like crazy 

He came down off the table and kissed me passionately as we pulled apart he smiled at me and said “I knew it”

“You knew what?” I asked 

“That you love me” he said and pulled me in for another kiss.


I haven’t written in such a long time, I hope you guys like it! Requests are open! I write imagines for Teen Wolf, Shameless, and the old Magcon boys!

Did You Mean It? - A 2Doc Fanfic


“You guys have forty minutes till the interview!”

The door closed, shutting out all the outside noise and leaving the two members in silence. Murdoc sighed and lit one of his cigarettes, he seriously had to stay in a room for nearly an hour with this eyeless dolt. Great. Just f**king great. Upon him thinking that, he noticed 2D looking at him from the corner of his eye and he immediately shifted his position so he was facing towards the large window that showcased the pitch black sky, but it reminded him of Face-Ache’s eyes, so he just kept his gaze on the floor. 

Murdoc made sure not to look in 2D’s direction, the dread of starting an unnecessary conversation about Teletubbies and that damn sunshine baby chewed at his green skin uncomfortably. He asked his self if he really wanted to check if that moron was still staring at him and after many attempts, he slowly, and quietly, turned his body in the original position it was in, trying his hardest not to make the floor creek. He looked at the singer and mentally sighed in relief when he saw his eyes glued to his phone and a smile of amusement plastered across his stupid face.

Must be playing one of those rubbish games of his. Murdoc thought to himself and he turned his head.

Oh well, whatever occupied his mind was fine with him. Now, only if it could stay like that for thirty or so minutes, but it was at that moment he felt it. That feeling you get when your being watched intensely. He had spoken too soon. 

“Whatever you want to say, say it right now before I change my mind,” The bassist finally said,breaking the silence, and still not looking in the other’s direction.

“Whatcha mean? I wasn’t doing anything!” He heard the pretty boy say in defense.

“You keep staring at me, 2D. I’m not stupid.”

“I was tryin’ ta read the writin’ on your jacket–”

“There is no writing on my jacket!” The green man retorted angrily, practically growling. He could sense 2D cowering down in fear like he did when he yelled at him about the eel and then, he melted into a stuttering mess about how it was too slippery and how he couldn’t kill it, “Stop making excuses and say whatever you have to say to me!”

“I-I’m not making excuses!” 2D said with worry and fright in his voice, sounding like the way he did when he was trying to explain the noise. Murdoc knew he was gonna resort to that tactic because somewhere in the back of his empty mind, 2D wasn’t as dumb as many people thought he was. He was aware of how that voice made the bass player feel, how he would smile at the way he cried for mercy during one of his beatings, the way he begged…it was a kink of his. A sick one. Though, Murdoc wasn’t gonna outright say how much of a turn-on it was, but it accidentally showed last time.

The bastard bass player chuckled darkly. “That’s not gonna work, Face-Ache. I swear to Satan, if you don’t stop making up shit, I’m gonna shove my hand down your throat and fish out every single organ you have in that pathetic body of yours.”

“Did ya mean it?” The singer peeped out, making the Satanist look at him in shock. So, he remembered it, “Did ya mean everything you said?”

“Look, Face-Ache, I don’t wanna talk about it–”

“Did you?!” The singer asked again, demanding for an answer.

Murdoc snarled; he could feel himself getting pissed off with Stuart’s constant nagging. “I don’t wanna talk about it, 2D. Now, sod off!”

“You said you loved me!!” The blue-haired man shouted, “You said you were happy to have me in the band and that it would be nothin’ without me!”

“What the ‘ell?!” Murdoc shouted back, “2D, did you actually believe that?! I was drunk! I didn’t mean any of that shit!” 

That was lie and he knew it. He meant all of that, well, except the part about the band would be nothing without him. Heck, Murdoc could’ve been the singer for all he cared for. The band still would survive without him, but he was happy that he was in the group. That part was true.

“I knew it,” was all the singer said; he sounded genuinely hurt by what Murdoc had said to him, considering everything that happened and everything else he said, “Why do you hate me so much? All I want is to be appreciated by you and this is what I get in return.”

Mumbling something under his breath, The bass player scooted his chair next to the vocalist and place a cold hand on his shoulder. “Listen here, Stuart–”

“Did you just call me Stuart?” a surprised 2D asked as a blush crept upon his cheeks.

“Yes, I did. Now, shut up and listen. I don’t hate you, alright? If I hated you, you would’ve been dead by now. So, don’t give me any ideas. And I guess I kinda appreciate you…a little bit.”

If Peppermint Tea had actual eyes, they would’ve lit up when hearing that. “R-really?”

Murdoc nodded, confirming his statement. “Yeah. You’re not so bad. I’ve see much, much worse.”

“Well…can I tell you somethin’, Murdoc?” The singer asked timidly and said person rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“Eh, go ahead.”

As soon as 2D was about to open his mouth, the producer came in the room, telling them it was time for their interview for Humanz. Delighted to be out of that room, Murdoc quickly stood up and ran through the door, leaving the vocalist behind. He knew what he was going to say, it was something he’s been wanting to tell him ever since that night, but he wanted to make sure Murdoc was sober enough to hear him say it.

“I love T H E B A T H more than your tongue.”

The End.

Stopping Time

A/N: Exc i te dh u mm i ng. Basically, they’re ridiculously close friends and Astrid’s been stressin’ but it’s okay because there’s cute conversations and jokes. I love ‘em to pieces. Modern AU. :) 

Hiccup loved Friday nights, because Friday nights were his Astrid Nights. Basically, after winter break drew to a close, they quickly became the only time of the week where Hiccup could actually spend time with his (human) best friend.

But hey, he was willing to take what he could get.

They alternated both their location and their activities weekly–some evenings were movie marathons in his living room, and others were game night at her house, but they’ve recently consisted of Astrid being too exhausted to do anything other than curl up on his bed and half-consciously mumble everything else it was that she had to do during the weekend, all with Toothless curled up at her feet as he kneaded at her legs.

And, really–with three AP classes on her plate, alongside various other extra curricular activities weighing her down, Hiccup couldn’t blame her for needing the occasional night dedicated solely to catching up on sleep that he knows she skips out on from time to time. Plus, what kind of person wasn’t there for their best friend when said friend was prone to suffering from sleep deprivation-induced hysteria? He was certainly no superhero, but that was a task even he could accomplish.

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if it’s you

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in which you’re the only person that matters.

genre: fluff 

― prince!seokjin x peasant!reader

a/n: this is absolutely horrible but i kept having prince!jin stuck in my head and i really needed to get it out so enjoy my word vomit

     THERE WERE MANY REASONS AS TO WHY YOU ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE IN SEOKJIN’S PRESENCE. The main one being that he was the Crown Prince and you were just the royal florist (yes, such a job did exist). Yet in what seemed like anomalous, almost cruel coincidences, you were constantly having to interact with him. Prince Seokjin, dubbed lovingly as ‘Jin’ by the kingdom, wasn’t difficult to be around by any means. In fact, it was the opposite. He was really quite charming. It was the fact that he was a little too charming. His interest in you far exceeded the royal prince and his subject type of relationship and ventured into a territory known as flirtation.

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