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suigetsu is basically made out of water so I feel like he’d  freeze himself solid if he isn’t extremely bundled up and sharing body heat with other people

everything about you is so terrible…

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Anywhoozle! Holy smokes…I’m still like…blown away by that number??? Back in November 2015 I never dreamed I’d hit twenty followers with my marshmallow’s blog, let alone two HUNDRED? Like…where did you all come from, my goodness!

But! You’re not here to hear me talk about that - we’re here with a bias list! In other words, I’m going to ramble about my favorite nerds that have stuck around this blog, whether old or new, that Ryū and I have come to love. Without further adieu…let’s get started! <3

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Hickey pt 2 // Colby Brock

Request: you should to like a part 2 where Colby gets you back and does the hickey prank to you

Warnings: swearing, aggressivenessssss

A/N: I’m working on all requests so pleas be patient lol thank you! Also!!! If you want to talk to me you can. You don’t have to be shy my lovelies. I’m just a lame teenager so yeee. And yes I am aware that this was supposed to be where he does a hickey prank on her as well but I felt that would be obvious. Hope whoever requested it doesn’t hate me for it :)

Word count: 535

I walked up the stairs, just getting back from my daily run. “Colby?” I knocked since the door was locked. “Yeah! Just a second!” He sounded out of breath and there were loud noises like he was running around.

“Hey babe.” He opened the door breathless, his pants hanging low and hair a mess. “What have you been doing?” I asked and walked past him into the room.

“Uh I was just uhm… Masturbating.” He answered and I scrunched up my nose. “Ew better not have got any on the sheets.” I pulled my sweaty shirt off of my body, revealing a dark blue lace bra.

I walked to the side of the bed and picked up the shirt he had been wearing a few hours before. He looked suspicious but I chose to ignore it. “I need a shower.” I groaned and fell onto the bed.

There was a loud noise from the closet and I shot up. “What the fuck was that?” I asked and stood up, starting my way to it. “Uh no… Its a surprise.” He said and I could tell he was lying.

I looked at him and grabbed the handle, opening the door. I looked around and saw Devyn, hiding in the corner, hair all messy. “What the fuck?” I said, my blood boiling.

“Y/N. Please please dont tell Corey please.” She begged grabbing my hands but I yanked back. “Get the fuck out of my face before I slap you.” I growled at her and she backed off.

“Wow.” I laughed once it fully hit me as to what was going on. “I can expl-” Colby began but I stopped him. “Don’t.” I laughed and pushed him out of my way, grabbing my phone from the bed and turning to leave but he was in my path.

“Y/N no please don’t leave. I’m so-” he said but I cut him off with a hard slap across his left cheek. “Fuck off Colby.” I growled and pushed him hard. “I can’t fucking believe.” I held my hands to my face, hot tears stinging my cheeks.

“No no baby. Dont cry. Its just a prank.” Colby said grabbing my hands. “What?” I asked and pulled away. “Its a prank baby, I would never.” He grabbed my wet hands. “Where’s the camera?” I asked searching around, wiping my eyes.

“Right there.” He pointed. I sighed and turned, punching him in the arm as hard as I could. “I hate you.” I smiled, happy that I wasn’t losing him.

“Guys she slapped me.” He picked up the camera from the hiding place. “Look how red my cheek is.” He held the camera close. “You deserve it.” I crossed my arms and sat on the bed. Devyn walked over and hugged me.

“I almost killed you.” I told her. “Its okay I would’ve done the same.” She nodded, rubbing my arm. “Its revenge baby.” Colby kissed my lips softly.

“I hate revenge.” I pouted and leaned into Devyn. “Alright guys get ready for my revenge.” I said to the camera in Colby’s hands. “I got myself into something haven’t I?” He turned to me again.

“Of course.” I nodded, smiling mischievously.

do you like dogs?  what about dogs that are chill and laid back?  or, maybe, just maybe, dogs that are actually just really fluffy wolves that don’t feel like doing anything?  look no further, bc ya boy rat here has the…sorta possibly perfect thing fr you.  if you would mayhaps be interested in interacting with a canon divergent HIGE from the long lost series of WOLF’S RAIN, do you think you could give this teensy post a like / reblog?  RADICAL.


Tried taking Aesthetic™ photos and these are the best two (2) I got ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I wanted to be a tumblr girl but nah I look pretty fuckin lame (why yes I am a cringey Edgelord) but here take them anyway

don’t judge me I’m already judging myself enough-


Today was the last day of my internship at a tax consultant. I was very excited for it and I am happy everything went well.
The Internship was only for a few days because my summer break is almost over.

Do you guys have experiences with internships? Any Tips for a good first impression or something like that? I would love to hear them!❤️

And yes I am super lame and reading a book about taxes…voluntarily🤓

XX Paulina

Make ‘Em Laugh

Summary: Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Also on Ao3.

Notes: Didn’t get this one out in time for fluff week, but really, every week can be a fluff week. Many thanks to @piratesimmons​ for both the prompt and coming up with the exhaust joke. 


“But why are we fixing the warthog?” Grif whined.

“I don’t get why you’re complaining. At least we’re inside.” Simmons said, tightening the lug nuts. “You hate patrol. You hate walking around. You hate spying on the Blues. At least we’re stationary and we’re working on cars. You like cars.”

Okay, it was true he liked cars, but he hated any kind of work, especially when he was being told what to do. And he definitely picked up vehicles and weaponry pretty fast even though he tried to hide it. Last thing he needed was anyone thinking he was proficient at anything. He was done with that life.

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My step brother Theo.

Request: Can you make smut when you sleep with your step brother Theo, and you know it’s wrong but you still end up sleeping together?

{Warning sexual and v hot Theo, step brother and sister relations}


   Three days, it’s been three days since your father’s new wife moved in, and along with her, her son. They supposedly lived her a while ago, but they moved when Theo was in the fifth grade. Theo, he wasn’t your regular teenager. Whenever you would see him, he’d just stare, wouldn’t say a single word. It was uncomfortable, but over these days you learned to get us to his weird ass stare.

Wrapping your towel, after making sure to change into clothes that were comfortable to at least exercise in.( x ) The ear buds against your ears played soft music, but your concentrating was soon cut of by the sight of Theo in your gym like room. (See gif) You couldn’t help but look how his muscles and chest clenched and flexed showing off the body parts.

“Just gonna sit there and stare?” The cocky smirk plastered on his features, his hazel like eyes blazing down on you. “No, Just wondering why you were in my gym room.” You spit back, making him chuckle, his hands leaving the machine, as his eyes examine your whole body head from toe. “You definitely come into here a lot.” A light blush crept on your cheeks at his compliment but you still stood angrily, arms crossed against your chest. Theo continued, “I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to come in here since it’s my house too now.”

You groan, walking towards the treadmill, “Just don’t bother me.” You pop your earbuds back in, trying not to pay attention to him, but his hot body couldn’t help but linger into the back of your mind. After what had to be about 45 minutes, sweat fell brisk, down your face and chest, leaving you stick. Quickly without stopping the treadmill, you stripped of your jacket, leaving you in your pink sports bra. and Theo noticed. His glare was hard on you, watching how your muscles moved, how the little hairs were sticking to you face due to sweat, he found sweaty so hot.

Before he knew it, you stopped staring directly at him, wiping the sweat along your forehead against the long of your arm. “Are you just going to stare?” You mock, earning a small chuckle from him.

“Oh yes I am.” His response caught you of guard compared to the lame excuse you thought you were going to receive. A lump grew into your throat, as Theo finally stood up, walking towards you.

“You’re so gorgeous.” Theo’s words were closer now, as he was now standing closer to you, both his palms leaning flat against the wall, trapping you between his strong arms. The smell of sweat from him made your head heavy due to you actually liking the natural smell from him.

“T-Theo.” You stutter, but only to get shushed by him. His eyes staring deeply into yours, “Have you ever been touched before?” He asks, making your eyes nearly pop from your skull, this was wrong, this was inappropiate.

“This is wrong.” You mumble to only earn a small chuckle from him. “Oh princess, you’re gonna learn I do a lot of wrong.”

You still, staring at the handsome man in front of you. The feelings of his fingers brushing against the elastic of your pants, right above your most sensitive spot. “Has anyone ever touched you before?” You nod, finally answering his question, and before you knew it, your lips touched.

His lips were filled with hunger, kissing you fast but passionately, soon taking your lips in between his teeth, making a whine surprise from you. Theo’s lips fell to your jaw, leaving small kisses against it, until he reached your neck, kissing until he reached the middle of your soft skin, taking the sensitive skin into his mouth, sucking gently on it.

You moan, hands wrapped around Theo’s tight muscles as he attacked your neck, leaving hickeys upon hickeys. “Theo.” You moan, a groan erupting from his chest. Your moans drove him crazy as he finally moved to your chest, cupping the soft clothed flesh into his hand. His fingers hooked around the bottom of the PINK band, you breast falling out with a bounce. You wren’t too big, or too small, Theo though they were the perfect size, the perfect size for his hands.

“You’re so hot.” Theo mumbled before taking your sensitive bud into his mouth, sucking gently. Your hands fell to his hair, pulling gently on the messy strands. Theo’s mouth now fell to your other nipple, his hand rolling the boob that he just left. Before you knew it you were in Theo’s arms, as he carried to the familiar door of his room, dropping you onto his messy bed.

His hands peeled your strechies down your legs, leaving you only in your panties. Theo laid next to you, leaving a small kiss on your lips before sitting you on top of his sweat pant covered waist, his hard on poking against your thigh. Theo’s hands wrapped gently around your waist, moving you against his hard on, wanting to create any friction he possibly could. The small moan that fell from his lips made your confidence grow stronger as your grinned against his hips harder and faster. Theo’s eyes closed with a moan, his hands still resting against your stomach. “That’s it.” He growled, the pleasure making it hard for him to breath or form any words whatsoever.

Finally he stopped you, changing the position in the bed, for now you lay on bottom, back against the soft mattress. Theo’s fingers curled around the thin string of your thong pulling it down, exposing your bare pussy to him. Theo didn’t know why but the sudden sight made him want to change, change into his werewolf from, this never happened before and he wasn’t sure why. Pushing past the feeling, he concentrated on you pulling his sweats, and boxers down revealing his hard cock to you. You wrapped your hand around it, only to get stopped by him helping you up for you stood directly in front of him.

“I want you on all fours.” He mumbled, “I want to see that pretty ass.” Biting your lip you nod, doing as you were told, not wanting to see what would happen if you disobeyed him. Theo takes your ass into his hands squeezing on both cheeks, he left a small slap as if he was telling you he was ready. Theo’s eyes met with your pussy, his fingers circling your clit, in figure 8’s. “Please Theo.” You beg, not being able to wait any longer, his smirk was propped, but you unable to see it, couldn’t roll your eyes at how cocky he is again.

The head of his cock pushed past your tight lips, making you gasp softly. His arms rest on your hips, holding them as he guided into you more, making a loud moan trigger. “Mmm baby.” He encourages you, loving the sounds of your sweet moans.

Finally he filled you completely, right to the brink, stretching you as much as you reached. With a quick trust he was quickly back into your smooth heat. “Fuck me.” You whine, Theo’s eyes close in concentration and he repeated his actions over and over again leaving you moaning endlessly. “Theo.” You cry as he once again hit your g-spot. The familiar burning feeling in your stomach grows, and you knew you were close. Pushing your hips back onto Theo’s hips, he knew you were close, and he was too.

With one final trust, you exploded around him, clenching around his fat cock. The feeling too much for Theo as you turned around taking Theo’s cock into your hand, pumping his rod, his sticky come soon covering your chest and stomach.

His leaned over the bed, palms resting against the cushion of the bed, leaving a small kiss on your lips. “I think I like it better here now.”

All request are open