yes indeed that is what james drives

“Heya, Mrs. Rogers.”

“James, why is it that no matter how you say my name, it always seems like a scene out of The Graduate?”

“Because I’ve been madly, deeply in love with you since I was eight, and Anne Bancroft had nothing on you.”

“Oh, but Mr. Barnes, I never date politicians.”

“I’ll hand in my resignation to the President right now. Think he’ll mind his best friend wooing his mother?”

“Yes, but not for the reasons you’re thinking.”


“Speaking of my son, where is he?”

“Meeting with his economic advisors.”

“Which explains why you’re not there.”

“I stay as far away from that as possible. Tony is more than qualified to sit in on that one. But-hey! You got a car!”


“A new car.”

“I did indeed.”

“Did you get the towing package?”

“Why does everyone - James, I don’t own a boat.”

“We could get a boat.”

“I think Phil has enough on his hands with the First Mother driving her own car.”

“Maybe. What did you get?”

“Just a small sedan, nothing special.”

“But it’s you first new car. Not new-to-you, an actual new car.”

“It is. There’s this smell…”

“It’s the chemicals they use to treat the dash. And freedom.”

“I was thinking…”

“A dangerous pastime.”

“I know.”


“Steve’s been very…stressed lately. As if he’s adrift. Like he’s not remembering what he’s here for.”


“I was thinking, maybe something non presidential might help center him. He wants to come with me to pick up the car, but that will just turn into a rope line and photo op.”

“So you’re thinking, what?”

“What if I go get the car this afternoon, let Phil and his crew look it over, and maybe-”

“Take Steve out for a drive?”


“It would have to be late, when the streets are clear….I think that is exactly what he needs though. Get out of the fishbowl.”


“It’s settled then. I’ll tell Phil. Do your want me to go with you?”

“Contrary to popular belief in this building, I am more than capable of doing things on my own.”

“Getting your Irish up, Mrs. Rogers. I like it.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, James. Tell my son I’ll see him after dinner.”

“Sure. Bye, Sarah.”