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OH MY GOODNESS YES may i request some karasuno and nekoma general headcanons for the masquerade au? (im not exactly sure what kind of thing to request for the au so i hope this is okay ;-;)


  • They don’t have a set style of suits, but they all have a goldish orange accent on them.  For most of them it’s either their tie, bow tie, or vest.
  • Kiyoko wears a long tight fitting black dress with orange detail, her mask is a lace design that doesn’t cover too much.  Yachi wears an orange ball gown with black trimmings, she wears just a simple black mask that covers her eyes.
  • They don’t get many invites to other events but they have started hosting a lot of their own.  And thanks to some other groups they’re starting to make a name for themselves.


  • Most of them wear very casual suits, so normally no tie or bow tie and open jackets.  But all of their suit are black with red undershirts.
  • While they aren’t cat masks the masks they wear have a more feline look to them.  Sharp points at the end and all of them have elegant designs.
  • Lev always complains about how his pant legs and sleeves of his jackets are too short even if they are made just for him.
  • Kenma wears his hair pulled back when at events.  Depending on how he feels he sometimes has a little ribbon in his hair.