yes im very annoyed about this

tiny rant

ok. i love h2xvanxss, its a cute ship and they have good chemistry and click very well. i understand why it is a very popular ship.

but goddamn, y'all make everything a ship moment between them. it makes me so mad, because ship moments between others are totally ignored because of it!! i never see any quotes or chats or whatever about any other ship. its all the same gotdamb one over and over.

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#anakin skywalker: needy boyfriend#anakin is seriously going to get obi-wan FIRED at this point#and I love that Obi-Wan is ALWAYS AT WORK#but anakin NEVER IS#he’s just laying around in a kimono trying to lure Obi-wan back#FFS ANAKIN#this started as#Insect Related Discourse#but now it’s just about Anakin being the worst boyfriend ever again#and the worst jedi#just the worst in general#obikin#this AU controls me now#sorry#texts from anakin

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This is it.  This is the scenario of my soul.  Anakin lounging around in a silk kimono (what? it’s close enough to Jedi robes, Master!)(that might fly better if Anakin were wearing pants)(eh, they were itchy, tho)(Obi-Wan is fairly certain he has an idea why Anakin is so cold)(nah, that’s not it, he dying, it’s the cold hand of death) while Obi-Wan tries to go to his actual job, but knows he’s going to be back two hours later and probably forced to bring greasy burgers and fries and the expensive chocolates, the ones Obi-Wan knows Senator Amidala favors, now why would Anakin have developed a taste for those, he’s sure he doesn’t know.

And Obi-Wan tries so hard to be strict and gentle but firm with Anakin about this. Well, for a given definition of it.  He makes a token effort at trying to not spoil Anakin rotten.  Close enough.

He suggests that perhaps Anakin needs to see the healers, he’s certain Master Che would be willing to cuddle with him for warmth or perhaps if she’s not available, he knows that Master Sinube has just returned from a mission and was considering helping out in the healing halls, certainly then Anakin would have someone to talk to while cuddling for warmth.  He’s heard Ithorians are known to be very warm, too.  (Who knows if they are, Obi-Wan’s just making shit up to annoy him at this point.)

Anakin doesn’t respond for a full five minutes and Obi-Wan briefly starts to get worried.  Are you all right? he asks.


That is a shame, Obi-Wan sends back.  He’ll be properly saddened at Anakin’s funeral.  Does he have any special requests for his eulogy?  The text storm Anakin sends back–because, oh, yes, he absolutely has a whole bunch of suggestions for his eulogy locked and loaded, most of them along the lines of I DIED WHEN MY MASTER COULD HAVE SAVED ME THAT’S NOT VERY JEDI-LIKE–probably isn’t worth it, but Obi-Wan can’t help it, Anakin is adorable when he’s all wound up.


Anakin: oh SURE master i have some REQUESTS for my eulogy
Anakin: we gather here today to mourn the loss of anakin skywalker the CHOSEN ONE who could have saved us all and was never appreciated in his time
Anakin: he is survived by the stupid jedi order who are a bunch of DICKS
Anakin: and by a SELFISH MAN who didnt even TRY to make pancakes for him while he was on his DEATH BED even tho it might have saved him and therefore the universe 
Anakin: also tell everyone not to touch my stuff when im dead im not leaving anything to ANYONE burn all my stuff along with me
[5 minutes later]
Obi-Wan: Are you done?
Anakin: and also i want a LOT of flowers ok like a LOT the expensive ones from WAY the fuck out in the outer rim
Anakin: and I want you to get that head shot of me where i look like a damn holonet star blown up to POSTER SIZE and framed and displayed 

Rant Time!!

Hello everyone, one of your friendly neighborhood daves here with a rant

So recently WeLoveFine produced Homestuck body pillows! Yay! But i keep seeing a lot of hate about them and here is my standpoint on the situation:

Yes the bro one was a very bad choice. His abuse towards dave in the comic is atrocious and being kin with dave it sucks a lot. In my opinion they should had gone with someone else.

Now the main issue: Eridan
Now personally, I LIKE this one. This one doesn’t bother me and being kin with eridan, it still does not bother me. Ive heard a lot of arguments about how he’s awful or he’s 13 or in your kin timeline something happened with him or you are him. I need you to listen to me.
Eridan Ampora is DEAD. /Canonically/ In the actual COMIC, IF YOU READ!!!!
Eridan Ampora was killed. Yes dreambubbles exist but realize if he were alive NOW, and while he exists in the dreambubbles, he is OVER 18
He died literally years ago. And he would be classified as 18.
WeLoveFine produces merchandise directly related to the actual comic. They do not cater to you and your kin. So everyone upset over the Eridan thing because of kin and age? Please understand what im trying to say here.
Eridan Ampora is dead, and technically would be over 18 now and WeLoveFine, does not make their merchandise to match your kin timeline. They follow what Andrew Huss allows, and follows the legitimate comic. Not your timeline.
This is the end of my rant
thank for listenin

BTS react to your friends thinking he is your sugar daddy

Anon asked: BTS react to your friends thinking he is your sugar daddy.

JIN: would be appalled at what your friends have to say. He would immediately turn into the super sassy princess he is.                                                                “ Oh hun does it really matter if im her sugar daddy or not, everyone knows i have enough money to buy you and your boyfriend….but to answer your ignorant question im her boyfriend.”   He would say walking off with you

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 SUGA: would be quite amused by this statement. He would chuckle slightly under his breath before making them feel embarrassed by his words.                    “now listen those might be two of the names she calls me but please do not put them together.”

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NAMJOON: rap mon would just sit there quietly as you yell at your friends. enjoying every second until you got out of hand.                                                        “-and let me tell you another thing you fucking troll….” “okay okay babe calm down i think they heard enough lets go.”                                                   he would smirk at how cute you were standing up for ya’lls relationship.

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J-HOPE: would cringe as soon as the words fell from the lips of your friends. he would most likely scream most of the time but when he stopped hobi would say   “that is disgusting y/n would never sleep with someone for money and gifts especially an old man….right jagi?!?!” not caring what they meant of him but manly what their words would be accusing you of.

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TAEHYUNG: v would take it as a compliment when your friends said that and continued that way until it was just the to of ya’ll, then he would tell you how he really felt about the whole situation.                                                                              “jagia, why would they say that…do they not like me. does everyone think that about us”   tae would honestly feel the worst out of all the members

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JIMIN: he would actually take it as a compliment and mean it. he would go on and on about how much you love each other and how he always gives you gifts but he would be sure to make it clear that is not the reason the two of you you are together.                                                                                                                “ Thank you, i am a wealthy man who buys y/n gifts and yes we do have sex so i guess its the same thing..but im not and old pervert and we do actually love each other”

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JUNGKOOK: like jin he would also be annoyed at the remark but unlike jin he would not waste time thinking about a comeback, he would just flat out say what he felt at that very moment.                                                                             “that is complete bull shit, im sorry but i am not some old man who needs to pay a beautiful woman like y/n to spend time with me. I AM A REAL MAN”

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ur url is a mess, and whenever ur in a post w someone talking abt gods penis they are not talking about u!!!!! ur url is godpenis, not godspenis. and yes i am very salty abt this bc ur annoying when u do that. but im still gonna follow ur annoying ass bc i unfortunately like u

yeah but lemme be real for a little bit okay.  im gonna shit on marrish for about a paragraph and im sorry because ive never been anti marrish and i dont consider myself anti marrish and i used to actually ship them and i dont hate on ships but i need to talk about this.

im annoyed.  and no im not annoyed because im a stydia shipper so you can leave those comments at home.  in fact i just unfollowed a stydia shipper who was being an unnescessary (i cant spell) asshole to marrish shippers so stop saying that shit to me.  im annoyed because i love lydia.  and lydia had a fuckton more scenes when she wasnt even a main character.  and now all of lydia’s scenes are to fucking tell us about parrish.  like i love parrish. im very interested in his story. im VERY interested in his story.  but im not fucking supportive of his story being the only source of lydia plots. 

lydia is a dynamic character and i want to know about HER STORY.  i feel sick that such a great character who has always been a great source of plots and a really devloped character has been deminished to a love interest this season.  yes i ship stydia.  wow look its my url.  but i never asked for lydia’s own plot to suffer in order for them to be together.  on top of this im just annoyed that we’re making marrish’s love story kind of gross. i was fully supporting marrish just as i was mostly supporting malia because as a person who believes that my ship will be endgame, i see no reason not to ship other ships or to at least respect them.  but i seem to find myself angry with marrish more than loving them lately because I DONT LIKE THE CREEPY DREAMS. im sorry i dont like the creepy dreams.  i dont like that they’re seen as sexy when they’re really like scary omens and clues to his origin. like i would be cool with the creepy dreams if after the creepy dreams we weren’t like YAS MARRISH SCENE or YAS LETS PUT THAT IN OUR MONTAGE OF ROMANTIC KISSES

and i know i said this already but its the main reason im mad about marrish rn WHY IS LYDIA A LOVE INTEREST.  you know who is a main character of this show? lydia. you know who isn’t one of the core three main characters of the show? jordan. 

 let’s look at malia for a second.  with malia we have brought on a beautiful example of how to pull off a love interest for your main character and introduce a new character. because malia has plots and we get to see malia without stiles off on her own doing important things that dont involve stiles.  and when malia came on stiles’ character didn’t change to “oh malia” “where malia” “lemme go support malia’s story” no. he still had his own plot lines.  he’S STILL A FUCKING CHARACTER AND NOT A LOVE INTEREST.  with parrish growing into a larger role on the show we’ve for some reason muted lydia.  and i know that there’s that whole thing happening over with scott and kira too but i don’t have the energy to talka bout that rn we’ll get there eventually.  but i think you’re getting the idea and ths is becoming way longer than i meant so sorry if i angered anyone you know that’s never my intention but if you read this essay im proud of u

Don’t take this seriously, but my little rant/review/observation on Girl Meets Texas, because I couldn’t help myself: 

I thought Girl Meets Texas was beautifully written. I loved the roller coaster of emotions that they put us on. I missed this kind of writing on television shows, where feelings and different kinds of relationships are so real, genuine, and age appropriate yet still applicable to older people. There were so many layers to this episode, which I think is the reason for all the discussion and “wars” I’ve been coming across. I’m trying my hardest not to read any of it because shippers can be pretty nasty to each other (example: I came across someone saying that they want Maya to be killed off for Rucas’ sake. Seriously?). In fact, the shipping wars made me so angry and annoyed that I had to unfollow almost all GMW blogs. The amount of (im)maturity was just really hard to read, especially when people were ripping each other apart on here. 

Let me just get off my chest the one thing I didn’t like about GMT: freaking Cletus. Yes, let’s just bring in the VERY stereotypical Texan man who has a VERY stereotypical Disney Channel comic relief personality that I (and probably many others) did not really care for. 

Anywho, you could tell that both Maya and Riley were trying really hard to push away their own feelings towards Lucas for the sake of the other. I think that’s a very noble, normal thing anyone would do for their best friend. If you’ve never had to do that for a friend before, lucky you because it really freakin’ hurts, especially if you have to stay around and watch. And both girls have done that. And both of their feelings are completely valid. I understand how Riley feels. I understand how Maya feels. It’s a hard situation to be in and it flatout sucks, but that’s life.  

I’m not going to say too much about Lucas because hell, he’s just as confused as the viewers are. But what slightly irked me was that we don’t actually find out how Lucas feels about Maya, which sucks because he knows how she feels about him. But I can’t be too annoyed because that’s what dating is for: to find out if you like them. 

And then there’s Farkle. They say that it’s always the quiet ones. Farkle had been strangely quiet for parts I and II, but he knew very well what was going on. He’s always been observant, we knew that. Farkle pretty much lets everyone (including us, the viewers) know what’s up when there’s confusion. And you know what? HE doesn’t know what’s up. He doesn’t know how Maya really feels or how Lucas feels about Maya. He doesn’t know because he didn’t witness what happened at the campfire. But he knows that Lucas and Riley do like each other (maybe even love, who knows, they’re still kids, they’re still growing) and that hasn’t gone away and probably won’t for a while.

While watching the last few minutes of the Texas III, I felt that Farkle is the glue that keeps everyone together. He’s there for all of his friends, provides a safe environment where the girls can vent (maybe Lucas and Zay too?!), and really reads and notices all the little things in his friends, allowing him to see what’s really going on with them. Then again, he has a robotic eye. 

At the end of Texas III, Charlie & Riley didn’t mention they’re official, nor did they say they’re calling it off, so I guess they’re still seeing each other. Same goes for Lucaya. 

Now for the little tidbits:

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Phils first video blog script!
  • Hi, I'm phil and welcome to my video blog. Which I hope you're very excited to be a part of!
  • Happy Mother's Day, for one! I got my mum, this for Mother's Day! It's a monkey trapped in a cage! Aye! Help me! Help me! Help me! Ha.. Anyway!
  • It's funny, the barcode was in the cage when I was buying it and the guy couldn't scan it. He was like aahgh with the scanner.. Which was funny.
  • Today.. What have I been doing today? I've been doing my exam which has been the most boring thing ever! I'll read you a question just to show you how terrible it is!
  • Provide an autograph if and an allophonic transcription of the word/phrase in which the phenomenon occurs in regressive place assimilation and regressive voice assimilation. Excitement!
  • Anyway, err.. Oh! Today, the clocks went forward, which was annoying, because I woke up at eleven, thinking yes! It's not twelve I've got a hole hour of morning ahead of me! Come down stairs.. It's twelve o'clock. So annoying.
  • But then.. I found, ten pounds in my washed jeans! Been through the wash, smells very fresh! But it still works! So that's good!
  • What else can I talk about? I'm going to California in four days! Which is exciting! Im really excited about that! We're going to Las Vegas, so I can go on the slot machines! Or can I go on the slot machines? I don't know how old you have to be to gamble.. I might go on the slot machines!
  • I've got a holiday hat somewhere!
  • I can not see it.
  • Anyway..
  • That's annoying I was going to show you my hat! Oh well, um, there's a hat.. That's exciting! Here's a lion instead! Roar! And a pig! Mi! Pigs, don't make that sound.. They go, oink! See Victoria, he's still alive! Yay! It's from my friend Victoria, I like this pig.
  • Oh, I've been talking for ages! I don't have anything else to say, anyway.. So, have a good Easter if I don't talk to you again. Even though, you're not really talking to me but never mind! Cya later!

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Santa here! Imagine E's cat being the most arrogant feline ever. And please imagine R starting a vine series in which he voices the cat with a fake British accent. Bonus: He proposes via cat.

omGG IM CRYIGN THE CUTE. R totally would though. and he’d show all the vines to enj, who acts annoyed whenever but he can’t help smiling and just laughing about it because he can’t deny he loves it. it’s his two fav things aft all.

and then R has a “Very Special Thing” he needs to show to enj, who’s like “is it another one of the cat vines” and R’s like “yes but this ones special” so E watches it not expecting anything and then the proposal. enj can’ help but start tearing up bc omg the cuTEST EVER?? 

ofc enj agrees but here’s the thing: he replies via cat too. R sees it and laughs maniacally but he’s also cryign bc omG. and then they kiss and love each other forever. 

bonus: a vine which begins with the cat ‘speaking’ “you may now kiss the groom” and it pans to a giggling enj and R kissing and les amis in the background clapping.