yes im tagging hockey because everyone needs to see this okay

@king-pengis and i discussed dad!malec this afternoon while i bored as heck. so we present to you………………. DAD MALEC.

  • me: consider rafael and max going to mundie school, and playing sports. and like, malec is that OBNOXIOUS coule that cheers so loud (for the whole team, not just their sons) and Alec is the dad that almost Fights the refs when they don’t call something that is Clearly a foul/strike (and he’s obnoxiously like “do I need to do your job for you???”). also alec has definitely been escorted off the premises from being Too Obnoxious/disruptive/etc. (max and rafael get slightly embarrassed).
  • me: like, rafael plays baseball right? an he’s a pitcher, right? and like, alec doesn’t know a thing about mundie baseball (or any sport really) but he sure as hell talks like he does. like, “that was obviously a strike!” and magnus is like, “honey… honey… that was actually a ball, calm down” bc magnus has been around for ages so he knows a little bit about mundie sports.

(the rest is under the cut because this got way too long)

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