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Hidden Rooms

Summary: Every night you hear noises in your closet, every night you pay a visit.

A/N: these keep getting longer ;;

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Word Count: 4,009 T T

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Hold Me Tight ~ JB

Awe, you guys make me smile! Im happy you like my blog! I enjoyed writing this~

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Summary: Jaebum surprises (Y/N) for Christmas, and he acts like a big ball of fluff the whole time.

Warnings: None~

Type: Fluff

I looked at my phone, it was 8:00am and Jaebum isn’t home. I let out a sigh, if he was going to be here, he would’ve came last night. But no, i would spend Christmas alone this year.

Living in Korea away from family does get lonely, especially since Jaebum isn’t always home. I walked into the kitchen, my slippers dragging on the floor. I opened the fridge and pulled out some Orange Juice. 

I could already hear children outside, playing in the snow. I walked to the window and looked at the snow falling slowly. My neighbor turned my way, and politely smiled and waved. 

I giggled, a little when i saw a snowball get thrown at him, and he jumped in surprise. I finished my drink and set the cup in the sink. My phone started ringing, and i picked it up off of the counter.

It was Jaebum. I smiled and answered the call. “Hi (Y/N), Merry Christmas!” “Hi Jaebum, Merry Christmas to you too.” I heard him sigh, oh god that wasn’t good. “Listen (Y/N) I won’t be able to make it for Christmas.”

I knew this was coming, i blinked my eyes quickly to stop the tears from forming. “I understand. I know you’re busy. I’ll be fine Jaebum.”

“Well I sent you something, it should be arriving soon.” I smiled a little, “You didn’t have to do that Jaebum!” 

“Well i did, so its too late now! But i gotta go Manager Hyung is telling me to hurry! I love you!” “I love you too.” and then I hung up.

The doorbell rang and i quickly rushed to see who/what it was. When i opened the door i saw the delivery guy standing with a clipboard in his hand. “You aren’t off today?” I said confused. “No, i needed the extra time anyways. I didn’t have anyone at home for me anyways.” I nodded, “Same here.” I grabbed the clipboard and signed it.

“Well its a big load coming today.” I smiled, “Probably from my boyfriend, he said he sent me something.” I waited by the door and looked down at my phone. I heard footsteps coming up the porch. I looked up to say ‘thank you’ to the man, but it wasn’t him.

It was Jaebum. “Oh my god!” I ran up to him and jumped in his arms. He lifted me up and my legs wrapped around his waist. It was just like in the movies. “Merry Christmas (Y/N)!“ 

I broke from the hug and kissed him on the lips. Mine locked with his soft ones. Tears slipped from my eyes as i stared at him in disbelief, "I can’t believe you’re here!” “Can we go inside now? Im cold.” He shivered, i grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. 

“Come here!” I laid on the couch and pulled him to lay down with me. “This is the best Christmas gift ever.” He laid his head in the crook of my neck and hummed. “Mhm.” “Are you listening?” He poked his head up, his hair covering one of his eyes. “Yeah, i just want you to hold me tight, because im really cold. I want your warmth.”

 I laughed and watched him cuddle into me more, i turned on a Christmas movie and laid there with Jaebum, until he got hungry. 

“Babe.” “Yes?” “Im hungry.” I laughed, “Then go make something to eat, we have food.” “But it’s so far!” I looked over to him. “I’ll make you food, but only because i love you.”

You’re Just Good With Babies (Part 9)

               You were ready to kill him, drink water, eat fruit. Here have some vegetables for dinner. You glared toward the kitchen as he talked to Dean about eating healthier in front of you. You loved Sam, you truly did with your whole heart. But ever since you found out you were having twins, he had become the biggest health nut in the world. You groaned as you laid on the couch with a plate of carrot sticks. What you really craved, was just down the hallway. You listened to hear the boys making their way to the library for research and grinned. You got up and tip toed down the hallway before exiting into one of the unused, spare bedrooms and grinning widely. You walked over and sat on the bed with the iced honey buns and candy bars. You’d asked Dean to sneak out and buy you some junk food, he’d do it and bring it back hiding it in the bread box so you could find it. You had a stock pile now and were overjoyed.

               You hadn’t realized it but you’d been gone for quite a while, Cas entered the room suddenly and stared at you. “There you are, is everything okay Y/N? Sam’s losing his mind. He can’t find you anywhere.” You sighed staring at the half eaten honey bun. “Yes, I’m fine. Im just hungry…” you mumbled. “Well your kitchen is full of food. Why don’t you go get some?” he asked moving the junk food aside. “Cas, do you know how pregnancy works? I crave things…I crave lots and lots of hot, spicy, juicy-“ “I don’t need information on your sexual needs.” Cas said, causing you to laugh uncontrollably. “I meant junk food cas. Candy, sweets, Sam wont let me have this stuff because hes afraid of what it’ll do to the babies. This is all the babies want. If I eat another carrot stick Im gonna go insane. Here have one.” You passed him an iced honey bun and smiled as he ate some. “This…this makes me happy” he said smiling. You grinned laughing as you opened another one and began to eat it, enjoying your junk food time with Cas.

               You exit the room about 10 minutes later and smile at Cas. “Remember, our secret. Meet you here at noon tomorrow” you smiled and walked away and took a shower. Dean came around the corner and looked at Cas. “Where have you been?” He asked before looking at his mouth, where some of the frosting from the iced honey bun remained. “Whats that on your mouth?” he questioned again motioning to Cas’s mouth. Cas shrugged. “Ive gotta go” and with the flap of his wings he was gone.

               You had just stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around your body when the bathroom door burst open. “Jesus Christ there you are!” Sam practically shouted. “I’ve been looking all over for you!!” he said hugging you as you giggled kissing his cheek. “Aw, Im sorry honey, I didn’t mean to worry you. I just wanted to take a long relaxing shower” you snuggled into him, letting his warmth spread onto your body, he smiled against your shoulder and picked you up, carrying you to the bed. “Why don’t we take a nap?” he asked softly. You grinned and nodded pulling him down as you kissed him, causing him to chuckle.

               This continued for a few more days; you would sneak off and meet Cas who would bring something sweet and delicious every day. You would gladly accept the gift and devour it. You would then go into your room brush your teeth and take a shower. You were about four and half months along now. You were showing and you were eager to go back to the doctor and see what you were having. “I could tell you, ya know. I know what they are” Cas said one afternoon as you sat there munching on your fourth honey bun. Sam would have a heart attack if he could see all the junk food Cas had stored in the room for you. You grinned widely at him, your mouth full as you reached for some chocolate milk. ‘Oh yeah, Sam would be in the floor crying’ you thought as you took a drink. “Really? Eh….I want Sam to be with me when we find out.” You said smiling. Suddenly, two sets of heavy boots stopped outside the door. “No, she wasn’t taking a shower. I have no idea where she is!” Sam said frantically. “Alright calm down, lets try this.” Suddenly, your cell phone rang out blaring through the room. “Son of a bitch.” You uttered as the door opened. There stood Sam and Dean staring at you and Cas, baby books in front of both of you, honey buns, candy bars, anything chocolate that Cas could find and even more so, two gallon size chocolate milks with straws sitting in front of you. Your mouth full of honey bun as you looked at Cas before smiling slightly. “oh my god, he’s become her supplier. I told you, you were feeding her to much healthy stuff.” Dean began laughing as he bent over and placed his hands on his knees. “This isn’t funny Dean!” Sam grumbled glaring at Dean before looking at Cas.

               “I want this crap gone. Now. This isn’t healthy for the babies Y/N!” Sam marched over and took the honey bun and chocolate milk. You whimpered and slumped down before getting up and pushing past him out of the room, past the still doubled over laughing Dean. “Sam, have you tried talking to her? She knows you mean well, but…she has cravings.” Cas said looking at him. “So why didn’t she tell me about them? Im marrying her! Shes pregnant with my babies; Why not ask me for help!” he said sitting on the bed. “Because, she didn’t want to hurt your feelings; she appreciates the health concerns but what she really needs….is something called a Double Whopper and a large Fry with a Large Onion ring from a place-“ “Burger King! Of course…she used to make Dean go there when we were near by one on hunts!” Sam chuckled remembering before sighing. “Alright….Ill be back, don’t let her fill up on Junk food though!” Dean had straightened up. “Dude…shes pregnant with two Winchester kids…I don’t think she will ever be full again.” Sam smirked. “Those would be my kids” he snatched the keys to the impala before heading for the door, stealing a glance at you on the couch covered up. He couldn’t wait to surprise you.

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