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when you wake up remembering that you’re supposed to remember something but you don’t remember what it is that you’re supposed to remember

DIOMEDES, good at the war cry

nursling of athena, a mere man unafraid of the gods

your body poised diagonal, chaos made orderly by the confines of your frame

over your shoulder, the goddess of war watches

the muscles in your calf slide beneath bloodied skin as you tilt your weight forward, giving your throw over to momentum

the shaft of your spear kisses your fingertips, an intimacy of war befitting your victim

on the field, the object of your spearhead’s affection flits incongruously, tender divinity amid throngs of mortal men

has the goddess of love ever been kissed by achaean steel?

—  man vs. god
kate's kurobas fic rec list

organized by pairing, listed in descending order by length.  if there are any content warnings you’d like me to add, please let me know.  this list will be updated regularly :) enjoy!

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Jhope and lazy morning cuddles for the three sentence fics please and thank you ^.^

hoseok could replace the sun from the moment he wakes up; doesn’t matter if it’s nearing noon or just as it reaches eight, his warmth is enough to last you a lifetime.

he smiles the moment he wakes up, because he wakes up next to you.

and you could already foresee that with his arms locked around you tight, a sense of protection, a tinge of endearment and affection as he nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck, you know you’re not leaving this bed until he’s had his fix of touching you (which would usually drag on probably until you’re hungry).

/send me a muse, scenario and i’ll write a three sentence fic

Welcome To The Phandom:

You ship phan? You’re disrespectful and nosey. You don’t ship phan? We just hate you. You can read people better than the average bear and see something called ‘heart eyes howell’ and ‘love eyes lester’? You should shut up because that’s annoying and you’re the reason that Dan and Phil have to be extra careful of what they do on camera. You want to get Phil to 3 million subscribers? You’re turning a positive situation into a negative one and you’re the reason Dan didn’t celebrate hitting 5 million. You like Dan or Phil’s content more? You are a terrible fan and don’t deserve to be apart of the Phandom. You ask Dan or Phil about their relationship with each other? You are a disgrace and deserve to be bullied and harassed.
But remember that we’re not bullies, we are just trying to be respectful to Dan and Phil, two grown men in their twenties who are more than capable of taking care of themselves.
Enjoy your stay!

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i dont like the activist mommy either but hell i too would be mad if i found out my children enjoyed teen vogue and it was telling girls to just give anal sex a try. yes surprisingly teen girls do actually read teen vogue. im not defending her in anyway because im aware that it was not in the print edition and shes quite homophobic and i am against burning publications but why cant mes comrades understand that not liking anal sex does not make one a giant bigot or criticizing the fact they are telling young women to abandon what they think is comfortable to be progressive is not bigotry either

these guys thought theyd say hi formally; introducing locke and pix~ they still arent a team yet because their trash creator still needs a name for them |D but you can tell locke is trying. hes smiling.

woot post 5000 i thought i would do a thing and write something nice about it but i cant express it in words so just a thing will do ouo

Can’t get the idea of Mary inviting Sherlock and Molly to go skating with her and John in an attempt to set them up out of my head.

Molly, while nervous about the prospect of making a fool of herself since it’s been years since she has gone skating still says yes since she thinks it will be fun. Sherlock however isn’t sure if he’s ever been skating in his life, because if he has then he deleted that little venture long ago. At first he tells Mary no, but she keeps pestering him and then tells him she’ll just find someone else to keep Molly company which obviously turns him into jealous poo baby. 

Sherlock finally does agree, and he tries cramming in as many youtube ‘how to skate’ tutorial videos in his brain as he possibly can before the big day arrives. Sadly for the detective however he never thought to practice said moves at all beforehand, so when he does finally get on the ice with Molly he looks about as graceful as a new born baby giraffe. 

He slips and falls all over the place, and grumbles the whole time, though he must admit that Molly giggling and holding onto his hands to steady him as she helps him glide across the ice is quite the plus side. Well that and the fact that later on that night she’ll help mend his injuries with minimal eye rolling at his theatrics, and maybe even a kiss to boot.