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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: GOT7
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Im Jaebum | JB/Mark Tuan
Characters: Mark Tuan, im jaebum
Additional Tags: Friendship, Friendship/Love, Best Friends, thigh fucking, Fluff, Jaebum sleeps in Mark’s bed, that’s kind of it for most of the plot tbh, Hand Jobs, Kissing

So he treks his way down to Mark’s room. Mark, who is still in the jungle, won’t mind Jaebum thinks. They sometimes share beds before, but it’s always been together. This is something different, knowing that Mark won’t be back for another few days and it’s his room, his space. Jaebum would probably start a fight if he knew Mark did the reverse, tells fans no one is allowed in his room.

Okay, so I had like … one of the suckiest days. Which isn’t saying a lot, because I tend to get those A LOT. But then I check out AO3 (it’s like my go-to feel good place, other than Tumblr) - and there I find …


Someone just went and verbalised everything I wanted in a single precious fanfic! Everything I felt from that moment Jaebum admitted he sometimes sleeps in Mark’s room - with an extra dash of delicious smut thrown into the mix for good measure as well!

LOVE LOVE LOVE every word in this fic! Go read it and support the writer, because she’s writing precious markbum and honestly there aren’t enough markbum fics in the world.

Benvolio couldn’t breath. Heedless of the rain and the wind, he curled to the ground, hands pressed to his forehead, eyes wide but unseeing. She’s dead, she’s dead, she’s dead.


“I don’t even like this AU” I say as I click next fanfic. Omegaverse AU is my guilty pleasure…

Got inspiration from this post….