yes i've got a thing for him

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im not ready to let tom go like im proud of him but i got attached to him over the last few months :(

mmmohmygod guys, you aren’t letting him go. you’re still a fan of him. i know that when a celebrity is lesser known and then they get famous that whole “i liked them first/when nobody else did” thing can happen but please fight that feeling bc it’s such an ugly way for fans to act.

yes, when spider-man comes out tom is gonna get more famous and he’s gonna get more recognition and that’s //a good thing// !! it’s a good thing that tom is gonna be getting more recognition bc that means more roles, and bc he will be praised for the work that he has put a lot of time and energy in. tom deserves this, and he deserves to have a lot of fans. and tom //enjoys// having fans, he’s said in interviews how much it means to him to be recognized, he stops to take pictures with as many fans as he can, he’s even gone on instagram and asked fans to meet him for drinks.

so you aren’t losing him. not even a little bit?? more fans are going to flood into his fan base and that’s good and //normal// an he deserves it. and i really hope that after tom’s gotten more popular that i won’t be seeing fans acting superior for being here longer, or getting rude about there being more fans bc that’s so awful.

You know, now that the thing has happened in Green Gables Fables, I’m thinking about Anne’s grief in the books series re: Matthew (and even Ruby and Joyce later on) and how she deals with losing someone she cares about. She’s never ever angry about his death - despairing and lost, yes, but never angry. When she thinks of Matthew and visits his grave, she’s not upset that she only got five years with him when she should’ve had a lifetime. She’s only happy for the time that she did spend with him. She’s thankful that she had him in her life at all, no matter how short, and she never stops loving him and paying tribute to him after his death. I think about the people I’ve lost in my life, and most of the time, I’m mad and upset and I can’t help but feel cheated. Of course I do look back and am thankful for the time I got to spend with those people, but most of all I’m angry because they were taken from me when I should’ve had so many more years with them.

Anyway, the point is: there’s so much grace that can be learned from Anne, and through GGF, I’m still learning it.