yes i'm talking to you four

  • Griffin: "My boyfriend-to-be keeps on giving me the head lice. About two months ago I found some head lice in my hair the morning after someone I'm dating slept in my place. I did the treatment the same day. Two weeks later, slept together again and I found living lice again. It happened again yesterday, then I got the treatment again. And today as well." That's four lices. That's four different lice events. "What should I do? We're not close enough to talk about that, but I'm pretty sure he's the one giving them to me. I'm tired of doing treatments and changing tons of sheets after we're sleeping. I thought about telling him I got them somehow, and in a responsible way I'm telling him but I'm afraid he'll be turned off by me. Please help me, *frowney face*."
  • Justin: Turned off by you? He's the lice guy!
  • Travis: This is a tale as old as time. We get this question every week where people say, 'I'm sleeping with someone but at what point is it time to say I know you have lice?' Y'know what I mean? Like, yes, we will engage in intercourse and sleep in the same bed together, but we're not quite at the place where we're comfortable talking about each other's head lice?!
  • Griffin: He's probably very embarrassed about it. Here's what drives me crazy is you've done four of these treatments - if he does one, he's probably good to go at that point.
  • Travis: I don't think he IS that embarrassed, Griffin. I'm saying, maybe that's what he thinks he's bringing to the table. 'Listen, I don't have a great personality, I'm not very rich, but you know what I do have? Head full of lice.'
  • Justin: A billion little fingers to please you.
  • Griffin: Oh god!
  • Travis: We're gonna share this together, baby. You, me, and the lice.
  • Griffin: Go. Go, my little sexual servants.
  • ...
  • Travis: Call me Lice Bryce.
  • Justin: Lice Bryce, Ant-Man's shitty brother.
  • ...
  • Travis: I've also never described anyone as my 'girlfriend-to-be'.
  • Justin: Well Trav, I think if somebody gave me lice four times I'd probably keep'em in the maybe column.

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Hello! I'm new to the McLennon fandom and I've been checking your blog for a while now, and I noticed how you always say that John was ready to go back to Paul in the 80s, so I want to ask you: what gives you this idea? Could you explain it to us, please? I hope I'm not asking repetitive questions or smth like that. Your blog's pretty cool, btw :)

First of all, to talk about John’s desire to go back to Paul and England, we have to talk about 1975 and the Lost Weekend first. Cause that was the first time he mentioned his desire to go back working with Paul.

Piotrowski: “Did John ever talk about the four of them getting together? Do you think it would have happened?”
Pang: “Yes. We did.”
Piotrowski: “Wow”
Pang: “Absolutely. (Quoting John) Maybe we’ll do one.”
Piotrowski: “One song?”
Pang: (Quoting John) “If one comes around and it works, maybe we’ll do another.”
Piotrowski: “Yeah.”
Pang: “But, yeah, we talked about it. And the first one that they talked about was early on, because it was early in ‘74 when it was discussed. (Quoting John) ‘Maybe we could do it for Fall of ‘74.’ And Harry Nilsson even said, ‘Oh, I want to sing,’ you know? But, obviously, certain things were not meant to be, as I would say.”
Piotrowski: “It just never happened.”
Pang: “It was just logistics. It was just a bunch of things going on at the time.”

In this interview, May Pang and Bob Bonis express their opinions about John and his desire to get back to Paul

This is a beautiful interview he gave in that period:

This is another beautiful interview in which he discusses the possibility to work again with Paul and go back to  England:

This is a quote by Roger Friedman, American writer who talked with May Pang:

[May] Pang told me the following story: Lennon was making plans to see Paul and Linda McCartney right before Ono pulled her string and brought him home to the Dakota in Manhattan. “Paul and Linda were going to New Orleans to record the Venus and Mars album,” May recalled. “And John found out they would be there. He made plans to surprise them down there. He was in a great mood and he really missed Paul.” Just as Lennon was making this plan, he was also trying to quit smoking. Enter Ono. “She told him she had a method for quitting and he should come over and she’d show him. I had a feeling this was a bad idea. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and I felt something was wrong. John told me not to worry, but I did.” Indeed, Pang was correct, since Lennon did not return to her. Pang can only surmise that Lennon shared his plans with Ono, who feared a reunion with the McCartneys would spur Lennon to leave her forever. Paul McCartney was, and is, Yoko Ono’s prime rival and arch enemy. Case in point: When Linda McCartney died in 1998, Paul didn’t invite Yoko to the memorial service in New York. He did invite May Pang, and she attended. “Linda was wonderful,” she said. At first when Pang told people about Lennon’s plans — after he’d left her — no one believed it. “But then something happened,” she said. “Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ publicist, showed me a postcard he’d gotten from John in England. It said, ‘Going to New Orleans to see Paul.’ And that was it. That was the proof.”- Roger Friedman,, “Lennon planned to visit McCartney in 1974,” September 25, 2011

John also met Paul Simon in that period, and he asked him what he had to do wtih Paul:

“John Lennon once turned to Art Garfunkel for advice about a possible Beatles reunion in the mid-1970s. Garfunkel had set aside his ongoing feud with Paul Simon for a series of reunion concerts and Lennon wanted to pump him for information about the get together after revealing he was receiving offers to team up with Paul McCartney. The Bridge Over Troubled Waters singer recalls his chat with Lennon - in the bedroom of the Dakota building home he shared with Yoko Ono.

“Incredibly disarmingly, he said to me, ‘Artie, you worked with your Paul recently … I’m getting calls … that my Paul wants to work with me and I’m thinking about it … How did it go when you worked with Paul?’ “He was measuring his situation - the great John Lennon with Paul McCartney - with Paul and Artie and testing me out as if to make sure that my ego is fully established as a colleague of his,” he said.

A thrilled Garfunkel felt that his answer could be the catalyst for a Beatles reunion and he responded, “John, remember that there was a musical blend that was a great kick; if you can return to the fun of that sound and musical happenings with your old buddy and ignore the strands and complications of history, what I found with my Paul is the harmony and the sound happenings are a full agenda. They’ll keep you busy and you’ll have fun.”

Garfunkel left the meeting feeling confident that Lennon and McCartney would reunite. Appearing in new movie Beatles Stories, he says, “The subject seemed very straightforward and uncomplicated.” But the songwriting super-duo never did work together again - and Lennon was shot dead outside the Dakota building five years late”

From 1973, the year he had the first fight with Yoko to 1976, The Lost Weekend period, he started expressing his desire to go back to Paul in his songs too, like ‘I know, I know’, a song he wrote for Paul.

But when Yoko came back, suddenly everything wasn’t the same anymore. He came back to his househusband status in late 1976, taking care of Sean, making bread, and soon forgetting what he planned to do.

In 1979 then, and mostly in 1980, when he was splitting up with Yoko, his desire to come back to Paul grew up more, he wrote lots of songs for him. He made 4 demo recordings that he planned to complete with him: Free as a bird,  Real love, Now and then and Grow old with me. But he also wrote ‘Just like starting over’, in which he expresses his huge desire to go back to Paul and England.

Joe Flannery, the Beatles booking manager, and close friend to the Beatles, during an interview shared the last conversation he had with John, a couple of days before his death:

“We enjoyed a lengthy conversation. We talked a lot of rubbish of course. He was very well and happy but he missed Liverpool, he missed the others and he missed London but he told me at one stage that he regretted ‘getting too political’. He said that he had made a bit of a ‘t** of himself’. ‘We should start talking about me coming home before that b****** Nixon gets me’ he said. I was rather taken aback and asked him to explain. John launched into a diatribe against the former president. He was convinced that even out of office Nixon carried power and wanted him dead. He felt some kind of curse was hanging over him. He even suggested that I should fly out to New York when the time came to return with him on the liner. I was flattered but mentioned that I wondered whether the QE2 could actually get down the Mersey. ‘Look into it,’ John shouted, ‘I want to come home in a blaze of glory.’ As one might imagine I was buzzing after this wonderful conversation with my old friend. Of course it was not to be and I was soon to lose another friend pointlessly.”

And this is from the the book “The Beatles - The Dream Is Over - Off The Record 2″ - By Keith Badman:

Just days before his brutal death, John was making plans to return to England for a triumphant Beatles reunion.  His greatest dream was to recreate the musical magic of the early years with Paul, George and Ringo.  That dream depended on the success of ‘Starting Over’.  John was always an Englishman at heart.  He wanted to return to his roots but he wanted to do it in style.  John discussed the possibility of returning to England if ‘Starting Over’ made it to No.1″

Also, Paul always says that in the last period of John’s life they got very close, talking hours on the phone. Also George recalled that in the last period of 1980 John got closer to him and for him that was a good sign, that he probably wanted to get his friendship back. So, as you can see, John really wanted to start over, to go back to Paul, work with him again, and come back to England.

He didn’t just sing it in a song, he really meant it.

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Four talk shows (yes, I'm counting Popcorn as one), two fashion shows, five outfit changes, and continuous promotion on SM for your show...Cait Balfe, you rock girl! She's been a true star this week and especially yesterday!

  • Me: Steps away from the computer to think about a scene in the fic I'm writing
  • My brain: Hey! I totally just thought of this really cool idea for a series.
  • Me: NOOOOO! I'm in the middle of a series right now! I can't have another idea for a series!
  • My brain: Yes you can! I thought of it just now!
  • Me: Nooooo! I have like four series ideas already in my idea pile! I don't need another!
  • My brain: but-
  • My brain: Alright dude, but it's got like a super cool twiiiiist...
  • Me: Shoots my brain a dry 'fuck you' look
  • Also me: ::sighs:: lemme write this down

sometimes you see content (and it includes canon material) of hxh with tons of characters and you just know that the intent was exactly: “Ah yes, hxh main four, Gon, Killua, Kurapika and… *looks at smuged handwritting on hand* L-Lei-…. y’know what, Hisoka.”

show me my husband you cowards

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HI ! I'm very curious about something : in the Top 5 lines Dan ever said ask you answered, you talk of The Heiress. Have you seen it onstage or is there an online version somewhere ? I have been trying to watch that play forever ! Anyways, love your blog, so nice to see the fandom is expending ! <3


I’m with you on the fandom expanding thing…I’ve been here four years though–started the blog in 2013 right after I saw Dan in The Heiress on Broadway Feb 1 and Feb 2 2013. Yes I saw it twice on successive nights–the first night I was only six rows from the front at the Walter Kerr Theater…. SIGH.

.. a life changing experience in so many ways.

 The play was marvelous. Morris was a broken man by the end, haunted now by a love he had let slip through his fingers… that last moment of him pounding on the door while Catherine (the luminous Jessica Chastain) slowly ascends the staircase will live in memory forever.

 Dan as Morris Townsend (which has only proven correct as more and more people see his work) was nuanced and clever. He made a three dimensional character out of what could have been just a mustache twirling villain. It is not available online except for a  couple of excerpts from the Charlie Rose show (which I highly recommend watching. 

I met Dan after the play at the stage door. It was freezing cold with sleet but he and Jessica Chastain met and talked and signed autographs and took pictures with every single fan. 

He’s a lovely lovely man. And I won’t even start talking about the hair… :)

SOOO glad to talk to another long time Dan fan! 

  • Eadlyn: "It's grown-up stuff. You wouldn't understand."
  • Kaden: "Don't talk to me like that, Eadlyn. I'm fourteen, not four. I read all the papers, and I pay attention at the Reports. I speak more languages than you, and I'm learning all the things you have without anyone making me do it. Don't act like you're better than me. I'm a prince."
  • Eadlyn: "Yes, but I will be queen."
  • Kaden: "And your name will be in a history book one day, and some bored ten-year-old will memorize it for a test and then forget all about you. You have a job, just like everybody in the world. Stop acting like it makes you more or less than anyone else."

legacysam replied to your post “fun non-US things: not knowing the context of the “four score and…”

87, actually :-) But it’s interesting how not having preconceptions about rules can make English’s quirks easier to remember.

You are completely correct! Good thing it was a post about linguistics and not about maths xD

Kuroko Has A Date?
  • *After a game of street basketball*
  • Kuroko: Maybe i should wear something black...
  • Kagami: Oi. What are you talking about over there?
  • Kuroko: I'm thinking about what I should wear for tomorrow.
  • Kagami: What's happening tomorrow?
  • Kuroko: Well I-
  • Kise: kuuuuroookooocchiiiii!!! *runs up and jumps on kuroko*
  • Kuroko: K-Kise-kun! Please refrain from doing this.
  • Kagami: Yeah you could break his back.
  • Kise: I'm sorry! when I saw you I just couldn't help myself! What were you two talking about?
  • Kuroko: Well before you interrupted. I was telling Kagami-kun that-
  • Aomine: Yo! What are you three doing together?
  • Midorima: I can't believe I ran into four idiots in a row...
  • Kuroko: Hello, Aomine-kun. Midorima-kun.
  • Kagami: *sighs* We were talking about why kuroko was thinking of what to wear tomorrow.
  • Aomine: What? You usually just wear whatever no?
  • Kuroko: Yes that's true, but I have something very important tomorrow.
  • Everyone: Important????
  • Kuroko: Yes.
  • Aomine: And what is it?
  • Kuroko: I have a date.
  • Kise: A DATE!?!
  • Kagami: W-What the hell are you talking about Kuroko?
  • Kuroko: Well i had it planned. Its been a while and I thought he might be happy if I brought him.
  • Everyone: "HE MIGHT BE HAPPY"?!?!
  • Midorima: If I may ask...Kuroko who are you talking about?
  • Kuroko: Isn't it obvious? It's-
  • Murasakibara: Oh.. what are you guys doing?
  • Kuroko: Ah Hello Murasakibara-kun. Well the time has come for me to get home. Goodbye everyone lets play basketball together soon.
  • Kagami: Dammit he left...
  • Kise: Who is Kurokocchi going on a date with!?!?!
  • Aomine: I don't know but who ever he is I'm beating him up.
  • Midorima: This is very troublesome....
  • Murasakibara: ????
  • *meanwhile*
  • Kuroko: Alright #2 I'll wear black so that my clothes wont get too dirty when we go to the park. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with the other puppies.

Haha damn, that lady who commissioned a silk scarf is awesome. I was thinking of talking 100 € for the scarf cause I have no idea how much you can charge for that and that’s the lowest sum that doesn’t make me cry. She wrote “I guess it’s gonna cost three or four times as much as the other scarf?”. The other scarf was 40 € so I suggested 150 € for the new scarf and just now she answered that it’s okay, but if I need more I should tell her :D What the hell :D

  • Middle School: I was called a dyke because I was athletic, because I preferred competing in gym class to not giving it my all. I was told I'd never find a boyfriend if I kept trying so hard in gym.
  • When I was a teen: I was stalked by a family friend who told me he cut himself because I wouldn't love him the way he wanted me to. When I told my parents, they told me it would pass.
  • I am a third degree black belt: And I have been touched by men who I told no. By law, I have to tell them I'm a black belt before I defend myself. A response I've heard? "Oh yeah? I like them feisty."
  • When I was in college: I had girls I hardly knew come up to me and ask me to help them stay away from a guy, or an ex boyfriend who wasn't taking the not so subtle hint of "no." I was told by one of these guys to "Fuck off bitch." and to mind my own business.
  • I am twenty-four: I cannot tell you the number of times I have been sexually harassed walking my dog in my neighborhood in the last 12 months. It doesn't matter what I've been wearing; a t-shirt and jeans, or my professional work clothes - I have still heard it. "Let me get that ass wet." "Baby, you got a man? Why he let you alone?" "Hey bitch! I'm talking to you!" "Come here, girlie, I want to show you something."
  • No, not all men:
  • Yes, all women: so what are YOU doing to stop it?

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Do you have any of those blogs that you know which time zone they live in so it's like, they're eight hours behind you. It's midday for you but it's four in the morning for them and you're just kind of like 'what are you doing up so early. Go to bed blog' but then you're also like 'Please stay up, I want to talk to you...' It's fine if I'm being extremely confusing, I tend to do that.

Yes everyone lives in different time zones I hate it

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But do you think Oliver had a talk with Thea after the I'm running for mayor scene? way to ruin a guy's propsal speedy! You nearly told her... What was I supposed to think!?? John said you were grinning the whole way here!

Yes! After his announcement and once the excitement has worn down, Oliver would pull her to the side, making sure Felicity was well on the other side of the room. This is the first time he’s had a second to get his sister alone without something else pressing for attention:

“Great speech, Ollie.”

“Yes, thanks to you…”

“And nice throw-in about the four colleges.”

“Well, it’s true. Honesty kind of has to come with the whole Mayor thing.”

“That’s what I hear.”

“But that’s not what I want to talk about.”


“I want to talk about earlier.”

“Earlier… How much earlier, there’s a lot of earlier that happened today.”

Earlier. When I asked you guys here to tell you I was running…”

“Oh, yeah, when I thought you were telling us you finally proposed?”

“… Yes, that.”

“Really, I should be the one talking to you about that, why haven’t you done it already?”

“I just… haven’t yet, but that’s not the point. I just… how about a little more subtlety, please? What made you think that’s what I was going to say?”

“Well, John said you had a stupid grin on your face the entire way over, and I know you’ve had that ring since you left with her in the first place. What was I supposed to think?”

“That I wouldn’t tell you about one of the most important moments in my life in an abandoned office semi-infested with rats and cockroaches.”

“Well, I don’t know that, happiness does weird things to people. Should we talk about your face? Because it’s like looking at a whole new person with all this ‘smiling’ you’ve been doing. I think you’ve kidnapped my mopey brother and replaced him with this weird guy who actually shows teeth when he grins.”

“You’re hilarious, Speedy.”

“Yes, I am… but I am sorry, I didn’t… I honestly though that’s what you were going to tell us. You’re lucky I didn’t run right up to her, do you know how amazing it will be to say the words ‘I have a sister’?”


“Yeah! I was excited. Next time I’ll be more… contained, at least until I hear the words, ‘We’re getting married.’”

“That’s all I ask.”



“… So… when are you going to do it, because I’m not getting any younger over here.”

  • Reporter: Arsene Wenger said your comments were embarrassing. Do you have anything to say on that?
  • Jose “No.”
  • Reporter: What do you make of the job Roberto Martinez is doing at Everton?
  • Jose “I don’t comment.”
  • Reporter: Wayne Rooney will earn £300,000-a-week at Manchester United. Is he worth that?
  • Jose “Not my problem.”
  • Reporter: What do you think of the red card decisions in the CL this week?
  • Jose “It’s for the coaches that go to the UEFA meetings to speak on that."
  • Reporter: What does this week’s CL games say about the quality of the PL?
  • Jose “I don’t comment. The Champions League for me starts on Wednesday."
  • Reporter: What about the competiveness of the Premier League?
  • Jose “I don’t want to comment.”
  • Reporter: How do you think Martinez has managed Lukaku?
  • Jose: “I don’t comment. I prefer to understand that Roberto is in charge of Lukaku."
  • Reporter: You seem unhappy. What’s up?
  • Jose: "I'm fine.”
  • Reporter: Have you taken a vow of silence?
  • Jose: “No.”
  • Reporter: Do you have a reaction to the criticism you have received?
  • Jose: “I have no reaction.”
  • Reporter: Is there anything you would like to talk about?
  • Jose: “No. If I’ve finished, I go.”
  • Reporter: Can Chelsea benefit from other English clubs being knocked out of the Champions League?
  • Jose: “I don’t speak about other teams.”
  • Reporter: Did you watch the Champions League games?
  • Jose: “Yes. I watched all four. Nothing stood out.”
  • Reporter: How difficult is it for a manager like Roberto Martinez to go into a club and change the playing style?
  • Jose: “Ask him.”
  • Reporter: Do you see your relationship with Pellegrini ever improving?
  • Jose: “I’m not in the mood.”
  • Reporter: Is your determination not to say anything today a sign that you accept Arsene Wenger had a point?
  • Jose: “No comment.”
  • Fans: Hey, Jeff?
  • Jeff Davis: Yeah?
  • Fans: We know you put a lot of effort into giving us an awesome show and we really appreciate that... But do you think maybe we could have Stydia be canon? Please?
  • Jeff: So you want some Stydia, do ya!
  • Fans: Oh yes!
  • Jeff: Okay how's about this. Ill have them spend all of season three becoming really close as friends. How does that sound?
  • Fans: That sounds great!
  • Jeff: And then I'll make them spend 90% of the season finale together. I'm talking hugs, comforting embraces, the whole nine.
  • Fans: Yay! And then Stydia will become canon in season four, right?
  • Jeff: lolnope. I'm gonna bring in some weird coyote girl to fuck everything up instead.
  • Fans:
  • Jeff:
  • Fans:
  • Jeff:
  • Fans: ...wut?
  • Jeff: Deal with it.

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A few months ago my best friend at the time and I snuck out to meet each other at this park and it was about four in the morning and he ended up getting me half naked and on his lap and we just sat like that and talked and it wasn't awkward but then we went back to my house and had sex and I got my period in the middle of it and he freaked out and asked if it was lube and I said yes and now I'm going to hell thank you and goodnight.