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thinking about the voltron fandom is like thinking of an ex. a terrible shitty ex. i don’t wanna see anything even remotely related to it because all i get is bad memories but i can’t help but wonder how it’s doin’ nowadays


Prompt Week #1 - May 8th: Caramelized Spicy Cashews

Based on a New Year’s party I went to this year. Trott’s outfit blatantly stolen from a very pretty boy at the New Year’s party before that. 


♢ Otabek had friend crush on Yuri for years before he found the courage to talk to him. 

♢ Yuri have also noticed Otabek before and secretly thought he looked cool.

♢ After Otabek finally spoke to Yuri, they basically became besties the very same day.

♢ Otabek meeting Yuri’s cat was a big deal for Yuri. The cat instantly took a liking to him.

♢  They have been friends for over 2 years before they started dating.

♢ They both kind of knew after only a few months of friendship that they would eventually become something more, but they didn’t rush. Yuri didn’t really feel ready for it and Otabek was not comfortable with dating someone so young, so they waited. They’ve never talked about it, but either of them minded.

♢ It all started after their first kiss. Which was very much unplanned and just kind of happened. They’ve been hanging out at Yuri’s apartment late in the evening, watching some action movie, both dead tired after all day of training. Yuri was kind of lying on Otabek’s shoulder, which wasn’t unusual for them at all, but for some reason, it was different that day. Yuri was about to fall asleep when Otabek hugged him tighter and nuzzled his hair. They both looked at each other and somehow knew.

♢ The kiss was unhurried and chaste and ended with Yuri yawning. They both laughed at it and decided it’s time to go sleep. They fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

♢ They haven’t talked about it the next morning. There was no need to.

♢ First time they called each other boyfriends was when they were hanging out with other skaters before a competition. They weren’t really doing anything special like kissing or even holding hands, but everyone knew. Of course, JJ just had to tease them “Oh look at our lovebirds. What are you now, boyfriends?” Yuri just grabbed Otabek’s hand and yelled “We are, jackass!”

♢ Them meeting Viktor and Yuuri as a pair was basically like meeting Yuri’s parents.

♢ Speaking about Yuri’s family, his grandfather knows. Yuri haven’t told him yet, but he knows his grandson too well. He came to Otabek before a competition once and told him “You look like a good kid and I can see you make my Yurochka happy. Please, be good to him. He may look tough, but he has a gentle soul.” He also asked him to not tell Yuri he knows, because he wants to him tell himself when he is ready. Otabek was really touched (he may cry inside… in a manly way) and promised he won’t hurt him or tell him anything.

♢ They are not fans of PDA. Otabek is very private person and Yuri spends too much time around Viktor and Yuuri to know how annoying it is to other people. Because of this, people usually assume they are just best friends. They don’t mind.

♢ They are the fashion boyfriends™.

♢ Their relationship is long-distanced because of their professions, but except them constantly missing each other, it’s not such a problem for them. For example, neither of them is a jealous, so they never fought for of hanging out with other male skaters. They completely trust each other.

♢ Otabek was insistent about waiting for Yuri’s 18th birthday with sex. No matter how much Yuri yelled at him because of it.

♢ When Otabek retired, he moved to Russia for Yuri and became coach there.

♢ They got engaged the next year after that. It was Otabek who proposed and unlike their first kiss, it was planned. Otabek was so nervous about it he couldn’t sleep for weeks.

♢ Yuri said yes. Also, he cried a little, which he’d never admit.

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finding the monster like: ♥

Hello. My name is Matry and this is my “I want to share my art but I lack motivation to finish a proper digital artwork, so I’m posting my sketches’ instead” series.


why hiro hamada and pidge gunderson/katie holt are BFF material: a summary 

  • smol nerds
  • think robots are the Coolest™
  • teenage heroes
  • missing their older brothers
  • had, then lost, a robotic companion
  • technology is their significant other
  • #sassmasters
  • would DESTROY in a prank war
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Name: Megan
Nicknames: Meg, Meggie (I’m cool with anything you through at me tbh XD)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hogwart’s house: Ravenclaw
Height: 5ft 6in
Orientation: ace
Ethnicity: (Oh jeeze I’m a lot of things) hungarian, german, Danish, more that I rlly can’t remember…..
Favorite fruit: APPLES
Favorite season: fall of course
Favorite book series: oh gosh this is so hard, but I think I gotta say the Pendragon series. It is seriously soooo good.
Favorite fictional characters: Blue from the Raven Boys series, Chara from undertale, M-21 from the webcomic Noblesse, Ja Wangnan from the webcomic Tower of God, and oh boy there are do many more, but this is probably enough (plus whenever I actually need to think of names my brain always decides to forget them 😒).
Favorite flower: Either lavender or carnations.
Favorite scents: pumkin marshmallow latte by bath and body works, winter candy apple by bath and body works, bon fire smoke, the smell of rain, the smell of books, and lavender
Favorite color: A beautiful shade of grey-green. May sound ugly, but I just really love it.
Favorite animal: OOOHHHH those little slug guys that look like bunnies. They’re from the ocean I believe and they’re so freaking cute! Idk if this will work, but just Google “sea bunny slugs” or something.
Favorite artist/band: (Oh gosh) Zella day, Halsey, Green day, RY X, Ben Howard, Imagine Dragons, alt - J, Lorde, Queen, and so many more..
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Hot cocoa!
Average amount of sleep?: School, about 5-6 hours. Summer, completely unpredictable. Some days I’ll get 10, the next I’ll literally stay up all night and won’t sleep at all XD.
Number of blankets you sleep with?: one big quilt l, but sometimes I exchange it for two thinner ones.
Dream trip: a camping trip to Wisconsin
Last thing you googled: the term “intersex” I was confused in a post about it and thought it meant sonething else ^^;
How many blogs I follow: 29something I believe
How many followers do I have: Either 92 or 96 I forget
What I usually post about: memes; things that interest me: things from different fandoms, art, the night sky, rain; things that I believe should get signal boosted.
Do I get asks regularly?: HECK NO, COME BOTHER ME PEEPS
My aesthetic: the night sky and stars(not neccesarly space, but it’s neat too!), misty/ foggy mornings, forests with little undergrowth, sweaters, baggy clothes, and fall 💙

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I just realised that this is literally how I got into Seventeen

So yesterday I watched a tv show in which a married couple gave each other a present. The guy however gave his wife a box with a piece of paper. It was the note she left him on his car she damaged which followed them to meet and get together. He kept it all the time. As they acted it out it was one of the most romantic things he could have ever given her.

You probably ask yourself now how on earth this fits in my completely phan related account, right? Well… 

Remember the box Dan had in his room for several years. The one he never wanted to share which he then revealed as the box he kept the questions from pinof 1 in?

Yeah… I’m just gonna leave this here for your own thoughts…