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*clangs pots and pans together* the wlw community is about more than cis girls having sex and being in love with other cis girls! It’s a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not the only wonderful thing in this community. Just a reminder.

I painted a little Rufus with some daisies and hydrangea flowers! 🌼
This was really fun to paint :>

Get well soon Stefán! 💜

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In your opinion, which star wars character is the mostly likely to make puns?

All of them.

I mean, Anakin Skywalker canonically makes puns on a regular basis, sometimes while killing people. So, you know, he probably wins the pun wars here. But he’s far from the only contender.

  • Luke definitely takes after his dad in the pun department.
  • Han Solo groans a lot at other people’s puns, but it would be a mistake to think that keeps him from making his own.
  • Chewie has three modes: hungry, salty as hell, and punny. You just can’t tell ‘cause he doesn’t have subtitles.
  • Leia’s puns sometimes go over people’s heads because she gets pretty detailed and even esoteric about them. Sometimes her puns are visual rather than verbal. They’re also all brutally sarcastic.
  • Lando Calrissian is that rarest of rare comic masters: someone who makes puns that are both sophisticated and actually hilarious (rather than just so bad they’re good).
  • Artoo mostly curses, tbh, but when he’s not cursing he’s punning.
  • Threepio wins the secret underground droid pun championships pretty much every year.
  • Obi-Wan’s puns are generally terrible, even by pun standards. Although he puns pretty regularly, for some reason people are always surprised when he does.
  • Padme mostly makes political puns. Everyone groans. That’s why she keeps it up. Their groans give her strength.
  • Shmi Skywalker is the undisputed champion of puns that look like groan-worthy humor on the surface but, on closer examination, turn out to be scathing indictments of people in power. As well as just really good puns.
  • Jar Jar Binks regularly drafts and submits legislation with punny names.
  • Sola Naberrie runs a holonet site that’s nothing but punny political memes. It takes on a decidedly revolutionary slant after the establishment of the Empire.
  • Breha Organa is capable of delivering puns with a completely straight face to Governor Tarkin, and even, on one memorable occasion, to Palpatine himself.
  • Bail Organa is a dad joke in human form.
  • Beru Whitesun takes after Shmi in her scathingly punny sense of humor.
  • Owen’s puns are much more groan worthy but Beru and Luke love him anyway.

And I could go on. This is a galaxy replete with punsters.

Except Palpatine. Sometimes he tries to make a pun, but it’s painfully obvious that his heart isn’t in it and though he can fake a lot of things, a decent sense of humor isn’t one of them.


Have you got anything that won’t take the roof of my mouth off? 



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Oh no I am having bad vibes about that whole Interview thing. I can't help but feel as skeptical as Sans. D: btw keep up the great work! I've been following UNSPKN from beginning to end, and I am enjoying this comic so far too! I do though have a question, your tags when there's fluff between the bros going on, you implement it's not fontcest. Have people assumed this before? : /

Yep, i would also be sceptical about humans - it’s not like they weren’t at war with them at some point, right?

As for the fontcest thing - when i draw something that is a bit more touchy feely with them, I’m afraid it will be taken as fontcest. And i don’t mind fontcest, I just don’t draw it. And I know ppl can look at my comics and just see fontcest in there, and i can’t do anything about it, but - just a reminder XD

Thank you so much for all your support! <3


Reasons to watch Broadchurch: the cinematography 

A series of Broadchurch appreciation posts (x)


-Carol Gilligan (insp)


so… there is the distinct possibility that i’ve been thinking endlessly about japanese girl gang AUs…… so i drew a barely-recognisable DJD…

they are the disciplinary committee of the decepticonian girls school and terrorise students with their approved-by-principal-megatron delinquent brute force. tesarus and tarn have scars from gang-related fights/challenges/maulings, probably. they get up to a lot in their off-hours but in a school day, don’t let them catch you cheating on that maths test, or running in the corridors.

i imagine tarn likes to skip over (after school, of course) to the neighbouring autobot girls school and pester model student pharma in the biology classrooms. i have no excuses besides that i’m a highly embarrassing individual (*´-`*)