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You are Love - JongKey - Chapter 21


I won’t continue updating my fan fictions on livejournal anymore. It was a step that was long due, but I couldn’t really bring myself to actually go through with it, because livejournal has been my home for over 10 years. But with the recent changes in the general terms and conditions of this site I’m not really comfortable with sharing any work on this platform anymore.

But those changes aren’t the only reason for my final migration to another platform. I noticed a steady decrease in livejournal users, on top of it many people find livejournal hard to navigate, and my fics can’t be read comfortably on a mobile phone due to my coding, which is quite pitiful because most users read fan fics on their mobile phones these days. Moreover, posting things on there (especially ‘You are Love’) is so tiresome. Since the chapters are very long, I have to split them and code them, and…ain’t nobody got time for that.

That being said I won’t be deleting my livejournal (yet), because then all the fan fics would be gone (which some might find sad…I don’t know…probably nobody cares), but I also won’t update this journal with actual stories any longer.

However, as long as time allows it I will provide a link to new stories and updates on there as well as on tumblr, so you can read the stories on AO3. I’ve been testing this site for about a year now, and while I was quite skeptical in the beginning, and am not happy with everything on there yet, it is far easier to post on there. If you want to comment on any of my stories you can still do that on my livejournal posts, but AO3 offers the option to post comments as a non-member, so you don’t even need an account if you still want to say something.

So, after I got this off my chest, here you can find chapter 21 of 'You are Love’. No, I haven’t abandoned this story…I said I will finish it, so I will…it just takes longer than I originally thought, because (despite not posting anything) I constantly write on things. I’m currently writing on three bigger stories simultaneously, which is exhausting, because they deal with different pairings, characterizations, and different writing styles (I like to test out things) so I’m sorry that I can’t update 'You are Love’ as often as I’d like to. I know that waiting for fic updates is very tiresome (that’s why I won’t post the longer stories until they are actually finished) and I want to apologize deeply for it. 
A few people approached me after I picked up writing on 'You are Love’ again and told me that they are happy to hear that I intend on finishing it, because they never bothered reading it, since it wasn’t finished. Even though I can understand their point of view I never thought of this story as something that necessarily needs an ending, because there is no angst, no drama, no plot-twists, no…anything basically…it’s just a random teenager romance which has been written like 14124123131 times before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and ist still longer than the first Harry Potter book :’)

As a random side note: I went to Seoul last week to attend one of the pup’s concerts and while being in Seoul I actually recreated JongKey’s date to some extent, which was a lot of fun (but also quite pitiful…because I wasn’t on a date ;-;) I even bought couple t-money cards without being a couple in Seoul ;-; lmao Does anyone remember Jonghyun saying that he bought couple rings and wears them both? I can relate now…haha But those cards were so adorable, I couldn’t say no to them….

PS. I didn’t forget about the prompts! However I did forget about the cuddly Blue Night Jongyu oneshot until I found it in my unfinished fic folder just yesterday.. :’) Sorry! I try to finish it in the next few days!

This is a brief non-hostile message to tell you that I have taken over @incorrectkydquotes (for the user who fangirled with me about Dane DeHaan’s unholy eyes) and started @incorrecthousequotes for everyone who told me about their houses and sleep schedules.


Musical doodles ~
This week’s classes got me productive !

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

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Have you seen my suneater son. He looks adorable. Also Deku made me cry.. WHY

!!!!! I’ll be really honest here anon I currently have a lot of feelings and 90% of them are about Amajiki picking Kirishima it’s everything I didn’t know I needed in my life thank you Horikoshi I owe you

did i ever show you this edit i made