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the signs as directly quoted insults from Donald Trump's recent tweets
  • Aries: Ungrateful TRAITOR
  • Taurus: "evil"
  • Gemini: FAKE NEWS
  • Cancer: Sad!
  • Leo: Very Un-American
  • Virgo: Total Disaster
  • Libra: so-called judge (bonus: SEE YOU IN COURT)
  • Scorpio: Did a bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice
  • Sagittarius: EASY D!
  • Capricorn: The Failing New York Times
  • Aquarius: Fake Tears
  • Pisces: Bad "dudes"

Continuing with the “character study”, here’s Jason and Piper


Enkin Week: Day 5: A rather chaotic Future (AU …or that Ace Attorney/Lawyer AU 2/?)


Reply to this lovely fanart! 

Sorry for the absolutely ridiculous wait, I had this whole scene in my head and I finally just gave up on knowing I’d never get farther then sketches tbh 

Thanks so much again Valo!! <3

Don’t tell me that you didn’t need this photo of Diego Luna lying down provocatively on your blog. 

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I am v sorry I’m sending in two but I just saw “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.” and I can’t stop laughing bc tmfu au om g??? (Said between either two of the four idiots or one of the idiots and Sara tbh) ((you can ignore this one or the other if you want !!))

i’m doing both bc i love you and i love this au 💕 

more tmfu au

18. “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

Sara does not get paid enough for this. 

Gunfire is pretty standard, in her line of work. She’s basically a glorified babysitter, with her children being an elite team of four of the biggest names in the espionage business. 

And they are. Children, that is. 

But they are also infuriatingly good, if a little annoying at times. So, when the unmistakable sound of a firefight filter in through her earpiece, she’s honestly not too worried. 

“Get in, get the intel, get out,” Sara instructs. “Oh, also, don’t get shot.”

“We’ll try,” Viktor answers her, before there’s an explosion on his end and Sara’s connection is dropped. 

Sara bangs away at the keyboard, trying to re-establish connection. She connects a call to Phichit, who’s running intel out of a hotel room not far from where Viktor and Yuuri are infiltrating an international drug ring. 

“Phichit, help,” is all Sara says before her connection suddenly springs back to life. 

“Don’t worry, I gotchu.” 

“You’re a lifesaver.”

Phichit hums in thanks before he goes back to hacking into the cartel’s bank accounts. 

Sara taps back into the team communication channel. The fight seems to be over. She does a quick check-up. 


“I’m okay!”


“I’m fine, still in the getaway car, but I think Yuuri is dead.”

“I’m alive,” Yuuri’s voice crackles in, “I can tell because of the pain.”

Viktor spends the next ten minutes fussing and fretting over Yuuri who, it turns out, wasn’t even injured during the fight. They took down all the henchman and then Yuuri, in an attempt to signal Chris, fell out a window and into a dumpster. 

A dumpster. Ex world-renowned art thief and CIA’s top agent, Yuuri Katsuki, fell into a dumpster. 

They really don’t pay her enough for this. 

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  • Me: Do you know where we're going for dinner Thursday night?
  • Holligay: I've known for like a month.
  • Holligay: I know what we're ORDERING.

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Don't forget that Lance just turned 17 and Keith is about turn 19 so really they're 2 years apart, not one like some people are saying and claiming Klance is still ok. (yes I'm laughing at this whole mess and I'm 50% sure the creators choose these ages just to mess with the antis)


to their standards they’ve been shipping pedophilia this whole entire time
their “only safe ship” is no longer safe
there is no where to hide

no but tbh im fucking laughing my ass off at this whole thing
isnt the world just a wonderful place

Why is tumblr so reluctant to discuss animal rights?

Seriously? We’re well-read on subjects like feminism, racism, transphobia, etc. but as soon as someone mentions animal rights it’s all “HEY SPOT THE VEGAN HAHAHA!!”

Animals live through AWFUL conditions in slaughter factories and likewise, not only so that we can have meat, but milk and cheese and cream as well.

I’m not saying we should all stop eating meat or dairy products, nor am I saying ALL meat/dairy-factories are the source of all evil, but can we at least acknowledge the problem and discuss it?

The heat of the day was scorching against her pale skin, the cries of the crowd deafening as they rode around the arena, her body stiff and unyielding at his side. “Smile and wave, Princess, smile and wave,” he muttered under his breath. 

“I’ll do no such thing,” she whispered angrily, her brow furrowed. She had been made to do many things in this life, but marrying this veritable stranger was not one of them. Gods forgive her. 

“Smile unless you fancy the thought of our heads on pikes outside the city,” he repeated, his grip on her hand growing tighter. The cheers of the crowd grew even louder, the sun’s light warmer, and she gave a shaky smile. 

I was trying to do a series of “CS Re-imagined” in different historical times. Suffice to say, it didn’t quite work out. But this happened! 

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