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What if dabi’s flames were also blue.

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No.5 for Nessian☺

“hands on the other person’s back, fingertips pressing under their top, drawing gentle circles against that small strip of bare skin that makes them break the kiss with a gasp”

AN: A little b-day gift for my friend @highfaenesta 💕

(you’re going to get more presents, babe, I just need to get out of this writing funk I’ve been in lately)

Post ACOWAR; established nessian. It’s Nesta’s birthday and Cassian has been strangely MIA.

It’s been 12 hours since Cassian locked himself in their bedroom and Nesta still has no idea why.

It’s bugging her to not know. Especially since she was unceremoniously kicked out of their bed last night and had to resign herself to sleeping on the settee for no apparent reason other than Cassian possibly losing his mind.

While her knowledge of Fae traditions might still be a tad vague, Nesta’s pretty sure it’s no way to treat a lady on the eve of her birthday. By now, Cassian has learned not to make a fuss out of any special occasions - spotlight is not something she feels comfortable under. She did expect to be treated to a birthday breakfast though - Cassian’s pancakes taste like no one else’s, with fluffy texture melting on her tongue in an explosion of flavours.

And it has become somewhat of a birthday tradition - one that, Nesta feels, should not be abandoned under any circumstances.

But as her stubborn bat insisted on staying locked in the bedroom and tightlipped about his reasons for the duration of the morning, with Nesta growing more hungry and even more grumpy, she knew some tough choices needed to be made.

She’s decided to cook the breakfast herself.

After all, she’s watched Cassian making pancakes many times.

How hard can it be?

Half an hour later, Cassian emerges from the bedroom.

Nesta’s not sure whether he finally finished whatever he was doing there or if it’s the smoke and smell of burned batter spreading through the house that lured him out.

“Sweetheart!” There’s a slight quiver in Cassian’s voice as he blasts through the kitchen door and stops in his tracks, curiously taking in the state of the room. “Did you try cooking again? It smells funny in here.”

“I - “

“Never mind,” he cuts in before she has a chance to respond, “would you kindly accompany me to our bedroom?” There’s a twinkle in his eyes as he bows before her, extending his hand for her.

For a second, Nesta ponders whether she should just go with it or push for an explanation. In the end, curiosity wins and she takes Cassian’s hand, twining her fingers with his. “I hope it’s not some cheap shot at seduction. Sweetheart.” Her dry tone only makes his smile wider.

“Come on, Nes, we both know you like all my cheap tricks.”

“I do not - “ The words get stuck in her throat as they reach the bedroom.

She almost doesn’t recognize the room. All her books are neatly stacked in the middle, instead of being piling up on whatever flat surface is available. And the walls -

The whole two walls are covered in beautifully carved shelves made of dark crimson wood. They look amazing - arranged with precision and visible but not overwhelming.

Well…overwhelming but in the best way. Nesta imagines them filled with books and the image is breathtaking.

“Do you like it?” Cassian’s whisper brushes her ear.

As she turns to him, she’s surprised to see a shadow of uncertainty in his eyes. The urge to soothe his doubt is like a burning need inside of her.

She has never received a more considerate gift.

Standing on her tiptoes, she leans into her crook of his neck and whispers back, “I love it.”

As Cassian lets out a small sigh of relief, she seals her mouth over his. Dragging her hands down the path of his spine, she reaches the hem of his shirt and slips them underneath, desperate to feel more of his skin. Her lips brush against his, exploring, searching, caressing; bit by little bit. Nesta sets a leisurely pace, with her tongue slowly slipping inside Cassian’s mouth while her hands draw tender circles on his lower back.

It feels like her body swells with emotion and she trying to put as much of it as she can into the kiss. To convey with action what she could never possibly tell Cassian with her words.

I love it.

You make me smile even when it’s not easy.

You know me.

I. Love. You.

It’s getting breathless and frantic, the way their lips move, while Nesta’s hands trail over Cassian’s skin. Rubbing and stroking, she relishes in the feel of his warm skin beneath her fingertips.

Cassian molds his body closer against her, his scent that invades her nostrils making her dizzy with need. Her touch becomes more firm as she presses her fingers into that one soft spot on his lower back, which makes him moan into her mouth.

Hungry for more, she does it again and this time, Cassian groans out loud, breaking the kiss.

Their breath mingles as they stand flash against one another. A smile spreads over Nesta’s face when Cassian playfully nudges her nose with his.

Who knew - this birthday might turn out amazing after all.

She’s still going to make Cassian cook her those pancakes though.

start the month off right/it’s microfic day!

Send me a prompt, a character (or two), and I will write you a micro-fic!

Micro-fic defined as five sentences (ish). maybe more. maybe less. have you met me

**also considering today’s date: this is not a joke! I’ll fill prompts you fling at me. :) fling!

Shit I've Heard In Class (Part Six):
  • "They're not looking for me because I don't look like a felon—but I am."
  • "I reserve the right to change that by tomorrow."
  • "What did him and the girl do?"
  • "He said 'I'm gonna make a million dollars,' and he did."
  • "I'm essentially a ghost nihilist."
  • "Nothing changes unless you change it."
  • "They have too much time on their hands."
  • "I think they think we're stupid—and the worst part? We are."
  • "I can't wait until you and yours are dead."
  • "Yes, I am not lying."
  • "I put a meme on the Facebook the other day."
  • "It's just whatever."
  • "People who need money work."
  • "Don't be doing that stuff, it's bad."
  • "You're Satanic."
  • "Your face is naked."
  • "Only because I said so."
  • "Damn you're hot—I'm not gonna hit on you, but you're still hot."
  • "I'm gonna be your dad now: don't be doing that stuff."
  • "I might just be describing myself."
  • "I'm not allowed to play this at home."
  • "Uh-oh, you had six gay thoughts, now you're gay."
  • "I didn't move on to bigger fruits."
  • "But what does she listen to at night? K-pop?"
  • "Committing a felony does not make one Satan."
  • "I am not encouraging this kind of behavior before finals."
  • "You appear to be insensitive."
  • "Stop talking like that, you're making me feel bad."
  • "Oh my god just fail the quiz already."
  • "I'm just gay."
  • "He actually does think you're a bad person if you like pepperoni."

Rolling to the side, you flipped beside your boyfriend, both panting hard. The room smelt of sex and sweat, regardless of the open window pulling in a cooling breeze. Tugging up the thin sheet, you covered yourself up, grinning over at Tom as you mapped out his profile. He was still breathing hard, skin shining as he pulled a hand through messy curls. “Woah,” he breathed out, looking over towards you. He laughed, “that was-” he closed his eyes with a pleased smile, “-intense”.

You laughed, hand coming up to cup his chin, “yeah,” you grinned, “a good welcome home present?”

“The best,” he teased, leaning over to kiss your nose before sitting up. He ignored your annoyed whine, the sheets tumbling back down the bed. You scrambled to pull them back up as Tom leant to the side of the bed, fiddling with something.

Suddenly, a familiar tune started playing incredibly loudly from the speakers, causing you to jump and let out a curse.

“I JUST HAD SEEEEEEX” Tom shouted/sang along, eyes screwed closed and head thrown backwards, “AND IT FELT SO GOOOOD!”

“Thomas!” You scalded, pushing at his firm shoulder. You started laughing, blushing like crazy before frantically throwing yourself face first into the mattress with a low groan.

Hurried footsteps could be heard approaching, before the bedroom door was thrown open. “Yes mate!” Harrison cheered, high fiving Tom with a laugh. “Hey!” He greeted you, waving before closing the door again.

“I hate you,” you mumbled, face first in the pillow. You held up your middle finger, shoving it in the general direction of Toms face with a laugh.

“No you don’t,” he laughed, the music still blaring out, “you looooove me.”

“Your lucky I do,” you pushed up onto your elbows, glaring fondly at Tom, “dork.”

  • Valkyrie : My partner died 300 years ago. It's gut-wrenching still.
  • Skulduggery[from the other room] : Valkyrie. please stop telling ppl I'm dead. They KNOW.
  • Valkyrie : Sometimes I can still hear his voice.

another request! bojack horseman (on drugs, yes it was part of the request) in “oops

@sorry-for-the-ugly-name ….many drugs, apparently

  • Shiro: ugh, I feel like dying.
  • Keith: you feel like dying every day. how come you're still alive?
  • Shiro: because you're the light that's keeping me alive.
  • Keith: are you sure, I'm not the headlights of a truck?
  • Shiro: I'm sure.
  • Keith: sure-sure?
  • Shiro: YES
  • Keith: for how many percents?
  • Shiro: HUNDRED!
  • Keith: really?
  • Shiro: YES!
  • Keith: I'm your light...?
  • Keith: ugh, a simple "yes" would be enough.
  • Shiro: YES!
  • Keith: Alright... but I still don't understand.
  • Shiro: what do you don't understand?
  • Keith: all of that.
  • Shiro: I love you.
  • Keith: yeah... but still... what do you mean by I'm your everything when before you said I'm your star, your life... like... these things are also everything, right? besides star and the sun are the same thing.
  • Shiro: yes just... I'm being just... romantic and...
  • Shiro: *sighs* You're killing me....
  • Keith: I told you I'm the truck's headlights.

Overwatch OC Meme: #4 - Formal Attire 

Yep. I already did this one, but when I drew it out on paper, I couldn’t decide if I wanted her in a suit or in a dress. The dress won out for the coloured version in my sketchbook, but I realized that I still really liked this one - enough to make it digital as well. 

And like, I want the whole outfit. 

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Alec + Magnus's arms 😍

Exquisite. Amazing. Flawless. 12/10. R.I.P. Alexander Gideon Lightwood.

The big thing about the incomprehensible beauty of Magnus Bane’s arms is that for Alec, it’s almost kind of a secret? Or not a secret, but just something he genuinely didn’t realize at first? Because in their first handful of interactions, Magnus’s clothes just don’t emphasize them very much. It’s all long sleeves that are relatively loose for the most part. Alec gets a HINT of bicep in some of the tighter shirts, but that’s it. At the start of things, Alec sees Magnus in shirts that emphasize his chest over his arms. Alec obviously has no reason to think his arms AREN’T absolutely spectacular, but he really doesn’t give it much thought (mostly because he’s constantly distracted by the aforementioned chest that gets shown off so nicely).

The fact that he doesn’t really get a full view of Magnus’s arms until AFTER they start dating is both a blessing and a curse. Because on one hand, he feels completely unprepared. Alec’s already aware that he likes nice, muscular arms on guys. He already knows that he is VERY appreciative of that particular feature. And then all of a sudden his boyfriend is wearing a short-sleeved shirt and it’s just ARMS. SO MUCH ARMS and Alec feels stunned and amazed and confused and a little attacked??? Because how was Magnus hiding those this whole time? What’s Alec supposed to do with this sudden knowledge? How is he supposed to handle this????? With those shirts that just don’t show them off, Alec’s never seen them. And with their rather limited physical contact before they got together, it’s not like Alec was casually squeezing Magnus’s biceps just to get a good idea of what was under there. And now there’s just… arms. Muscles. All the muscles. All the arm muscles. And Alec is OBSESSED. And he has no idea what to do with himself.

But on the bright side, not realizing it until after they start dating is also some damn lucky timing. Because Alec’s NEVER been in this position before. He’s never seen a gorgeous man show off his gorgeous arms… and been able to do something about it. And now, the most beautiful pair of arms he’s ever seen just so happen to be attached to the man he’s dating. Which means that when Magnus wears a sleeveless shirt, Alec can stare. He can stare as openly, and stupidly, and obviously as he wants. For as long as he wants. He’s always liked arms, and now, he can actually admit that. He can actually TELL Magnus how gorgeous he looks in a t-shirt. He can look, and he can touch. He can run his hands over Magnus’s arms, actually FEEL all of his muscle instead of just gazing at it longingly from a distance. For the first time, Alec is allowed to lust after something. Blatantly lust after someone. He can make sure Magnus knows how much he loves his arms, and nothing bad happens because of it.

Well, for the most part. Once Magnus realizes how STUPIDLY obsessed Alec is with his arms, he definitely takes every opportunity to exploit that knowledge. As obviously as possible. His shirts get tighter. His sleeves get shorter. He ‘happens’ to wear tank tops significantly more frequently than he used to. Alec has walked in on him doing push-ups a SUSPICIOUS number of times. It’s pretty fucking ridiculous, actually. But Alec’s not going to complain.

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