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writingknb  asked:

Kyaaa~ Hellooo! May I ask for Midorima who has a fem s/o that's really close with her guy friend, and he gets jealous and all that.. wahhh im sorry if it's too vague.. but i'm really looking forward to it! thank youuuu dear waaah ✿♥‿♥✿

ALSO yes please answer it in gifs hehe im sorry i didnt manage to add thatt  

Hi there! Don’t worry, it’s not too vague. Your request is really cute honestly aaaa!! I hope you like it! <3 - Rin

Midorima Shintarou

• At first, he’d put on a nonchalant expression and pretend not to care. He’s just a friend, why should he worry?

“I am not jealous, nanodayo.”

• However, his composed expression changes whenever you mention your friend. He’d start being a little sarcastic, but not too much to annoy you.

• So you’d ask him, “Are you jealous?” And of course, he’d say:

“Why would I get jealous? It is obvious that I am better than him.”

• He would deny it no matter what. But when he sees you two together, he unconsciously shoots glares.

• And annoyed glances.

•  Merely mentioning him gets Shintarou quiet. And of course, when you ask him; he’s fine, he’d say.

• But oh, you get it. Your boyfriend is definitely jealous. This side of him is honestly so adorable, and you’d purposefully tease him to bring out his tsundere side. 

“R-ridiculous! I am– I am not jealous!”

Takao would even side with you, and prove that Midorima’s claims are false. He’d tell you that he Shin-chan gets grumpy when you and your friend are together. 

• You actually love this side of him, because it only shows that he doesn’t want to lose you to another guy.