yes i'm rewatching lost

DESMOND: I can’t do this.
PENNY: You can’t do what?
DESMOND: Us. This. This relationship.
PENNY: What are you talking about?
DESMOND: How can I? I - I can’t look after you. I haven’t got a job. I don’t have any – I can’t even afford 5 quid for a bloody photograph. You deserve someone better.
PENNY: I know what I deserve. I chose to be with you. I love you.
DESMOND: Love’s not enough. Being a good man is not enough.
PENNY: What’s this about, Des? Where’s this coming from?
DESMOND: It’s all happening too soon – you moving in. You’re painting rooms; you’re changing things. I don’t even like red. Why would you leave your flat, your expensive flat–
PENNY: [slapping Desmond’s face] Don’t do that! Don’t you pretend you don’t care. And don’t you dare rewrite history. I left my expensive flat because you were too proud to live there, remember? If you want me to go – if you want me to leave then don’t make this about what I do or don’t deserve. And have the decency to admit that you’re doing this because you’re a coward.
DESMOND: I’m sorry, Pen, but this – we’re not supposed to be together.

Ugh this completely broke my heart. Just look at Penny. Her expressions change from confusion, to anger, to utter disappointment.